An astrological report prepared for

Person 1, born December 14, 1980

Love Life Remedy

An Astrological Guide to Breaking Toxic Relationship Cycles

Being single or in a complicated relationship can be frustrating...

Perhaps you're beginning to notice patterns in your past relationships that seem to be preventing you from achieving the ideal relationship you've always dreamed of (and know you were born to have).

If you look back over your romantic and sexual past, you’ll begin to notice patterns in the types of people you’ve chosen to love and in how you've shown up in these relationships as they each have progressed from start to finish.
And even though you are the common denominator in ALL of your past and current relationships... 

You know that who you are at the core of your being is constantly changing and growing. This means that your needs shift, as do your problems, your turn-ons and turn-offs and more.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Love Life Remedy report.

And I want to help you discover how to have much better relationships going forward in your life!

I’ve prepared this powerful tool for you that will help you do exactly that!

Wouldn’t you love to discover what YOU bring to the table when you’re involved in a romantic relationship?
And what particular challenges YOU present as a partner (and how to address those challenges so they don’t hold you back from having the love you deserve)?

Your Love Life Remedy report examines the location of the planets at the time of your birth and paints a portrait of who you are and how you show up in your love relationships.

It will reveal the problems you've probably faced time and time again and will give you deep insights into your romantic nature. 
Be prepared...

This powerful report provides a frank and sometimes brutally honest description of your weak points in relationships.

But no worries...

The information in this report will help you identify areas that need work and suggest what you can do to change things for the better so you can begin to have the type of romantic relationship you have always wanted, dreamed of, and totally deserve to have!

One that makes you grateful every single day!

Your Romantic Nature, Person 1

The Inner War Zone, Projections and Relationship Karma Meters:

You want the nitty-gritty, right?

You're ready to know the real deal when it comes to your own true nature and psychological issues... the ones that prevent you from finding and holding on to that ideal love you dream of.

Reading your Love Life Remedy report will give you that in-depth picture, but these three meters show an at-a-glance view of the lessons you have yet to learn.

Remember, whether your scores on the meters are high or low, you're in good company: We ALL have plenty of emotional baggage that comes from past relationships, our childhoods, and even past lives.

And we ALL have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to changing our lives for the better and improving our relationships, including our love connections.


Person 1's Inner War Zone = 2

7-10 Repressed anger, defensiveness and a seriously short fuse can turn your love affairs into an all-out war.

4-6 You've got some issues and inner conflicts to work through, but who doesn't?

0-3 You're so laid back in your relationships it could actually be a problem.

Person 1's Projections = 0

7-10 Seeing all sides of every issue is actually a detriment. You don't know what to believe!

4-6 You know your own mind, but you can see their point too. That's a good thing.

0-3 You see your sweetie as they really are...but do you understand them?

Person 1's Relationship Karma = 0

7-10 It's beyond time to work through your baggage from past relationships, or even past lives. Try moving forward!

4-6 Some of your relationship issues have been around for a while. It's time to sort them out now.

0-3 Good news: It's not just a new affair with the same old story. But can you compromise?



governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally
reveals how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your private life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions
reveals what truly motivates you in all areas of your life
unveils your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
uncovers your non-negotiable values
guides your way to true love


teaches you lessons about love
illuminates your deepest challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life
reveals your romantic karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


uncovers your greatest fears
reveals your opportunities for massive change
tells you about the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Read below to find out where each planet was on December 14, 1980, and how the placement of the planets when you were born has shaped your love life and guided your romantic decisions so far…

Person 1's Romantic Influences

Sun in Sagittarius

Bye Bye Birdie

You know the old saying: When the going gets tough, the Sadge gets going. Gee, maybe that's why you've got a whole string of former relationships on your resume; the minute any problems cropped up, you bailed, often running off with your latest foreign flame or to some far-flung country. Your intense need for freedom has severe commitment-phobic ramifications, and there's nothing like a little disagreement or misunderstanding to bring them to the fore. Even when you stick around for the argument, you say such shocking things that your partner bails on you. 'There,' you say to yourself, 'it's on them now.'Don't shoot your arrow just yet. You've got yourself convinced that you can't have both a lover and the freedom you crave, but you're not seeing all the possibilities. You're not the only one who needs room to move, you know. The key for you is to find someone not unlike yourself. Your ideal partner will have similar freedom needs, and together, you'll be able to weave a relationship that provides both love and companionship, and the liberty to come and go at will.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Curbing the Blurting

There's a conveyer belt between your brain and your mouth, and unfortunately it lacks a filter. Consequently, any thought that enters your mind immediately ushers forth from your lips, much to the shock and dismay of those around you. You certainly didn't mean to offend anyone; you were simply stating the obvious truth -- well, obvious to you, anyway. While it's true that honesty is the best policy, it's not necessary to blow others out of the water with it. And thus spoke many of your past lovers, no?There's so much hope for you. You're awfully curious and eager to explore all sorts of subjects, which makes you a delight to talk to. You're well-informed on so many subjects and make weird and wonderful connections between them. This is not the area where your relational communications problems lie. You're so used to checking out the big picture that little details often escape you, and you don't always listen very well, either. Your ideal partner will command your attention, and you'll learn to preview your comments to see in advance how they might go over. This little step will provide big rewards in your love life.

Venus in Scorpio

Many are Called, Few are Chosen

It's not hard to see why you've had problems in past relationships. Many have felt the pull of your charisma and animal attraction. Some lovers, you scare away with your intense gaze and fervent passion. Some are alarmed by your focused attention on them. Others like the intensity and passion, but can't handle your possessiveness or complex emotions. Only the bravest are willing to commit forever to you, though that's what you truly want in your heart of hearts. Will you get it? There's no reason why not. All you need is to find someone who can match your intensity, and who is willing to meet you halfway in the realms of commitment and desire. Won't they be the lucky one! For it is in these profound, we're-in-this-for-the-long-haul connections that your deepest passion truly blossoms. Together, you'll be determined to make it last, and will ignite the most potent thrills that either of you has ever known. This will be well worth the wait.

Mars in Capricorn

A Tight Cork

You may seem cool on the outside, but if only they could see how you're smoldering on the inside! Trouble is, you're so devoted to your material ambitions and efforts to get ahead that you don't pay as much attention to your libido as you could, much to the regret of your former partners. You keep your passion well under wraps, for then it can't distract you, or so you think. Are you forgetting how strong the drive toward the continuation of the species truly is? It refuses to stay at bay for long.Where does this leave you in the field of romance? Well, for one thing, you might get involved with someone simply to find a release for all those sexual energies you've been stuffing down. Is this the best possible scenario for you? By no means! A far better bet for you is to look for someone who shares your serious side, and yet is not so involved with their work and ambitions that they have no time left for romance. Success in love will require that you strike a balance between the demands of career and the desires of your relationship. Your whole life will go better once you've found this balance.

Jupiter in Libra

Eternal Optimist

You need your relationships, all right. You depend on them. Consequently, you're rarely without a partner, and therein may be a problem: You're more desperate to be in a relationship than you are careful about who you're in it with. You're an optimist with a strong tendency to see whatever you want in a person, and your first impression is often not an accurate reflection of their true self. It's only weeks, months or years later, when they do something mean or nasty, that your eyes are opened wide to the truth. How could you have done this again?Your ability to look on the bright side of things is more a blessing than a curse. You're ultra fair. You always want to do the right thing, which can outweigh the tendency to do the sensible thing. There's something of a judge within you: You gather evidence, you weigh, you balance, and in the end you make a decision based on facts you've considered. This process could work in your relationships, too, if you weren't so antsy to get things underway. When you're starting up with someone new, take your time before making a decision about them. Not everyone is as nice as they seem, and being more cautious initially could save you a lot of heartache later.

Saturn in Libra

So Respectable

Remember that old Rolling Stones song, 'Respectable'? It could have been written about you! Never a hair out of place, or a step out of line; that's you, all right. You know the rules, and you stick to 'em. You make your schedule and stick to that too, and you do NOT miss appointments! Your tact, excellent social awareness, familiarity with protocol and ability to achieve consensus and cooperation are all exemplary. You sound so perfect; how can you possibly have any problems in your relationships? Well, Goody Two Shoes, here's how it is. Remember that old joke about what would happen if two perfect people got together? They'd soon murder each other! Can you blame your past partners for feeling besmirched and imperfect with you around? For wanting to muss up your flawless hair, or scramble some of your appointments? C'mon, lighten up! Throw convention to the wind for a little while and enjoy life more. You thrive in relationships, and when you commit, it's for life. Be wise in selecting a partner who will encourage you to step back and laugh at yourself from time to time. It will be a big relief.

Uranus in Scorpio

Exposing Taboos

Have you noticed that it's all the rage now to be bisexual? The world has you and your generation to thank for that; you are opening doors on new ways of being, particularly in the sexual arena. Experiences and orientations that have been taboo since forever are coming up for review. You and your peers open these areas confidently, seeking to find out what's going on behind the closed doors. You let the full light fall on subjects that were previously off-limits. In fact, you accept no limits on your sexuality; it's obvious to you that everyone should be free to love whom they want, when they want and how they want. This new way of viewing sexuality is only part of what your generation is called upon to open up; the human psyche is no less a target for your revolutionary ways. Your job is to shine the light on all areas that have been taboo up until now. The effects of the changes started by you and your peers will be long-lasting, indeed.

Neptune in Sagittarius

The Road to Learning

You and your generation idealize freedom and adventure more than the stability of a single long-term relationship. You are much more likely to enjoy a series of relationships, often with people who are radically different from you -- perhaps people from another country or a completely different culture. You appreciate the exposure to habits and beliefs that diverge from your own, because in this way you learn deeply about people from different places on earth. In your eyes, there is no better way to expand your consciousness than to do it through another person's eyes. Relationships are roads to learning for you; and there are many roads to learning, are there not?

Pluto in Libra

Serious Relationships

You and your peers will revolutionize the arena of relationships and romances. As a child, you watched partnerships crumble all around you, if not your own parents', then the relationships of your friends' parents; and you decided early on that you wouldn't repeat the same pattern. You take relationships very, very seriously, and for this reason may wait to start dating or getting serious about anyone. You're not in any hurry, which provides you with enough time to understand yourself and your relationship needs. Don't delay too long, though! Fear of relationship can be just as harmful as hooking up too early. Your challenge will be in finding the right balance of independence and partnership, and in knowing how much of your personal energy to expend toward each.

Person 1's Inner War Zone

Mars square Pluto

Jealous Attraction

Green has never really suited you. You couldn't help but be so jealous of your past sweeties -- you demanded every bit of their free time, you didn't approve of your their friends. And around the edges of your consciousness lurked the suspicion that you weren't the only one your lover had on a string. It's only natural that you felt that way. You kept choosing lovers with strength: powerful and intense, willful and secretive. Even when there wasn't something unsavory going on, they were apt to withhold information, affection, reassurance. You were left dangling on a string, wondering if you were the only one madly in love.Buck up. Part of the reason you picked those lovers is because you're turned on by the challenge. While other lovers may fall under your spell and allow themselves to be wrapped around your little finger, you prefer a lover who's a much harder nut to crack. You won't be able to control the situation -- but that burning, passionate intensity is what you crave. Tone down your jealous streak. Be a little more savvy when revealing your emotions. An ability to keep your cool is what's going to keep your ideal love relationship on track -- and you're a lot more attractive with a little mystery around you, anyway.

Person 1's Projections

No Oppositions

No Sympathy

You're pretty secure in your own viewpoint. You're not the wishy-washy type, and if you are, you're absolutely dedicated to each particular opinion -- even if you completely change your mind five minutes later. In short, you've got the courage of conviction, but in your past relationships, this often looked to your partners like smugness, or even emotional neglect. Even when you felt certain that you understood them and their feelings, they were still upset that you just didn't get where they were coming from. If they were the patient, communicative type, they might have kept trying for a while before giving up on you. If they were the short-fused type, they probably left in a huff the first time you gave them that blank look that meant, 'What's the problem, babe?' Sympathy and empathy are essential to a functional intimate relationship. You and your lover are two completely different people, and while you'll each experience life from your own unique perspective, you still need to be able to translate your experiences to each other, and you both need to feel respected and understood. In future relationships, you'll have to work on listening to your partner when they describe their feelings or how they view a particular situation. Even if what they describe sounds utterly foreign -- and therefore negligible -- to you, take them seriously anyway. You may even need to remind yourself on a regular basis that their feelings and perspective are every bit as valid as your own.

Person 1's Relationship Karma

No Quincunxes

My Way or the Highway

You've never been much for compromise, have you? In past relationships, when issues came up between you and your lover, you used whatever tools you had -- sweetly cajoling, arguing, turning a cold shoulder -- to get your own way. But why was having your own way so important? After all, other people have feelings, needs and agendas, too, just like yours. Who decides which person's need is the most important one in any given moment? That's a perennial question for all relationships, and except in the one between an infant and its caretaker, the answer isn't as simple as 'I decide, and my needs always come first.' Relationships, after all, should be about give and take. Sometimes you get your way; sometimes your lover does. Insisting on always getting your way not only makes you look uncomfortably similar to that aforementioned infant, it could actually lead to loneliness. After all, if it's a choice between getting your way or bailing out of the relationship, well, you'll end up either with a partner who's a pushover or sleeping alone. If you want a well-functioning, long-term relationship, you'll have to learn to choose your battles. The art of compromise is the perfect place to start your lessons, because if you give your lover a little, they'll probably want to give back a lot. You'll feel a lot better once you learn to step back and let someone else take reins from time to time.

Next Steps

I hope you have enjoyed the valuable insight, wisdom and guidance of this astrology report. You might be a little curious about astrology and perhaps wondering how an astrologer can know so much about you!

Astrology is a mathematical system. It's all about applying meaning to numbers, or more specifically, finding meaning in the movements of the planets around the Sun, as viewed from our perspective here on earth. These planetary movements are easily captured and recorded with measurements, calculations, angles and so on.

That's why astrology works so well with computers, whose programs are also based on numbers and formulas. In 'the old days' -- thousands of years ago, when astrology was first recorded -- those early astrologers had to painstakingly observe the heavens and catalog their observations for the next generation of astrologers to build upon. Thank goodness for the computer age! Now we can simply use computers to make those calculations quickly and pull just the applicable pieces of information. Now, astrology is instant, based upon thousands of years of observations obtained through careful methodology.

Interpretations of planetary positions are based in part on ancient Greek and Roman mythology, but your astrological report is unique, describing you and you only. Even in the case of twin siblings, their birth charts differ from each other's in at least a few ways. And besides, no one amounts to just a simple interpretation of their birth chart; everyone's personality is complex. Your astrological report leaves plenty of room for variations based on your free will, personal growth and transformation over a lifetime.

Just like you, your astrological report is unique. It’s generated online in seconds and provides you with instant insight at your fingertips. Whether you have a pressing question about your future or you just want some guidance and direction, now you can have it all -- in a fast, focused, all-about-you format.

You can choose from several different types to find the report that's right for you and your needs. Your natal report is all about you -- your unique characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, potential and so on. Compatibility reports analyze the connections between two different people, to see how well and in what ways they get along. And a forecast is based on where the planets are today and how they're affecting you, uniquely. Be sure to try a free sample of another report to find out more about you!

Continue your personal evolution with another Kelli Fox Astrology report!

I’m so glad to be a part of your journey to self-discovery and alignment with your planetary destiny. Please let me know if you have any questions about this product or your next steps.

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