Grand Trine

A Grand Trine occurs in an astrological chart when three or more planets lie an equal distance apart from one another, forming trines with each other and creating a perfect triangle on the chart wheel.

This configuration is stronger when the three planets are in signs of the same element or when more than three planets are involved (such as if two planets are in conjunction with each other, and together form one point of the triangle).

A Grand Trine’s influence is weakened if the three planets reside in signs of different elements.

As trines are ‘soft’ aspects, and beneficial to the bearer, a Grand Trine intensifies that helpful energy. Grand Trines are all about luck and opportunity, effortless little gifts that fall into your lap when you’re least expecting it: talent that’s come by completely naturally; self-sufficiency that enables you to do what you like in life.

A Grand Trine in your chart signifies benefits that have come your way because you’ve earned them, and now they’re yours to enjoy with no strings attached!

Grand Trines are all about creativity and energy flowing harmoniously. The only thing to watch out for with this aspect is complacence. The stability of the triangle formed by the Grand Trine represents what can happen with all that good luck and easy opportunity: The bearer can become very self-satisfied, which can easily turn into stagnation.

Someone with a Grand Trine in their chart must always stay motivated, and keep reaching out for the best that life has to offer.