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Person 1, born July 26, 1980:

Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast

Navigate Your Way to the Relationship of Your Dreams

Sometimes love seems to just fall into your lap, just as easy as saying hello; other times, no matter how much you want to connect with that special someone, you just can’t seem to make it happen. You’re too busy to make time for love at that point in your life, or they’re already involved with someone else -- and that’s the very definition of bad timing.

Ever wish you knew the right time to ask someone out, or to tell them you love them? If you could just pick the perfect moment to open that door and drop that bombshell -- if only you could have some kind of guarantee that the experience would go as smoothly as possible, with the exact outcome you were hoping for.
Well, astrology can’t offer any guarantees, but it can highlight the best times to reach out to someone new and cute, cement the deal with someone you love or break it off if you’re just not connecting.

And it can also highlight the days when you’re better off staying home, catching some me-time. Whatever your impulse might be, check your transits to see if the stars are behind you.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast report.

And I want to help you discover the most powerful windows of opportunity for romance.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to discover which days are the most opportune for romance?

And which days are probably not the best for a first date or important relationship discussions?
This Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast gives you that exact information so you can have a far better chance of meeting your soulmate and beginning the relationship of your dreams or improving the relationship you are in.

What Does Your Future Hold for Love & Relationships?

Love, for many of us, is a tricky, yet ever so rewarding road. Who doesn’t love to be loved and adored? Discover what the Stars say for your Love Life in the near future, revealing the six most important categories when it comes to Love:

  • Your Heart-Soul Growth
  • How you Think & Talk Romantically
  • Your Love & Affection Forecast
  • Your Passionate Desires
  • Where and How you’re going to get Lucky in Love
  • What your Love Lessons are and your potential for Relationship Longevity!

An easy-to-read Bar Graph is a quick explainer showing which of these categories are more highlighted over this period, and the meatier, in-depth Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast helps you explore all of these in great detail – letting you live your best (love) life!

Using Astrology to help guide your Love Life is an ancient practice in many old cultures, helping to determine the absolute best time to date, marry, start a family, and so much more! So why not use this insightful art to help you make the best of your love potential?

Astrology helps to make anxious times less stressful by knowing which areas can support and boost you and showing you a clear view of the future so you can relax and go with the flow. Using Astrology to enrich your romance is an empowering way to take control of your love life, and to help you and your sweetheart make the best of the best times and see you through the hard periods. And if you’re single, the Personal Romantic Forecast calculators can be helpful to see if love is about to come into your life!

So, go ahead and dive deep and enjoy your Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast calculators, letting the Stars and Planets be your guiding lights when it comes to Love and Romance!

Your Heart-Soul Growth - The Sun Influences

The Sun in Astrology is about the core of who you are. It’s your personality including your outlook and the opportunities you will attract during this time period. When you are at your best you can attract just about anything or anyone. Just as the Sun is the center of our solar system, it’s also the center of you, that inner fire and the vital energy that runs through you your whole life.... Read more

8-10 You're manifesting like magic
4-7 Focus on your goals - almost there
0-3 Keep smiling, there's more work to be done

Pillow Talk - Mercury Influences

This bar graph is based on how you’ll express yourself, be heard by others and how well you will listen during this time period. Mercury is the planet that is connected to your thought processes, your sense of logic, your intellectual ideas and the way you get those ideas, thoughts and feelings out into the world. If your Mercury bar graph is long then others will be receptive to... Read more

8-10 Your words are like music to someone's ears
4-7 Say what's on your mind as people are listening
0-3 Time for a brief pause while you gather your thoughts

Your Love and Attraction Factor - Venus Influences

This bar graph, based on the connections Venus is making to your natal planets at this time is all about love, attraction and romance. It shows how you will connect with others at a heart level and how attractive you are at this time. The energy of Venus is sweet, pleasurable and harmonious. This planet is not just connected to love and dating but friendships, partnerships... Read more

8-10 You're oozing with charm
4-7 Fun and flirtatious
0-3 Sweet as candy

Your Passionate Desires - Mars Influences

Your passionate desires, sex appeal and carnal appetites are based on Mars. This planet is all about your drive, energy and motivation. Mars rules passion and pleasure so your sex drive as well as your propensity to compete and succeed all fall with the realm of Mars. It affects your attitude towards dating, mating and relating and whether you’re going to be feeling revved up... Read more

8-10 You're too hot to handle
4-7 Tension breeds attraction
0-3 Spooning is sexy

Lucky in Love - Jupiter Influences

In this bar graph, how lucky you are in love is influenced by the planet Jupiter. This is a planet that brings luck, advantages and opportunities in all areas of your life. Sometimes, it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time to meet that special someone or if you’re coupled, it’s all about feeling hopeful and optimistic about where your relationship is headed... Read more

8-10 Luck is on your side
4-7 Your positive attitude makes a difference
0-3 Focus on what's right in front of you

Your Love Lessons - Saturn Influences

Saturn is the planet of karma. This bar graph indicates your life lessons, obligations and responsibilities you have during this time period. Saturn is linked to your conscience and commitments but it’s also linked to rewards and accolades. It’s about reaping what you sew and if you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and to do the hard work then the benefits will manifest.... Read more

8-10 Keep going and stay focused on the end goal
4-7 You're headed in the right direction
0-3 Enjoy this time of reprieve

Person 1, here is your Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast report


governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally
governs how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your private life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions
reveals what truly motivates you in all areas of your life
explains your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
shows your non-negotiable values
guides you on your path


teaches you life lessons you came here to learn
illuminates your deepest challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life
reveals your karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


reveals your greatest fears
gifts you with the opportunity for massive change
highlights the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Keep reading to see how the current planetary transits are affecting your love life and the best times begin (or rekindle) romance...
Click on any of the transits for full description.

May 2024




June 2024




Mercury sextile Mercury - On the same wavelength
Saturn trine Uranus - Blending the old with the new
Uranus trine Saturn - The challenge of a fulfilling life
Sun sextile Sun - Your best, most easygoing self
Saturn trine Mercury - A keen eye for good bets
Mars trine Neptune - Meeting your potential sweetie's needs
Venus sextile Sun - A lucky influence
Sun trine Mars - Movin' and shakin'
Venus trine Mars - A natural magnetism
Mercury trine Saturn - Looking for love in all the right places
Mars sextile Venus - Making a physical connection
Mercury sextile Sun - Reach out and connect
Sun trine Pluto - Fresh eyes
Venus trine Pluto - Deepening emotions
Mercury trine Mars - Tactful but fearless
Jupiter sextile Sun - A few months of easy living
Mercury trine Pluto - Lightweights need not apply
Mars trine Jupiter - Time to take a chance
Mercury sextile Jupiter - Comfortable in your skin
Venus sextile Jupiter - Attracted to people with values
Mercury trine Uranus - Exactly who you are
Mercury sextile Saturn - The heart of the matter
Jupiter trine Mars - Be proactive -- reach out to someone new
Sun conjunct Venus - In the mood for love
Venus conjunct Venus - New beginnings
Mercury conjunct Venus - A way with words
Mercury conjunct Mercury - Ready to connect
Saturn square Neptune - Romantic disappointments
Uranus opposite Uranus - Asking the tough questions
Mercury opposite Uranus - Just for shock value
Sun square Jupiter - A little too self-confident
Mars square Mercury - Quick to take offense
Pluto opposite Sun - Stand up for yourself
Mars opposite Pluto - Potential for obsession
Venus square Jupiter - Too much of a good thing
Sun opposite Neptune - Getting the wrong idea
Venus opposite Neptune - Deluding yourself
Mercury square Jupiter - Bragging and boasting
Venus square Saturn - Pushing love away
Sun square Saturn - Attracted to critical types
Mercury opposite Neptune - Overwhelmed by too much stimuli
Mars square Sun - Fighting as foreplay
Mercury square Saturn - Love, an abstract science
Mercury square Mars - Picking fights
Venus square Mars - Coming on too strong
Mercury square Pluto - Too much attention to detail
Sun square Mars - Wait to make contact

Your Strengths

Mercury sextile Mercury

On the same wavelength

You could find someone during this 10 day transit with whom you really match up well on an intellectual level. Whether you'll make a romantic connection remains to be seen; this transit is all about a meeting of the minds, and easing communication and connection between you and someone special. It's an especially good time to tell someone you like them, or just to talk about what you're looking for in love and see if it goes with the hopes and desires of that special someone you've got your eye on. Chances are good that you'll complement each other well on a mental level, but even if you don't, you'll be okay with that. You're feeling very levelheaded and centered during this period, and you're reading all the right signals. If you're attracted to someone who turns out not to be The One, you'll be fine and you know it. This is all about reaching out to people and making a connection, so you won't waste time when the connection just isn't there. But odds are, it will be. You'll discuss the weighty subjects with your potential sweetie, including past relationships, your families and so on, and you'll both feel closer, with this great foundation for a romance in place.

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Saturn trine Uranus

Blending the old with the new

You're uniquely able to blend the old and the new during this fun ten-month transit. So what does that mean for you? It means that you'll be attracted to unusual people, people whom you wouldn't normally think are your type -- but they'll excite you and make you think of relationship possibilities that never occurred to you before. At the same time, you won't lose sight of what's important to you in a love relationship. You'll still retain your ideals, even as you dip your toe into something new. Furthermore, you may have put some changes in place in your methods of dating or looking for love; and now is the time when you can enjoy the effects of your new way of doing things. Any effort you've put into bettering yourself, your perspective and so on have paid off, and you're now enjoying the benefits in a calm, self-assured way. You're also patient now; you don't expect anything amazing to happen fast, or to be swept off your feet. Instead, you're content to take things as they come, and have a good time while you're at it. So keep your eyes open for new opportunities in love, and new and unusual people to keep you company.

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Uranus trine Saturn

The challenge of a fulfilling life

If you're used to being overly cautious and selective in your love life, that's about to change -- in the most fun and beneficial way possible. This transit is all about a happy graduation to a new level of maturity in your life. This one year period will be full of interesting interactions with unusual people who will help you along your current path, that of learning to live and love in a new, freer way. You'll have more fulfilling interactions with that special someone than ever before, because you're getting down to the root of things -- how you really want to live, what kind of life you really want to lead. For one thing, you want a life full of love, of interactions with people you care about and whose company you enjoy. You'll impress your admirers with your new outlook on life, because you're learning to be more giving and forgiving with others. You won't fault a potential sweetie for their insecurities or other shortcomings, because you know you're not perfect either. You won't treat dating as a game anymore -- it's still fun, but it's also serious and interesting and real. You're ready for the challenge of a fulfilling love life.

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Sun sextile Sun

Your best, most easygoing self

You're in a social, positive frame of mind, and ready to connect. You're feeling great, in fact, so spread the wealth! Don't hesitate to email or call someone who's special to you. You'll impress them with your supportive, fun, easygoing self, and you'll make a real impact on them. You're feeling really connected with yourself and others. Your individuality is on display in the best way, and will actually be highlighted by being around other people. Don't be surprised if you find your email Inbox full of messages from interested admirers, and your voicemail jammed with calls from people who want to get to know you better! You're feeling so positive and easygoing that you'll just put other people at ease, so this is a great time for a date. Make it something friendly and simple -- a walk by the lake, maybe, if you're meeting someone brand-new, or lunch at a little cafe where you can enjoy your conversation as much as the food. Don't miss any opportunity to socialize. Even if you don't meet The One during this period, you could make some lasting friendships -- which can be just as good.

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Saturn trine Mercury

A keen eye for good bets

You've got a keen eye at this time for good bets. You know what you're looking for in love and you've got a good plan for how you're going to go about getting it. You're actually capable of being very organized about your pursuit of love now, and that's a good thing -- as long as you don't let your mind move too rigidly along one path. After all, part of your plan for finding a love that will last is focusing on the qualities you're looking for in a mate. That's fine; you don't want to settle for someone who's just really not what you're looking for. But there's something to be said for the element of surprise and spontaneity in love, and for learning about romance and desire from someone new and unexpected. The worry during this several-month transit is that you'll overlook someone really special because they just don't fit your preconceived idea of what you're looking for in a lover, when what might really be going on is that you're being overly critical, or looking at the wrong qualities. Stay open to opportunities, even the ones you're not planning for. You're in a great position to make a connection with someone really wonderful.

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Mars trine Neptune

Meeting your potential sweetie's needs

You'll have a calm, sweet few weeks with this transit. You might not feel like doing much, and that's okay. You don't have to be active to have a good time; you'll be perfectly satisfied with some good food, good company, maybe a good movie or two and some good naps! That's just the kind of mood you're in -- watching romantic movies on TV and falling asleep during the credits. If you have a special someone to join you, then so much the better. You're intuitive now, and you'll be able to tune right in to a potential sweetie. You're not overly concerned with yourself, your own ego or your own needs and desires at this time, so you'll spend more time listening to that special someone than talking about yourself. And that's fine too. The only warning for this transit is, try not to get on some kind of ego trip where you start to think of yourself as just oh-so-selfless, basically martyring yourself because of a momentary lack of ego! Remember, this period will pass soon and then you'll be a big needy mess again, just like the rest of the world. So use this period to have a nice time with someone special, and don't trip out on yourself.

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Venus sextile Sun

A lucky influence

You could start a really sweet and affectionate romance during this period. You're primed for love, and social activity is high on your list of things to do. There's an extra spark to your personality at this time that everyone around you will notice, so you should capitalize on this influence. Your energy has been boosted by the loving power of Venus, the Love Planet; you're feeling more in touch with yourself than usual and more generous toward the people around you. You want to reach out and forge a bond. Whoever it is that has caught your eye will be very impressed with you, so make contact with them. Better yet, ask them out. Do something fun and flirty; go to a party together, or to the park on a sunny day. You want to be out and about, among the people, and that's where you'll shine brightest. You could fall for someone at this time who will help you reach all your hopes and dreams, because this is a lucky influence -- your chances of meeting your match are high, and so are the chances that they'll be good for you and your life in an active way.

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Sun trine Mars

Movin' and shakin'

Your confidence is running high during this period. You're more able to be your authentic, positive, energetic self than usual. So go out and enjoy yourself. You'll make a great impression; your sweetie will be very attracted to your confidence and natural charisma. And hey, if you don't make a great impression on the one you're with, you could still attract someone else who's completely new and unexpected! This is definitely not a time to stay home organizing your sock drawer. You need to get out into the world and mingle, because your energies are on high. This energy only comes around twice a year, so make the most of it. If you do go on a date, you might not be satisfied with dinner and a movie, unless it's really spicy Thai food followed by a fast-paced action flick. You're all about creativity and action during this time, so why not ask that special someone to go canoeing with you, go throw a Frisbee in the park or go out salsa dancing together? You need to move it and shake it now! You'll probably have a strong sex drive during this time, too, so if the moment is right, steal those kisses from the one you admire. It could lead to something wonderful.

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Venus trine Mars

A natural magnetism

You're feeling confident in your ability to attract admirers, and in truth, you're especially magnetic during this transit. You could probably charm the badge off a cop! You're in the mood to schmooze, so you should definitely get out of the house. Parties are good, because there will be plenty of people there who will notice you and your attractive self. Though you're in the mood to flirt, you're also open to starting something special with just one person. Any relationship that you begin during this transit very well might last a long time, because it's such an auspicious way to start getting to know someone -- in a friendly, warm, flirty way that promises so much more. But even flirtations that don't go anywhere will be a lot of fun! You're the life of the party now, full of energy and witticisms and body language that will reach out to lots of admirers. If you go on a date, be creative about it; the traditional dinner and a movie would be fun, but so would a picnic in the park or a visit to an art museum. Anything that increases your ability to receive pleasure and give it back is great for you now.

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Mercury trine Saturn

Looking for love in all the right places

You could make a good, solid romantic connection during this period. Not a wild and exciting one, no; but solid and stable are more important for the long-term than excitement, which comes and goes in fits and starts. During this two-week period, you're focused on what's good for you and what you're looking for in love, and you're practical enough about it that you won't waste time looking for love in any of the wrong places. Sure, your dates during this time might feel more like interviews in certain moments, when you're asking a potential sweetie serious questions about their values, their needs and their expectations; but what better way to get at the truth? If you're attracted to someone special during this period, chances are good that they're worth your time. You'll come across to them as maybe a bit quiet or reserved, but intelligent and focused, disciplined and well-organized. If you go out with someone who doesn't fit your idea of your usual 'type,' do give them a chance. You're not exactly open to anything new and unusual now, and it would be a shame to pass someone up just because they didn't look or behave quite how you thought they should.

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Mars sextile Venus

Making a physical connection

You're in the mood to get it on in a physical way with that special someone, and this three-week transit could bring you the opportunity to do just that! If there's someone special that you've been getting to know, this is a great time to move things to the next level between you -- if they're into it, of course. Chances are good that they will be, because you're putting out a very appealing and sexy vibe into the world. Your erotic energies are humming, right in tune; you want to connect with someone at that elemental level. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to go make love to someone now; after all, you might not even know your potential honey very well at all yet. You can still express your desire to connect on a physical level by going out dancing, or even just holding hands. It might not seem like much, but a lot of energy can zing back and forth between two people when their fingers and palms are touching! After all, the hands have one of the highest concentrations of nerve-endings in the human body. So whatever level of physical interaction is appropriate between you and that special someone, make it happen.

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Mercury sextile Sun

Reach out and connect

You feel vital and in touch with yourself during this one-week transit, connected with all the parts of your personality that are the best and brightest. You're energetic and outgoing at this time, too, and you want to reach out to all the fun and interesting people and possibilities that surround you. So do it! You're talkative now, able both to communicate yourself and what you're looking for in a mate as well as to listen to someone else and help them feel heard and supported. You can make a great connection with someone at this time if you want. Anyone you reach out to during this period will love talking with you, because you're so able to understand them and to access their inner feelings and thoughts. You're able to do the same with yourself. You might stay up all night talking to that special someone on the phone, or exchanging email after email! You'll talk about your past relationships and your hopes for the future, and it will all help you to understand each other and yourselves better. What a great, friendly, energetic foundation for a relationship. Especially if you're ordinarily shy, take this opportunity to reach out and connect.

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Sun trine Pluto

Fresh eyes

If you make contact with someone new during this period or go out on a date, you can feel reasonably certain that this person is worth your time. You're in a frame of mind now to attract intense, honest, deep people and experiences, and you won't settle for light chitchat when getting to know someone. You'll want to dig deep and talk about the things that really matter to you -- life, death, anxiety, love, pain. You'll really impress your potential partner with your intelligence, your perceptiveness and your ability to get real, fast. You're in the mood to transform yourself -- to move to a higher level of personhood -- and you can do it through intense conversation: with yourself, via a journal; with that special someone, through emails, phone calls or a date; or even with a therapist, if you choose to take that route. You'll be drawn to intense conversations with anyone who will go down into the depths with you. Even if you don't end up making a lasting romantic connection, you'll still come through this week-or-two-long period feeling rejuvenated at a soul level and ready to continue looking for love with fresh eyes.

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Venus trine Pluto

Deepening emotions

A flirtation could turn into something more significant during this transit, because you're feeling things on a deep and powerful level and you're expressing your emotions in a magnetically compelling way. You could draw that potential sweetie in even more deeply than you already have because when you talk with them or meet up together, you'll just put out such a strong vibe of emotional depth and connectedness. They might not understand why they're so attracted to you, but they'll be attracted all the same! Or, if you haven't had your eye on anyone special up till now, this period could open your eyes to someone new. If you begin a relationship during this time, expect intensity -- emotional, physical and otherwise. You could feel magically connected, as if drawn together for some greater purpose that neither of you can understand but that you must serve. You'll put out a certain level of confidence that will be very seductive to that special someone; they'll be drawn to your inner, loving power that's coming out now, and they'll almost definitely want to come back for more.

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Mercury trine Mars

Tactful but fearless

You aren't afraid to speak up during this transit, in all applicable ways. Has someone special caught your eye? You'll feel little nervousness or hesitation about emailing them or calling them up. If you go on a date, you won't be afraid to talk openly about your viewpoints on any subject. This won't be due to contrariness or being aggressive about your opinions; you're still very able to be tactful when controversial subjects come up, such as politics or religion. But if the conversation stays on pleasant subjects, like romance, you'll be perfectly content. You want to make that mental connection with your potential sweetie, and this is the perfect two weeks during which to do so. You're highly charming, even gallant, at this time; your sweet, friendly, witty way of flirting will really put your future honey at ease. You're feeling passionate and enthusiastic about life in general, and your mood will be contagious to everyone around you. You'll probably find you have a lot in common with your date; even if you didn't, you'd still be able to find the few points of connection, because you're that in tune.

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Jupiter sextile Sun

A few months of easy living

Isn't it nice that every six years or so, you get a few months of easy living and seeming good luck? That's right -- that's how infrequent this transit is, so you should be sure to enjoy its effects! In general, you'll feel very good under the influence of this energy. You're calm, happy, optimistic and just generally content with your position in life. So if someone special has caught your eye, so much the better -- it'll seem like the cherry on top of your cake. This person will contribute to your growth. Even if that doesn't happen during this period, you'll still be content with what these few months bring you, However, you probably will find someone you like at this time. Your mood is too gregarious and outgoing not to; people will be drawn to you for your high energy and your generosity. You could even meet someone special when you least expect it -- when you're out with friends, maybe, or at a party, just having a good time and not even thinking about romance. That's one of the best parts of this transit; it'll just bring nice things and people your way, and you won't even have to try to take advantage of the opportunities.

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Mercury trine Pluto

Lightweights need not apply

This is not a time for light flirtation; instead, it's a great time to get deep and intimate with someone, and share with them all the workings of your soul. You're in the mood for connection, real connection -- not superficial chitchat or witty banter. Ugh! You have no patience for that during this transit, so you might want to stay away from cocktail parties and the like. Of course, if you do end up going to one, you'll probably zero in on the person in the room who's in the same mood as you are, and you'll end up sitting in the corner with them for the rest of the evening, talking intensely about all the biggest and weightiest subjects of life. Anyone you're attracted to at this time is probably willing to go pretty deep with you. Don't be afraid to ask penetrating questions, ones that you might worry aren't appropriate with someone you just met. The likelihood is that you'll surprise and refresh them with your honesty, your powers of perception, your forthrightness. You'll broadcast the simple truth that you're not someone to be trifled with, and lightweights need not apply.

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Mars trine Jupiter

Time to take a chance

You might look back on this transit at the end of its three weeks and think, Wow -- what a lucky influence! It's not so much luck at work as your own high energy and your willingness to make things happen. This is as good a time as any to take a chance on love, because the universe is aligned for good things to happen when you take an active hand in your own development. And relationships are a catalyst for growth, right? Your whole life should be about growth and progress, and this transit should put you further along on your personal path. You might make a fun connection with somebody special, or you might just go out and have a great time flirting and getting to know people. Either way is great -- as long as you're not staying home alone, sitting on the couch while life passes you by! However, that's not likely to happen, because you're in no mood to be a homebody. You're very in touch at this time with your romantic needs, so you're more able than usual to get them fulfilled. You're optimistic, rather than being weighed down or held back by pessimism. So get out there, have a good time and make that connection.

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Mercury sextile Jupiter

Comfortable in your skin

This 10-day transit offers you a wonderful opportunity to reach out into the world and expand your mind. You're attracted to unusual types who don't fit your normal taste in dates, but that follows with the type of energy this period offers. You've got a taste for the unique at this time. You're interested in anyone who can open you up to something new. If you go out on a date, you won't waste time flirting at a surface level. You might well be lighthearted, but you'll want to dig deep into your potential sweetie's mind and perceptions. You two could end up staying up half the night discussing your philosophies of life or your dreams and hopes for the future. You'll probably make them laugh more than once, too, because you're in a charming, witty mood. You're also very comfortable in your own skin during this period, so you're almost certain to make a good impression. You're just fully and completely yourself, at your optimistic and hopeful best. You're feeling confident about the future and ready to connect. You're talkative, but also a good listener; curious, but also willing to be open about who you are.

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Venus sextile Jupiter

Attracted to people with values

That special someone who has caught your eye will bring out your best side during this transit, because you'll be filled with such good feelings and optimism for your romantic future. You'll be warm and loving if you make contact or go out on a date, and you'll make a potential sweetie feel just wonderful. You're attractive and upbeat at this time; your soul feels infused with positive energy, which makes it a wonderful time to go out with someone special. In fact, any relationship begun during this transit has a good chance of lasting, because it's such an auspicious time for love. If you do start an affair now, it will help you grow as a person and as a lover. Anyone you get involved with now is good for you on some level. You're open to whatever they have to teach you, and you'll soak up their good influence like a flower soaks up the sun. If you are attracted to someone special now, you can feel reasonably certain that they're worth your time. You're drawn to people with values -- people who live according to strong moral codes, people who command your respect.

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Mercury trine Uranus

Exactly who you are

Anyone you reach out to during this time will surprise you, and vice versa; any date you go on won't stick to the normal prescribed parameters -- dinner and a movie, and polite conversation. No! For you, during this transit, it's all about the original and the pleasantly unexpected. Your mind and your intuitions will take you places you never thought you'd go, and you'll love it. Reach out to someone special, because your conversations will be interesting, to say the least, and you're in an intuitive space that will enable you to read between the lines and interpret what's not being said as well as what is spoken. And the best part is, you'll feel heard and understood by your date as well, because you're so easily able to put yourself into words at this time. All the unusual parts of your soul will be brought to light, and appreciated and admired. Instead of feeling like you'd better act 'normal' (whatever that means!), you'll feel confident in being exactly who you are. You'll really stimulate that special someone on an intellectual level, and hey -- that can often lead to something more consuming!

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Mercury sextile Saturn

The heart of the matter

You've got discerning tastes during this transit, and that's a positive thing. You won't want to go out with just anyone; if you've got your eye on someone special, it's likely that they're actually worth getting to know, because your instincts are spot-on now. Sure, you might come across as a bit methodical (read: dull) to a potential lover. But it's just that you're serious about finding the person that's right for you, and you don't want to waste time on ridiculous small talk or chitchat when you could be getting to the heart of the matter. This sober energy might encourage you to plan out just how you'll meet someone special and how your relationship is going to go, and you're so patient and determined, you might actually make it happen! You've got old, failed relationships and past mistakes in mind in a constructive way at this time. You've learned from your mistakes and you're determined not to repeat them, and this transit offers you a wonderful opportunity to break out of old, bad habits in relating to people you're attracted to. Feel free to ask serious questions when you're out on a date or talking with your potential sweetie. You're in a mood to get the answers you seek.

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Jupiter trine Mars

Be proactive -- reach out to someone new

If you normally lack in self-confidence, you should enjoy the boost brought by this four-month transit! It won't make you overconfident, either; it will give you just enough of a push to get things moving in your love life. This is the perfect time to reach out and get to know someone new, as you're in touch with yourself in a new way. If you feel like you need an extra boost, this transit will give you the energy required to start a new exercise regimen or to join a singles' dance group. Anything active that will get your heart rate up while increasing your confidence and your sense of your own attractiveness is a very good idea! You could even ask that special someone to go jogging with you, or to attend a salsa lesson. Getting physical together in that way will put you both in mind of what it would be like to get physical in a completely different way... What fun it is to fantasize about someone new and cute! During this transit, you can make your fantasies become a reality, or at least make the first steps toward realizing them. Being proactive is definitely the way to go now.

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Your Intensities

Sun conjunct Venus

In the mood for love

You are in the mood for love during this period, and you should definitely make the most of it -- this transit only comes around once a year, and it only lasts a couple of weeks. During this time you're incredibly loving, affectionate and creative in your self-expression. Everyone around you will notice how attractive and friendly you are; they'll feel drawn to you like bees to honey, or a moth to the flame. You'll put out a very sensual vibe that will really make an impression on your admirers, and you'll leave them wanting much, much more. So if there's someone you've been too shy to make contact with, go ahead and do it now. They're sure to be impressed, because you're at your best during this time, physically and otherwise. Enjoy this period and your magnetic attractiveness, but don't ruin a good thing by being too vain about your own appeal! No one likes an egotist, and if you approach someone with the attitude of 'I'm so hot, you'd be crazy not to date me,' you'll just turn them off. Let them figure it out for themselves; after all, it'll be hard to miss how good you'll make them feel and how much they'll want to be around you.

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Venus conjunct Venus

New beginnings

You might think you've been totally obvious about your interest in that special someone, but this two-week transit offers you the perfect opportunity to really get it out in the open. Let them know how you feel. It will probably end up jump-starting the relationship and moving things to the next level, because the energy during this time is all about renewal and new beginnings. You're very magnetic now, so you can pull your honey to you by just thinking about them, and chances are good that doing so will have great effects. Whether a flirtation that begins during this time will be just that or grow into something significant depends on other factors; but if you're strongly attracted to someone now, the time is right to do something about it. You're feeling highly romantic and attuned to the loving vibes of the world. You're very affectionate now; you might want nothing more than to cuddle up with someone and stroke their hair while you murmur words of endearment! If no one special catches your eye during this transit, you should still go out with friends and have a good time. You're not in the mood to be alone!

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Mercury conjunct Venus

A way with words

Anyone who catches your eye during this 10-day transit will appeal to you first on a physical level and then an intellectual one. You're in the mood to make a connection and you're tuned in to beauty, both the kind that's skin-deep and the kind that goes beneath the surface. You have a way with words at this time, so take advantage! If you're attracted to someone, let them know with a well-penned love poem, an email that reveals your feelings or even a creative project that you make just for them. You'll also have some great conversations during this time, so even if you're not feeling ready to make a statement of your feelings, it's still a good time to go out and have fun with someone new, or make that first contact. You'll make a good impression, because you're feeling so tuned in to pleasure and romance. Make sure you don't get caught up in the mood so much that you make a declaration of affection to someone that you're not going to be into long-term! But that's not so likely; your warmth is heartfelt, and you can't go wrong in letting someone know you like them.

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Mercury conjunct Mercury

Ready to connect

You're feeling talkative, full of new ideas and perceptions, and ready to connect. If someone has caught your eye, this is a great time to get to know them and figure out if they're right for you. They might be, or they might not; this transit doesn't create any romantic feelings, which is actually a good thing, because your judgment won't be clouded by sudden and unreasonable attraction! Instead, you're ready to experience a meeting of the minds, and during this week-plus period, any attraction you feel will be on an intellectual level. That's a great start to a relationship, so get out there and start connecting! You might find someone that you like, and then, through talking to them, you'll find that you don't really match up that well. That's okay; you'll just say a friendly goodbye and move on to the next one. When you do find someone you really connect with, it will be a strong and fast bond. You'll talk about everything under the sun -- movies, books, past relationships, future dreams, your jobs, your families... Everything that comes into your heads will be fair game!

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Your Challenges

Saturn square Neptune

Romantic disappointments

You could experience such romantic disappointments during this ten-month transit that you'll start to think you're really paying your dues. The truth is, maybe you are. This transit signifies the breakdown of ideals, and though it's an uncomfortable process, it's also a necessary one. After all, it's wonderful to have ideals in love, but you can mislead yourself if you take them too seriously. You're the only one who knows what your own vision of the perfect mate is; it's someone that you've made up in your head -- someone who doesn't exist. And this period of time will show you in no uncertain terms that your ideals are in serious need of a reality check. The possibilities for this period include being misled not only by yourself, but by that certain someone who seems so special. They might end up not being entirely honest with you about their intentions; or maybe it's you who will read all kinds of things into their words and actions that they never intended. When the relationship ultimately falls short of your expectations, you'll be disappointed indeed. Just try not to make any decisions at this time about a potential lover, positive or negative.

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Uranus opposite Uranus

Asking the tough questions

This period could be upsetting for you in certain ways, because it's all about making changes in your life -- usually big ones. This transit marks the classic mid-life crisis. In the end, you'll look back and realize this was an important and necessary period of adjustment. In terms of love, you may feel discouraged at this time. Restlessness and irritability pervade your body and soul. Perhaps you've been through the ending of a major relationship, and now you're thinking about getting back into the game again... Or maybe you've been back in the game, with little lasting success so far. Don't lose hope. You're being challenged to ask yourself some tough questions, but the answers will tell you where you need to go next. If you've been through a series of short, dissatisfying affairs, you're not choosing the right kind of person to get involved with. You need to seek more sweetness and stability in your love life, even if those seem boring to you. If an old, significant relationship went bad, hold on to the lessons you learned from that experience, even if it's painful to recall what went wrong. After all, you were responsible for half the relationship's collapse, so now you're in a better position to do things in a new way.

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Mercury opposite Uranus

Just for shock value

Maybe you're ordinarily more thoughtful and considered in your behavior, but this transit will stimulate some strange impulses in you that could cause you to act quite out of character. It's almost as if there's something just beneath the surface of who you are that's clawing to get out. It's pushing you to do and say the strangest things! You'll speak without thinking, and you could definitely put your foot in your mouth at this time. Or you could do it deliberately -- trying to shock your date if you go out with someone who just seems too straight and narrow for your tastes. You definitely won't have patience for anything or anyone mundane during this time. The truth is, you might be better off hanging out with old friends -- but you won't want to do that, either, because you want newness, stimulation, excitement. If you go out with someone new during this period, just don't expect it to last long. You might have some great conversations with them, if you're not too busy offending them with your strange perspective; but once this period is over and you settle back into your normal self, whatever flirtation you struck up is likely to fade as quickly as it arose.

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Sun square Jupiter

A little too self-confident

You might want to wait a week or two before making contact with someone new or going out on a date, because you run the risk of coming across as overly confident or even arrogant during this time. Thank goodness this transit only comes around twice a year! If you do go out with someone new, watch for telltale signs that you're boring or even annoying them. If they keep giving you one-word answers and looking around the room at everyone but you, it could mean that they're actually offended by your attitude, because the usual filter that helps you be socially graceful just isn't in place at this time. You'll think you're just being opinionated, but you may come across as a self-righteous know-it-all. And it will be entirely unintentional on your part. You'll just have the urge to let everyone know your opinion on the matter, and you won't know when enough is enough -- when it's time to be quiet and let the other person talk and assert their opinions. It would definitely be best during this period to hang out with people who already know you well, because they'll know you're just going through a phase that will pass soon.

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Mars square Mercury

Quick to take offense

You should probably find things to do on your own during this transit, because this will be a trouble-filled three weeks if you try to get out into the world and make a good connection with other people. You're feeling very touchy and irritable, and you're quick to take offense at anything that you perceive as threatening to your opinions or perceptions. One of the problems is that you'll be threatened by a lot! Your ego is much too closely linked with your opinions at this time, and you'll feel as if you have to defend your views as if you're defending your life. Arguments are very likely at this time, especially with people you're close with, or people you'd like to be close to. Why wreck a good connection before it even gets started? If you try to go out with someone new now, you're likely to get into heated disputes that will have you both fuming by the end of the night. And if you start an email flirtation with someone now, you'll likely misread everything they say, take it all too personally and read the worst possible scenarios into it. You're better off at this time just keeping to yourself and waiting until you're feeling smoother.

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Pluto opposite Sun

Stand up for yourself

Be extra careful during this two-to-three-year transit that the people with whom you get romantically involved are actually worth your time. This period marks a time when you're in danger either of being controlling toward others, or of getting into a relationship with someone who will try too hard to control you, your thoughts and your behavior. The energy you're operating under now will challenge you to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, but that can go in a few different directions, none of them very pleasant. You might go out on dates that end up in arguments, even if you don't know your date very well at all; or you might go too far in standing up for yourself, and behave in an ego-driven, aggressive and angry way. Ego clashes are likely during this time; you'll just seem to attract people who want to put you in your place, and you'll really have to struggle to keep them off your back! Needless to say, with this kind of energy running beneath your romantic liaisons, your dating life may not be a whole lot of fun. Watch out for deceitful types who would lie in order to manipulate you according to their plans. And be patient; better times are coming.

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Mars opposite Pluto

Potential for obsession

Whatever you're trying to get going on a dating or romantic level may or may not work out in the end; during this transit, all you can expect is that any flirtation with a potential sweetie isn't likely to flow smoothly. The best you can do is to bear with the troublesome energy and try not to struggle against it. If you do struggle, you're likely to get into arguments, including with that special someone that you may not know very well yet. You also run the risk at this time of becoming obsessed with someone you're attracted to, and you might try to manipulate the situation in the name of getting something going with them. Remember, though -- obsession isn't the same as a real connection; it's one-sided at best. Manipulation never works for long; it could end up really ticking off that special person, and they won't want to get to know you any further. So stick to aboveboard tactics in your dating life, despite any urges you may have to manipulate things behind the scenes. Your best course for this transit is to stay active and social, but don't fixate too closely on any one person. Put your energy into yourself. You have a chance to better yourself now.

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Venus square Jupiter

Too much of a good thing

If you've been watching your weight, your diet could fly out the window during this transit, which is all about overindulging your urges. If you go out with someone new, don't meet for drinks at a bar, because you could go way too far and make a bad impression (think falling off the bar stool and needing to be carried home!). Performing hard work or sticking to a budget will be similarly lost causes. Sure, you'll have a great time indulging in all these things that you're normally more moderate about, but in a week or so, you'll start to feel the effects of too much of a good thing. You're in a good mood, though, in the meantime; your dates and flirtations will be a lot of fun, and you'll be generous with your potential sweetie, treating them to all the finest and richest things in a bid to please and impress them. Just try not to take it too far! But you might just not have any idea of what's going too far, and that's the problem at this time. You could have a great time for the entire week-plus span of this transit, and then have a big comedown at the end when you're broke, hung over and sporting new, unwanted pounds.

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Sun opposite Neptune

Getting the wrong idea

If you make contact during this time with someone who seems like they could be The One, put on the brakes, fast. This is not to say that they won't turn out to be someone really special in your life, but your judgment is clouded at this time, so you shouldn't make any snap decisions about anyone, one way or the other. You could look at your potential sweetie and see everything you've been looking for -- all the qualities you want in a lover, everything you've ever dreamed of. In a week or two, you could wake up from this pleasant dream with the distinctly unpleasant realization that this person is nothing like you thought they were. You're likely to be confused or even deluded by people you don't know well during this transit. You just won't get a clear read on them or their intentions; you could even unconsciously attract people who aren't on the up-and-up. You'll probably fill in any gaps with your own inventions regarding who this person is and who they're going to be to you. Because of this, you probably should wait to make contact until you're in a more rational and clear-headed frame of mind. Otherwise, you could get the wrong idea.

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Venus opposite Neptune

Deluding yourself

If there's someone special on your horizon, this transit could make you feel very disappointed when they fail to live up to everything you expect of them. Even if you haven't made contact yet with them, you're in the kind of mind space in which you'll build this person up to be The One -- based on limited information, obviously, and very limited experience with who they really are as a person! Yet off you'll go into fantasy land, dreaming about how things will be between you and all the wonderful love you'll give and receive with this person. High standards like that create a really long fall to the ground when you get a taste of reality -- which is that this person is very different from who you think they are. They might not even like you or be attracted to you, or you might end up not liking them... The list of potential upsets to the relationship is endless, but the only way you can really figure out what your romantic potential is with another person is to start getting to know them. And that's the trouble with this transit: Instead of getting to know this person, you'll be projecting all of your own needs, desires and expectations onto them.

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Mercury square Jupiter

Bragging and boasting

This transit will offer you plenty of opportunities to get into trouble, so you might want to pare down your activities until smoother times arrive. On the other hand, that's more easily suggested than achieved, because the very problem of this transit is that it makes you overconfident in your abilities. You might ask someone out on a date, and your confident, forward approach will yield good results -- they'll say yes, and you'll feel like you're a step closer to finding your mate. But then when you go out, you may spend the whole time bragging about yourself and your abilities, and you'll end up undoing all the good feeling and hard work you put into making that connection. No one likes an arrogant braggart, after all. If you're bragging out of nervousness, so much the worse, because your tension will show, and your attempt at covering it up will seem all the more annoying. The best thing you could do during this transit, which lasts less than two weeks, is either to take some time off from the dating scene, or make a sincere and conscious effort not to brag or boast -- even if that means wearing duct tape over your mouth on your date!

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Venus square Saturn

Pushing love away

Your anxieties and doubts about your love life could cause you to pull away from that special someone that you've been getting to know or wanting to make contact with. You're not feeling warm and loving during this transit, that's for sure. You'll probably have a hard time relating to potential mates, and flirting just won't be your forte. If you go out to a party, you might end up standing in the corner by yourself, because you're putting out a strong don't-mess-with-me vibe. And why are you doing that? You might feel pessimistic about love and your ability to give or receive it. Or you might really, really want to reach out to someone, but you just can't seem to come across as calm and confident and warm as you'd like. You're just not feeling it inside; instead, you're feeling like someone or something is hanging over your shoulder, telling you you're doing it all wrong, and bad things are going to result! That's not true, of course; it's all internal. But since you're so hard to satisfy at this time, you might want to stay away from any potential lovers until you're feeling more warmhearted and accessible.

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Sun square Saturn

Attracted to critical types

This isn't a great time to contact someone new. You'll take things too seriously, and you could actually unwittingly attract controlling types who would make you miserable if you were to get romantically involved with them. If you do go out with someone new, don't be surprised if both of you are frustrated with your interaction. It will be hard to get to know them as they are, because you'll be in self-defense mode without even realizing it. Chances are good that you'll need to defend yourself, for you'll find that you're getting involved with people who will criticize you, without knowing you or what's important to you! Instead of getting into an argument, you'd be much better off just calling a spade a spade. While you shouldn't be too judgmental of anyone during this period, since you're likely to get the wrong impression, you also shouldn't try to force a connection that's just not there. In fact, you'd be much better off waiting a week or two until this tricky influence passes. You've waited this long to find that special someone; you can stand to wait a few more days before contacting someone new.

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Mercury opposite Neptune

Overwhelmed by too much stimuli

You're not the best bet in terms of romance during this transit. You might run at the first sign of trouble or conflict with that special someone, and part of the problem will be that you'll probably be making up the conflict in the first place. You're not in the clearest space of mind at this time, and you're very much prone to projecting anything and everything onto your potential sweetie (and everyone else, but that's another story). You might think things are going awry between you when they're not, and you'll react by heading in the opposite direction instead of sticking in there and trying to communicate about the misunderstanding. You're hypersensitive right now, so you're probably reacting negatively to everything, including imagined slights. Another possibility for this transit is that you're subconsciously attracted to people who won't go the distance with you. When you project your confused, oversensitive feelings onto them, instead of talking to you about it, they'll bolt, leaving you feeling even more confused and easily upset. Lying or being lied to is also a strong possibility at this time; you'd best just lie low till this energy passes in a week or so.

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Mars square Sun

Fighting as foreplay

Good thing your energy is so high during this three-week transit -- you'll need it. In the love and romance arena, you could come up against people who are highly attractive to you, but who challenge you and create friction. Instead of defusing the situation and staying calm, you'll rise to the challenge, jumping into the fray of any argument that comes your way. Not the best way to make a good impression or start a sweet, loving relationship, right? At least, not unless you and that special someone both get off on fighting as foreplay. The energy during this transit lends itself to friction and tension, so if you don't deal with those things well, you could store up a lot of that tension and become really irritable and generally no fun to be around. For that reason, it might be better just to stick to your good friends during this time -- the people who know you well and know how to deal with your bad moods. Go do something fun and active with them, and watch your mouth! Because if you ask out your potential sweetie and then spend the whole date taking offense and picking fights, you could ruin what would have been a good thing almost before it even begins.

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Mercury square Saturn

Love, an abstract science

Any fears or insecurities you may have about relationships or whether you'll ever find true love will be exacerbated during this period to a high degree. You won't feel confident about your ability to give and receive love, and you'll respond with cynicism. If you go out on a date at this time, you won't make the impression you'll want to make, because your negative attitude will come across to that special someone, which will turn them off -- and that, in turn, will confirm your worst fears, that you're unlovable. But you're very lovable! You're just going through a crisis of confidence, and you're thinking way too hard about love, a subject that's abstract at best. You may want to take a week or so off from dating during this transit, and do things that will restore your hope and faith in love: rent some romantic comedies that will make you laugh and cry and reconnect with your loving side; talk to friends who've found their perfect match; take a walk outside and reconnect with the magic of nature and the universe. Love is out there for you; you just have to be in the right frame of mind to receive it. Unfortunately, this transit is probably not that time.

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Mercury square Mars

Picking fights

This is really not a good time to get in touch with someone new; with the mood you're in during this transit, you'll try the patience of even your closest friends. You're irritable and touchy, and prone to taking things the wrong way. If you choose to go out with someone during this time, don't be surprised if you end up arguing -- even if you don't know them. The problem is, you don't know how to be tactful at this time, and all your communications will be forceful. For some reason, you feel very defensive about your opinions now, almost as if you have to guard them with your life. You're hotheaded, and you definitely could jump to conclusions, even when it comes to that special someone. Logically, you might know that they're a nice person and you shouldn't get mad at them, but emotionally, you'll be like a ball of dry weeds on a hot summer day -- ready to ignite! You could make a bad impression at this time, so you might be better off making no impression at all. Wait till you're feeling more levelheaded to try to strike up a romance.

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Venus square Mars

Coming on too strong

You'll run the risk during this transit of coming on too strong, in whatever way that applies. if someone special catches your eye, you won't take no for an answer, even if they're clearly letting you know they're not interested in getting to know you! You're passionate and aggressive now, which isn't a bad thing in itself; the trouble could start when you push forward despite what the other person wants or thinks about it. After all, a flirtation or relationship involves two people, not just you and your desires. But you're so in touch with your desires right now that they might cloud what would normally be your better judgment. Another possibility during this transit is that, if there's someone special whom you've already been getting to know, you could get frustrated with them, likely for little or no reason, and you'll start an argument that should have been avoided. You're excitable and easily aroused now, ready to reach to anything. If you're attracted to someone who gets sparked up by high energy and open displays of passion, then this could actually be a fun transit for you both, but the likelihood is that you'll go too far and upset a potential sweetie.

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Mercury square Pluto

Too much attention to detail

If you find yourself thinking about your potential sweetie with increasing frequency, take it as a sign that the obsessive, potentially destructive energy of this transit is getting to you. On the other hand, your obsessiveness could take a different form altogether: instead of talking openly and calmly with someone new, you could become intent on figuring out exactly who they are, and you'll pay way too much attention to the details and not enough to the overall picture they're presenting you. You might overanalyze a phone message or email from that special someone, wondering over and over, What did they mean by that? Why would they say such a thing? This is the kind of problem that requires a little perspective (or a lot), the kind you can only get from distance or from objective parties who know you well. Get a good, trusted friend's perspective before you start freaking out. If you're obsessing over someone, feeling like your attraction is bigger than anything else that's going on in your life, take it as a sign that you need to step back and pay attention to something else in order to bring things back into balance.

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Sun square Mars

Wait to make contact

If you contact someone or go on a date during this period, don't be surprised if you rub them the wrong way without even meaning to. What might start out as a perfectly good connection could go bad fast if you're argumentative or competitive with them. You might not even mean to argue; you might just think you're being your normal, opinionated self. After all, what's wrong with a little friendly competition between friends? Well, nothing -- as long as you don't push it too far. But the chances are high that you're going to come across as way more aggressive and even offensive than you mean to. If you do decide to contact someone during this period, it might be best to wait a week or two until this hotheaded energy cools off. This transit only comes around twice a year, thank goodness, and it lasts less than two weeks, so your best bet might be to just avoid going out with anyone new until your normal, calmer energy returns, because you just won't make a great impression. Even if you're ordinarily a very modest and unassuming person, your future sweetie could get the wrong impression of you.

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