MC or Midheaven

The Midheaven, officially known as Medium Coeli or MC abbreviated, is the point in your chart that speaks to your career, your success, your reputation, and your unique contribution to the world.

It lies at the cusp of the Tenth House in your birth chart, the very topmost part of the circle -- which makes sense, because this point represents the part of you that is exposed to the world, both vulnerable to criticism but also striving to ascend to the success you dream of.

Success and reputation are tricky things. Are your ambitions your own, or have they been imposed upon you by someone else -- your parents, your boss or your teachers, perhaps?

The sign on the Midheaven, and any planets in the vicinity, will help you determine if your career goals are original or imposed -- and more importantly, how you can best work with those energies for maximum accomplishment and recognition.

Your reputation is similarly easily influenced from the outside. Regardless of how you conduct yourself, the way that other people talk about you can hugely influence public perception of what you’re all about.

If you’re already in the public eye, you’re familiar with this concept; but even the most private people have ambitions, and will be faced with the challenges of public perception at some point or another.

How you approach a job interview or giving a presentation at work are both governed by your Midheaven, as are your lifelong ambitions for your career.

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