A free astrological report prepared for

Person 1, born February 3, 1976 and person 2, Born November 17, 1978:

Me and My Ex - What Went Wrong

Reveal the Hidden Forces Behind Why it Didn't Last




Each of you contributed at least a few less-than-desirable qualities to this relationship that made it difficult for you to get along.

While you were probably able to outline your lover's failings complete with bulleted points and subheadings, you may not have realized that some of your character traits brought out the worst in them.

That's not to say that all your relationship problems were your fault, any more than they were all theirs.

No two people are a perfect match; every couple has areas that need work.

But some relationships function better than others, and the stars are a good place to look for answers regarding the issues you had as a couple.

Forewarned might have been forearmed.

Friction, Differences, and Karma Meters

The Friction, Differences and Karma Meters: remember how perfect things seemed back in the beginning?

Or maybe you can't even recall those glorious early days, when the future looked rosy and the possibilities for your relationship seemed limitless.

What was it that broke the two of you up, anyway?

The answer to that question is complex and multilayered, to be sure.

Had you known what your relationship trouble spots were, then you could have been better prepared to take one of three routes; avoid them as best as you could, worked through them as a team, or decided it just wasn’t worth the trouble and move on.

Your Friction, Differences and Karma meters give you a quick, at-a-glance view of the strife in your previous relationship -- all the sources of irritation, stress and hostility that ultimately led to that final goodbye.

This information can help you come to terms with your breakup, but also make you aware of pitfalls you may encounter in the future.


= 7

7-10: Ouch -- you might still be bitter

4-6: You both knew which buttons to push

0-3: The Problem? A lack of passion.


7-10: You never got each other from day one.

4-6: Your differences were eye-opening... until they got annoying!

0-3: You could still be friends


7-10: It was doomed from the start.

4-6: Unconsciously, you both acted out old issues.

0-3: At least you made new mistakes instead of repeating old ones.

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Person 1, in this free Me and My Ex - What Went Wrong report, you will get a preview of insights from the following planetary energies:


illustrates your basic commonalities
tells your basic differences
indicates how well you get along with one another
shows what each of you brings to the relationship


shows how you communicate with each other
reveals who is the thinker & who is the feeler
helps you understand each other’s communication style


reveals your connection to each other
indicates how each other prefers to receive love
highlights how both of you express love


represents the physical bond you share
reveals each other’s desires and impulses
shows how each person expresses frustration


highlights the non-negotiable values held by each of you
shows what is important to each person
indicates whether the relationship will grow


challenges the relationship
unveils each other's shortcomings
demonstrates where extra effort is needed in the relationship


uncovers each other’s rebellious side
points out the unique qualities each person brings to the relationship
shows how the two of you have fun


rules the psychic connection you have to each other
reveals how you help each other grow
indicates if a relationship is a spiritual one


reveals each person’s greatest fears
indicates opportunities for change
demonstrates the self-transformation the relationship brings to both of you
Read below for your personalized astrology compatibility information between you Person 1 and your Ex, person 2. This is a quick summary about how you connected as a couple but the full length report contains so many more revealing insights.
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The War Zone

Sun square Venus

It Would've Been Worth The Work

Few could resist your magnetic, magnificent lover, and certainly you were not immune to their many, many charms. So why did you find yourself chafing under the bonds of your link? You were annoyed and irritated by things large and small; you picked fights when your sweetie would rather hav...

Venus square Pluto

Power Play

Oooh, was your lover ever hot. Your friends were all so jealous of you. How ever did you bag such a magnetic, sexy specimen? You were in awe yourself, so attracted that you could barely think -- and there was the rub. All your life you had been able to wrap lovers around your little finger...

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Mars square Saturn

Stingy With Love

First things first: Who was holding out out in the love department? Signs point to your ex, who was stingy with affection in the best of times. But certain developments practically shut the store down, and you were starving for physical contact. It was almost pathetic, how far you'd go to ...

Mercury square Pluto

Were You Jealous?

Yikes! Your love relationship was a rather tense place to be. Your partner may or may not have been playing a little footsie with someone else. Whether it went all the way was unclear, but what was crystal clear was the tension it caused. Pockets were gone through. Emails were intercepted....

Sun square Uranus

Inconstant Love

You had that sick feeling in your gut by the end, didn't you? Your lover slipped away, faded out, lost interest in you. You may even have checked them out for signs of infidelity -- you know, gone through pockets, called your lover at odd times hoping you wouldn't find out something underh...

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Discover The Hidden Parts Of Your Previous Relationship

In your personalized full-length, in-depth report you will discover hidden parts of what your compatibility conflicts were and to help you understand the issues so you can move forward with your life.

Tap Into The Cosmic Alignments Your Shared

Recognize the planetary energies that were sabotaging your relationship and know why the issues were too great to overcome.

Have You Ever Wondered Why You Were In This Relationship?

Don’t miss this opportunity to clear your mind and let go of what didn’t work for you. Understanding yourself, your ex and your previous relationship – your challenges, weaknesses and obstacles – gives you the edge in developing a happy, healthy, fulfilled life so you can have a fulfilled relationship with the right mate.
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Your insight and accuracy are astonishing, practically as if we had talked in depth prior to me reading about what is current due to the past, where it's from and where it's going. When and why, along with covering so many different aspects of Life. Personally, Financially, Romantically, Professionally, Artfully and the final closure to important over ripe issues that must be laid to rest in order to move on into the Future to successfully be a part of the future that was meant to be.
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Until I started really reading all the info given to me, it’s then that I realized how meaningful this site really is.
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