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Person 1, born July 2, 1970

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Are Patterns From Past Relationships Causing Problems in Your Love Life, Person 1?

Being single or in a relationship can be frustrating anytime, but this is especially true in 2021
We had an extremely intense Venus Retrograde that had a huge effect of bringing up unresolved romantic issues.

This caused many relationships to either transform or to fall apart. 

And if that wasn’t enough, Mars is retrograde in September, October and November. 

It is incredibly rare for both of these personal planets to be retrograde in the same year, but 2021 definitely has NOT been a typical year as we all know!
Venus rules your heart and romantic life. And Mars rules your passion and sex drive.
Having both of these retrograde in the same year can cause immense upheaval in relationships.

Because of this, you might be beginning to notice patterns in your past relationships that seem to be preventing you from achieving the ideal relationship you've always dreamed of (and know you were born to have), Person 1.

If you look back over your romantic and sexual past, you’ll begin to notice patterns in the types of people you’ve chosen to love and in how you've shown up in these relationships as they each have progressed from start to finish. 

And even though you are the common denominator in ALL of your past and current relationships...
You know that who you are at the core of your being is constantly changing and growing.
This means that your needs shift, as do your problems, your turn-ons and turn-offs and more.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Love Life Remedy report.

And I want to help you discover how to have much better relationships going forward in your life!

I’ve prepared this powerful tool for you that will help you do exactly that!

Wouldn’t you love to discover what YOU bring to the table when you’re involved in a romantic relationship?
And what particular challenges YOU present as a partner (and how to address those challenges so they don’t hold you back from having the love you deserve)?

Your Love Life Remedy report examines the location of the planets at the time of your birth and paints a portrait of who you are and how you show up in your love relationships.

It will reveal the problems you've probably faced time and time again and will give you deep insights into your romantic nature. 
It will also empower you to live up to your full potential as a lover and improve your chances of being in a wonderful relationship soon.
Your Love Life Remedy Report Is An Astrological Guide to Breaking Toxic Relationship Cycles

Your Romantic Nature, Person 1

The Inner War Zone, Projections and Relationship Karma Meters:

You want the nitty-gritty, right?

You're ready to know the real deal when it comes to your own true nature and psychological issues... the ones that prevent you from finding and holding on to that ideal love you dream of.

Reading your Love Life Remedy report will give you that in-depth picture, but these three meters show an at-a-glance view of the lessons you have yet to learn.

Remember, whether your scores on the meters are high or low, you're in good company: We ALL have plenty of emotional baggage that comes from past relationships, our childhoods, and even past lives.

And we ALL have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to changing our lives for the better and improving our relationships, including our love connections.


Person 1's Inner War Zone = 8

7-10 Repressed anger, defensiveness and a seriously short fuse can turn your love affairs into an all-out war.

4-6 You've got some issues and inner conflicts to work through, but who doesn't?

0-3 You're so laid back in your relationships it could actually be a problem.

Person 1's Projections =

7-10 Seeing all sides of every issue is actually a detriment. You don't know what to believe!

4-6 You know your own mind, but you can see their point too. That's a good thing.

0-3 You see your sweetie as they really are...but do you understand them?

Person 1's Relationship Karma =

7-10 It's beyond time to work through your baggage from past relationships, or even past lives. Try moving forward!

4-6 Some of your relationship issues have been around for a while. It's time to sort them out now.

0-3 Good news: It's not just a new affair with the same old story. But can you compromise?

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In Your Love Life Remedy Report, you Will Discover How THE FOLLOWING PLANETARY INFLUENCES AFFECT YOUR LOVE LIFE, Person 1:

The Sun

Reveals how your personality affects the way you interact in relationships and the impact of who you are as a person in your relationships.


Influences how you think, communicate, and interact with others, verbally and nonverbally in relationships.


Shows how you love yourself and others, the intimate depths of your private life, traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you.


Determines your romantic passion, your sexual nature and preferences, and your sex drive. This information is essential to find a compatible partner for a truly passionate relationship!


Shapes your strongest held beliefs and values that need to be met to be in a healthy relationship and guides your way to true love.


Teaches you lessons about love and reveals your romantic karma, while illuminating your deepest challenges and limitations you must overcome to have a fulfilling love life.


Unveils where you might be rebellious or want to break the rules in a relationship and the boundaries you’ll want to push.


Reveals what your higher-self and subconscious mind need to be spiritually happy in a relationship.


Uncovers your fears and opportunities for change and transformation and how they can all impact romantic relationships for you.
Read Below to Find Out How the Placement of the Planets on July 2, 1970 Has Shaped Your Love Life and Guided Your Romantic Decisions So Far…

Person 1's Romantic Influences

Sun in Cancer

Turtle Love

You're a picture of loyalty, and that's admirable. Once in a relationship -- not an easy task in itself, due to your shy and vulnerable nature -- you'd no sooner leave than you'd sell your favorite piece of furniture. Too bad you forgot to warn your sweetie about your 'cold spells.' You're...

Mercury in Cancer

The Cat Has Your Tongue

Stopped talking again, did you? Did the cat get your tongue? Oh, we know you're the master of nonverbal communication. Past partners have all felt it. You wouldn't talk, but you felled them with your 'evil eye' glance, or rejected them soundly with your cold shoulder and huffy exit. Body l...

Venus in Leo

In the Spotlight

Another crowd gathers around you. You're warm, affectionate, pleasing to the eye and a lot of fun to be around. And boy, do you love the attention! The sun shines, and you radiate the joy of being you. The spotlight is great -- that is, until someone steps in and tries to share it with you...

Mars in Cancer

Holding It In

Here's a fact: Everyone gets angry from time to time. So it's not so important that you get angry; what's important is how you express it. Your tendency is to not express anger, but to sit on it. Why is it so difficult for you to confront and explain when someone has offended you? Instead,...

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Jupiter in Libra

Eternal Optimist

You need your relationships, all right. You depend on them. Consequently, you're rarely without a partner, and therein may be a problem: You're more desperate to be in a relationship than you are careful about who you're in it with. You're an optimist with a strong tendency to see whatever...

Saturn in Taurus

Let Love Grow

You are so sure that there won't be enough (love, money, fill in the blank with anything you value) that you cling tenaciously to what little you do have and refuse to let it go. Funny thing is, both love and money like to flow, so when you've got a death grip on them, instead of flowering...

Uranus in Libra

Upsetting the Apple Cart

You and your generation are upsetting the apple cart when it comes to relationships: You're forging a whole new way of engaging with others on a romantic level. You've grown up to witness a huge surge in the divorce rate, and you resolved early on to do things differently from your parents...

Neptune in Scorpio

Sexual Healing

You and your generation idealized sex more than you idealized relationships. The 'Sexual Revolution' was kicked off during the years of your birth and childhood, and because of this, you and your peers have carried this energy forward through the decades. You understand that deep healing c...

Pluto in Virgo

Perfect Mates Only, Please

You and your generation were born just before, spent your formative years in or came around just after the revolutionary 1960s, and in many ways, you carry forward this revolutionary energy into the future. You expect a lot from life and from your romantic partners; perfection would suit y...

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