Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

The retrograde Mercury in Taurus affects your judgment and interactions on financial matters, so you will need to use extra care as you go about your business during this period.

Any new venture should be regarded with a great deal of caution, especially when dealing with large sums of money. You're more likely to meet with resistance during negotiations, so allot extra time for compromise and last-minute details. Avoid taking any risks, especially with regard to the stock market or even with big purchases.

If you must make important decisions on money matters, read through details carefully. Do not skim lightly over clauses and disclosures on contracts, use your magnifying glass, and ask questions when in doubt. One of the more effective uses during this planetary period is to revisit your financial papers of the past. Look through receipts, review your financial statements, refinance mortgage payments, and solve any tax questions you have.

This period may also find you at odds with others during conversations. Try not to be too rigid in your thinking and know when to yield, when given good reason. Bullheadedness can be a potential symptom of this celestial influence, so try not to inspire resistance.

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