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For Kim Kardashian Born On October 21, 1980

Kim Kardashian, are you ready for a massive breakthrough in your love life?

Over the next 33 days, you have a few potent days for love, passion, romance, and everything in between.

On these few, yet very special dates, your sensuality, charisma, and personal magnetism are at an all time high.

You’ll want to mark on your calendar, especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner…

And get ready for what just might be the most passionate, most electrifying, and most unforgettable days of your year.

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Kim Kardashian, Could This Be The Month When Your Heart Finally Gets What It Desires?

When it comes to love, the most romantic stories begin with being in the right place, at the right time.

Some people get lucky, and arrive there by chance. 

But why roll the dice with your heart’s desire?

Instead, let’s look at your hottest days for romance in the coming month, when your deck is stacked so strong in your favor that you’re almost guaranteed to win.

Now, let’s take a look at what major romantic opportunities are on your horizon...

Be proactive -- reach out to someone new

Jupiter trine Mars | Before 08/15/2022 - After 09/14/2022

Aug31If you normally lack in self-confidence, you should enjoy the boost brought by this four-month transit!

It won't make you overconfident, either; it will give you just enough of a push to get things moving in your love life.

This is the perfect time to reach out and get to know someone new, as you're in touch with yourself in a new way.

If you feel like you need an extra boost, this transit will give you the energy required to start a new exercise regimen or to join a singles' dance group.

Anything active that will get your heart rate up while increasing your confidence and your sense of your own attractiveness is a very good idea!

You could even ask that special someone to go jogging with you, or to attend a salsa lesson.

Getting physical together in that way will put you both in mind of what it would be like to get physical in a completely different way...

What fun it is to fantasize about someone new and cute!

During this transit, you can make your fantasies become a reality, or at least make the first steps toward realizing them.

Being proactive is definitely the way to go now.

A natural magnetism

Venus trine Mars | Before 08/15/2022 - Aug 18th

Aug17You're feeling confident in your ability to attract admirers, and in truth, you're especially magnetic during this transit.

You could probably charm the badge off a cop!

You're in the mood to schmooze, so you should definitely get out of the house.

Parties are good, because there will be plenty of people there who will notice you and your attractive self.

Though you're in the mood to flirt, you're also open to starting something special with just one person.

Any relationship that you begin during this transit very well might last a long time, because it's such an auspicious way to start getting to know someone -- in a friendly, warm, flirty way that promises so much more.

But even flirtations that don't go anywhere will be a lot of fun!

You're the life of the party now, full of energy and witticisms and body language that will reach out to lots of admirers.

If you go on a date, be creative about it; the traditional dinner and a movie would be fun, but so would a picnic in the park or a visit to an art museum.

Anything that increases your ability to receive pleasure and give it back is great for you now.

A good time to reach out

Mercury sextile Mars | Aug 29th - Sep 4th

Sep3You can get to know someone really well during this 10-day transit, because your mind is sharp, your energy is on high and you're reaching out into the world in an active way.

This is the perfect time to call someone up or email them and ask them out on a date.

You could talk all night!

You'll make a real impression on that special someone at this time, because you're feeling good, strong and confident, really centered and in tune with yourself.

You won't play nice with them; you'll be yourself, which means that if you have any differences of opinion, you'll go ahead and say so.

You're able to be tactful now, though, so you won't come across as combative, contrary or overly opinionated.

Instead, you'll seem intelligent, because you are!

Your mind is sharp and you're eager to make a mental connection.

Will this be a meeting of the minds?

Maybe so!

So if someone catches your eye during this period, reach out to them.

And that’s just the beginning...

In total...

You Have 20 Romantic Opportunities This Year

These are days when...

  • Your charisma is super charged and people want you
  • Your romantic communication is effortless
  • Your libido is at an all time high
  • You meet someone who changes your life for the better
  • You discover what truly makes you happy
  • You release old bagage that no longer serves you
  • You feel more confident than ever before
  • Someone confesses they love you
  • You find out someone wants you
  • Your lover surprises you 
  • You heal your heart


You Have 16 Relationship Challenges To Overcome

These are days where..

  • Fights can start for no reason 
  • Misunderstandings are likely
  • Illusions may cloud your judgement 
  • Outside events may sever connections
  • Other people get in your business
  • Someone deceives you 
  • Relationships fall apart

On these days, challenges may present themselves.  

However, once you’re aware of what’s to come, you’ll know what to look for. You’ll be able to take care of little problems before they snowball into disaster for your love life.  

You also have…

4 Intense Days That Will Change The Course Of Your Love Life

On these days, it’s even possible you might…
  • Get married
  • File for divorce
  • Meet your soulmate
  • Discover hidden desires
  • Experience a sudden loss
  • Gain unexpected inheritance
  • Encounter your twin flame
  • Become separated
  • Get engaged
...and the list goes on.  These days usually line up with major events in your life that can make or break your relationship, or even start a new one.   Once you know what to expect each day, you can always make the best out of a bad situation... and make a good romantic opportunity greater than you ever dreamed possible.

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Imagine the wash of relief that comes with knowing why your relationship failures were mostly bad timing...

And the rush of hope that comes from knowing you really CAN have anything your heart desires when you walk hand in hand with the Universe and know how to receive it’s blessings.

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