An astrological report prepared for

Person 1, born July 26, 1980:

Romantic Personality Profile

What Astrology Reveals About How You Love

Discovering exactly what YOU need in a relationship is an essential step on your path to the beautiful and fulfilling relationship you’ve always dreamed of having.

When you know your specific romantic needs, you can make far better choices in how you approach your relationship, helping it evolve and transform into the joyous LOVE you so deeply desire and deserve

Without this important information, you might waste years arguing and crying with your partner, wondering why you just can’t make it seem to work.
But there is no need to go through all that when you don’t have to! Astrology is a powerful tool that can reveal a LOT about your romantic nature

Everyone has different needs when it comes to intimacy and romance in relationships and it’s crucial to learn yours...
  • Do you crave space and freedom or are you happiest when you have a close, intimate connection with your romantic partner?
  • Do you prefer a chatty, flirty lover who will make you laugh and keep your mind occupied or are you attracted to quiet, brooding types who make you work for their attention?
This Romantic Personality Profile will reveal some of the hidden secrets of your romantic nature. By looking at the specific location of the planets on the day you were born, this insightful report will show you exactly what you need in a lover.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Romantic Personality Profile report.

And I want to help you discover how to have much better relationships going forward in your life!

I’ve prepared this powerful tool for you that will help you do exactly that!

Wouldn’t you love to discover hidden parts of your romantic nature that have a profound influence on what YOU bring to the table when you’re involved in a romantic relationship? 
And what particular challenges YOU present as a partner (and how to address those challenges so they don’t hold you back from having the love and happiness you deserve)? 

Your Love Nature

The Romance and Passion Meters read the placement of planets on the day of your birth and reveal the levels of romance and passion you have been gifted with in this lifetime. Now you'll know at a glance whether things will be smooth sailing or an uphill battle when it comes to matters of the heart.

Before you jump in... there's a trick to reading the meters. You might think you want a lot of sweet stuff with the Romance meter, but what you really want is balance.

Just imagine... with ONLY good feelings, pleasant times and nothing to break up the monotony, things would get pretty dull (yawn). And TOO much passion can also ruin a relationship.

Without a little breathing room between fights and lusty encounters, you'd tire your lover out fast! A healthy dose of passion means strong physical attraction plus a good argument every now and then.

One more word of caution before you get started…

Remember, no relationship or person is perfect. Even with what seems like the ideal balance of romance and passion, an affair could turn out to be a total flop. It all truly boils down to our free will.


Nature = 7

7-10 Over-the-top: diamonds and heartfelt declarations

4-6 Indulgent: flowers, chocolates, back rubs

0-3 Thrify: the occasional rose

Nature = 4

7-10: Revved and ready, morning and night.

4-6: Up for it almost anytime

0-3: A bit shy and reserved

Person 1, this Romantic Personality Profile Report WILL SHOW YOU HOW THE FOLLOWING PLANETARY ENERGIES AFFECT YOUR Love Life:


governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally with lovers (and everyone else)
governs how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your romantic life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions (including in love)
reveals what truly motivates you in every area of your life
explains your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
shows your non-negotiable values in relationships and in life
guides your on your path


teaches you life lessons you came here to learn
illuminates your deepest romantic and life challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life and in love
reveals your life and relationship karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push in life and in your relationships


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


reveals your greatest fears
gifts you with the opportunity for massive change
highlights the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Keep reading to discover how the placement of the planets on July 26, 1980 has shaped your romantic nature and guided your love life so far…

The Sun: Your Radiant Self

Sun in Leo

A loyal, warmhearted lover

You are a born leader, because you've got warmth and charisma to burn and you draw people to you like moths to flame. That certainly goes for lovers, as well; you're a passionate soul, and the people around you can read that from a mile away! A love affair for you is by definition a dramatic affair (as is everything else in life!) -- complete with sweeping emotions and declarations of devotion, preferably against a gorgeous, romantic backdrop of flowers, candlelight, perhaps the moon shining on rippling water... That's right, you're a true romantic, and you've got a well-developed imagination when it comes to setting the scene for amour. And when you're in love, you'll do anything for your sweetie, sparing no expense -- as long as they treat you with the respect and love that you so deserve. But as soon as things start feeling a little off-kilter, meaning you're not as much the center of things as you'd prefer, you can get your feelings hurt pretty mightily. Well, you feel everything passionately, don't you? And your pride and your sense of self are easily wounded. Yes, there's a big of ego there...but there's also a huge heart full of love and sky-high intentions.

Sun sextile Mars

Zest for life

You're probably not a big believer in the expression, 'All's fair in love and war.' While you do have a natural competitive streak, you're not willing to break the rules, in romance or anything else, without good reason. When you're going out with someone new, it's important to you that they be as aboveboard in their intentions as you are. When you see someone attractive, you'll go after them with your own brand of intensity, but you'll also back off if they make it clear that they're not interested. Plenty of times, though, they will be. You possess a natural vitality that's compelling to everyone around you, and your sense of adventure, of zest for life, makes you a great date! You're up for just about anything, at least once. You've got your own ideas about fun things to do with someone new and special, and you're open to theirs as well. And while you love to push the boundaries -- of love, of adventure, of what's possible in a romantic or sexual relationship -- you won't do it to extremes. You're not self-destructive, after all; just naturally energetic and driven. When you make a love connection with someone special, it will be based in part on your innate energy and strength.

Mercury: Speak from the Heart

Mercury in Cancer

A tangled web of emotions

You often find it hard to be objective, because your thoughts and ideas are so closely linked to your emotions. You have a difficult time separating logic from emotion, and that can make things especially hard when objectivity is key, such as in an argument with your sweetie. You might lose all perspective in those moments as you get swamped in a tide of your own feeling -- and this tendency within you could earn you the reputation of being rather moody, sensitive or overly emotional. But it's just that you feel things so deeply -- and this is one of your strengths, as much as it can cloud communication with your honey. For one thing, you're able to tune in psychically to your sweetie, and intuit their needs without their having to put them into words. In fact, you often have a much clearer perspective on the moods and desires of your lover than you have on your own, because you just tap so readily into that emotional vein. This makes you quite a sensitive lover -- and this time, sensitive in the best way! You're able to nurture and soothe your sweetie at a deep level, with true emotional intimacy.

Mercury trine Uranus

Pioneer in love

Pay attention to your intuitions when getting to know someone new, because your unusual powers of insight will help you figure out whether that special someone is really all that special after all. That intuition is just one part of a unique mind, one that wows all your admirers. You really don't think about life or view the world in the same way that other people do; you go about things in your own way, and you like it like that. Anyone you fall in love with is going to be at least somewhat independent and freethinking themselves, because you can't stand spending too much time with a stick in the mud who can't break out of the bounds of what society has dictated as being 'normal' or 'acceptable.' For that reason, your love life will probably take some odd and interesting twists and turns before settling into any kind of groove, and once you do settle down, it will certainly be on your own terms. A great date for you won't just stop at cocktails, dinner and light getting-to-know-you chitchat; even if it's in conversation only, you'll roam far and wide with your potential sweetie, touching on strange and wonderful subjects that excite you both and make you look forward to more.

Mercury sextile Jupiter

A good dinner date

Communication is one of your greatest strengths. You know how to talk to strangers as well as the people you know and love best, which makes those awkward first dates at least a little less tense! A mental connection with a potential sweetie is something of a prerequisite of yours when it comes to romance, but you're not one to talk down to someone or ridicule them if you think they're not as smart or well-informed as you are. And, hey -- being as well-informed as you are is a tall order! You're highly philosophical, and you back your ideas up with learning. You're constantly pushing outward with your mind and taking in anything and everything that you can. You may be attracted to people from another culture or who speak a different language than you, because those barriers are more interesting than inhibitive to you. You have less trouble than most in communicating with someone about subjects that are completely unfamiliar to you. Your future sweetie will really appreciate this quality of yours, because you have a rare and unique ability to make another person feel not only heard, but understood.

Mercury square Mars

Hotheaded and abrasive

You're smart, and you know you're smart. You've got solid, strong opinions and viewpoints, ones that you think it's important for the world to know about. The problem is, you can take your opinions too far, becoming argumentative and abrasive instead of simply opinionated. You tend to view other people's ideas as a threat to the validity of your own, and so you close yourself off to their viewpoints. You'd rather argue than be proved wrong, for one thing; and when you're pushed into a corner, you'll defend your own point of view by any means possible! This means you'll resort to tactics like verbal intimidation, ridicule, sarcasm and a host of other maneuvers that aren't terribly kind or pride-worthy. Needless to say, this can mean that your love affairs become more like a battleground than a safe haven for you and your sweetie to retreat to together. Differences of opinion are inevitable; no two people are exactly alike, and it would be dull indeed if they were. Your challenge is to learn to take your sweetie's viewpoints both calmly and seriously. Their ideas shouldn't be seen as a challenge to yours, but as an interesting counterpoint.

Mercury square Pluto

Overly suspicious

The way your mind works can sometimes be a bit much for other people to handle, especially for people who don't know you well. You have a way of probing into others' feelings and motivations, deeply and relentlessly, that can make them very uncomfortable. And when you're doing this to someone you don't know well -- such as on the first date with someone new and special -- it can come across as overwhelming, or even inappropriate. Sometimes people want to hold their cards close to their chest; they have their own, valid reasons for keeping some things private, and it's not always the best idea to push and push at them until they open up, especially if you're not willing to reveal your own. Though you want to know what makes other people tick, you're rarely willing to reveal your own motivations; you want to maintain an air of mystery while exposing others' mysteries to the light. In a romantic relationship, your urge to get to the bottom of things can sometimes verge into the territory of outright and often unfounded suspicion. Sometimes, it really is best to take things at face value, such as your lover's word.

Venus: The Law of Attraction

Venus in Gemini

Social butterfly

For you, variety is the spice of love. Though other people might wilt under the strain of such romantic entanglements, you might well be happiest when you've got more than one crush to dream about! You're flirtatious and witty around the object of your desires, and you're not above using fun little tricks to reel them in, like dancing with someone else just to make your real crush jealous. But what if you start feeling attracted to the other person -- the one you're dancing with? It's possible, because your tastes in love are wide and varied. Of course, someone who clams up isn't your style; you might spend a few minutes trying to draw them out of their shell, but if it doesn't work fast, you'll lose interest and move on to someone new. Now, all this isn't to say that you're shallow in the game of love (though you can be), or that you can't commit (though often, you don't want to). It's more that in order to commit to someone special and let the relationship deepen into true intimacy, you've got to have a really good reason. For you, that reason will include a strong intellectual connection and a good dose of adventure. Someone who keeps you guessing can claim your heart.

Venus trine Pluto

Love defines you

Your love affairs, past and future, are integrally related to the person you are today and the person you'll become. Love is full of lessons that you'll learn at a bone-deep level. You have a hard time with casual affairs, because love and sex are both such powerful experiences for you. In love, you'll do anything for your honey -- and anything for the experience that you crave, that will overwhelm you and hold you irrevocably in its sway. You're so intense in love, in fact, that you can almost scare your sweetie sometimes! But this very intensity is one of your most compelling qualities to your admirers. They know almost instinctively upon meeting you that, if they get involved with you, they're in for the ride of their lives! And you rarely fail to deliver. You're an incredibly exciting, sexy lover, one who won't let your sweetie play games with you or be anything less than completely raw, honest and intense. You have incredible powers of perception, which is another gift that you bring to your relationships -- and another that may make your lover uncomfortable, even as they appreciate being understood in a deeper way than they've ever experienced before.

Venus opposite Neptune

Unrealistic fantasies

You've gone through the same setbacks in love as other people -- lies, even little ones, that broke down your trust; disappointments that made you build walls around your heart. But while other people might maintain their optimism and try to learn lessons from their past experiences, you've taken things a bit harder and more personally. You now have a lasting feeling of distrust in love. You're suspicious of people even before you know them well, and sometimes you create bad situations almost out of thin air. Suspicion is no fun for anyone, and putting out that vibe to someone new and special may hurt their feelings, or put them on the defense. Why should they work to gain your trust when you distrust them from the very start, before even giving them a chance to prove themselves? Your standards are a little too high; because of negative past experiences, you've developed a fantasy of what you're looking for in love that just isn't realistic. Having ideals in love that you work to attain is one thing, but trying to make reality live up to a fantasy you've created in your mind and heart is just a recipe for disappointment.

Venus square Saturn

Fear of rejection

Fear of rejection is a big issue for you in love, and it's a Catch-22 type of problem -- the more you worry about being rejected, the more you read it into just about anything, even when your sweetie isn't rejecting you at all. Also, your fear of rejection makes you hold back in love when you would really benefit from being more spontaneous, optimistic and aggressive. Instead of spontaneity and optimism, you tend toward possessiveness, pessimism and control. For you, love can be a really trying experience instead of an uplifting, enlightening one. Maybe you watched your parents go through a loveless union, or maybe you've had enough bad experiences of your own not to feel open and trusting with a lover. But whatever the source might be, you really have a hard time letting loose and making yourself vulnerable. You might think that controlling your lover with anger, criticism or possessiveness is better than your own vulnerability, but only when you learn to trust your sweetie -- and to be attracted to trustworthy types in the first place -- will you really evolve as an open, loving person.

Mars: Lighting Your Fire

Mars in Libra

In it for the romance

You're definitely happiest in a relationship. When you're alone, you might feel as if you just can't get things done or express yourself in the way you'd like; you work best when you have someone there with you, to bounce ideas off of and to help you find your direction. And everything you get out of this kind of mutually dependent relationship, you give back in spades. In the bedroom, you're a tender, attentive lover. You're not happy unless your sweetie is satisfied, and you'll go to great lengths to make sure they feel pampered like royalty. You tend to be more about the romance of the moment than the sexual act itself, so you're big on foreplay -- including sensual massages, long gazes deep into each other's eyes, tender kisses and whispered words of affection. You can't stand a harsh touch in bed; you much prefer a lover who is as tender and refined as you are, and who leans way more toward the romantic than the crass or animalistic side of things. You love receiving pleasure almost as much as you love giving it, so seek a lover who is as indulgent as you are. And then turn off the phones and lock the doors, because you'll probably be busy for quite a while!

Mars conjunct Pluto

Dark passions

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of this aspect: You have an incredibly strong sex drive! You know what you want, and you pursue it with a single-minded energy that can be really compelling, and maybe just a bit overwhelming for the object of your desires. After all, you're not one to take 'no' for an answer, and you let that be known! You're also not one to back down from a confrontation, and you'll go to great lengths to have your way in an argument -- even being needlessly aggressive or sometimes mean to your honey if that's the only way to get them to back down from the fight. You've got strong urges, that's for sure; your temper can get the better of you, and when you're making love with your honey, it's a powerful, transformative experience for both of you. Basically, you have a hard time taking anything lightly. Your passions are huge in scope but also focused; in love, you'll do what it takes to make things happen the way you want. You have great stores of stamina, too, which means that if the bullying approach doesn't work in making the connection you seek, you can just wait out your potential sweetie until they finally look your way.

Jupiter: Lucky in Love

Jupiter in Virgo

A natural caretaker

You're responsible and dependable, and in your intimate relationship, you may take on the role of caretaker, always responding immediately to any crisis. You're capable and practical, after all, and you know what to do and how to handle most problems that arise. And you love to help out and be of service, especially to the people that you love. But try not to take on too much of this role in your romantic relationship. Things will probably always be a bit weighted toward you in this respect in your life, but relationships are supposed to be about equals. Plus, you're likely to have a caretaker role in your job or career, so to have to do that at home as well would just be too much. On the other hand, relationships are all about two individuals coming together and blending their strengths to make a stronger whole, and your strengths certainly include handling details, fixing problems and generally taking care of everyone around you. Just try not to get involved with anyone who would take advantage of this side of you. Otherwise, you might wear yourself out putting everything you've got into the relationship, and not getting nearly as much out of it.

Jupiter conjunct Juno

Expansion through partnership

In love, you look for a teacher -- someone who can help you along the paths in life that you're most interested in. You're philosophical yourself, and you love sharing your knowledge and insights with other people. For you, love and partnership are inextricably linked with learning and the expansion of your soul. You're attracted to people who have traveled to exotic places; who have held interesting, demanding jobs; who have gotten an education, either a formal one or one that they pursued and directed themselves. You're hungry for information, for experience, for enlightenment, and you're attracted to those qualities in others. You're also attracted to optimism in a lover; to a wide-open heart that looks forward into the future with excitement and enthusiasm. You do well in long-term relationships that allow you to expand your boundaries and your experiences; you wouldn't be happy in an affair that limited you, with someone whose interest in conversation and philosophy wasn't as strong as yours. If you can find that bright-eyed partner you're looking for, the commitment you'll make will broaden your whole world.

Saturn: Love's Lessons

Saturn in Virgo

A logical approach to problem-solving

Your methodical approach to problem-solving can be a real boon to your love life, as long as you don't let yourself get so steeped in logic that you ignore the validity of emotions. After all, not every issue that comes up in your love life will have an efficient, logical solution. Some things simply need a heartfelt response, and that could be difficult for you to discern. But in general, in a love affair, you're incredibly loyal and committed. You're also practical: You know that treating your lover well and respecting them and the relationship just makes sense, as it avoids messy, unnecessary problems. You're a good listener with your sweetie, and you expect the same in return from them -- which you probably won't always get. You tend to want and expect more perfection in your relationship than is really possible, which can mean that you're too hard on both your lover and yourself. It's just that you have high ideals when it comes to love, in terms of the ways that people in love should treat each other -- and you're not wrong in your ideas. It just might not be possible, for either of you, to be that restrained, dedicated, well-mannered lover every minute of the day.

Saturn sextile Uranus

On your own terms

You have a healthy respect for tradition -- for example, the traditional institution of marriage, or commitment within a relationship -- but you won't be blindly held back by it. You've got a wonderful balance between self-discipline and brilliant, progressive thought, and in love affairs, this is a real gift. You're not one to rock the boat just for the sake of rocking it, but you bring a real sense of freshness and uniqueness to your interactions with a lover. You wouldn't get married just to please your parents, or make a commitment just because you thought that was supposed to be the next step in your relationship. Instead, you try to make your relationships unique. You interact with your sweetie in whatever way feels right and natural, not in some way that you think you should. And while you're not necessarily a restless type, you'll leave a relationship when it's clear to you that it isn't working. On the other hand, you've got the discipline needed to give a love affair a real go: You'll willingly put in your time and energy if you think it's worth it -- if it seems like the relationship's going someplace wonderful and you're getting something out of it that you love.

Saturn square Neptune

Push onward!

You may be very lonely in love as a result of constantly wishing things were one way while refusing to accept how they really are. You have all these wonderful hopes and dreams for your intimate relationships, and then, time and again, they just don't happen. This, in itself, could lead to disillusionment, loneliness and self-doubt, but it's likely that those feelings existed before your love affairs ever started disappointing you. You have a hard time being your own advocate in life; instead, you may throw your energies behind someone else, or behind a cause that's not particularly important to you. Could this be because it's too scary to throw your energies into yourself, your own life, your own causes -- because if you were to fail, it would be too much to take? Or do you just not bother because you're so sure things aren't going to work out the way you want them to? Either way, the result is the same: You don't put enough energy and positivity into number one -- you. And your love life suffers as a result. If you can convince yourself to push forward in love despite your misgivings, you may find that things eventually work out a lot better than you think they will.

Uranus: Your Unique Attraction

Uranus in Scorpio

Intensely sexual

As odd or counterintuitive as it may sound, your intense sexuality could be the undoing of your relationship. But you have deep, strong desires, and you're not one to repress them. When they take hold of you, you want to act on them -- even if you have to do so in a secretive way. And sometimes, acting on your desires, especially secretively, may not be in the best interest of your blossoming or committed love affair. On the other hand, you're very sexually compelling to your lover. You have an innovative mind about new positions to try and new feelings to explore; you like nothing more than to get down and dirty with another person, and find out what it truly is to be human! But this urge to explore 'the dark side' and plumb the depths of your psyche via sexual encounters that lay your soul bare...well, it can get a little too intense at times, for your sweetheart and even for you. On the other hand, intensity, even the disturbing kind, is what you live for, and your strong will can get you through even the darkest moments. And you'll almost certainly come out on the other side with greater self-knowledge of your own truth.

Neptune: Your Rose-Colored Glasses

Neptune in Sagittarius

Strong intuitions

You have a strongly intuitive side, but you often misread your inner compass, and if you act according to your instincts, you might find yourself moving in the entirely wrong direction. When it comes to your instincts, you tend to miss the trees in favor of the forest. That means your 'inner eye' isn't attuned to the important little details, or the subtle variations of whatever feeling you're getting. In a romance, for example, you could get a strong sense that things are off with your partner -- but you'll ignore the specifics about your feeling and end up drawing the totally wrong conclusion about what's going on with your sweetie and why. You're seeking the truth, though, and that's the very reason why you so often misread your own signals -- because the truth is such a broadly varied and changeable concept. And it's wonderful that you shoot for the stars in your quest for the truth. But you should always incorporate all your senses, not just your sixth one. Rely on the combination of your inner feelings plus the facts as you can see and understand them, and you'll steer yourself along a straighter track.

Neptune sextile Pluto

The transcendent experience of love

While you may get involved in a few flings, you're more able than some to transcend your bodily needs for a higher ideal. Sex just for its own sake may not hold a lot of appeal for you unless other aspects indicate it; you'd much rather connect on a physical level with someone with whom you're emotionally bonded with, because that way, the experience is so much more transcendent and important. Sex without love is basically empty, but sex can be an important growth experience when paired up with true intimacy and emotional attachment. You've always understood that, so you tend to look for relationships that really mean something to you rather than pursuing someone who just appeals to you on a physical level. Love, also, is a spiritual experience for you, one that helps you grow hugely as a human being. If you look back over your life, you'll find that your romantic affairs corresponded with periods of intense personal growth and transformation, and it will always be this way for you. So when you're getting involved with someone new, use this truth about yourself as a barometer for whether the relationship is worth pursuing. If there's more there than simple attraction, it probably is.

Pluto: Taking it Deeper

Pluto in Libra

Personal growth through relationship

Love affairs have always been intense for you, because that is one arena that really lets you progress and transform yourself as a person. While other people might do their best internal work on their own, you're all about relationships and the lessons you can glean through being intimately involved with someone. Of course, 'relationship' can also mean the one you share with your therapist; that would be another wonderful way for you to connect more deeply with yourself and grow to understand and nurture yourself. But love affairs for you tend to be intense and symbiotic, and you rarely come out of them unchanged. A harmonious balance between you and your sweetie is one of your highest ideals, and you're willing to go to great lengths to bring that ideal into reality. You'll work hard on a relationship that's important to you, and you can be very introspective in your quest to make the bond the best that it can be. Just remember not to be too hard on yourself -- you're allowed at least a few flaws and idiosyncrasies! -- and not to subvert your own needs and desires in favor of maintaining harmony. With some effort, you should be able to have both.

Next Steps

I hope you have enjoyed the valuable insight, wisdom and guidance of this astrology report. You might be a little curious about astrology and perhaps wondering how an astrologer can know so much about you!

Astrology is a mathematical system. It's all about applying meaning to numbers, or more specifically, finding meaning in the movements of the planets around the Sun, as viewed from our perspective here on earth. These planetary movements are easily captured and recorded with measurements, calculations, angles and so on.

That's why astrology works so well with computers, whose programs are also based on numbers and formulas. In 'the old days' -- thousands of years ago, when astrology was first recorded -- those early astrologers had to painstakingly observe the heavens and catalog their observations for the next generation of astrologers to build upon. Thank goodness for the computer age! Now we can simply use computers to make those calculations quickly and pull just the applicable pieces of information. Now, astrology is instant, based upon thousands of years of observations obtained through careful methodology.

Interpretations of planetary positions are based in part on ancient Greek and Roman mythology, but your astrological report is unique, describing you and you only. Even in the case of twin siblings, their birth charts differ from each other's in at least a few ways. And besides, no one amounts to just a simple interpretation of their birth chart; everyone's personality is complex. Your astrological report leaves plenty of room for variations based on your free will, personal growth and transformation over a lifetime.

Just like you, your astrological report is unique. It’s generated online in seconds and provides you with instant insight at your fingertips. Whether you have a pressing question about your future or you just want some guidance and direction, now you can have it all -- in a fast, focused, all-about-you format.

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