An astrological report prepared for

Person 1, born September 12, 1975 and Person 2, Born April 29, 1973:

When Love Hurts

How to Uncover Roadblocks in Your Relationship

That's where When Love Hurts report comes in. If you've been together for a while and things aren't looking quite so rosy anymore, When Love Hurts can help. 

After all, facing your problems is half the battle, but sometimes that's the hardest part. Not because you don't want to face them -- you do -- but because they mystify you. You try to get along with your honey, and you know they have good intentions too. Yet somehow, things just don't go as well as you'd like.
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Friction, Differences, and Karma Meters

The Friction, Differences and Karma Meters: every couple faces a certain set of challenges, and the number and type of challenges determine whether your relationship will be merely interesting or out-and-out difficult. At The Astrologer, we've broken down these challenges into three sections: sources of friction, the major differences between you, and the karmic ties from past lives that draw you together today.

On the first two meters, Friction and Differences, a score somewhere in the middle is probably best. Friction can be a good thing -- after all, the same energy that makes you lust after each other also makes you fight. And we all know that a good argument, like good sex, clears the air and lets you know your passion is alive! The same goes for differences between you in the ways that you think and view the world: These contrasts keep the relationship dynamic.

Karma, on the other hand, isn't such a great thing, even if your past-life bonds were positive ones. This lifetime is... Read more


= 1

7-10: Open warfare

4-6: The occasional dispute

0-3: Whatever you have to say dear

= 6

7-10: Who the $#@% are you, again?

4-6: Some interesting contrasts

0-3: Two Peas in a pod

= 5

7-10: New love, same old story

4-6: Total deja-vu

0-3: No past life ties (whew!)

Person 1, here is your When Love Hurts report


illustrates your basic commonalities
tells your basic differences
indicates how well you get along with one another
shows what each of you brings to the relationship


shows how you communicate with each other
reveals who is the thinker & who is the feeler
helps you understand each other’s communication style


reveals your connection to each other
indicates how each other prefers to receive love
highlights how both of you express love


represents the physical bond you share
reveals each other’s desires and impulses
shows how each person expresses frustration


highlights the non-negotiable values held by each of you
shows what is important to each person
indicates whether the relationship will grow


challenges the relationship
unveils each other's shortcomings
demonstrates where extra effort is needed in the relationship


uncovers each other’s rebellious side
points out the unique qualities each person brings to the relationship
shows how the two of you have fun


rules the psychic connection you have to each other
reveals how you help each other grow
indicates if a relationship is a spiritual one


reveals each person’s greatest fears
indicates opportunities for change
demonstrates the self-transformation the relationship brings to both of you
Read below to find out where each planet was on September 12, 1975, and how your birth chart has shaped your personality and guided your decisions so far…

From Friction To Fulfillment

Sun square Saturn

A Learning Experience

On paper you and your lover don't work at all. You're directed, goal-oriented, a little impetuous, a lot dramatic. Your lover, on the other hand, is solid and, to your mindset, a little stodgy. You come up with grandiose dreams, your sweetie stomps on them by pointing out all the flaws. You express dreams and your lover lets in all that bothersome reality. Sometimes it feels like you're a big balloon all inflated with hope, and your mate is a big ol' pin just waiting to puncture you. No wonder you've experienced some friction over the course of your relationship; fights little and big. But look more deeply at the problems you've been having. Is your mate trying to bring you down, or give you a hand by helping ensure you turn big ideas into actual plans? You've gotten so wound up with what you view as criticisms that you've stopped listening to the sense behind what your lover says. Are you playing the part of a rebellious adolescent, agitating against Mummy and Daddy? Act your age, sweetie, and try listening like an adult instead. Your lover has much to teach you when you're willing to let go and learn.

Friend or Foe?

Venus opposite Mars

Hot Hot Hot

You can barely keep your eyes off your lover. Does everyone see it? That grace, that elegance, that smoldering sexiness that makes the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Such is the lusciousness of your love, a lusty, steamy physical connection that others envy. But there are downsides aplenty, are there not? Neither one of you can stand to let the other off your leash. Jealous conflicts arise often; if you go to a party you're as likely as not to spend the whole car ride home talking about who was flirting with whom and how and where and why. You often view your partner as rather aggro and inconsiderate, while you may be viewed as ultra-sensitive and whiny. Both of you sometimes feel as if you're only being used. But who cares about that when what you've got is so hot, hot, hot? While other relationships are tepid and tame, you two are bubbling with fun and ardor. Enjoy all the conflict -- it's just a warm-up to another kind of wrestling match altogether. Put a lid on your jealous side and give your lover so much satisfaction that there's simply no urge to stray.

Mars opposite Neptune

A Fractious Pairing

Pity your poor lover, because you can be awfully hard to live with. You're constantly annoyed with your sweetie, viewing your lover's dreamy, drifting nature as lazy and unmotivated. You demand changes, effective yesterday. But what you're asking for is both unreasonable and unkind. You simply didn't chose a lover that is able to keep up with you intellectually and physically. Your lover isn't the mover and shaker type. Instead, you chose yourself a sweet, well-meaning, lovable person who just happens to be a little spacey and emotional. The shame is that you chose with your eyes open, and now you're demanding that things be different.Papering over the problems you've created will be a lot easier if you accept reality and stop wishing for something else. Your lover will always be a little out-there -- and that's part of the charm of your pairing, because it gives you permission to slow down a little. So why don't you? Just relax and allow yourself an idyll. Your lover has much to teach you if you could stop blustering and demanding what you think you want. Embrace the calm. Embrace the dreaminess. Just let go; there's a sweet release awaiting you.

Mercury opposite Mercury

The Bicker Twins

Bicker bicker bicker, bitch bitch bitch -- it's a good thing you and your sweetie have each other, because no one else could stand you. The pair of you are quick to pick fights, even quicker to find fault, or blame each other for what's going wrong. And then both of you laboriously explain your point of view, blissfully unaware that your partner is just waiting for you to shut up so they can get a word in. You may find you have may arguments related to time, or agreed-upon details: How many times has your lover botched a plan to meet up somewhere? And how furious are you each time it happens? The bad news: Your endless minor disagreements deliver zilch in the way of furthering your relationship. In fact, they serve to drive you apart, since both of you are apt to say any old thing that comes into your head when you're angry, turning a fight about dishes into a full-scale war. However, the news isn't all dire. You and your dearest do have quite the stimulating relationship. You're never bored. You could even be happy together, if you'd learn to give each other equal time on the microphone. Start listening as much as you talk, and you'll see the friction dial down.

Jupiter opposite Uranus

You're Suspicious

This one's knocked you off your pins. You're usually the confident one who breezes through life and love with admirable ease. But this time you've chosen a lover who excites you so wildly, who sets your nerve endings aflame -- but who can't be trusted even as far as you can throw them. What's your lover so darned secretive about? Who are the people who call and leave messages? Where is your lover when you're not about? The questions tickle your brain, and, embarrassingly, spill out of your mouth. You get no reassurance, only detachment. So you want to hold on tighter and thus the cycle continues.Part of the problem could lie in the way you're pushing to have everything all nailed down and tied up. You want to know your lover's intentions. But your lover isn't even sure of those intentions. So why push? You must know by now that it's getting you nowhere. Why not ride instead on your self-assured side? Be a little more mysterious and sufficient yourself. Your lover will come hither if you can ease off on the pressure, and you can start a whole new positive cycle instead of continuing your negative one.

Why Are We Involved, Again?

Sun quincunx Mars

Forget Fighting

Oh, you poor thing. You do try so hard, don't you? Always earnestly striving to improve yourself, tune up your relationship, make yourself clear. You're convinced that if your lover would only understand your point of view, if you could find the right words, than all the awkwardness between you would disappear. Sorry, but it's not that easy. Think of it like this: You're a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. You and your mate have much in common: verve, drive, a zest for life. But there are many other things you disagree on. You, in particular, struggle with arrogance, jealousy, insecurity; all things you know make you less attractive to your dazzling catch of a mate. There are others who'd like to take your place and you know it. But you can't seem to stop trying to explain yourself once and for all and clear things up between you. Nothing you can say will work the trick, though. The key is in your behavior. Are you delightful to come home to, loving, interested in what your mate says and does? No? If not, nothing you can say will take the place of that lack.

Mercury quincunx Venus

Time Crunched

Friends don't seem so friendly for the pair of you -- it's likely you've had a lot of friction around the issue of pals. You'd like to spend evenings at home or spend your spare time in pursuits that broaden the mind; your lover, on the other hand, just seems to want to hang out. All the time. With just about anyone? With people, in fact, who's friendship you'd prefer not to spend one iota of free time cultivating. Both of you wish the other would bend, and what's worse is that neither of you can seem to communicate your feelings about such matters in a way the other understands. What you need is more time together, and luckily your sweet companion is more than willing to schedule special dates for you. Take up an activity together that you'll both enjoy -- perhaps something like a dance class, or a course in sensual massage for couples, anything that'll get you to slow down long enough to enjoy yourself as well as book a slot in your lover's busy schedule just for you. More harmony more of the time will help you both to sing in tune.

Sun quincunx Mercury

An Awkward Mix

A day late and a dollar short. Does that about cover it? There are so many good things about your relationship, but for whatever reason you can't quite seem to make it all hang together. You find your lover intriguing, oh yes, indeed, but you can't seem to get comfortable. There are awkward pauses in your conversation. You don't get each other's jokes. You can't make that comfortable connection that makes staying together seem more natural and easy than splitting up.It may seem as if inevitable doom is in your forecast, but that's not necessarily so. Individuals can triumph over the obstacles that make the path of their true love rocky, and you and your sweetie could be star-crossed lovers who persevere. What spells success? A connection so strong that it makes working a little harder worth it. Do you view your lover with an admiration that almost borders on awe? Do you feel you couldn't live without the love you share? If so, learn to be flexible. Take an interest in your sweetie's passions, play down the things you don't share, and you'll find that things will run more smoothly in time.

The Ties That Bind

Mars conjunct Saturn

An Exercise in Frustration

Your relationship is similar to those high school matchups between the head cheerleader and the quarterback -- the couple looks great together, and everyone cheers them on, but when all is said and done they're together more out of politics than passion. So it is with you and your mate. Yours may be a hookup of practicality and convenience, creating stability for your partner and a dead weight for you. Your partner seems to block you at every step, throwing buckets of cold water on all your hot ideas, until, frankly, you don't feel like sharing anymore. You'd do it on your own but they control the pursestrings, the schedule, and the keys to the shed. You could -- and probably do -- scream with frustration.Spending more time alone is key for you. Though it is only natural for two powerful and important people to spend time networking to stay that way, warmth will only develop if you give it time. Suggest romantic getaways. Give your tense lover a massage. Stay in bed late snuggling. No, you won't get as much done. But you'll have a lot more fun doing it.

Next Steps

I hope you have enjoyed the valuable insight, wisdom and guidance of this astrology report. You might be a little curious about astrology and perhaps wondering how an astrologer can know so much about you!

Astrology is a mathematical system. It's all about applying meaning to numbers, or more specifically, finding meaning in the movements of the planets around the Sun, as viewed from our perspective here on earth. These planetary movements are easily captured and recorded with measurements, calculations, angles and so on.

That's why astrology works so well with computers, whose programs are also based on numbers and formulas. In 'the old days' -- thousands of years ago, when astrology was first recorded -- those early astrologers had to painstakingly observe the heavens and catalog their observations for the next generation of astrologers to build upon. Thank goodness for the computer age! Now we can simply use computers to make those calculations quickly and pull just the applicable pieces of information. Now, astrology is instant, based upon thousands of years of observations obtained through careful methodology.

Interpretations of planetary positions are based in part on ancient Greek and Roman mythology, but your astrological report is unique, describing you and you only. Even in the case of twin siblings, their birth charts differ from each other's in at least a few ways. And besides, no one amounts to just a simple interpretation of their birth chart; everyone's personality is complex. Your astrological report leaves plenty of room for variations based on your free will, personal growth and transformation over a lifetime.

Just like you, your astrological report is unique. It’s generated online in seconds and provides you with instant insight at your fingertips. Whether you have a pressing question about your future or you just want some guidance and direction, now you can have it all -- in a fast, focused, all-about-you format.

You can choose from several different types to find the report that's right for you and your needs. Your natal report is all about you -- your unique characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, potential and so on. Compatibility reports analyze the connections between two different people, to see how well and in what ways they get along. And a forecast is based on where the planets are today and how they're affecting you, uniquely. Be sure to try a free sample of another report to find out more about you!

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