Pallas Athena

One morning Zeus woke up with a tremendous headache. As he was moaning and holding his head in agony, much to his surprise, a fully armed adult female warrior sprang from his head, intact.

This was none other than Pallas Athene, the Warrior Goddess who was born from man alone. She brought with her many gifts, most of which were not related to war.

When it came to fighting, she was no wimp, but she did not fight just for the joy of the battle. A master strategist, she brought the much-needed principle of wisdom to the battlefield. She also possessed a creative intelligence as well as a love for victory. She was a valued advisor in the arts of war.

Her main contributions, however, were for the advancement of civilization. She was the guardian of cities and states. She gave the olive to the Greeks, and introduced many other civilizing influences: musical instruments, the potter’s wheel, the plow, rake and ox-yoke.

She introduced arts and crafts, weaving, smithing and metal foundering. She was a Goddess of health and healing and introduced a variety of medicines and herbs for healing.

Pallas Athena was Zeus’s favorite child. When her presence is strong in a woman’s chart, this asteroid can indicate a woman who succeeds in a man’s world or who is particularly attached to her father, striving to earn his approval.