Juno, the goddess of marriage, is not strictly a planet; it's an asteroid that derives its name and meaning from Greek mythology. Also called Hera, Juno was wife to the Greek god Zeus, and she took her marriage vows seriously -- despite Zeus’s many infidelities, among other obstacles to Juno’s commitment.

In astrology we associate Juno with long-term partnerships like marriage. This asteroid governs what you look for in a soul mate, and what kind of soul mate you’ll be.

Do you need lots of freedom and space in order to make a commitment? Or is finding and committing to the love of your life at the top of your list of priorities?

Juno rules intimacy and commitment, and can determine both your strengths and your challenges in finding that long-term love. If you tend to fall into similar relationship patterns from one affair to the next, look to Juno to reveal why love keeps slipping from your grasp. (Perhaps your Juno lies in an impetuous fire sign, encouraging you to fall in love fast, only to wake up later -- sometimes too late -- to the problems and issues inherent in any relationship.)

While every Juno placement reveals challenges, it also gifts you with strengths in love. What do you need to love freely and fiercely, and to be loved the same? Look to Juno for the answer.