Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon is a progression of the New Moon after just a few days, and can be seen as a right-sided wide sliver in the night sky. Expanding slowly toward its full illumination, this crescent slice is beneficial for the actual legwork of manifesting ideas into more concrete reality.

After you’ve resolutely decided on a new course, articulate your thoughts to others. Meet people, do some research. Stretch out your hand and see what lands there. Check out the feasibility of what you have in mind. Look through some resources for the necessary procedures or tools that it will take to make an idea into a real outcome.

You can see how a new project is starting to shape up, a form is developing. You may want to consult someone with more experience. Ask them for advice about the course you are taking. See if you’re beginning with proper materials on hand. It’s better to start off right than to begin on shaky ground.

At this stage, it’s important to have the proper nourishment for sprouting ideas. Just as an infant needs the right combination of vitamins and minerals to grow healthy, you too need to have the right items, the right talent or the right orientation in order to ensure success. Lay out some definite strategies. You can’t have a successful business without a smart business plan, or a great band without a list of skilled musicians to tap. A little foresight can reap rich rewards.