An astrological report prepared for

Person 1, born February 20, 1974:

The ATV Report

Your Personalized Astrology Forecast

The future -- that vast, unknown territory where anything can happen! Right? Not quite. Though events in your life may seem completely random, there is still at least some pattern to the order of events -- one set in motion in part by you, and in part by the planets and stars in the sky and their influence on your life here on Earth.

The part that’s all about you is related to your free will: how you behave, what your goals and ambitions are, and how you work toward them or avoid them.
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What Do The Planets Say About Your Future Person 1?

Looking to the future can be both exciting and scary, triggering feelings of anxiety or excitement – emotions that are often hard to distinguish!

Your Personal Astrology Forecast Calculators reveal what you can expect in the most important areas of your life using six key categories – your Soul Direction, Communication Style, Love & Money Potential, Career Prospects, Luck and Lessons, via handy bar graphs to help you see your future at a glance!

The future doesn’t have to be quite as scary when you’re well-prepared, does itPerson 1? Astrology is an insightful and ancient yet modern tool to empower you to live your best life, giving you a heads up when you most need it!

Your Personal Astrological Forecast Calculators shine a spotlight on which areas contain the most growth for you, which areas hold important lessons, or where opportunities will appear for you!

Your easy-to-read bar graphs reveal the time period ahead in quick detail giving you that extra nod to trust yourself and make informed decisions!

If you want in-depth guidance on what to expect for the future, then Your Personal Astrology Forecast Calculators are the perfect friend to turn to, helping you to be extra-prepared for what life throws at you!

Discover where your Soul yearns to go, how you’re thinking and communicating, what your love life holds for you and what exciting career prospects are coming up! Get to know when you’re going to get lucky, and where you’re going to learn your biggest lessons.

All this and so much more is in your detailed, rich and in-depth Personal Astrology Forecast! Empower yourself with the wisdom of the stars and planets and take control of your life!

Your Conscious Mind – Person 1's Sun Influences

The Sun in Astrology describes your personality. When you are at your best you do your best. Just as the Sun is the center of our solar system, it’s also the center of you; the inner flame is that essence that runs through your being. When the conscious mind is sharp, anything is possible. These bar graphs will indicate how well... Read more

8-10 You are perfectly existing in the world
4-7 Life is right-on for you at the moment
0-3 Hang in there; opportunities will come to you soon

The Chatty Factor – Person 1's Mercury Influences

Mercury in Astrology represents the expression of self. How you listen and how you are heard, your thought process, your logic, and intellectual ideas. Are all representations of you expressing yourself. These bar graphs indicate how well you are communicating with the world around you... Read more

8-10 Expressions flow effortlessly
4-7 People will listen to you
0-3 It’s harder to articulate yourself

The Love Meter – Person 1's Venus Influences

Venus in Astrology is connected to your heart. How you give and receive love in your existing and future relationships are determined by this planet. Sweetness, pleasure and harmony are the energies of Venus. These bar graphs can give insight to how your relationships and social gatherings will go... Read more

8-10 Feeling and expressing love comes naturally
4-7 There may be some tough love in your life
0-3 Love is not a priority for you right now

Your Assertive Energy – Person 1's Mars Influences

Mars in Astrology rules the physical, assertive energy as well as desires, sex appeal, and carnal appetites are representations. Your drive and prosperity depend on this planet! Dating, mating, & relating are fueled by Mars. Are you feeling revved up & aroused or feeling more submissive? These bar graphs will indicate where your aggressive energy is at during this time.... Read more

8-10 You’re sharp and ready to take on the world
4-7 Declare your desires
0-3 Keep putting in effort, don’t lose sight of what you want

Personal Growth Element – Person 1's Jupiter Influences

Jupiter in Astrology represents expansion. Luck, advantages, and opportunities are governed by our solar system’s largest planet. The energy of Jupiter is hopeful, optimistic, and friendly! Are you feeling more positive or pessimistic? These bar graphs will give clarity to how you think and feel about the world and your personal growth.... Read more

8-10 Life is full-on - the glass is overflowing!
4-7 Step out of your comfort zone to reap rewards
0-3 Focus on the world in front of you

Lessons Learned – Person 1's Saturn Influences

In Astrology, Saturn governs karma. Life lessons, obligations, and responsibilities are influenced by this planet. The energy of Saturn requires stillness and meditation. Your unconscious mind is dictated by the energy of this planet. Are you doing a lot of work and not seeing the results? These bar graphs will help you understand your next move and as well as your long term plans.... Read more

8-10 You’re in a personal growth cycle.
4-7 Remember to breathe and take care of business.
0-3 You’re off the karmic hook right now. Enjoy this time!

Person 1, In this The ATV report, you will get life-transforming insight into these planetary energies:


governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally
governs how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your private life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions
reveals what truly motivates you in all areas of your life
explains your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
shows your non-negotiable values
guides you on your path


teaches you life lessons you came here to learn
illuminates your deepest challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life
reveals your karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


reveals your greatest fears
gifts you with the opportunity for massive change
highlights the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Person 1, read below to find out how the current planetary transits are affecting you
Click on any of the transits for full description.

May 2024




June 2024




Sun trine Pluto - Dig Deep
Venus trine Pluto - Creating a Deep Connection
Mercury trine Venus - Favorable Connections
Mars sextile Jupiter - Here, There and Everywhere
Mars sextile Saturn - Energy, Effectively Applied
Mercury trine Pluto - Digging Into the Unknown
Mars sextile Sun - Picking Up the Pace
Venus trine Jupiter - Spread the Wealth
Jupiter trine Pluto - Beyond the Self
Venus trine Uranus - Looking For Something New
Mercury trine Jupiter - Funny and Kind
Mercury trine Uranus - Intellectual Breakthroughs
Sun trine Jupiter - A Knack for Having Fun
Sun trine Uranus - Ahead of Your Time
Mercury trine Sun - Communicator Extraordinaire
Venus trine Sun - Show Your Best Side
Mars sextile Mercury - Communicate Freely
Mercury trine Mercury - A Fresh Perspective
Sun trine Sun - Smooth Sailing
Venus trine Mercury - A Silver Tongue
Mercury conjunct Mars - Energy Boost
Venus conjunct Saturn - Grounded With Love and Money
Mercury conjunct Saturn - Planning in Detail
Sun conjunct Saturn - Higher Standards
Uranus conjunct Mars - I Do What I Want
Neptune square Saturn - Invisible Difficulties
Sun square Mercury - Listen Up!
Sun opposite Neptune - Cloudy Judgment
Jupiter square Sun - Overly Optimistic
Venus opposite Neptune - The Higher You Climb, the Farther You Fall
Mercury square Jupiter - Too Big for Your Britches
Venus square Mercury - Nice and Easy
Mercury square Sun - Explain Yourself
Mars opposite Uranus - Erratic Energy
Mars square Venus - Coming on Too Strong
Mercury square Mercury - Bite Your Tongue
Mercury opposite Neptune - A Leak in Your Mind
Mercury square Pluto - Mental Obsessions
Venus square Pluto - Obsess Over Yourself, Not Others
Uranus square Jupiter - Get Me Out of Here!
Sun square Pluto - Power Struggles and Your Personal Past

Person 1's Strengths

17Sun trine Pluto

Dig Deep

This is a good time to grab a task by the horns and get it done. You're not in the mood for any nonsense, and you're ready to clean up and clean out any long-standing problems you've been dealing with. Rededicate yourself to physical exercise now. You can easily see beneath the surface this week -- below the surface of the task, your relationships or any other aspect of your life. You require honesty now in all your interactions; you're looking for authenticity of emotion and experience, even if you're just buying groceries! Whether it's with someone you've loved a long time or someone you just met, someone in your personal life or related to your work, you want to connect at a deep and human level. This intensity will probably impress them; they'll appreciate how real you are, and how accessible. This is also a great time to get in touch with yourself as well as with other people. You'll learn more than you might think possible, just by writing in a journal or having a deep conversation with a friend; and these are lessons you'll take with you into your future. And whatever it is that you learn, it will help you to meet life with renewed vigor and determination.

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18Venus trine Pluto

Creating a Deep Connection

If you're in a relationship, don't hesitate to intensify and deepen it this week, because you'll be richly rewarded. You're feeling the intensity of your love for all the special people in your life in a brand-new way. You might even feel utterly overwhelmed by the power of your emotions! And so will they. You can easily sweep someone off their feet now, if you so desire. You can also express your love for that special someone through the physical act of love, which will be overwhelmingly intense for both of you. And if there's no one special on the horizon, that's okay too -- you'll revel just as deeply and happily in the emotional bonds that you share with your good friends and close family members. You might want to keep a journal now, because you're full of great insights into yourself, your own heart and your relationships. You might figure out something complex about yourself and the way you work with the people you love, or about your bond with your honey; or you might just start doodling and end up sketching out an amazing drawing! Your creativity is stimulated now, so give it an outlet. The same goes for the love you feel for other people.

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19Mercury trine Venus

Favorable Connections

You may find yourself feeling very affectionate this week, and particularly keen on expressing your feelings of warmth to the object of your affection. It's very likely that your declaration of love will be welcome and that it will lead to a good outcome, so be imaginative and creative when you communicate your warm feelings. Fortunately, your ability to express yourself is not limited to romantic gestures and proclamations. You thrive in all social situations, easily connecting with friends old and new, so this is an excellent time to throw a party and to accept all invitations that come your way. Lectures, discussions and music and art events are all highly interesting under this influence. Even business contacts are favored now, because not only are you thinking clearly, you have everyone's best interests in mind. Your selfless attitude enables you to create agreements and contracts that end up being favorable for all parties involved. You notice your immediate environment more than usual now and you can make quick, minor adjustments that improve the energy flow and appearance of your home and workplace.

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20Mars sextile Jupiter

Here, There and Everywhere

You'll be here, there and everywhere during these three weeks. You've got a lot of different balls in the air, at work and in your social life -- and each one is a different color, uniquely interesting to you! Having options is wonderful, isn't it? Your social calendar is full and your work schedule is packed to the gills; you're meeting with new clients and associates every day, and going out on the town every night. And you've got the energy and stamina to handle it all with a big smile and a friendly word for everyone. Stay physically active during this period as well as mentally. Keep up your exercise routine -- but don't go overboard, because you could strain a muscle in your exuberance. This transit is also about personal growth, so through your personal and professional relationships, you're likely to make strides in understanding yourself and what you're looking for in life and in your work. Remember, your best opportunities for understanding will come through getting out into the world and interacting with people, not staying home alone. You'll find it easy to keep your eyes open, your chin up and your mind attuned to the possibilities.

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21Mars sextile Saturn

Energy, Effectively Applied

Creating stability is your forte during this three-week transit. You're not expecting miracles, at work or at home; you know it's going to take some disciplined effort to bring about the things you're working toward. And right now, you're ready and willing to put in that effort, to the best of your abilities. You'll work carefully on a project or in reaching out to a prospective client, and you'll impress your boss and other associates with your steady, sensible approach. Your friends may come to you now for advice, because you're putting out the vibe that you've got a good head on your shoulders. At home, you'll keep the house clean and the checkbook balanced, and you'll feel calm and satisfied with the work you've done. Your physical energy is readily available to you, and you're probably not feeling nervous or excitable. Instead, you're just calm, steady, ready to take what comes and deal with it in an effective way. Getting out for regular exercise makes you feel wonderful now, so this is an excellent time to vary and improve your usual fitness routine. You'll be a model of focus and productivity at work, too. Energy, effectively applied, is the key right now.

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22Mercury trine Pluto

Digging Into the Unknown

You're an unstoppable mental force this week. There's no task you can't conquer, no concept you can't probe to its very core. Your powers of observation and persuasion are at a peak now, something you can decidedly use to your advantage. When you talk, people listen. When you ask for something, you get it. When you try to find something, you succeed. Your mind is acute and your ability to analyze a situation or a person can't be beat. Deep conversations with friends or a romantic partner will move your relationship to a more meaningful and intimate place, for not only are you able to perceive and identify psychological processes, you also notice and pick up on small clues and details, understanding their meaning and weaving them into the bigger picture. In general, this is an excellent time to probe into mysteries or other things unseen. You can discern much more easily than usual what's true and what's false, a valuable skill when working with concepts that can't be proven or disproven by usual methods.

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23Mars sextile Sun

Picking Up the Pace

This should be an excellent couple of weeks, a time when you can accomplish a great deal of work on a personal level. You're feeling great -- strong, centered, motivated -- so this is your time to get out there and make it happen! You've got plenty of energy now, so step up the pace on your exercise program -- or get started on a new one -- and tackle some physical chores. You have much more stamina than usual, and you'll surprise yourself with how much you can take! Hey, no pain, no gain, right? Except right now, you won't feel much pain; you're strong and capable. It's the perfect time to push your body to the max, for you'll build both strength and endurance. You can take this wonderful energy beyond the physical, however. You're uniquely in touch with your goals now, so if you haven't already, take a few hours to write out a plan for yourself -- for the next five years, say, with all your career and personal ambitions listed. Working out a game plan to get where you want to go will go really well now, because you know exactly how to get the things you want most. Your energy and confidence will definitely impress your boss, and that special someone as well!

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24Venus trine Jupiter

Spread the Wealth

Any relationships begun during this period will be favorable to you, because luck and opportunity are on your side at this time -- so take advantage! Reach out and make contact with anyone who can further your business or social aims. If you have a cause that needs furthering, now is the perfect time to hold that meeting or fundraiser, because you can get others on your side with a minimum of effort and a maximum of dedication and results. Remember that your good will can be distributed far and wide with a generous charitable contribution, so give the most you can right now as well as asking for others' support. This is also the perfect time for some travel and a little romance, and if you could combine the two, well, that would be perfect! A little Sunday afternoon road trip to another town with your potential sweetie would be as fun and interesting as a week-long cruise with your mate. Whatever you've got time for, do it; you won't be sorry. You're in the mood to have your mind and heart opened right now, and there's no better way to make that happen than to spend time with someone who's special to you, doing something new and different.

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25Jupiter trine Pluto

Beyond the Self

Your knowledge, personal power and resources will increase with little effort from you during this rare and powerful influence. The big test will be, who benefits from this increase? You will, certainly, but for the best results, it's time to broadcast your good fortune and skill to a wider audience. Although you may prefer to work alone during this period, group efforts are the way to go. That way, not only will your talents and skill be available to more people, but others may also have input and ideas that are a valuable addition to what you can offer by yourself. It's important that your work extends beyond your personal life. All in all, you feel quite good at this time, confident in your future and able to make needed changes in your life to ensure success for yourself. This will then ripple out to those near and dear to you. Your thirst for knowledge will likely increase at this time; you'll soak up information rapidly and you'll quickly reframe it so that it's useful to you. You are also able to teach effectively at this time, so if someone comes to you for your wisdom and advice, take this seriously and do your best to guide them.

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26Venus trine Uranus

Looking For Something New

Make it a point to vary your normal routine today, because you're likely to get bored very quickly with the same old humdrum daily grind. You're on your own right now, in a fun and interesting way; you're following the beat of your own drummer, and you're interested in seeing where it leads you. This could occur in small ways -- for example, you might indulge your taste for new diversions by dressing unusually, trying a new coffee drink or taking a different route to work than you usually do. Or, bigger things might happen: Your love life could suddenly pick up, for example, as someone odd and interesting catches your eye. Don't expect anything long-term to come of your flirtations during this period; instead, just have a good time seeing where the day leads you. Someone new will open your eyes, and that's enough; you don't need a commitment. It's possible that you'll make a new friend, or even someone with potential for more; or you might just have a great time . Either way, take the experience for what it's worth. And whatever you do and whomever you do it with, make it fun, different and spontaneous.

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27Mercury trine Jupiter

Funny and Kind

Lively conversation will be your M.O. this week, and one that will get you far. You'll charm others with your gallant ways and inspired confidence, which somehow seem to encourage others and increase their own optimism level, too. You are truly able to communicate your good will and positive intentions in such a way as to inspire everyone around you, and thus your positivity radiates out far beyond your personal circle. You speak with conviction now, commanding attention and elevating the purpose and integrity of everything you touch. You have a way with words and your natural teaching ability is highlighted this week, so don't hesitate to take on a mentoring role to a younger or more inexperienced person. Somehow your humorous side is activated under this influence, enabling you to see things in a funny new way that you haven't noticed before. Even people who never have before are suddenly appreciating your jokes! You feel a lot of mental freedom this week, traveling far in your mind if not in body; in fact, this is an outstanding time to travel, because your curiosity is aroused and your ability to connect with others is increased.

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28Mercury trine Uranus

Intellectual Breakthroughs

Your mind is lighting up with interesting insights and inspired visions. You feel more mentally alive and intellectually focused than you have in a long time, because this influence comes around only twice a year, and usually marks an exciting period when you move a lot of information around in new and innovative ways. Curious and always seeking a new way of seeing things, you're able this week to create fascinating connections and bring together details and theories in a refreshing vision, describing vivid detail in terms of an overarching structure. This is an excellent time to brainstorm with others. You'll create a lightning rod of ideas, enticing everyone to think outside the box and come up with fresh new concepts -- which will in turn lead to more questions and other new ideas, in a session that will create many suggestions and possibilities. Later, you can sort through them and decide which ones are practical. Today, your mission is to inspire creative thought in yourself and others, something that you'll do with excitement and aplomb.

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29Sun trine Jupiter

A Knack for Having Fun

This is an extremely favorable time, associated with good fortune and many opportunities. You're surrounded by friends now; at work, your mind is sharp and your instincts creative, and you're impressing everyone from your boss to your coworkers to that potential client waiting in the wings. Your mind is as open as your eyes now, so this is the right time to begin a new project at work or take on a new client -- especially someone unusual. If they're from another country, all the better. You want to flex your creative muscles and broaden your perspective; to stretch yourself to those distant limits that you know you can reach. Your tolerance, your guidance and your generosity of spirit will impress your clients or coworkers, not to mention your friends. Instead of chitchatting about matters of little consequence to anyone, you want to go deep and range far in your conversations; to share your philosophies with them, and help them expound upon their own. Going to dinner or out for coffee with someone interesting is a must during this period, because that will give you the chance to make the connection you seek and to explore all those fascinating ideas.

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30Sun trine Uranus

Ahead of Your Time

Usually, you go through life trying to get along with the people around you. To whatever extent, you avoid rocking the boat, at work or at home. But you can't keep quiet all the time! Your instincts now are leading you in new directions, and instead of talking yourself out of your strange new urges, you should follow them. What could it hurt, in the long run? As long as you don't do anything too drastic, it's okay to begin a new, more interesting project at work, or to suggest that instead of going out for Chinese food like usual, you and your friends try something more exotic. Anything new you try at this time is likely to be cutting-edge and forward-thinking. Will it prove to be long-lasting? Who knows, but one thing is sure -- if your ideas do come to fruition, people will say later that you were way ahead of your time! Pay attention to flashes of inspiration you receive now, as they may be more important than you realize. A new solution to an old problem could occur to you, or an idea or invention so innovative and perfect that you'll be the envy of others. Enjoy this brief period of liberation and freedom; learn all you can and indulge your curiosity.

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31Mercury trine Sun

Communicator Extraordinaire

All systems are a go with this excellent, mentally stimulating influence. Your mind races, your writing flows and you speak with conviction and authority. Others listen when you talk. Utilize this time to schedule important meetings and conferences, because you'll be so effective in expressing your ideas and thought processes that you'll have everyone engaged and contributing their own ideas, which you easily handle and incorporate. Others understand you, and you're able to grasp what they're trying to say, even if they don't state their position clearly. You ask the right questions and hear the correct clues, so you're able to discern their thought processes. Your physical coordination improves along with your logic and mentality. This is an excellent time to practice word games and logic puzzles, as well as being physically active, which is a necessity if you're going to sleep well at night! Otherwise, your mind may be joyfully spinning with all the great ideas and concepts rolling around up there in your brain.

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32Venus trine Sun

Show Your Best Side

This will be a pleasant, easy week for you. You might not get a lot of work done, but that's okay; you're more in the mood to connect with the people around you than you are to put your head down and focus. You feel great -- vital, confident, friendly, just alive -- and you look great, too! All that positive energy is oozing out, and everyone around you is taking notice. You can make some great connections this week, both professional and personal ones. Your good humor will help facilitate projects and mergers at work as much as it will keep things fun at home, and with your friends. Could there even be a fun, romantic date on the horizon? You're certainly in the mood for it, and you'll definitely be able to charm that sweetie. Whatever you do, get together in groups. Take a date to an art gallery opening, or go out to dinner with a big group of friends, to a place where you can share dishes and talk and laugh as heartily as you want. And call up someone special -- someone in your family, or an old friend. You can lift their heart and their spirits just by letting them know you love them. Better yet, bring them a gift for no particular reason except your love!

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33Mars sextile Mercury

Communicate Freely

Your energy is high but not erratic during this three-week transit, and your mind is moving forward, attuned to communication with the people around you -- and even those people who aren't nearby. This is a great time to write a letter and actually send it off, or to start up an email correspondence with someone (could it be someone special that you'd like to get to know better?). At work, you can strike up a new business relationship with ease. This is the perfect time to either begin or wrap up negotiations on a contract or a project, because you can really get your ideas across. This energy and its positive effects aren't just confined to business, either; when you're out with friends, you can help everyone have a good time with your enthusiasm, your good mood and your flowing conversation. Basically, you're able to put anyone at ease now, and you're able to get your ideas across well. You'll speak with confidence and authority, impressing everyone you speak to, but without the dogmatic force that would turn them off to your ideas. So whatever it is that you feel you need to get across to someone, now is the time to speak your mind.

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34Mercury trine Mercury

A Fresh Perspective

You're perceptive and playful for the next several days during this delightful transit. Your mind is stimulated with curiosity and fresh insights, delightfully pulling together facts and figures that may not seem to belong together, but which you somehow manage to weave together into wonderful new concepts. This fresh perspective helps you at work, particularly in meetings with others. You're a particularly clear communicator this week, not only imparting your own ideas with panache and finesse but demonstrating the ability to mind read other people in the room too. Somehow you're able now to grasp and articulate their ideas even when they're not able to themselves! Study, research, writing, outlining task lists for projects -- you handle it all with professionalism and ease this week. And when work is done, don't forget your friends! There's no better time to hook up with a group socially, what with your gift of the gab and your ability to connect with friends new and old. Play word games and do puzzles, too. You're sure to win!

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35Sun trine Sun

Smooth Sailing

You're feeling optimistic and energetic, confident and self-assured. With all this positive energy, it's a great time to connect with other people -- friends, family, coworkers -- and share your unique brand of personal style and warmth. You're feeling generous and outgoing, more willing than usual to overlook other people's faults in favor of their better qualities. You encourage them to throw their ideas into the hat, and they'll really appreciate that. They'll also want to return the favor! This is a period of mutual support all the way around, from your personal life to your work and social interactions. Your contributions are recognized and your lead acknowledged; by the same token, you are easily able to recognize and follow others. You're feeling accepting of yourself, warts and all, and that's why you're so able to view everyone around you with such a fair and open mind. Things should flow smoothly for you during this week or two, so it is an excellent time to give your projects a little extra push, to get ahead for the darker days that must inevitably come. Right now, enjoy the ease with which your life flows. It's smooth sailing!

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36Venus trine Mercury

A Silver Tongue

If you can arrange a vacation this week, by all means, do so! You're feeling great and you just want to relax with people you love. Hanging out with friends is highlighted for you now; the conversation will flow and you'll easily make new connections wherever you go. You're able to express your feelings and your affection, as well as to articulate more intellectual concepts. You can also use your grace and tact in negotiations at work or between friends, appealing eloquently to both sides when people differ. Whatever your aim might be, you can bring it about just by being calm and persuasive. If you recently hit a dead end on a project that involved reaching out to someone -- a potential client, maybe, or someone special you've had your eye on -- give it another try this week. You're charming and appealing in the extreme now, and you'll likely get a better response. At any rate, enjoy this week, whatever you end up doing. Getting together in groups, going to places where the conversation can flow, is a great idea. Don't be surprised if you end up staying out late with someone interesting, tossing ideas and witticisms back and forth to your mutual delight!

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Person 1's Intensities

Mercury conjunct Mars

Energy Boost

Have you been feeling nervous and high-strung of late? Jittery? Impatient? Perhaps other people have been saying things like, 'Boy, are you talkative these days.' You can chalk it all up to the influence of this transit, which intensely stimulates not only your mind but your body as well. It's like an energy boost gone wild. You're all over the place. If you have any hope of harnessing this can-do energy, you're going to need a wee bit of discipline. First of all, get some exercise. Any activity that gives you a workout but also requires mental focus and physical dexterity is ideal; bike riding, skating and martial arts are all good. Secondly, articulate your own ideas, stating exactly how you view the world around you and what you would do to improve it. You're quite the independent thinker these days, and more able than usual to write and discuss your ideas and viewpoints; it would be a shame to have to wait a year until this energy comes around again. Third, keep yourself busy doing things that only you can do. You've got lots of energy, so use it. Muster up a little self-control, and you can accomplish a lot this week.

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Venus conjunct Saturn

Grounded With Love and Money

You feel practical this week in terms of love and money. This transit inspires a realistic outlook and an acceptance of the way things actually are. Finances might be on your mind, and relationships might too; whatever it is that you're thinking about, you're considering it in a serious way. This isn't a period for daydreams; it's more about taking stock of your life, and figuring things out for the future. You might draw up a new budget if you decide that your old one isn't working how you want it to, or you'll consider whether a personal relationship is going the way you'd like. You tend toward pessimism now, though, so before you make any rash decisions -- like taking on a second job, or breaking up with that sweet person you've recently been seeing -- ask someone for advice, and preferably someone older and more experienced than you are. They might have some good ideas for you that you never thought of, about how to manage your money, your time or your love life. Of course, you shouldn't take their word as the gospel, either! This period should be more about fact-gathering and hard work than about making actual changes or decisions.

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Mercury conjunct Saturn

Planning in Detail

Dust off your old notes and projects and bring them out into the light of day. There may be more in those old documents than you realize, and now's the best time to comb through your old communications and reports. The wisdom of the past can be brought forward to the present. You'll find that you have more discipline when it comes to your thinking, writing and speaking this week than usual, so you'll be able to get a lot done in those areas. Serious communication is favored, so if there's an important conversation that you've been putting off, now is the time to approach it and get it done. It's odd, but sometimes not doing a task takes more energy than just doing it! You'll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders after you take care of that problem you've been avoiding. It's a relief to get things moving. This is a grand time to plan out a project or endeavor. Make a detailed list of the tasks needed to complete the project. Then organize and prioritize them. Put the list in a prominent location. Taking these steps now will keep you on track for the coming weeks and months.

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Sun conjunct Saturn

Higher Standards

This is a serious week, one in which you'll instinctively review your life, your goals and your past actions. You want to make sure everything is up to your high standards, so you will tend to be critical, looking for the negative instead of the positive. Although you may lack your usual physical energy, keep up your exercise routine. You're more focused now than usual, and will readily tackle mundane tasks that you ordinarily avoid, like balancing your checkbook or tying up loose ends on your projects at work. More than anything, you're concerned about the quality of your work. You hate to squander your energy, so you make a point to work hard and do a good job, and the results of your labor will be practical, high-quality and long-lasting. Working by yourself is more effective than trying to work with others. Business meetings are fine, because you're able to articulate goals and formulate a plan for achieving them, but social calls might be out for the time being, until you're more in the mood for fun and relaxation again. For now, it's good to buckle down, work hard and make sure you are still on the right path. You can have fun next week!

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Uranus conjunct Mars

I Do What I Want

This rare transit will come around only once in your lifetime, and it indicates a year filled with change and turbulence. The effects of this influence depend a lot on how you've learned to handle assertion, aggression and anger, and they can range anywhere from excitement to outright danger. Certainly you will feel restless, unwilling to continue with the status quo. Even if you're ordinarily a quiet person, you'll have much more courage than you're used to, and may surprise yourself and others with your willingness to speak out and stand up for what you believe. If you are usually bold and outspoken, you'll be way over the top this year, because whatever normally limits your expression is now removed. 'I do what I want' becomes your motto. You'll be very forceful and won't hesitate to express it, which can lead to face-offs and powerful, often angry, confrontations with others. Your physical energy is out of control, which can lead to burns or accidents, so for your own safety, develop as much calm and patience as you can muster, which won't be easy. The unrestrained passion indicated by this transit is a very powerful force that can be dangerous when not carefully focused.

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Person 1's Challenges

Neptune square Saturn

Invisible Difficulties

You could suffer setbacks to the goals that you're actively working on now, and these challenges and problems may come from an area where you least expect them. Rather than the difficulties being obvious, right where you can see them, they seem to be invisible, operating outside the scope of what you can either see or control; it's as if you've sprung a leak that you can't find, but you can see its effects. You may become insecure or even paranoid that someone or something is trying to block you or divert you off the path toward your goals, and you may be right! However, this is one transit where the outside circumstances follow the inner transformation: If you're honest with yourself, you'll acknowledge your anxiety and pessimism. No wonder your reality seems to be slipping out of your grasp! Make it a point to stay around positive people who can help you keep the proper perspective. If you'd like to take the energy of this transit into your own hands, try giving up something voluntarily. You'll be surprised at how little you can get by on -- and you may even take a Spartan enjoyment from pruning your life down to the bare essentials.

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Sun square Mercury

Listen Up!

Expect problems in communicating this week. The good news is, this is only a twice-a-year transit; the bad news is, right now, you're stuck in it. Nothing you say seems to come out right; you might hurt people's feelings right and left, and when you try to get your ideas across they just stare at you in confusion. You're also more sensitive than usual; something innocuous a friend or coworker says to you could really get under your skin. At work or in conversation with someone close to you, you may find your ideas being tested, or that you have to defend a project or assertion. This period is all about misunderstandings that will have to be cleared up sooner or later, so your best bet is just to be aware of that up front -- and if you can, wait before sending that email or making that phone call. When you're talking to a colleague, a friend or a lover, try active listening: Double-check to make sure you understand what they're saying, and that you've explained yourself clearly. You may find that you're more nervous and high-strung than usual, so take deep, calming breaths and keep up your exercise routine to work off excess energy. This week is a minor inconvenience that will soon pass.

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Sun opposite Neptune

Cloudy Judgment

Even if you get a strong feeling about someone or something this week, you're better off holding back and taking your time to investigate before making any moves or decisions. That could be a tall order for you, especially if you're used to being decisive or to following your instincts, but the problem is, your instincts are sending you mixed messages, and you might follow the wrong one. You might think you're seeing things as they are, but later you'll realize that things are really different from what you thought they were. For this reason, don't quit your job or take a new one, make a commitment to a lover or break things off, or make any other big, life-changing decision until you're sure you really know what's going on. The good news is, this confusion is going to clear up in a week or so, and you'll be able to make the assessment you need. But for now, you're not operating on all your cylinders, which means you shouldn't be operating at all. Take a break from business and other projects, and get a little alone time. Reading, naps and movies are all great ways to stimulate your imagination while passing the time until you're more clear-headed.

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Jupiter square Sun

Overly Optimistic

If you're feeling invincible right now, take heed. It's tempting to succumb to that feeling of omnipotence -- the assurance that you can do no wrong, your ideas are the best, you know the most and you already grasp everything pertinent that there is to understand. But down this path lies folly, not to mention a self-righteousness that others find very unpleasant. You're feeling so energetic and optimistic that it's going to be very easy for you to take on too much, more than you can actually accomplish. If you find yourself unable to say no to new projects, offers and job opportunities, you'll soon find yourself overwhelmed with more tasks than you, or anybody, could handle. You'll feel not only overwhelmed, but resentful. So don't be so quick to agree to everything! Your need for freedom will also be stimulated at this time, perhaps nudging you toward decisions you may second-guess later. If you're tempted to leave a long-term relationship or job at this time, project yourself forward six months or a year, and consider the wisdom of the move in that light. This period of 'freedom at all costs' will pass, but you will be left with the results of your decisions.

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Venus opposite Neptune

The Higher You Climb, the Farther You Fall

It's best to avoid establishing new relationships this week, because they're likely to be based more on what you think you see than on what's actually in front of you. Even daydreaming about love and relationships isn't a good idea, because you'll just set up unrealistic expectations and scenarios that can't measure up to reality. But cautioning you probably won't make a difference because you're in a very dreamy mindset now; you'll have trouble connecting with the reality that most everyone else is living in. One of your biggest fantasies at this time is that you're the selfless one in all of your relationships -- the one who gives tirelessly and uncomplainingly of your time and your love. You might even work yourself into a dither over this, thinking you're not getting enough from your friends and loved ones in return for what you're putting into the relationship. But whether or not this is true isn't really the issue right now, and you won't be able to suss out the truth for another week or two, until your mind clears. For now, you can't make heads or tails of much of anything in your life. Your best bet? Lay low now, and you'll avoid disappointment later.

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Mercury square Jupiter

Too Big for Your Britches

Ah, that wonderful, heady, self-satisfied feeling you get when you're perfectly sure that you know everything! You don't mean to sound arrogant -- you're just explaining the concept to the poor simpletons who surround you. Here's a heads-up: Back off a little. You could be embarrassed by someone even better informed than you, who humiliates you in front of your adoring crowd with facts and figures that shoot a big hole in the Hindenburg of your mind. Or, you could get so excited or so nervous that you trip over your words, eliminating important points or massaging facts into propaganda. So, remembering that pride comes before a fall, eat a healthy helping of humble pie and keep your contributions to a minimum now. Listen up; you could learn something quite useful. This is a good time to practice on your writing skills, or further develop ideas you've been working on. Strive for complete honesty in communication while making a point to truly listen to what others have to say.

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Venus square Mercury

Nice and Easy

This week should be generally enjoyable, as it finds you in a lighthearted mood, desiring connection and harmony with everyone around you. You just want everyone to get along, and that could create some problems if you're not careful. You're in no mood to argue, which means you could be overly conciliatory, even on subjects that actually merit some firm, honest debate. Your inner pushover will readily come out during this period, which won't be good news if it means you back down on important issues that you'll later wish you'd stood up for. For this reason, this is not a good time to schedule negotiations at work or at home; it's just too easy now for you to let yourself be taken advantage of and talked into things you'd normally resist. You may give too much away simply to keep the peace, and you'll kick yourself for it later. In your personal relationships, that's probably modified easily enough, but regarding work, your best bet might just be to stay away from negotiations and other tough issues as much as possible for a week or two. Your mind is distracted by your senses, making it difficult to concentrate, on top of everything else!

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Mercury square Sun

Explain Yourself

You'll be challenged to explain yourself during the few days that this transit is in effect. You may not be speaking and writing with the clarity you usually have. You may think you're communicating clearly, but then others come back with lots of questions, comments and suggestions. Rather than getting defensive, force yourself to listen carefully to their questions and complaints. There's a lot to learn here about effective delivery, about saying things in a way that other people can understand, and about listening to what others are saying. This is a great time for writing rough drafts, proposals and things that you'll have the opportunity to correct and update later, after you've had some feedback. If that feedback isn't as good as you expected, don't be discouraged. Use it as a learning experience to improve your writing and speaking, as a tool to refine your communication skills. If you're feeling nervous or edgy, take yourself out for some good exercise, and you'll return more clearheaded and motivated.

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Mars opposite Uranus

Erratic Energy

This could be a difficult few weeks, and you may not make any new friends. You're irritable and touchy, and your energy is the type where everyone around you is setting you off. Suddenly, you're taking stands on the silliest things -- and even in the moment, when you're spouting off to your coworker, your lover, your best friend, you're thinking, 'Why am I doing this?' But you won't be able to stop yourself, and you could really do some damage to your relationships, which that will have to be fixed later. At base, you're rebelling against any perceived restraints on your precious freedom. Suddenly, even simple things like instructions from your boss bring out your inner two-year-old -- on the inside, and maybe even on the outside, you're saying, 'But I don't want to!' Most of your attempts toward freedom will be met with some opposition, but the good news is, this can actually help you clarify and refine your position. You don't have to be aggressive about it. After all, it's not a bad time to strike out on your own, especially if you've already done some planning for it. Your physical energy will be erratic, however, so exercise within reason, and use more caution than usual.

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Mars square Venus

Coming on Too Strong

Chances are good that you'll meet with frustration and denial during this three-week period. You may feel as if your needs aren't being met, and you'll argue with your sweetie about whether the two of you are holding up your ends of the relationship. If you're single, this could come out simply in a sense of frustration -- a strong yearning to be with someone, but an equally strong feeling that it just can't happen right now. Maybe you've got way too much going on in your life to make room for a relationship, or maybe you're doing your darnedest to make something happen, and you just get thwarted at every turn. It can be really frustrating to go out on date after date and have nothing come of it, or to lie in bed at night, alone, really wishing there were someone special by your side. But just remember that this, too, shall pass. This period is over in a few short weeks, and things will ease up again; so until then, just try to stay calm! Avoid coming on too strong with a potential lover, because that will only turn them off and make them not want to come back for more -- exactly the opposite of what you want to happen.

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Mercury square Mercury

Bite Your Tongue

Well! Your (fill in the blank -- boss, lover, friend, complete stranger) has a lot of nerve to contradict you! Just who do they think they are, anyway? They picked the wrong day to pick an argument with you, because you're not backing down; no way. And those very sensible facts and figures they're throwing in your face to prove you wrong -- all hogwash! You fold your arms over your chest and jut your chin out, rolling your eyes at the ceiling. You're right, and that's that. Except when you're wrong! And that can be the trouble when you're stubbornly clinging to your ideas, even in the face of facts that clearly show you seriously need an update. Forewarned is forearmed, in this case, so now you know not to stick to your guns when your guns are stuck! Instead of turning off your ears, turn off your mouth. Listen, no matter how much of a struggle it is. Take down those facts and figures and check them out for yourself. There's no disgrace in not knowing something -- the disgrace lies in refusing to admit you've been wrong.

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Mercury opposite Neptune

A Leak in Your Mind

Try as you might, you can't seem to keep your focus on anything. Your thoughts all seem to fly right out the window, especially when you're trying to talk to someone! Somehow the boundaries between you and the other person seem to meld and merge, and all of a sudden you feel like you're in their shoes, which makes it really difficult to express your own point of view. Therefore, this is not a good week to try to have a serious conversation with anyone. You're not expressing yourself as well as you usually do, and misunderstandings could very easily arise, on your side or theirs. Since you're not feeling particularly energetic or strong, others perceive weakness in you and might try to take advantage. It's also possible that you could see or hear an offer that seems too good to be true, and since your usual filters aren't working so well, you might actually fall for a fly-by-night scheme -- which you'll regret when you find out all the facts at a later time. So, forewarned is forearmed. Don't be too hard on yourself this week, and next week you'll feel a lot better.

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Mercury square Pluto

Mental Obsessions

'Don't believe everything that you read, or hear.' That's your motto for the week, and you're sticking to it. In fact, you don't believe anything that you read or hear! That skeptical outlook can be attributed to this short but intense influence which comes around for a few days twice a year. You're suspicious of everyone's motivations, and may even latch obsessively onto a thought, idea or concept, such as a political event or even a personal matter. The problem is, you're attached and you won't let go. You probe and dig and dig some more until you're in a deep ditch. There you sit, overanalyzing and obsessing on something you can do nothing about -- and herein lies the key to avoiding the temporary dangers of this transit. Remember the old saying about accepting the things you cannot change? If ever there was a time to utilize that thought, it's now. Also, avoid getting into arguments with authority figures. You can't win right now. Lay low, work hard and mind your own business, and you'll be through this tough week before you know it.

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Venus square Pluto

Obsess Over Yourself, Not Others

You're overly aware of your own feelings this week, and hypersensitive to the cues and clues that others are putting out around you. Anxiety seems to color all your thoughts and feelings about love and relationships; vague fears and suspicions swirl, especially if you're in a committed relationship. What is this energy that's making you feel so insecure, so out of sorts? It may not even help to know that your fears are most likely unfounded, because they'll still be there in the back of your mind, tormenting you. At base, what you're afraid of is change, and separation. You're afraid of losing your connection with your honey -- or is that your bond with yourself? Hmm...very interesting! At least, it could be, if you can get yourself to face the issue head-on and deal with all the unpleasant emotion that comes up as a result. But it's far more likely that you'll avoid the real issue at hand and act out on impulse instead. You might try to reassure yourself of your connection with a friend or lover by resorting to such immature tactics as whining, fishing for compliments, pouting or other forms of emotional manipulation -- all of which you'd be better off not using at all.

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Uranus square Jupiter

Get Me Out of Here!

While this can be a year of great progress and development, first you have to recognize areas in your life that need to change, releasing you from past bonds and enlivening your sense of freedom. Every little thing is getting under your skin, making you feel incredibly irritated. You're so restless and exuberant, you don't quite know what to do with yourself -- and we're talking a period of months here, not a few minutes at a time. You may feel so optimistic and lucky that you'll take risks you'd never take ordinarily, and you may be perfectly justified in your optimistic viewpoint -- but the future is quite uncertain. Rather than looking dreamily toward the future, remind yourself that you're right here, right now, ready to make some effective changes in your life and throw off the shackles of jobs, people and situations that keep you down. One thing to be careful of: You're feeling so independent and rebellious that you want to do everything yourself. Don't be reckless, but also, try not to let other people's opinions about you and your possible future affect your actions, even if they look at you as if you're from outer space when you do what feels right.

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Sun square Pluto

Power Struggles and Your Personal Past

This week is all about power plays that will come out of seemingly nowhere, and could blow up fast. In some way, you're creating struggles where they don't need to exist. Somehow, when your boss or partner challenges you, it seems much more loaded than it normally does. You take everything personally, even when it's not meant that way. Whatever they say, you hear something else -- a projection from your past, most likely. Old hurts are revisiting you now, getting under your skin all over again and wreaking havoc on your emotions and your relationships with the people around you. Thank goodness this transit is relatively short! Your best bet may be to take time off work, if you possibly can, or at least work alone on your projects. Don't show them to your boss or colleagues for review until you have to, because any criticisms could really put a dent in your pride. A good way to dispel some of this intense, prickly energy is to get either physical or creative, or better yet, both: paint something, write a short story or a poem, go out dancing. Some exercise put together with some right-brain work will help power you through these rough few days.

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Next Steps

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That's why astrology works so well with computers, whose programs are also based on numbers and formulas. In 'the old days' -- thousands of years ago, when astrology was first recorded -- those early astrologers had to painstakingly observe the heavens and catalog their observations for the next generation of astrologers to build upon. Thank goodness for the computer age! Now we can simply use computers to make those calculations quickly and pull just the applicable pieces of information. Now, astrology is instant, based upon thousands of years of observations obtained through careful methodology.

Interpretations of planetary positions are based in part on ancient Greek and Roman mythology, but your astrological report is unique, describing you and you only. Even in the case of twin siblings, their birth charts differ from each other's in at least a few ways. And besides, no one amounts to just a simple interpretation of their birth chart; everyone's personality is complex. Your astrological report leaves plenty of room for variations based on your free will, personal growth and transformation over a lifetime.

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