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Person 1, born May 29, 1977:

Birthday Forecast

Your Personalized Birthday Forecast

This is considered to be your own personal New Year, and it's known as the Solar Return. Astrologers have found that if you study the positioning of all the planets at that moment -- their relationships to each other and their placements in the signs -- you can gain insight into the upcoming year, until the Sun returns again.

As you may have noticed, most people tend to feel pretty good on their birthdays, and that's because of the positioning of the Sun. 
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Your Stress and Relaxation Ratings

On your birthday, everyone wishes you a wonderful year ahead. But what's it really going to be like? It can't all be a barrel of monkeys. We've created these meters to give you that at-a-glance view you need of your year ahead.

The Stress meter measures the potential for obstacles in the coming year. Whether it's one trouble spot after another or you've got a free ticket to Easy Street, remember that every hurdle life tosses up in your path presents a lesson. That's what life is all about -- jumping through hoops, growing and learning.

The Relaxation meter measures the easy times ahead -- those days and weeks when you'll have a smile on your face and a spring in your step regardless of what's going on around you. Though you may think you want a high Relaxation score and a low Stress one, it's actually best if you come out somewhere in the middle on both meters. That way, your year will be fun, interesting and complex -- just like you!... Read more


Stress = 0

7-10: One thing after another and no end in sight

4-6: Some bumps on the road, but nothing you can't handle

0-3: Living on Easy Street!

Relaxation =

7-10: Even when life gets hectic, you still know how to chill

4-6: You'll work hard and play hard too

0-3: Schedule a massage - you're going to need it!

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Person 1, In this free Birthday Forecast report, you will get insight into the following planetary energies:


governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally
governs how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners

The complete Birthday Forecast report reveals planetary information about:


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your private life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions
reveals what truly motivates you in all areas of your life
explains your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
shows your non-negotiable values
guides you on your path


teaches you life lessons you came here to learn
illuminates your deepest challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life
reveals your karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


reveals your greatest fears
gifts you with the opportunity for massive change
highlights the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Read below to find out where each planet will be on your birthday and how each planet will guide your decisions for the next year

Recognition and Rewards: The Sun

Sun conjunct Venus

Rich with romance

Love and money -- what could be better? How about getting both without really working for them? Yep, for the next year you'll see an influx of each, and with very little effort on your part! Your mere presence is enough to drive whomever you desire to their knees, and you'll have the verit...

Sun conjunct Jupiter

It's a wonderful world

Why have one of anything, when you could have many -- or all? This is one of the most favorable aspects, and your year will be filled with good luck, generosity and new experiences. You'll be full of confidence in yourself, and you'll have the optimism to believe that you can accomplish an...

Sun trine Pluto

Life-changing experiences

Some people look at the darker side of the world around them, and see only evil and fear. When you look at the same thing, you develop deeper wisdom and a stronger understanding of the world. You're highly perceptive this year and you'll successfully take whatever you see and turn it into ...

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Mind Expansion: Mercury

Mercury in Taurus

Steady thoughts

You're in no hurry to make any decisions this year. All ideas should be chewed on, mulled over and slept upon. A thorough and methodical approach is best -- or at least that will be your opinion these next 12 months. Keeping everything simple and straightforward is easy and it's always wor...

Mercury conjunct Uranus

Speedy brilliance

Who needs caffeine when they've got you around? Your mind is going to be so fast, the people around you won't know what hit them. From witty retorts to crazy, futuristic ideas, your brain will be coming up with out-of-this-world thoughts that no one will be able to keep up with. You'll hav...

Mercury sextile Saturn

A transfer of knowledge

Persistence is a virtue. Yes, normally that saying is more appropriate with 'patience,' but in your case, the stars have made an exception. From now until your next birthday, you'll have the gumption to get the job done, no matter how much time and effort it takes. This will be made more p...

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Discover How All The Planets Will Be Affecting You Until Your Next Birthday

In your personalized full-length, in-depth report you will discover how to make the most of the planetary influences and how to be infinitely fulfilled in your life.


Understand the planetary energies that could be sabotaging your plans for your life for the coming year while tapping into the cosmic alignments which have set you up for success.


Knowing how the planets are affecting you on your birthday and for the coming year and highlighting your favorable circumstances, lucky chances, obstacles and challenges to give you the edge in developing a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.
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