Ever hear the saying, 'Still waters run deep'? That perfectly describes the emotional depths of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, the Water Signs of the Zodiac. These signs are born nurturers, sensitive to fluctuations in their environment as well as within their loved ones.

And they want to respond to their loved ones' needs, but sometimes these signs can veer into oversensitivity, making it hard for them to reach out to other people.

Cancer, especially, tends to retreat into its shell when the going gets tough; this sign has tremendous emotional depths but doesn't always know how to talk about its feelings.

Scorpio, too, tends to rely on less than direct methods of communication; this sign is well-known for its tendency toward vengefulness and passive-aggression when it gets its feelings hurt.

Sweet, gentle Pisces is the one that knows best how to transcend its own needs and feelings in order to reach out to someone else who may be hurting. This sign wants to help everyone -- people with broken hearts, birds with broken wings, children from broken homes...

Needless to say, having a huge heart can sometimes make life difficult for a Water Sign, because there's only so much one person can do for others. But these signs are incredibly empathetic, not to mention romantic; for a Water Sign, the connection of their own soul with another is the most fulfilling experience of all.

These signs gravitate toward fields that can draw from that nurturing, emotional sensitivity, such as daycare owner, home health worker or restauranteur.