Saturn Return

We often think of turning 30 as a significant point in our young adult lives, but did you know that there’s an astrological reason behind this? It’s to do with the planet Saturn, a great bringer of responsibility and wisdom.

Saturn takes approximately 29 years to complete its journey through the heavens – and so, when you are between 28 - 30 years old, it will return to the exact spot it occupied at your time and place of birth. This is know as a Saturn return. It will happen again, as you approach 60 years old and once more, if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a ripe old age, as you approach 90 years old.

As Saturn approaches its first return, it’s common to suddenly feel all grown up. Your twenties are going or gone, and you’re expected now to settle down into adult life. You might feel old, or low – but the good news is that once you adapt to the new responsibilities of your life, Saturn brings added prestige too.

As Saturn approaches its second return, most of us are contemplating retirement. Fortunately, Saturn is a practical and sensible planet, and helps people facing retirement to find new hobbies and interests to enjoy.

The third Saturn return occurs close to the end of life, but can actually be a very life-affirming time, as it helps the elderly to look back at their lives with pride and with dignity. Saturn is known as Old Father Time, and although he is a serious and sober guy, he reserves a special twinkle in his eyes for those enjoying their third Saturn return.