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Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast

Navigate Your Way to the Relationship of Your Dreams

Sometimes love seems to just fall into your lap, just as easy as saying hello; other times, no matter how much you want to connect with that special someone, you just can’t seem to make it happen. You’re too busy to make time for love at that point in your life, or they’re already involved with someone else -- and that’s the very definition of bad timing.

Ever wish you knew the right time to ask someone out, or to tell them you love them? If you could just pick the perfect moment to open that door and drop that bombshell -- if only you could have some kind of guarantee that the experience would go as smoothly as possible, with the exact outcome you were hoping for.
Well, astrology can’t offer any guarantees, but it can highlight the best times to reach out to someone new and cute, cement the deal with someone you love or break it off if you’re just not connecting.

And it can also highlight the days when you’re better off staying home, catching some me-time. Whatever your impulse might be, check your transits to see if the stars are behind you.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast report.

And I want to help you discover the most powerful windows of opportunity for romance.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to discover which days are the most opportune for romance?

And which days are probably not the best for a first date or important relationship discussions?
This Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast gives you that exact information so you can have a far better chance of meeting your soulmate and beginning the relationship of your dreams or improving the relationship you are in.

What Does Your Future Hold for Love & Relationships?

Love, for many of us, is a tricky, yet ever so rewarding road. Who doesn’t love to be loved and adored? Discover what the Stars say for your Love Life in the near future, revealing the six most important categories when it comes to Love:

  • Your Heart-Soul Growth
  • How you Think & Talk Romantically
  • Your Love & Affection Forecast
  • Your Passionate Desires
  • Where and How you’re going to get Lucky in Love
  • What your Love Lessons are and your potential for Relationship Longevity!

An easy-to-read Bar Graph is a quick explainer showing which of these categories are more highlighted over this period, and the meatier, in-depth Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast helps you explore all of these in great detail – letting you live your best (love) life!

Using Astrology to help guide your Love Life is an ancient practice in many old cultures, helping to determine the absolute best time to date, marry, start a family, and so much more! So why not use this insightful art to help you make the best of your love potential?

Astrology helps to make anxious times less stressful by knowing... Read more

Your Heart-Soul Growth - The Sun Influences

8-10 You're manifesting like magic
4-7 Focus on your goals - almost there
0-3 Keep smiling, there's more work to be done

Pillow Talk - Mercury Influences

8-10 Your words are like music to someone's ears
4-7 Say what's on your mind as people are listening
0-3 Time for a brief pause while you gather your thoughts

Available in the full report:

Your Love and Attraction Factor - Venus Influences

Your Passionate Desires - Mars Influences

Lucky in Love - Jupiter Influences

Your Love Lessons - Saturn Influences

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Person 1, In this free Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast report, you will get insight into the following planetary energies:


governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally
governs how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners

The complete Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast report reveals planetary information about:


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your private life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions
reveals what truly motivates you in all areas of your life
explains your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
shows your non-negotiable values
guides you on your path


teaches you life lessons you came here to learn
illuminates your deepest challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life
reveals your karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


reveals your greatest fears
gifts you with the opportunity for massive change
highlights the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Keep reading to see how the current planetary transits are affecting your love life and the best times begin (or rekindle) romance...

Your Strengths

Uranus sextile Mars

Acting on impulse

You've got a new sense of energy and excitement during this one-year transit. You know what you want in love and you want to get out into the world and find it! You're probably not willing to compromise on your needs, so if you go on a date with someone who ends up not meeting your list of...

Mercury sextile Pluto

Going deep with someone special

You want to know everything about that special someone -- every little thing about what makes them tick. You want to know their insecurities as well as their strengths; you want to learn about their past, and how it has shaped them to be who they are today. Anyone who won't let you probe d...

Saturn trine Uranus

Blending the old with the new

You're uniquely able to blend the old and the new during this fun ten-month transit. So what does that mean for you? It means that you'll be attracted to unusual people, people whom you wouldn't normally think are your type -- but they'll excite you and make you think of relationship possi...

Uranus trine Mercury

Provoking conversations

During this one-to-two year transit, your thirst for stimulating intellectual contact with a lover will increase to the point that it becomes a prerequisite to an ongoing relationship. If they can't turn on your mind, they won't be able to turn on any other part of you either, and you'll g...

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In your personalized full-length, in-depth report you will discover how to make the most of the current planetary influences and how to be infinitely fulfilled in your love life.

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Understand the planetary energies that could be sabotaging your plans for your love life while tapping into the cosmic alignments which have set you up for success.


Knowing how the planets are affecting you and highlighting your favorable romantic circumstances, lucky love chances, obstacles and challenges to give you the edge in developing a happy, healthy, fulfilled love life.
If you are ready to discover the best times to have deep conversations with your partner or meet your soulmate...

If you are ready to know the perfect days to go on fun romantic dates (or first dates if you are single)...

If you are ready to begin the path to creating the relationship of your dreams

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