Future Forecast Reading For Person 1

Born October 15, 1974

Blessings Person 1...

I can clearly see why you arrived here today.

You’ve reached a turning point in your life where many things are about to change.

As your Astrologer, it’s my honor to prepare you for what’s to come so you can ease your mind, and receive the hidden gifts this year has in store for you.

So keep reading, Person 1...

And get ready to make this the happiest year of your life..

To your future,

Kelli Fox
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Person 1, Here’s A Glimpse Of What’s On Your Horizon Over The Next 30 Days...

You’re probably feeling these influences already, so let’s start by looking at your immediate future. 

Astrology influences often show up in your life as people, so as you read each one, think about who it could be talking about!

You see, Astrology gives us clues about what will happen, who’s involved, how it might take place, and when.

As you read each influence below, pay close attention to the people and situations that come to mind. This is your intuition telling you who and what will be involved that day.

*Write These Dates Down Somewhere Safe*

Strength and Focus

Sun sextile Pluto | Nov 28th - Nov 29th

Nov29You feel strong and focused now, making this a good time to recommit yourself to projects and relationships that you've already begun, including your exercise plan.

You're radiating charisma like the sun puts out heat, so don't be afraid to initiate business meetings and arrange romantic d...

Creative Connections

Mercury sextile Uranus | Nov 29th - Nov 29th

Nov29Oh, you're a live wire this week.

Funny, pointed, staggeringly accurate.

You say it like you see it, without mincing words, which keeps them snickering behind their hands and repeating your jokes by the water cooler.

Fortunately you're aware enough to avoid hurting anyone, at least not too...

Hard Work With Good Results

Mars sextile Pluto | Dec 3rd - Dec 5th

Dec4This week is a great time to think about your goals in life and start moving toward them.

You have the energy and the stamina needed to make changes both great and small now, and whatever effort you make will act like a pebble tossed into a pond -- it will send out ripples of influence tha...

Make Personal Contact

Sun sextile Venus | Dec 8th - Dec 9th

Dec8Your social skills are off the charts right now, so it's an excellent time to make that personal contact, whether for business or pleasure.

You're able to easily find areas of common interest with just about anyone, and you make the person you're with feel warm and comfortable.

You're feel...

A Twinkle in Your Eye

Mercury sextile Jupiter | Dec 10th - Dec 15th

Dec12Very likely you're feeling quite mentally alert this week, curious and able to perceive things with humor and perspective.

You ask yourself and others stimulating questions that inspire all of you to think bigger, grander, outside the box.

The results of this think tank may surprise all of...

Spread the Wealth

Venus trine Jupiter | Dec 10th - Dec 12th

Dec11Any relationships begun during this period will be favorable to you, because luck and opportunity are on your side at this time -- so take advantage!

Reach out and make contact with anyone who can further your business or social aims.

If you have a cause that needs furthering, now is the p...

Opportunities Abound

Sun sextile Sun | Dec 13th - Dec 14th

Dec14You're feeling sunny and optimistic, really in your element, so it's a great time to spread your uplifting, can-do energy!

You're in the mood to reach out to other people and connect.

You can keep it casual, such as going out to lunch or the movies with friends, or you can go deeper with a...

Hard Work and Success

Sun sextile Mars | Dec 13th - Dec 14th

Dec13You're courageous now; fearless, even.

Your passionate nature is very close to the surface, giving you that extra oomph that's needed to put everything you've got into both work and play.

This is a great time to impress your boss, to get the ball rolling on a new project or to reach out to...

Frolicking Good Fun

Mars sextile Venus | Dec 16th - Dec 17th

Dec16Passion and love unite now with delicious results.

This three-week transit is all about the giving and receiving of pleasure, so if you're in a relationship, you can expect things to get pretty nice between you and your honey!

You're in the mood to connect on a physical level, to really sh...

Good For You

Venus trine Saturn | Dec 18th - Dec 20th

Dec20It's smooth sailing in the relationship department, both professionally and personally.

You're less interested in potential than you are in the way things are in reality, which is comfortable for everyone -- you won't hold others up to an unreasonable standard, and you'll accept what they ...

Don't Fence Me In

Sun sextile Uranus | Dec 19th - Dec 20th

Dec19Any restrictions placed upon you this week are going to leave you chomping at the bit, ready to bust through them -- by force, if need be -- to a place of freedom and spontaneity.

You need to feel that you are perfectly free during this period, not beholden to anyone.

You would hate to fee...

Improving What Came Before

Uranus sextile Saturn | Dec 20th - Dec 27th

Dec23This year presents you with a rare opportunity to change and improve the structures in your life with very little trouble, and in a way that will bring you positive results.

In which areas of your life these improvements will take place is up to you; but they should be areas that have a sp...

Picking Up the Pace

Mars sextile Sun | Dec 23rd - Dec 25th

Dec24This should be an excellent couple of weeks, a time when you can accomplish a great deal of work on a personal level.

You're feeling great -- strong, centered, motivated -- so this is your time to get out there and make it happen!

You've got plenty of energy now, so step up the pace on you...

Keep Ahead of the Game

Mars sextile Mars | Dec 23rd - Dec 24th

Dec23You're an effective leader during this three-week period; your confidence is high, your energy humming.

You're motivated to get things done, so rally your work team to get a push on that new project, or your neighbors for some group yard work or a fun social activity.

Everyone will notice ...

Creative Connections

Mercury sextile Uranus | Dec 24th - Dec 24th

Dec24Oh, you're a live wire this week.

Funny, pointed, staggeringly accurate.

You say it like you see it, without mincing words, which keeps them snickering behind their hands and repeating your jokes by the water cooler.

Fortunately you're aware enough to avoid hurting anyone, at least not too...

And that’s just a brief glimpse of your next 30 days...

And a tiny fraction of what’s on your horizon in the year to come.

In truth...

Your Birth Chart Is Buzzing Like A Bee Hive For The Next Year Ahead!

Person 1, I wish you came to me sooner.

I can see you’ve been through a lot recently!

And I can sense how it’s shaken you up inside.

Your stress is likely because you didn’t know what to expect, and didn’t know what Astrology influences were at play when you were dealing with them.

The good news? That’s all about to change.

Let’s take a look now at the rest of your year, and see how many life changing influences are headed your way.

You Have 2 Red Hot Days For Love This Year



There are WAY more Venus influences this year than almost any other year.

Your love life will be changing rapidly, so be careful.

Remind yourself to slow down, see how you really feel, and embrace each influence as it comes.

On these days, your heart will be open wide, and you’ll have a far more magnetic vibe than usual.

In fact, these are the most romantic days of your year!

Anything you plan in the name of love will be a time to remember.

If you’re committed, you’ll have a chance to respark your relationship and get even closer as a couple.

If you’re single, you might meet someone who sparks the sizzling hot connection you’ve been yearning for.

Once you know these special dates, you’ll feel the cloud of doubt lift from over your head, as a warm smile beams across your heart.

Next, let’s see what your energy levels look like over this next year…

You Have 2 High-Energy Days This Year


Your Mars activity will be constant this year.

You’ll have several days of high energy, both physically and mentally.

If you’ve been putting off a project, or avoiding a conflict out of fear, these are days when taking action will get you the results you want.

During a Mars influence, you become a force to be reckoned with.

It’s a great time to dig into your passions and exert your energy, such as starting a new exercise routine.

Your sex drive will be high on these days! Along with your will power.

You might win in a competition… or you might suffer some sort of defeat, depending on how you handle the influence.

Align your biggest projects with Mars, and watch yourself get twice as much done in half the time.

Your Soul Changes Direction 3 Times This Year


You have a constant stream of Sun influences this year.

This means you’ll be in many situations where the direction your Soul is guiding you will be tested and confirmed.

Use each one as an opportunity to grow and discover more about who you really are.

You should treat each Sun influence like a fork in the road for your soul.

Some of these influences will hand you a mirror to your deepest self and show you who you really are.

Others might make you stand up for what you believe in with an inner strength, so vast, you may even surprise yourself!

Just make sure you know when it will happen ahead of time so you make the right decisions later when the time comes.


You Have 1 Important Messages From The Universe This Year


You can expect several important messages from the Universe spread out over the course of your next year.

Listen closely!

Your task is to get ready for each one and learn the lesson it’s trying to teach you.

These messages are critical for your future and will impact every area of your life.

Without Astrology, it could be easy to brush them off because you wouldn’t realize what they meant at the time.

That’s why it’s crucial you know when the message is coming, and what you need to look for, so you can receive it loud and clear.

When you do, communication becomes a breeze, and opportunities you’d otherwise miss become clear.

And, guess what?

That’s just a small fraction of what this year holds in store for you.

You Have 26 Chances This Year To Live A Happier, Healthier And Wealthier Life

Read on, Person 1, and let’s see what else this year will bring...

You’ll Have 4 Lucky Breaks This Year

Are you ready for a windfall of good luck?

You have several key days this year when it will feel like everything you touch turns to gold.

On these days, your manifesting powers are strong, and your potential for financial gain is at an all time high.

On other days, what seems like a good risk may turn sour fast if you’re not careful. Don’t do anything risky on these days!

You Have 2 Critical Career Moments Ahead

When a Saturn influence comes into your life, it’s like your boss walking into the room to check on you.

If you’ve been working hard, he’ll reward you with the harvest of your labor.

But if you’ve been slacking off, you might find yourself in a tight spot!

On these days, you may experience critical events at work that can make or break your career.

Your boundaries may be tested at work, especially if the influence is a challenging one!

If you wish to rise in your profession, pay close attention to each Saturn influence ahead, and plan accordingly.

You Have 5 Big Surprises On The Way

Uranus brings about big, spontaneous changes in your life, and it’s almost always a complete surprise.

Most people never see it coming! As the planet of radical transformation, Uranus is known to kick down the door and shake things up in shocking and permanent ways.

Some of your Uranus influences this year will show up as a riveting stroke of genius, while others will appear as a twist of fate.

These influences can really rock your boat whether you know they’re happening or not.

The good news? When you have these dates dialed in, you can ride the lightning of Uranus and create massive breakthroughs in your life.

Your Spirit Will Awaken 2 Times This Year

On days of a Neptune influence, it’s as if a spiritual portal has opened up right in front of you.

Neptune brings about profound experiences they may touch the very fabric of your soul.

Under this influence, you may be drawn to people who guide your spiritual awakening and share a deep connection.

However, Neptune rules creative fantasy and illusion, which means a harsh influence to Neptune may confuse you with deception and lies.

Be very careful with certain Neptune influences. It’s possible someone could be trying to pull one over on you!

Knowing the dates in advance will save you a lot of pain and confusion.

You Have 5 Personal Transformations On Your Horizon

Pluto influences are the most intense of all.

On these days, you may find yourself in situations that seem fated and unstoppable, bringing about critical changes in your life.

You may transform in some way, making critical changes in your life, your habits, and the world around you.

You may meet someone of great wealth and power in an almost fated-like way, leading to a rise in your status.

You may even inherit something of value.

You might also find yourself in a power struggle that could be easily avoided.

Either way, the impact of a Pluto influence will be felt for years to come, so don’t take them lightly.
Person 1, I know it’s hard to believe right now, especially after such a crazy year you left behind…

But life really does get easier when you are in total flow with the Universe.

In fact, I promise...

No Matter How Dark Your Past Has Been, Your Future Can Always Be Brighter When You Know What Your Destiny Holds

You see, each Astrology influence is like a gust of wind to the sailboat of your life.

When you know what direction it’s going, you can put it to work for you, and it’s easy to get where you want to go.

If you struggle against it, you’ll get nowhere fast.

In fact, you might crash and have to start all over again.

That’s why you can’t do it alone. Even the most experienced sailors would never go out to sea blind.

You need a compass.

You need a guide.

And that guide, Person 1, has finally arrived.

Your Year Ahead Destiny Report

A Personalized Roadmap For
Living Your Best Life

Person 1, you’re just moments away from laying your entire year out on the table, and mapping out what to expect each day in great detail.

As you scroll through your personalized report, you’ll feel a wave of comfort wash over your body like a warm blanket, as all of the uncertainty over your future melts away.

You’ll begin to see how events, situations and circumstances in your life match up with each influence, and smile knowing you’ll be at the right place at the right time.

With no more painful surprises in your life, and no more stress or doubt over decisions you make…

You’ll sleep easy knowing that you are in total control of your destiny, and can create the life you’ve always wanted just by navigating the stars.

You’ll receive instant access to your Destiny Report, which includes…
  • A full activity report for all 6 inner planets (including Jupiter, your luck... and Saturn, your career)
  • A quickstart lesson in Astrology planets, in simple, easy to understand terms
  • The times of year when you are at your strongest (and where to best spend your time and energy)
  • The most intense times of the year (and how to harness the power of these influences)
  • The challenges you’ll face, plus how to overcome them before they manifest...
  • And that’s just the beginning…
Page by page, you’ll discover what to do in each situation to get what you want, so you can navigate the Astro Weather ahead, and arrive safely on the shores of your heart’s desire.

Person 1, Imagine Waking Up One Year From Today...

Imagine the relief you feel knowing your year worked out exactly the way you wanted it to.

Imagine looking back and seeing how you made the right decision almost every time in critical situations…

How you seized the right opportunities as they came by, instead of letting them slip through your fingers...

How you conquered challenging situations before they become big problems and avoided so many headaches…

How your relationships are smoother, your finances are more stable, and how everything seems to just “work out” for you, because you knew when to be at the right place, at the right time.

Imagine thinking back to this moment; the moment you decided to give your Destiny Report a try - and realizing it was the single turning point that gave you the lucky happy life you’ve been waiting for.

And it really can be.

Because that moment has arrived.

Live In Harmony And Control Your Own Destiny For Only Pennies A Day

Would you pay $1 a day for accurate guidance that made your life easier when things started to change?
Of course. Most people would!

But you don’t have to pay $365 for the 365 days detailed inside your Destiny Report.

Today, as my way of saying “I appreciate you” for coming to me for help after such a stressful year…

You don’t have to pay $300.

You don’t have to pay $200…

You don’t have to pay $100.

You don’t even have to pay a mere $50 to make this year your best year yet.

Today, you can get your entire Destiny Report for only $365 $39.99!

With a full 365 days of coverage, that’s only 11 cents per day!

Why such a deal?I wanted to make sure something like finances doesn't stop you from making this the best year of your life.

And, to prove it, your Destiny Report comes with...

Your 60 Day 100% Money Back “Best Year Of Your Life” Guarantee

Person 1....

You’ve been through enough, and the last thing I’d want to do is put any more weight on your shoulders.

That’s why I’m covering your full year of predictions with a 100% money back guarantee.

If, during the entire year ahead, you feel - even for a moment - that your Destiny Report isn’t being accurate or helpful, or is not leading you to living your best life possible…

Then I INSIST on handing back every single penny you invest today.

All you’d have to do is send a quick email with your order number to [email address] with the subject line “Cancel” and you’ll promptly receive a full refund within 24 hours.

Yes - that means even six months, eight months…. ELEVEN months from now, you still have nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by picking up your Destiny Report today.

The Clock Is Ticking Person 1!

With -1 having come to an end, your journey this year has just begun.

Each day that goes by without knowing what the planets have in store for you is another day the confusion and uncertainty of life holds you down.

Each month that goes by with you drifting through life - not knowing which way the tides of your destiny want you to go - is another month of spinning yourself in circles.

Each year that passes without a firm grasp of your future is another year you’ll never see again.

You owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, and everyone close to you to be living your best life possible.

And you can, with your Destiny Report, but you have to act fast, Person 1.

The Universe rewards those who take action.

And it’s finally time for you to claim your rewards, and live the abundant life you are destined for.

Here’s What To Do Next

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Then, you can see for yourself, just how much easier your life can be when you know what’s to come, and what type of situations you can expect each day...

How much smoother your relationships become, knowing you can plan ahead for your most romantic days.

How much simpler it can be to receive abundance from the Universe by being at the right place at the right time…

And let out a big sigh of relief that only comes when you know, without question, everything is going to be OK.

And yet… if at any time (for any reason) up until one full year from now, you feel that your Destiny Report isn’t right for you,  you’ll get 100% of your money back.

It really is that simple.

So go ahead…

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To The Best Year Of Your Life,

Kelli Fox

P.S. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you decide to go at it alone…

Ignoring the Universe, and it’s greater plan for your life…

Then it’s likely...

You Will Repeat The Same Year All Over Again

If you went through this past year without knowing what’s to come, then you know where that leads you.

If life has taught us anything, it’s to be prepared for the future.

Now’s your chance to avoid making the same mistakes and approach this year the RIGHT way…

With a blueprint of your future mapped out in childlike simplicity, so you can be prepared for anything and make the winds of change blow in your favor.

P.P.S. Remember...

You’re getting in-depth insights into each of your 26 Astrology influences over the next 365 days - instantly, and for only $39.99.

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Give yourself the priceless gifts of certainty, clarity, and peace of mind.

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