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How Life Changes When You Know What's To Come

Can you imagine how much easier life could be if you knew what situations were on your horizon?

The future can be exciting or it can be scary. It all depends on whether you feel prepared.

Though events in your life may seem completely random, there is still at least some pattern to the order of events guided by the cosmic dance of the planets and stars in the sky and their influence on your life here on Earth.

Of course, you have free will and it is reflected in:

  • how you behave
  • what your goals and ambitions are
  • how you work toward them or avoid them

The cosmos creates windows of time with the cycles of the planets...

  • times that are perfect to move forward
  • times that are better to rest and reflect instead

The way these cycles affect you is shown through your astrological transits which show you how the positions of the planets in the sky right now and in the future influence the planets in your birth chart.

The way that transiting planets interact with your natal planets creates focal points of energy at various points in time, related to all the different areas of your life:

  • your love life
  • your career
  • your home and family life
  • your spirituality and so on

So... if you’re wondering what will happen in the year ahead… asking yourself...

Are you going to get that promotion?

Start a new career?

Move to a new city?

Fall in love?

Your Future Forecast could hold the guidance you need to find the answers you’ve been looking for!

It can help you anticipate problems before they occur, give you tools to cope with changes, and help you look forward to the wonderful days ahead.
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