Learn the Mysteries of the Universe Through Astrology

Kelli Fox is an accredited professional astrologer who was first drawn to astrology during her childhood in Sydney, Australia. As early as eight years of age, she began recording birth dates and zodiac signs for anyone willing to share. Since then Kelli has become a household name in astrology, known for her incredibly accurate horoscopes, forecasts and teachings.

Kelli Fox’s formal astrological studies began at the College of Humanistic Astrology. This led to her professional accreditation with multiple organizations including: FAA – Federation of Australia Astrologers, PMAFA – Professional Member of the American Federation of Astrologers, ISAR C.A.P – International Society of Astrological Research, NCGR-PAA – National Council for Geocosmic Research.

Kelli Fox was the first member of the Founders Circle of Kepler College and is an emeritus member of its Board of Trustees. Kepler College was the first college in the western hemisphere authorized to issue BA, AA and MA degrees in Astrological studies from 2000-2012.

Kelli views astrology as a universal language through which the unique elements that make each of us who we are can be discussed, understood and developed. For Kelli, astrology is not just entertainment (although it certainly shouldn't be boring!) but a scientific tool that provides daily guidance when it's done correctly. She sees her role as bringing this ancient science to our modern day life through technology.

Learning Astrology is just like learning a language

At first, you begin to hear new terms and seek to understand what they mean.

You look to others to interpret for you, which makes it quicker to comprehend at first…
Then, the more you practice, the more you start thinking, talking, and even dreaming in its terms…

Until finally, you realize that you can interpret it yourself, and a brand new world opens up for you.

However, there is a slight difference:

Where most languages were invented by people to communicate with other people.

Astrology empowers you to speak directly to the Universe itself.

Because guess what?

Astrology is not only a language. It’s...

The Ancient Language Of The Universe That Makes Life Give YOU What You Want

My greatest wish for you is that you become fluent in Astrology so you can tap into its true power:

To manifest anything in your heart’s desire.

Until today, your conversation with the Universe has been one way where you seek to understand the messages it sends you.

But what if your conversation became a two-way street?

What if you could tell the Universe what you wanted and it finally listened because you were finally speaking it’s language?
Could it be possible that you haven’t been living the life you want because the Universe is having trouble understanding you?

Astrologers have known for centuries that learning the language of Astrology gives YOU the power to control your destiny... instead of letting it control you.

That’s why I set out to create a simple yet powerful program to help you truly understand the language of Astrology, to the point where you can speak it, think it, and even dream Astrology in the eye of your mind.

A program to hand you the ancient knowledge of Astrology in small, bite sized bits, in a way that builds your foundation brick by brick

In fact, it’s been my mission my entire life: To make the language and power of Astrology available to anyone who wishes to learn.

Well over a decade ago, I started putting my heart and soul into making this course a reality…

And now, I’m finally making it available to a small, private group of people who are SERIOUS about taking control of their lives.

It's my pleasure to cordially invite you to…

The Silver Circle
Astrology Masterclass

This is the course I wish I had back when I was learning Astrology decades ago.

It combines the most basic yet powerful concepts of Astrology into simple language that’s easy to understand.

But you won’t need to attend college and pay for a bachelor's degree to speak fluent Astrology.

All you need is a computer, smartphone or device and a willingness to learn.
Inside, you’ll discover…
  • The hidden history of Astrology and its secret purpose! Plus, the ancient tools you’ll use to uncover who you really are, why you’re here, and what will happen next.
  • The mysteries of all 12 Zodiac signs are broken down with simplicity, revealing everything you’ve ever wanted to know about each sign.
  • The official sign classifications of Western Astrology and how the four elements play a crucial role in your life.
  • The secret meaning of Planets in Astrology, and what energies they connect to in your everyday life!  (Hint: Your “Sun” is one of 15 planetary bodies you’ll discover.)
  • How “Planetary Rulership” connects the dots in your Astrology chart, and reveals what planetary energy is running in the background of your life.
  • The truth about Retrogrades! What it means when each planet goes retrograde, and a detailed explanation of Mercury Retrograde in each sign so you can help your family and friends thrive.
  • How Moon phases affect you on a physical level, and what each phase means for your emotions as each month goes by.
  • Why Full Moons and New Moons have been worshiped since the beginning of time! Plus, the transformational power of Eclipses in all 12 signs is exposed in amazing detail.
  • The five relationships between planets in Astrology, how these “aspects” quickly predict a person’s true nature, and what is likely to happen in their future
  • The secret “mega aspects” of Astrology that even the most advanced software on Earth can’t interpret! You’ll learn about “Stelliums”, “T-Squares”, Grand Trines, Mystic Rectangles, The Finger of God and more.
  • How to accurately predict WHERE something will show up in someone’s life using the “birth time” secrets of “Astrology Houses.”
  • How the planets focus their energies in your “Chart Wheel” and what it says about you  (Hint: This is something most astrologers overlook)
  • PLUS: An active online community where you can share with like-minded people from all across the world, ready to embrace you and help you on your journey.
Everything is 100% online, so accessing the course material is as easy as checking your email!

By the end of this program, you’ll be fluent in Astrology and never look at your readings the same way again.

You’ll have plugged straight into the Universe and receive downloads right from the source, so you never have to second guess your judgment again.

You’ll have gained an almost psychic-like ability to see things before they happen and stop leaving your life up to chance.

You’ll have learned how to command the Universe to give you what you want instead of feeling like your life is out of your control.

And that’s not all…

The TRUE benefit of SPEAKING Astrology comes when you can use the secret knowledge at your fingertips to...

Help Your Family And Friends Live Their Best Lives Possible

Picture you’re sitting at a table with the closest people in your life - especially those who laugh when you bring up Astrology.

Imagine the awe on their faces as they perk up with hope after hearing your predictions, and the astonishment in their voice as they rush back, reporting how accurate you are.

Imagine them following your advice and getting the great results they were hoping for.
Imagine the beaming smile they send your way, thanking you for your help, and holding you in high regard.

Imagine the wave of pride and purpose that fills your soul as you watch the people you love start to thrive.

That’s the feeling I’m blessed with every day, helping people just like you use Astrology to navigate their lives.

And now, it’s your turn.


I can't describe how excited I was when I found out about this course with my favourite Astrologer Kelli Fox. It was absolutely FASCINATING! I highly recommend it to anyone, especially like me if you love astrology more as a hobby and just want to suck in as much information as you can. I loved all the extra pages of information you can go through that are linked up with Kelli's website when needing a greater understanding.

I already can't wait to go back through the course again and find out how much more I can learn. I hope there will be more courses in future with Kelli. She is the best!


We love Kelli!! Great astrologer and educator!


Loved all the educational information on astrology and astronomy.


Thank you so much for your time and energy. I have learned a lot.

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Always With Your Best Possible Future In Mind,

Kelli Fox

P.S. Remember, you’ll gain instant access to the Silver Circle online program and membership area, where your new community is waiting for you, along with your first month of course work, so you can dig in right away for just $99 for the one-time payment or $14.99 per month.

P.P.S. Don’t just take my word for it! Here’s what real Silver Circle members have to say…

Katherine F.

My experience in being highly enlightened and in awe of the gifts that are being shared by Kelli Fox falls nothing short of magnificent! Thoroughly accurate and a no nonsense approach to help us with the understanding that our signs provide and then some. It is magnetic attention grabbing and fun!

Laura D.

Love all this. I learn a lot. You are a professional and prepared. You are wonderful! Love your work. Love you!


Kelli just watched your amazing tutorial from The Silver Circle about the Planets and Asteroids. Thank you for bringing to life the planets and asteroids and their influences on our lives, with such a colourful array of personalities to guide us through out astrology charts and transits. Wonderful descriptions and visualisations. Thank you, love your Astrology course.


You explain the content really well, not too technical for me. I wouldn’t change a thing. You’re doing great. Thank you.


Thank you Kelli you are the best❣️


Thanx for helping me.


Thank u Kelli you are awesome!!
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