Saturn Retrograde

Saturn, the planet of boundaries and life lessons, is retrograde about thirty-six percent of the time. When it’s retrograde, Saturn shines its baleful, beautiful yellowish light on us all night long.

Saturn already has the reputation of being a downer. How could four-and-a-half months of Saturn Retrograde possibly be a positive thing? Well, easily. Instead of getting more serious, folks back off a little bit. It’s a time to take a little breather from the usual breakneck pace that most people keep these days.

Don’t worry, you’ll still get plenty of work done; it’s not like Saturn changes personality during this period. It’s just that the sense of urgency and anxiety relaxes somewhat. Doesn’t that sound like a relief?

Sometimes old tasks come back to haunt you during Saturn Retrograde. If so, you’ll have to reorganize your priorities and keep your perspective. What’s important to do now, and what can wait? Let others, especially those in authority, know about the changes. Reduce your expectations somewhat. Don’t cave in altogether, though; that won’t make Saturn happy!

This is not a good time to break away and start something new, but it’s a fine time to plan for the projects you’ll begin when this planet goes direct again. Take the time to do things right on the first attempt. Watch for authority issues -- another domain of Saturn. As always, Saturn wants us to develop patience. It’s good for the soul!