Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

The retrograde Mercury in Aquarius can confuse the issues more than you would probably like. Rational thinking is possible, though you will have to work a great deal more in order to draw an accurate logical conclusion. You'll find that contradictions arise, which can challenge your perception of how things are.

Some of your preconceived notions may not be easy to substantiate. As you present your ideas, other opinions may defy your assumptions. Very few people like to have their belief system questioned, but that is exactly what is happening at this time.

The more you assert your views, the more you will butt heads with other cherished notions. Sometimes, in an attempt to convince another, you may take a far-out position that will alienate others from siding with you.

Use this planetary influence as an opportunity for intellectual growth. Instead of holding fast to outmoded suppositions, consider countering evidence with genuine curiosity. Do research, ask questions, and explore the facts presented to you.

Don't argue stubbornly out of pride or attachment to how things were. Change happens constantly. What was valid yesterday may not be valid today. You can't change the world if you can't change your own mind.

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