Grand Sextile

One of the rarest of all aspect configurations, a Grand Sextile occurs in an astrological chart when six planets are evenly spaced around the chart wheel, each one in sextile to the next.

Drawn out, it looks like a hexagon (a six-sided shape), or a Star of David -- two perfect triangles superimposed over each other, one pointing in one direction and the other pointing in the opposite.

Thus, the Grand Sextile contains within it two Grand Trines, not to mention a host of other significant aspect configurations (Mystic Rectangles, Kites and more).

The six (or more) planets in a Grand Sextile together form six sextiles, six trines and three oppositions -- fifteen aspects total, all included in the same configuration. No wonder it’s such a rare occurrence!

Though the three oppositions within this pattern would normally mean a triple-dose of that hard aspect’s usual tension, when working together with the other positive aspects (the sextiles and trines), the oppositions lose some of their sting. In fact, they become more of a source of structure, balance and motivation than of conflict.

The Grand Sextile is so heavily weighted toward beneficial aspects that it has an incredibly creative, harmonious influence as a whole. Someone with a Grand Sextile in their birth chart would have all the gifts and strengths they needed to accomplish anything they set their mind to. Creative endeavors are best with a Grand Sextile, because this pattern’s energy is inherently innovative.