Eclipses are important events in astrology. They usually occur twice per calendar year and can come in a pair or a threesome. They mark significant periods in an individuals life if they aspect any personal points or planets in someones chart. The effect of an eclipse lasts approximately six months until the next set of eclipses.

During the Taurus Full Moon, you may see some monetary rewards for financial maneuvers you made earlier. Having pledged to stick by your instincts, this could be a period of fulfillment, where you see the benefits of monetary strategies. Perhaps, additional unexpected benefits will be revealed. With extra cash flow in hand, you can afford to splurge a little on yourself.

You're likely to be more “chill” with a Taurean moon, which can make you grounded and relaxed. In this blissful state, engage in life’s finer things. Go out with friends or your main squeeze to a fab restaurant of culinary repute. You're not likely to pass on dessert – maybe you’ll have two of them! Even if people around you seem to be in a huff, you're likely to stay centered and retain your cool.

Relationships can be quite satisfying as well. Loving feelings can be easily expressed through touch and whispers. This is also a delightful time for smaller social events, where you can spend time with each person. Life can feel quite rich and satisfying with all the lovely gifts of comfort at your disposal. No one will fault you for indulging. In fact, they’ll probably join you in them!

Watch the tendency, however, to use money to determine power in your interactions. As the moon begins to wane, curb your spending.

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The New Moon in Pisces quiets you down into a contemplative state after a period of revolutionary upheaval. Inequities happen when people divide themselves into categories of 'us' and 'them,' forgetting that in the end, we are all the same. Conflicts between people, tribes, and nations are victims of such divisive thinking.

This particular new moon helps you to better understand the alliances between people rather than the differences. Consider your personal boundaries and how that has kept you from truly connecting with others on a more meaningful level. How open are you? How in touch are you with your feelings? Can you offer more compassion to make this world a harmonious place to live in?

You may begin to realize that there are universal truths among humans no matter what race, status, gender, age, or education level. Consider how you can make changes on a more personal level, offering not only your knowledge, but also your heart to those in most need. After all, society can't truly change if the people within it still suffer emotionally. Look at the relationships you have with others.

Check your feelings and see where you are blocked. Get in touch with your innermost self, minus the barriers. Evolve your soul by emphasizing the similarities you have with other people. Worry less about the differences. You may be surprised to find that a kind gesture or a hug can have strong reverberations.

The New Moon in Sagittarius awakens an inner need for many kinds of stimulation. Having recently completed a contemplative period, your body craves for some excitement now. You may find yourself daydreaming about travel to foreign lands, or maybe tackling a philosophical conundrum.

Boredom is an issue that has your fingers tapping restlessly. What are you to do about it? There are many ways to distract yourself. Maybe a road trip is in order. Or, how about a week in the wilderness? Maybe bungee jumping?

Mull over the many possibilities available to you. Pick something that is not only physically active, but offers you a learning experience as well. Think of options outside of your normal routine, even if it means something as simple as taking a different route home from work. Figure out how you can add a little spice in various areas to keep you from getting the doldrums.

If physical limitations that keep you from ranging too far, look at ways to travel mentally. Workshops, seminars, and classes can usually do the trick. Books have a way of taking us away from ourselves. Keep your brain satisfied and you won't go wrong. If you crave more adventurous fare, remember to weigh the pros and cons before leaping into action.

Check out the feasibility in detail. Aim for an activity that you can look back on with pride rather than embarrassment.

The Crescent Moon is a progression of the New Moon after just a few days, and can be seen as a right-sided wide sliver in the night sky. Expanding slowly toward its full illumination, this crescent slice is beneficial for the actual legwork of manifesting ideas into more concrete reality.

After you’ve resolutely decided on a new course, articulate your thoughts to others. Meet people, do some research. Stretch out your hand and see what lands there. Check out the feasibility of what you have in mind. Look through some resources for the necessary procedures or tools that it will take to make an idea into a real outcome.

You can see how a new project is starting to shape up, a form is developing. You may want to consult someone with more experience. Ask them for advice about the course you are taking. See if you’re beginning with proper materials on hand. It’s better to start off right than to begin on shaky ground.

At this stage, it’s important to have the proper nourishment for sprouting ideas. Just as an infant needs the right combination of vitamins and minerals to grow healthy, you too need to have the right items, the right talent or the right orientation in order to ensure success. Lay out some definite strategies. You can’t have a successful business without a smart business plan, or a great band without a list of skilled musicians to tap. A little foresight can reap rich rewards.

The Disseminating Moon looks a great deal like the Gibbous Moon, except that the fuller side of the Moon has switched from right to left. During this time, you begin to see the fruits of your hard work and effort. If your project has been going well, then expect to reap the rewards. If you've had obstacles and difficulties for most of the way, then you may suffer the consequences.

Take what you’ve learned in the process and spread it around. This is a good time to reach out to others, spreading your knowledge. Give back to society by teaching friends and acquaintances how to avoid the mistakes that you've made. If you have been successful, show others how to follow your path.

In general, this is an auspicious time for general dissemination of information. Wise counsel can be given and received. If you have tangible products to show, you may want to distribute them as examples. Hand out rewards to those who have been instrumental in helping you along the way.

The Moon's light is noticeably diminishing. Consider the areas in your life that need trimming or slowing down. If a relationship is moving too fast, you might want to pull the reins on it while you get your bearings. Or you may want to continue curbing your eating habits as you notice your waistline beginning to shrink. This waning Moon also inspires a desire for simplification or reduction.

The First Quarter Moon label may lead you to think that you should only see 25% of the nighttime luminary, but in actuality, the name is only a reference to the phase it is in.

It’s one-quarter of the way through its cycle. It does not refer to the percentage of Moon visible in the sky.

In fact, what you will see is the right-side half of the Moon as viewed from Earth. The energy is still in the expansive waxing phase.

This is a time for the evaluations, for taking stock on how things are progressing. Questions may arise as to the course you're taking. You may have received some initial results and must determine whether they are the kind of results that you want.

Perhaps some unforeseen obstacles or difficulties have presented themselves. Maybe things weren’t quite what you expected, so now there are decisions to be made. Should you continue forward or scrap the project altogether?

You can overcome obstacles with enough help or perhaps a new strategy. Adjustments may need to be made for you to get things back on course. Focus your energy on what you can change. Get help with what you can’t. Maybe aid comes in the form of professional advice or perhaps it comes from your own research.

If things are progressing as expected, then you may see the first signs of growth. Proceed with confidence, knowing that the path that you have laid out will lead you to the desired outcome.

The Third Quarter Moon or Last Quarter Moon reveals the left half of the Moon in the nighttime sky as the Moon continues its waning cycle. Psychologically speaking, you may feel a strong desire to clear out extraneous matter from your life. The cluttered areas in your closets, in your home, at your office or in your garage may suddenly feel like annoying obstructions to your precious space.

It would behoove you mentally to start cleaning and clearing out stuff you no longer want or need. Have a big garbage can nearby. Start tossing stuff out from your drawers. Donate a box or two of old clothes to charity. Don't hold on to possessions from the past that no longer represent the person you are today.

This is a great time for letting go, not only of material goods, but also in other ways. Consider a dietary program where you can rid your body of toxins and possible heavy metals. Drink lots of fluids to eliminate waste from your bloodstream. Eat fibrous foods to ensure good digestion. See a psychotherapist to talk through the excess baggage that you've been carrying around all this time. Break out of a relationship that is keeping you from fulfilling your potential. This process of clearing out will help free you up emotionally and mentally, so you can see your life more clearly. The physical space you inhabit is a reflection of your soul, so if you’ve got old clutter to contend with, it doesn’t leave much room for new things.

The Gibbous Moon refers to the waxing nighttime luminary plumping up, filling out, yet not quite full. Almost two weeks have elapsed since the New Moon. Momentum is building. Wherever you are in your endeavors, you may have to do another evaluation of how things are progressing.

Expansion is still a big part of the process, so if all the variables are where you want them to be and the results are just what you want, then you can safely branch out, going further in your intentions.

What this means is that you can invest more of your resources on the path that you have started. In practical terms, it can mean more money, it can mean more of your time, it can mean hiring on others; in short, you can expand knowing that the lunar energy is there to help you pursue your goal.

It would be best to stay the course, even if more challenges arise. Make a commitment to do what it takes to eliminate those barriers. This is no time to quit. Since the rewards are almost within reach, it would be a waste not to fully go for it. Let no one stand in your way, including yourself.

If you have any doubts, fears or just plain anxiety, don’t let them get the better of you. You've done way too much work to throw your hands up at the critical moment, when success is just around the corner.

A Void of Course Moon is when the moon will not make anymore major aspects in the sign it is in. It’s a time for endings and not beginnings. The ancient term "nothing will come of it" is associated with the Void of Course Moon.

aries14x14 Void of Course Moon in Aries: Back off your aggressive stance now, and don't start any new projects. Instead, finish up something already underway.

taurus14x14 Void of Course Moon in Taurus: Avoid initiating new enterprises now. Don't be headstrong. If you feel impatient, cool your jets with deep breathing.

gemini14x14 Void of Course Moon in Gemini: Gossip could get the best of you now. Don't let that happen. Don't permit shallow thinking. Ask good questions and wait before initiating.

cancer14x14 Void of Course Moon in Cancer: Don't withdraw in a moody fit of self-indulgence, or be testy with others. Strive to appreciate what you already have.

leo14x14 Void of Course Moon in Leo: Suspend your royal commands for the moment. Lay down your scepter. Join the common folk for a good romp in the fields.

virgo14x14 Void of Course Moon in Virgo: That's right: Nothing's perfect. Lose the critical eye and stop fault-finding. Take time now to meditate or stretch.

libra14x14 Void of Course Moon in Libra: Nothing is clear just now, so hold off on making a decision. But don't straddle the fence: Buy more time with sweetness.

scorpio14x14 Void of Course Moon in Scorpio: Don't slide down the slippery slope of suspicion. Put your dark fears aside. Open your heart to the heady depth of love.

sagittarius14x14 Void of Course Moon in Sagittarius: Dismiss fanatic feelings. A dogmatic attitude prohibits growth. Cast off blind faith and open your eyes to the truth.

capricorn14x14 Void of Course Moon in Capricorn: Hoarding your resources is off limits now. Don't be so miserly with your money, either. Stretch, and give some away.

aquarius14x14 Void of Course Moon in Aquarius: Don't succumb to any fads right now. But don't alienate yourself, either. Strike a good balance between self and others.

pisces14x14Void of Course Moon in Pisces: A choice looms. Don't try to decide right now. Rather than wringing your hands in despair, envision possible outcomes.