An astrological report prepared for

Person 1, born January 18, 1975 and Person 2, Born July 31, 1982:

Cosmic Love Calendar for Couples


Cosmic Love Calendar for Couples
All of a sudden, you've got the energy and confidence you need to get things done. 

Or, the opposite occurs: You tackle your day with energy and focus, all the while looking forward to the date you have planned with your sweetie. But as soon as you two get together, the mood changes. Suddenly you're both irritable, snappish, going at each other like a couple of Siamese fighting fish.

What happened?
Relationships progress in phases; they rarely stay static. In both the above cases, it's likely that the current transits, or planetary movements, are influencing your relationship in ways that neither of you is aware of.

When things change between you and your significant other -- say, you notice that you've been arguing more than usual (or less) -- it often relates directly to the current transits and their effect on your bond.

A composite chart blends two astrological charts -- yours and your sweetie's -- into one, creating a new chart that provides an in-depth view of the relationship itself. This chart represents your connection as its own entity, one greater than just the sum of its two parts.

This report is for you and your partner. It focuses on teamwork and mutual understanding as it details the influences of current planetary transits on your relationship. This knowledge can help you to anticipate good times ahead, to circumvent problems before they arise and, when you’re navigating rough waters together, remember that this, too, shall pass.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Cosmic Love Calendar for Couples report.

And I want to help you discover the most powerful windows of opportunity for romance so you can make your relationship even better.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to discover which days are the most opportune to add more sizzle to your relationship?

And which days are probably not the best to focus on romance and maybe give your partner some space instead?
This Cosmic Love Calendar for Couples report gives you that exact information so you can have a far better chance of improving your relationship and helping it become even better than you ever imagined it could be!

What Do The Stars Hold For Improving Your Relationship in The Future?

No one ever said Love was simple, right?

When your relationship is going well, you can feel like you’re walking on clouds, and when things are hard – well – we can come back to the ground with a bump! Every Relationship has its challenges – even the best ones – and this is where Astrology can be a wonderful tool for guidance!

Your Personal Relationship Forecast Calculators are a glance into the future, revealing which areas of your relationship are likely to experience sweet, sweet harmony and which areas hold dynamic change and excitement!

The handy and easy-to-read Bar Graphs show you the six major categories of your relationship:

  • Your Shared Direction
  • Your Communication Bond
  • Shared Love & Values
  • Your Relationship’s Passion Prognosis
  • The Luck Forecast for your Relationship
  • Relationship Lessons – and how these areas could unfold over this period of time!

With Astrology, we can empower ourselves to prepare better for rocky times ahead, or enjoy the ride if things are effortless and easy – and learn to appreciate the areas in our relationship that are going well!

Perhaps there are a few obstacles when it comes to Communication right now, but your Love & Values are in perfect harmony with your partner, making these strengths you can to turn to in times of stress! And the best thing about Astrology is that you learn that “this too shall pass”, helping you and your sweetheart gain a bit of perspective when the going gets tough. And who wants things to be too easy anyway? Growth can never happen when a Relationship is too harmonious, so embracing excitement and dynamism is a perfect way to ramp up any stagnant energy!

So, go ahead and empower yourself and your Relationship with these Personalized Relationship Forecast Calculators and let the energy of the Stars and Planets be your guide when it comes to Love and Romance!

Your Connection To Each Other – The Sun Influences

The Sun in Astrology is a huge influence on how well you get along in a relationship. Just as the Sun is the center of the Universe; it is also the center of your relationship. It is the core of you, your partner and your relationship. If two people clash, this is the first place to look when it comes to Astrology. The bar graph will indicate how well each of you is connected to each other... Read more

8-10 You are bonded to your partner
4-7 There is a decent connection
0-3 You might feel disconnected to your partner

Communication and Conversations – Mercury Influences

Mercury in Astrology is linked to expression - intellectual, witty, and repartee describe the energy of this little planet. It influences how you communicate in your relationship - verbal and non-verbal. Are you being heard and understood by your partner right now? How about listening, really listening to each other at this time? When the bar graph is long, this indicates the communication... Read more

8-10 Communication is clear and conversation flows
4-7 Interactions are bumpy but manageable
0-3 Potential for miscommunication

Love and Romance – Venus Influences

Venus in Astrology is the love planet. Love, friendship, affection and romance are elements of this planet. It influences how you give and receive love and what you are attracted to at this time. When the bar graph is long, this indicates romance is top priority in the relationship right now. If the bar graph line is medium in length, the love and attraction you have for... Read more

8-10 Romance is rockin’
4-7 There’s affection but it’s not a priority
0-3 There’s not much time for romance right now

The Passion Principle – Mars Influences

Mars in Astrology is the planet representing our physical urges. Passion, sex, and aggression are all expressions this planet’s energy. Mars influences your sex-appeal, seduction and sizzle. Fighting and frustration also fall within this planet’s realm. When the bar graph is long, this indicates your passions are ignited with lots of excitement – both positive and negative.... Read more

8-10 Never a dull moment, at the moment
4-7 Your sizzle could use a little spark
0-3 It’s time to focus on the bedroom

Relationship Growth – Jupiter Influences

Jupiter in Astrology signifies expansiveness. The elements of Jupiter are growth, expansion, and forthcomings. It’s also the planet of hope, optimism and luck. These elements influence your ability to grow with your partner and to broaden your relationship horizons together. Do you feel you’re growing together or growing apart, right now? This graph will tell if the relationship is in... Read more

8-10 Life is good, and your relationship feels expansive
4-7 Relationship growth is steady
0-3 Reconnect with your partner. Make plans for the future.

The Commitment Component – Saturn Influences

Saturn in Astrology represents karma, challenges and conformity. This planet is all about reality, discipline and commitment. It’s the glue that holds your relationship in place, but it requires us to face those sticky issues and work through them together as a couple. It’s also about boundaries. Are you being respectful of your partner's boundaries; is your partner respecting yours? When the bar graph is long, this... Read more

8-10 Stick with it. Work through your relationship issues together.
4-7 You’re committed, and you can see where your relationship is headed.
0-3 Enjoy this karmic-free relationship period

Person 1, in this Cosmic Love Calendar for Couples report, YOU WILL GET Love INSIGHT FROM THE FOLLOWING PLANETARY ENERGIES:


illustrates your basic commonalities
tells your basic differences
indicates how well you get along with one another
shows what each of you brings to the relationship


shows how you communicate with each other
reveals who is the thinker & who is the feeler
helps you understand each other’s communication style


reveals your connection to each other
indicates how each other prefers to receive love
highlights how both of you express love


represents the physical bond you share
reveals each other’s desires and impulses
shows how each person expresses frustration


highlights the non-negotiable values held by each of you
shows what is important to each person
indicates whether the relationship will grow


challenges the relationship
unveils each other's shortcomings
demonstrates where extra effort is needed in the relationship


uncovers each other’s rebellious side
points out the unique qualities each person brings to the relationship
shows how the two of you have fun


rules the psychic connection you have to each other
reveals how you help each other grow
indicates if a relationship is a spiritual one


reveals each person’s greatest fears
indicates opportunities for change
demonstrates the self-transformation the relationship brings to both of you
Keep reading to discover how the current planetary transits are affecting you, your partner, and your relationship.
Click on any of the transits for full description.

March 2024




April 2024




Saturn sextile Jupiter - Don't Limit Yourselves
Venus sextile Neptune - Share Your Fantasies
Mercury trine Uranus - Do Something Different
Pluto sextile Mars - Focused, Beneficial Teamwork
Jupiter trine Jupiter - Do as You Please
Neptune trine Mars - A Vision of Shared Goals
Mars trine Pluto - Work Together Toward Your Goals
Venus trine Pluto - Swept Away
Sun sextile Mercury - Getting Through to Each Other
Sun trine Uranus - Creating Excitement
Mercury sextile Mercury - Feeling Turned On
Mars sextile Neptune - Pampering Each Other
Mercury trine Mars - Honest and Straightforward
Venus sextile Venus - Soft Sighs and Tender Thrills
Saturn trine Uranus - Creative Problem Solving
Sun trine Mars - Let's Get Physical
Venus trine Sun - Reaffirming Your Bond
Venus sextile Jupiter - In Your Favor
Mercury trine Neptune - Mutual Sympathy and Support
Mars sextile Venus - Making Everyone Jealous
Venus trine Uranus - Vary Your Routine
Venus sextile Mercury - A Warm, Easy Connection
Mars trine Sun - Put Energy into Something New
Mercury trine Saturn - Focus on Taking Care of Business
Mars sextile Jupiter - Social Activity
Venus trine Mars - Turned On and Tuned In
Uranus conjunct Mercury - Mind Blowing
Jupiter conjunct Mercury - Expanding Your Minds
Mercury conjunct Venus - Express Your Love
Uranus opposite Uranus - A Year of Questioning
Jupiter opposite Uranus - Restricted by Commitments
Mars square Uranus - An Impulsive Streak
Venus square Uranus - Temporarily Commitment-Shy
Pluto square Sun - A Period of Difficult Changes
Venus square Mercury - Afraid to Make Waves
Pluto square Venus - The Truth Stares You Down
Mercury square Neptune - Muddled Plans
Mars square Mercury - Making Mountains Out of Molehills
Sun square Neptune - In Doubt
Venus square Mars - Aggressive Passions
Venus opposite Saturn - Sunny Days Will Return
Mercury square Jupiter - A Bit Much to Handle
Mercury opposite Pluto - Overly Insistent
Mars opposite Saturn - Pushing Buttons
Mars square Mars - Calm Down
Venus square Neptune - A Rosy Dream of Love
Sun square Jupiter - Work as a Team
Saturn square Neptune - Imperfections: The Spice of Love
Sun opposite Pluto - In Need of Perspective

Your Strengths

Saturn sextile Jupiter

Don't Limit Yourselves

The coming months represent a wonderful blend of realism and optimism that will be a great boon to your relationship. Neither one of you is expecting more out of the bond than your partner is able to give. Thus, you're both feeling quite satisfied with what you've got -- a strong, loving, dynamic connection with a truly amazing person. At the same time, you're both excitedly looking toward your future together, your combined vision optimistic, even idealistic. You can see not just the horizon itself, but past it, and what you see is wonderful! Now is the time to set goals for your relationship, and dream big together. What is it you've always wanted to do together? Sail around the world on a boat you've made with your own hands? Hmm, that might be a bit too optimistic, but an around-the-world cruise isn't! Dream big, and the reality is sure to surprise and delight you. This is one of those rare periods in your relationship when you're both happy with exactly what you've got in front of you, but you're also both interested in bigger and better ways of expressing your connection and your dreams. So don't limit yourselves or each other in what you try to achieve now.

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Venus sextile Neptune

Share Your Fantasies

Don't try to get much done that's serious or business-oriented this week, because your hearts just won't be in it and you could end up missing important details, even if you're working together. Instead, this period should be about romance and relaxation, and nurturing the intuitive connection you share. You're both feeling extra tender and in tune with each other, and you'll want to avoid arguments even more than difficult or detailed work. Now is the perfect time to do something really romantic together, whether it's just cuddling together on the couch and sharing your dreams and fantasies or something more imaginative than that. A good date now might be attending a play, a poetry reading or a gallery opening, but you'll also be perfectly content with staying home and renting a movie. Napping together is also fun now, and you might both need the rest -- your combined energy levels are low at the moment. Indulging in dreams and fantasies is the main focus of this period. When you have to be apart, taking care of the business of your day, be sure to call up your sweetie or send them an email to let them know you're thinking of them.

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Mercury trine Uranus

Do Something Different

This ten-day period, you should take the opportunity to break out of your routine. When you two get together this week, you're both in the mood to do something new and unusual. You're feeling sparked up, and the same ol', same ol' just won't cut it. So why not liven things up a little? Instead of spending the evening at home, cuddling on the couch in front of the TV, you should get out on the town. Take a salsa class, or go see a foreign film and go out for dessert afterward, so that you can discuss your impressions. New ideas excite you both now; you feel stimulated by anything that's outside the bounds of what you normally think or talk about. This is a great time to bring up ideas with each other that you might normally keep under wraps because they're a little too 'out-there' or risque; at the moment, anything goes! This is also a great time to put your heads together and come up with a truly creative solution to anything that's been bothering you lately. You might dream up an invention to fix that broken table leg in the kitchen, or you might decide to paint the walls of the bedroom a bold, bright shade of green! Whatever you do, just make sure it's different.

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Pluto sextile Mars

Focused, Beneficial Teamwork

You can work together in a focused and intense way over the next several years, and bring about those goals and ambitions that may have seemed, up till now, more like pipe dreams. You're able to boost each other's confidence, talking each other up when you're feeling down, supporting each other when you need a strong, comforting shoulder to lean on. And as you take steps together toward your goals, you'll both start to feel stronger and stronger -- because each step convinces you just a little bit more that together, you can do anything you set your minds to! It will be rare now that you'll put time or energy into anything that's not going anywhere. It's all about good, focused work now, and results you can measure. Because of all this good, strong energy, you'll also enjoy a boost in your sexual connection during this period. Your attraction for each other increases and you'll both experience your sex play as more vital and intense than usual. Fun, fun! Part of this is because you both recognize the importance of a strong sexual bond, as well as that of working steadily toward your goals. You're more in balance now than usual, and you can feel the rightness.

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Jupiter trine Jupiter

Do as You Please

The next few months find the two of you in a much kinder, gentler and more optimistic space with each other. Projects you've been dreaming of or working on together suddenly seem to fall into place, perhaps even without much effort on your parts. This period may bring a much-needed respite for the two of you -- a natural, pleasurable slowing-down of your energies and your schedules that leaves more time for relaxing and having fun. It's a great time to get together with friends to laugh and talk and reaffirm your connection, or to stay home together and enjoy each other's company one-on-one. Your focus as a couple now should be on doing whatever it is that feels right, whether that's relaxing, getting out of the house, tackling a project together or anything else you're interested in. You're both into absorbing new information now, so everything from watching films to speaking with new acquaintances to taking classes together is a great experience for you both now. You're likely to make new friends during this period, ones that will open your eyes in a wonderful way to the limitless possibilities that the world holds for you.

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Neptune trine Mars

A Vision of Shared Goals

A deeper vision is one of the best gifts this transit has to offer you as a pair. Now you can start thinking about the dreams you share as a couple, and how to make them become a reality -- not necessarily within this two-year period, but at some point in the future, when the time is right. For now, it's enough to think, dream and plan. You'll find that focusing on the goals you share is an enlightening and enlivening experience. You'll both feel more excited to move forward into the future, because the horizon looks so appealing! And in the meantime, even if you're not ready to start taking actual, concrete steps toward these goals, you'll still feel the pleasant effects of this transit in a new, daily compassion that exists between you. You're treating each other more selflessly now than usual. You're each trying to think of little ways to please your sweetie -- fixing their tea or coffee in the morning without being asked to do so, or bringing flowers home after work to make the house brighter and sweeter-smelling. Even these little gestures are large ones when it comes to increasing the good feelings between you, and the positive energy you're both putting out into the world.

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Mars trine Pluto

Work Together Toward Your Goals

This period is a wonderful one for brainstorming about projects and goals that are important to both of you. You can make a lot of progress if you work as a team, so put your heads together and figure out what most needs changing in your relationship. Have you had any problems communicating or getting along lately? Has anything been worrying you about the way things are now, or where they seem to be headed? Whatever it is, you can tackle it now and change things for the better, in a much more effective way than usual. But being proactive is key; now is not the time to ignore your problems and pretend everything's fine and dandy. Things are fine and dandy -- you're both feeling good, energetic, in touch and in tune with each other, yourselves and the relationship -- but that's precisely why you need to put your combined energies toward positive change, so that you can make progress together toward your sparkling future. If there's anything in either of your own lives that needs changing, you can also get each other's help and input now on making it a team effort instead of a solo one; you'll make much more progress that way.

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Venus trine Pluto

Swept Away

You'll both be swept away this week on the power and intensity of your feelings for each other. Suddenly, the love that exists between you is like a living, breathing organism, or an electric current of energy that runs between you and binds you like a cord. You're both aware of each other now in a way that you may not remember experiencing before, and this energy is rare and precious, so you should both honor and enjoy it. Your sexual experiences with each other will be incredible now, to say the least -- passionate, full of ardor, a deeply moving experience for you both. You're in tune with each other at a deep level, possibly one that's deeper than either of you can fully understand; and that's fine. In fact, you'll both enjoy trying to get to the gold -- the pure, potent source of connection that draws you together and keeps you there, even through the rough times. This would be a good time to explore together the ins and outs of your relationship, in fact, especially if you've been dealing with any issues together of late. Now you can really get to the bottom of things -- the core of the core, so to speak.

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Sun sextile Mercury

Getting Through to Each Other

You can really get through to each other this week. Sometimes communicating can be so confusing, even downright difficult, but right now those pathways are wide open, making it a grand time to put your heads together and connect. If the air needs clearing, make it happen now: You can say what you mean, mean what you say and really get through to each other. Also take some time this week to take stock of the relationship as a whole, either together or each on your own. Think about what you hoped the relationship would be as compared to what it has turned out to be. Are things going the way you'd hope? Is it turning out to meet or exceed your dreams? Here's hoping that the answers to both are a resounding 'yes' -- but if not, not to worry. This period is perfect for getting things back on track if they've gone off-course. Plan a summit meeting -- er, date -- to get together, connect, talk, make plans for the future and focus on any areas of the relationship that aren't living up to their potential. And finally, remember that things don't have to be so serious! While there's a wonderfully clear-headed energy now, it's also a great week just to make each other laugh.

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Sun trine Uranus

Creating Excitement

Now is the time to celebrate everything that's unexpected and spontaneous about your relationship. This isn't the time to make firm, rigid plans and try to hold each other to them; instead, play things by ear. Keep it fun, light, footloose and fancy-free. The rest of your year can be scheduled down to a T, so why not enjoy this little ten-day respite from all that and really cut loose as a couple? You feel sparked up when you're together, and you both crave a little excitement, a little spontaneity. So get active: Go out dancing together, and cut up the floor with some hot salsa or cool swing moves. Go for a hike in a place you've never been before. Or, get really daring and try out a wild amusement park ride, wall climbing, roller skating... Whatever it is that puts you in touch, as a couple, with that sense of adventure that you crave, get out and do it! Short, impromptu day trips are highlighted now, as are all the fun, simple moments in which you make each other laugh and remind each other that, no matter how long you've been together or how well you think you know each other, there's always more to discover about each other and the special bond that you share.

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Mercury sextile Mercury

Feeling Turned On

Take a class together this week in something that interests both of you, or even in a subject that's brand-new; or read a book together, or watch a history show on TV. In some way, you both want to be enlightened when you get together now. You want to use your minds and talk over all the ideas that come into your heads. Your energy is sparked up when you get together, and for now, instead of being sexual, it's intellectual. You're both feeling chatty and communicative, and ideas are important to you -- not just what happened to each of you today, but how it made you feel and what it made you think of. You can expect to stay up late chatting at least a few nights this week; when you get together, you'll both feel that energy humming in your veins, making you listen up, tune in and focus. You may have a lot of busy work to take care of together, such as paying bills, negotiating contracts and the like. If so, you'll tackle it as a team and it will only add to the feeling that you're working together in a fun and interesting way. It would be a good idea to get outside this week and get some exercise, just to help burn off some of that energy!

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Mars sextile Neptune

Pampering Each Other

Your relationship feels like a place of real comfort and support, even more so than usual. Whatever happens over the next couple of weeks, you'll want to bring it straight home and talk it over with your sweetie. They're the only one who understands you right now, and you're the only one who gets them. You're both feeling very tender toward each other -- as if you'd do anything to show your understanding and acceptance of your honey. When you go out on a date during this period, be creative about where you go and what you do. When you give each other a gift or a card now, make it yourselves instead of purchasing something at the store. These little personal touches will really heighten your experience of the connection that you share. You're both feeling more compassionate now than usual, so you want to go out of your way to help each other; since you're both in this mood, there's little danger that either of you will take advantage of it. But don't forget to pay attention to yourselves as well as each other and the relationship. Keep up your exercise routine, but don't push it too hard, because your energies aren't quite as high as usual.

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Mercury trine Mars

Honest and Straightforward

Any issues that have come between you of late can get sorted out now, because at the moment, you're both being honest and straightforward about your needs, desires and opinions. Neither one of you is afraid to speak up to the other, because you both feel as if the relationship is an open, equal forum -- a place for both of you to loosen up, let down your hair and let it all hang out, so to speak! While debates are possible between you at the moment, things probably won't spiral into an actual argument. You're both feeling too tuned in and levelheaded for that. You want to cooperate, not fight. You both recognize that speaking clearly and calmly is much more effective than yelling, pouting or whatever other silly behaviors you two might indulge in from time to time, which means that right now, you can really get things done! This is also a great time to work together on things outside the relationship, such as running errands or getting work done as a team. You'll get a lot more done if you work together now than if you try to work alone. Getting some exercise together would also be a great idea now. Go for a walk or a light jog, so that you can talk along the way!

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Venus sextile Venus

Soft Sighs and Tender Thrills

You two want nothing more than to spend time with each other this week, whether it's one-on-one or with friends -- as long as you're together. You're both experiencing a renewal of your attraction and adoration for each other. It's as if you're back in the first bloom of romance again -- all tender thrills, soft sighs and murmured words of affection. You'll both feel amazed anew at your bond. 'How did we get so lucky as to find each other?' you'll ask one another, as you stare deeply into each other's eyes. What a nice feeling! You may not get a lot done around the house this week, because you just want to have an easy, relaxed and romantic time. Of course, if there have been any issues between you of late, they won't get dealt with now either. Neither one of you wants to rock the boat at the moment; you just want to get along and revel in the sweet harmony between you. There's nothing wrong with that; just know that if there are problems simmering between you, putting them on the back burner will only delay the inevitable. On the other hand, this week is so sweet that it could go a long way toward alleviating tensions.

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Saturn trine Uranus

Creative Problem Solving

Any problems you've been facing as a couple can be creatively resolved during the next several months, as you tackle life together with a new sense of imagination and inventiveness. Your relationship suddenly seems like a really exciting place to be, as you improve on the foundation you've built together and move toward your shared future with your eyes wide open and bright. Opportunities may open up for you now; whatever it is that you've always dreamed of doing together could suddenly fall into your laps, seemingly without either of you putting in any effort at all! If you've been wanting to move, a great new apartment or house might suddenly go on the market, and you'll find out you're the only ones bidding on it...or, if you've been hoping to find more time to travel together, suddenly one of you could get a job that takes you all over the world and pays for your sweetie to come along for the ride. When these opportunities come up, be sure to reach out for them! You can't take full advantage of the blessings of this period unless you're willing to be proactive, reach out, grab hold and take it from there.

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Sun trine Mars

Let's Get Physical

This ten-day period is perfect for getting physical. Yes, you can get that kind of physical -- your passion for each other is revitalized now, and this is a great time to get close in the bedroom! But you can also focus your teamwork and energies on other projects, like cleaning house, working out, playing sports together or whatever project comes to mind. When you're together, you'll both feel enthusiastic and motivated; this should be a very dynamic period. You'll certainly be able to get more done together than alone, and you should capitalize on that. If there are any projects you've started together in the past but left unfinished, now is the perfect time to tackle them again with renewed energy, and get things squared away. Finish building those bookshelves together, or planting the garden, or completing that physical fitness course at the park. You've got the drive now to get things done, and you can push each other a little harder than you'd push yourselves. Okay, a lot harder! There's a healthy, fun sense of competition between you now, so you'll both have a great time trying to outdo each other, and yourselves.

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Venus trine Sun

Reaffirming Your Bond

You two are in the mood to spend time together and with friends, enjoying your connection and making each other happy. This should be a really nice week! No, you probably won't get a lot done, but that's fine for now. You're both feeling very loving toward each other, and it's good to indulge that feeling -- since so often it can get submerged beneath all your day-to-day duties and worries and the little tribulations of life. Now, you can just enjoy each other's company. This is a great time to go out on a date together, or to stay in -- or invite friends over for a dinner party. You could even make some new, fast friends together, because you're both at your charming best now, and as a duo, well, you'll make everyone laugh and feel completely at ease! And when your friends leave for the evening, you two will have a great time cuddling up and getting romantic. The sense of attraction and affection between you is strong now, and you should indulge it. Don't worry about cleaning the house or doing the dishes; those things can wait. This period should about the two of you, reaffirming the very wonderful and satisfying bond between you.

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Venus sextile Jupiter

In Your Favor

Your mood as a couple during this period is the type in which you'd be perfectly happy with a backyard barbecue and all your best friends in attendance -- even if it's only thirty degrees outside! You've got enough warmth in your hearts at the moment to combat even the coldest temperatures! Your loving feelings are renewed this week, and you also want to reach out as a couple to your loved ones and let them know you care about them. Any business you have on your plates as a duo should go very well; together you'll charm your boss or their business associate, and you'll have your loan officer laughing and wanting to cut you a deal. In fact, this could be a 'lucky' week for you two. Opportunities may fall into your laps, delighting you and making you feel as if the universe is working in your favor, when what's really going on is that you're getting back some of that sweet, generous energy you're putting out into the world. Last but not least, this is a wonderful time to get in touch with the beliefs that you share as a couple, whatever that means for you. It's a perfect time to be contemplative, to meditate on the things that matter most to you in the world.

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Mercury trine Neptune

Mutual Sympathy and Support

When you two open up to each other about your feelings this week, you'll both tune in and listen with more than just your ears. You're feeling softer than usual toward each other now; you want to know what's going on with your sweetie, and your most sensitive feelers -- your instincts and intuition -- are working to give you a subtle view of what's in their mind and their heart. And they're returning the favor. If either of you encounters problems at work or otherwise in your daily life, you know that you can bring them home this week and receive a lot of sympathy and support from your sweetie for your travails. A wonderful date for you two now might be a long walk out in nature, during which you can talk together or simply commune silently with each other and with the world around you. At night, before you go to sleep, take a few minutes to read aloud to each other -- a bit of poetry would be perfect -- to prepare each other and yourselves for the dream world you're about to enter. You'll put each other in a highly imaginative and receptive frame of mind, and you could end up having some incredible dreams -- maybe even about each other!

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Mars sextile Venus

Making Everyone Jealous

During the next couple of weeks, you're the couple that all your friends envy. You're holding hands, cooing at each other, gazing into each other's eyes, laughing at one another's jokes, each marveling at how lucky you are to have this amazing, sweet and sexy person in your life. Your internal radars are blipping and humming during this period, tuning right in to each other's frequencies. You're both feeling full of energy and desire, affection and appreciation for this person you so adore. Make time for some intimate play, because you're both in the mood and sex is a really fun way to use up some of this energy you've got humming inside you right now! You don't have to spend all your time alone together, holed up in the bedroom, of course; you can also go out with friends and have a great time that way. Going out on the town or to a party will be even more fun than usual, because you're both in the mood to have a great time. Going out dancing together will be especially fun -- but be forewarned that you're going to make everyone jealous as you get closer and closer as the night wears on!

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Venus trine Uranus

Vary Your Routine

If you go out together this week, don't make it your usual restaurant, and skip the usual dinner-and-a-movie get-together for something more unique and unusual. An interesting energy is created whenever you're together now, and you could really have some eye-opening experiences as a couple if you commit to varying the routine. If you live together, this is a great time to redecorate, but again, don't do things in the usual way. Your focus as a couple now should be on anything that's different -- anything that gives you that sense of being alive, that feeling that the universe is limitless, and you've only uncovered a tiny corner of it yet. There's so far to go! This is always true, of course, but normally we get too caught up in the day-to-day minutiae of life to remember that the world holds far more than we've ever dreamed of or imagined. Now, you can get back in touch with that feeling of newness, as a couple. Take an impromptu weekend trip, or play hooky together from work. Buy a piece of abstract art and display it proudly in the living room. Do something -- anything -- that's outside your usual beat. You'll discover amazing things if you do.

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Venus sextile Mercury

A Warm, Easy Connection

You could just have a really good time together this week, chatting over romantic dinners and reconnecting with exactly why it is that you adore each other; or you could actually make some progress through any relationship issues that may have been bothering you lately. This week would be good for either or both, as it's a time to reaffirm your romantic connection and let each other know just how you feel about each other. You could even take care of a little business as a team this week, in a fun way. This period is perfect for networking in a social sphere, such as taking one of your bosses out to dinner or attending a fundraiser for a cause you both believe in. When you're together, conversation will flow not only with each other but with everyone you come into contact with. Basically, you two can charm anyone now, starting with one another! So use the current energy as a gift that's to your advantage. Talk over an issue if there's anything that's been upsetting you lately; make a good impression on your boss or an associate. You're projecting a wonderful image now, that of a couple who's warm and loving, vibrant and appealing.

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Mars trine Sun

Put Energy into Something New

Together, the two of you can put a lot of energy into something new during this period. It's a great time to join the gym, step up your exercise program or sign up for your local intramural soccer team -- but whatever you do, do it as a team. You can really keep each other motivated now, much more so than if you're trying to get things done on your own. You have a lot of energy when you're together now; passion is running high between you, and your sex life may enjoy a boost now! You can also make headway on any projects around the house that need attention. You're both feeling strong and assertive, but it's unlikely that this will lead to arguments between you. While there is certainly a bit of a competitive edge between you now, it should be just enough to spark things up and keep them interesting. You're not likely to lose your sense of tact or togetherness -- and that's really what this period is about: reaffirming your relationship as a unit, a well-functioning duo that can tackle anything you put your minds to. That's why working together is so important now; you can increase each other's enthusiasm and energy tenfold.

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Mercury trine Saturn

Focus on Taking Care of Business

This ten-day period may not be a barrel of monkeys for the two of you; the focus is off laughter and romance and on taking care of business. But what a lot of business you can tackle this week, when you work as a team. You're disciplined and focused when you're together; when one of you starts to stray from the task at hand, the other can gently bring you back around again. When you put your heads together, you can work out almost any snag, solve almost any problem. All of those skills are your forte now as a couple, and you should certainly put them to use in whatever arena is appropriate. Do you have some paperwork to finalize together, or a project around the house that needs attention? Does one of you have a family situation that needs resolving, something that could go more smoothly if you both work on it together? Whatever it is, give it your attention as a team now. You can also help each other simply with working on or understanding something on a personal level, such as an interesting problem in your school work or career. Now would also be a good time to help each other brainstorm ways to chat up your boss for a raise or promotion.

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Mars sextile Jupiter

Social Activity

The next couple of weeks could be a hectic period of social activity, high energy and exuberance for you two. You might receive an invitation to a party for the same evening that your sweetie's set aside for dinner with friends, and you'll probably try to do both -- which could leave you feeling tired out at work the next morning. But what fun you'll have in the meantime! Any slow mornings are probably worth it. You've got extra energy to burn anyway, and getting out of the house together will be more than just simple fun. It could lead you to greater understanding of where your lives are headed, or even to opportunities that you would have missed out on if you'd decided to stay home and play it safe. This is definitely not the time to stay home or keep quiet. So you've got four get-togethers to go to in one weekend -- so what? Put on your snazziest shoes and head on out the door! You might also have a lot of business to take care of together during these few weeks. If so, don't be intimidated about speaking up and asking for the terms you want. People are responding favorably to the two of you, and your greatest gift is bravery.

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Venus trine Mars

Turned On and Tuned In

You two are feeling really in love now. All the good things that come with it -- attraction, passion, excitement, warmth -- are in high gear this week. You've both got a renewed sense of just what it is that connects you, and keeps that connection going through the dull days and the difficult ones. Ah, it's days like these that are the real gold of a relationship! You only have to look at each other this week to feel turned on and tuned in. Getting together with friends would be great now, if you can spare the one-on-one time -- you might just want to stay in together, with the bedroom door firmly shut! But you are both feeling social, and you should get out and have a good time with good friends. At home, you can give this new sensual energy running between you a boost by cooking together or doing something fun and hedonistic like taking a candlelit bath or giving each other massages. Whatever your desires might be this week, you should voice them, or otherwise make them known. You're both in the mood to pleasure each other, as much as you want to seek your own; you're both even more open than usual to fun, sexy, passionate play.

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Your Intensities

Uranus conjunct Mercury

Mind Blowing

Things are going to get really interesting this year for you two, as your communication gets sharp and inventive and your capacity to understand foreign concepts broadens. During this transit, anything is possible on a mental, intellectual level. If you two have been dreaming of starting some project or business together, now would be the perfect time, because you've got a truly inventive outlook at the moment that ensures you'll do things in a brand-new way, one that no one expects. You're both open to strangeness and newness now, so traveling to a country that's totally different from what you're used to experiencing will be a really eye-opening experience for you both. If you can't afford the time or funds it takes to physically visit a new place, why not visit it by taking a course or reading a book about it together? You can help each other to see things and make connections that the other missed. Your conversations will be fast-paced as you zing from one topic to the next. Do find ways to stimulate your minds this year, because otherwise, all this extra mental energy could turn into simple nervousness or even argumentativeness.

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Jupiter conjunct Mercury

Expanding Your Minds

During the next few months, you two are going to share some mind-blowing conversations with each other and with your mutual friends -- discussions that open up your perception of what it is to be human and what it means to truly live. Whether you're conscious of it or not, you're both in a space of wanting to have your minds expanded. You want to learn, to get even closer to the truth than you ever have before, and you should take any opportunity that comes your way to do so. One tremendous mind-expanding experience might be traveling to another country or community -- someplace that's nothing like where you come from. Sharing knowledge is highlighted now, both with each other and with people outside your relationship, so don't be afraid to speak up as well as listen. If you two can't get out of town just now, taking a class together would be another great way to open up your horizons and deepen your experience of the world. Even just renting documentary films to watch together at home would be a great learning experience now! Stay focused on knowledge and communication; you'll learn more than you thought possible.

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Mercury conjunct Venus

Express Your Love

Take this ten-day period to really let each other know how you feel about each other. You're both feeling amorous, and you both want to express it in words. Write your sweetie a love poem; leave a sweet message on their voice mail; whisper sweet somethings in their ear. You could even compose a song about the love you share! However you do it, just make sure you get it out there, because sometimes we forget to make our feelings clear, when the chaotic rush of life takes over. Now, this period will probably be a fast-paced one, too, but it will be fast-paced in terms of frequent conversations, phone calls, emails and IMs. This is a great time to have a heart-to-heart about anything that's been bugging either of you about the relationship. You're both a little more tactful now than usual, because getting along with each other is at the forefront of your minds. You're both able to put things in a softer and more eloquent way now, so put this new (and temporary!) skill to use to air out any grievances or issues that either of you has. And have fun! This is a great time to spend time together, or to go out with friends.

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Your Challenges

Uranus opposite Uranus

A Year of Questioning

If your relationship were human, it would purchase a red, zippy sports car this year and dye its gray hair some vibrant, youthful color. Yep, that's right -- your relationship is going through its very own mid-life crisis, even if you haven't been together long -- and you two are feeling the effects. You're both aware that you're not going to live forever, and neither is your connection. Have you been taking each other or your bond for granted recently? If so, this period will be even more pronounced, because it injects your lives with a shot of adrenaline, forcing you to face the present and the future at once. Is this what you really want -- the way this relationship is, right at this moment? If the answer is no, take the extra energy this transit provides and use it to create positive change in the ways you relate to each other. If the answer is yes, then reconcile yourselves to the fact that all things, even special ones, must come to an end. Growing old and gray together is a wonderful possibility; don't cloud it by worrying about future loss or change! The best you can do with this energy is to let it help be more proactive and determined about the way this relationship progresses.

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Jupiter opposite Uranus

Restricted by Commitments

You might both feel restless during the next few months, suddenly much more aware of wanting to be free and independent instead of part of a couple. You're more conscious now of how you're held back, and less conscious of the ways in which you're supported by your bond. Suddenly, that support doesn't matter -- not in the face of your need to get out there and be yourself! This restlessness may not confine itself to your relationship, either. You may suddenly feel like signing that loan application was a bad idea, even though you knew at the time what you were getting into, and for how long. That time-share with coworkers no longer seems like a fun excuse to get away for the weekend; it now seems like a financial burden that's keeping you from visiting all the places you really wish you could go. Try not to let this feeling of restlessness get you down; instead, use it as a catalyst for positive change. If you're feeling detached from each other, sit down together and have an honest talk about your feelings -- or, just wait and see how things go. There's a good chance your restlessness will pass with the current energy.

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Mars square Uranus

An Impulsive Streak

When rebellious thoughts enter your heads during this period -- fantasies of ditching out on the ol' ball-and-chain, maybe, and running off to Fiji -- don't take them too seriously! It's just the current energy at work, whispering seductive fantasies in your ear, making you question whether you're leading the life you've dreamed of. Hey, questioning is great, but uprooting yourself just because you're feeling restless isn't great at all. If you're both feeling rebellious, well, at least you can run off together; but chances are good that you'll each secretly feel suspicious that the grass is much greener someplace else. You'll both start behaving in ways that reveal your urges for independence: Maybe you start disagreeing with your sweetie purely for the sake of disagreement itself, and then they start showing up late for dates just to keep you on your toes, which ticks you off... Sounds a little immature, doesn't it? On both your parts. So calm down. The energy passing through is meant to test your bond. Show it how strong you two are by resisting its siren call of freedom -- at least until your heads are clearer and you can make more definite, less impulsive choices about your future.

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Venus square Uranus

Temporarily Commitment-Shy

Neither one of you is respecting your bond as a couple this week as much as you should, so take care not to create a real mess. You're both feeling a bit rebellious; you've got grass-is-greener syndrome for the moment, and you both might start wondering if there might be someone out there who's just a little more interesting and exciting. Well, the answer is, probably so. But so what? Someone else might excite you more, but they would come along with their own problems and personality quirks that you'd have to learn to put up with -- which, after a while, would dim your sense of excitement and newness. That's what's going on here; after all, you two found each other pretty exciting back in the beginning, when everything was new and the possibilities were limitless. Now you know each other a little better, including each other's foibles, and it's easy to get impatient with each other and even start thinking that maybe you should look for love somewhere else. Good thing this is a short period of instability; if you're both careful, neither of you will do or say anything you regret, and you'll both be glad next week when you remember how strong and important your bond truly is.

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Pluto square Sun

A Period of Difficult Changes

The next few years could be difficult for your bond. There will be high points, of course, and sublime moments that make it all worth it, but there will also be plenty of tension created by the energy of this transit, which seeks to force you both to face your issues, however painful that process may be. Arguments and disagreements may increase; at times, you'll both feel as if you have no idea who this person is whom you once thought you knew so well. It's not that, though; it's that your habitual, perhaps destructive behaviors are being brought to the fore, creating difficulties between you. You'd rather just stick your heads under a rock and ignore the problems between you -- but is that what you really want? Doing so would mean continuing forward with these issues that have been crippling each of you since well before you met each other. You can turn this period into a time of important growth if you each resolve to face your problems with courage and do something about them. Support each other through this painful time as well as you can, and remember that the changes that are happening are ultimately for a good reason.

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Venus square Mercury

Afraid to Make Waves

You two really want to get along this week -- which, contrary to logic, could actually make things a bit difficult between you. Neither one of you is feeling very strong at the moment; you're both privately feeling a bit insecure about the relationship, and that could make you be more conciliatory with each other than is strictly necessary. You might both agree to things that you're not really interested in or compromise (meaning, back down) on issues that you really should take a stand on. But you just don't want to get into an argument, or have any unpleasantness between you at all. It's understandable; fights and tension are no fun. But neither is fixing messes later that you created yourself by allowing yourself to be walked all over. Now, neither one of you is going to take advantage of the other purposefully; you've both got the same aim now, which is to get along and have a smooth connection. But do try to remember that keeping the peace isn't always the most important goal, especially if something truly important comes up between you this week. It's important to communicate clearly and honestly, especially about the big things, even if you're afraid you'll upset your honey.

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Pluto square Venus

The Truth Stares You Down

Those ideals regarding romance and love that you've both harbored up till now will be exposed to the light during this two-to-three-year transit, and will likely be destroyed -- a painful, disillusioning process for you both. It's as if the shutters will fall from your eyes and your hearts, exposing you to the truth of your relationship, and you may not like what you see. It certainly pales in comparison to your pretty dreams, the hopes and illusions you've been operating under because it's so much easier than accepting things for what they are. The process of acceptance can be a messy one, though, and it may not happen very quickly. Jealousy and possessiveness could become a big issue between you as a couple, as you each try too hard to hang on to something that you sense is changing, and perhaps ending. But try to remember that clinging tighter will only make those changes more painful and difficult; it won't keep your sweetie around any longer or make your connection any more true or loving. The opposite, in fact, will be the result. So deal with each other as straightforwardly as you can. Talk about your feelings instead of acting on them impulsively.

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Mercury square Neptune

Muddled Plans

Clear communication will be difficult for you two this week. Plans you made together will suddenly be up in the air, and you'll have trouble following paths that you've set for yourselves, even familiar ones. If you're working together on any kind of project, you could find that you didn't have all the information when you initially set things in motion. Part of the problem this week will be that even putting your heads together won't help much in straightening things out. Your mutual impressions will be off, and your intuitions won't be accurate. If you do operate based on impressions, don't be surprised if you take a wrong turn, literally or figuratively. Perhaps the key to this blessedly short period will be simply not to expect anything less than confusion. Anything you plan together will be disorganized, and in some situations, that's fine -- it could even make things more fun, such as if you're taking a weekend trip together and you've got time on your hands. But if it's something important that you're planning together, such as a dinner party with your bosses or other VIPs in attendance, get the help of a third party to make sure things run smoothly.

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Mars square Mercury

Making Mountains Out of Molehills

Any issues that come up during this period will seem like major, full-blown problems needing your immediate and dramatic attention. It's safe to say that, when you two are together now, you'll collectively lack a sense of perspective. What would normally be a simple interaction about, say, which movie to go see or whose turn it is to take the trash out will turn into a major battle, one in which each of you is using whatever weapons you have in your verbal arsenal -- sarcasm, criticism, derision, downright rudeness -- to get beneath the other's armor. You'll both say things now that you'll regret later, things that just flew out of your mouth in the moment when you were trying to say something, anything, to put your sweetie in their place. If you can both watch your mouths, this period will be much smoother; but there's still a high chance of making bad decisions in haste or otherwise being a little too aggressive in your thinking. Exercise can help with managing this troublesome energy; when you two get together, do something active that uses your bodies even more than your minds. And do try to keep those snarky comments in check!

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Sun square Neptune

In Doubt

Suddenly, you might both feel as if the relationship is in doubt -- as if all your plans and goals regarding your future together are tossed up in the air and called into major question. Can you really do the things you've dreamed of doing together? Even your commitment itself suddenly feels like a house built on sand, without a firm foundation. Good thing this period is relatively short! In a week or so, you'll both feel much more solid in your footing; your clear vision of what you want out of the relationship will return. But for now, you could both feel plunged into confusion -- and the worst part of it is, neither one of you is talking. How can you discuss something so vague and amorphous? But you'll both notice that for now, when you get together, neither one of you seems to be your usual self. You might even feel suspicious of your sweetie, as if they're hiding something from you. If that feeling comes up, remind yourself that they're not hiding anything that you're not hiding yourself -- that is, this sense of vague discomfort with the relationship and where it's going. As long as neither of you attaches too much importance to this feeling, you'll get through it fine.

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Venus square Mars

Aggressive Passions

You're both feeling passionate this week, but you could be a little too aggressive in getting your feelings and needs across to each other. Part of the problem is that each of you is so focused on your own needs at the moment. Your sensual encounters could feel a little off; though you'll both be very interested in hooking up, you're both pushing for your own desires to be met rather than trying to see what you could do to make your honey feel wonderful, and that creates a basic mismatch between you. You might even end up turning each other off rather than stoking those fires, and arguments could ensue. After all, physical passion can turn quickly into temperamental passion -- the kind that leads to fights and hurt feelings. You're both feeling a bit competitive and confrontational, perhaps without even realizing it; you might start acting competitive and immature if you play board games or sports together. You also might argue this week over money issues; if so, you'll both represent your own perspective with that same passion that you're bringing to the relationship in general. Oh well -- at least there's no shortage of excitement between you!

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Venus opposite Saturn

Sunny Days Will Return

You two want to enjoy each other's company this week, but you've both got a little too much on your plates to really let loose and have a good time. When you go out to dinner together, conversation is stilted; you're both preoccupied with whatever it is that you need to get done, and you may keep sneaking glances at your watches. You'll both feel as if the other is being a little bit uptight -- not realizing that that's how you, yourself, are coming across. You do want to have fun, and you might even try to fake it, laughing at jokes that you don't find funny or trying to hold up your end of the conversation while making it perfectly obvious that your heart's just not in it. Why fake it? Why not just take a break from the fun and games for a week or so, to get some work done? Oh, yeah -- because you're both in the mood for fun. You just can't seem to make it happen. The best you two might be able to do under the current energy is to just let each other, and yourselves, off the hook. If your sweetie seems distracted or uninterested in the conversation, remember that you've been the same way lately. Sunny days will return soon, don't worry.

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Mercury square Jupiter

A Bit Much to Handle

The two of you might want to stay away from group functions and social outings this week, because as a team, you might be a bit much to handle! Something about the energy that's created when the two of you get together now is swelling up both your heads like balloons; without even realizing it or meaning to, you could both come across as being very boastful. Perhaps you've made some plans recently that you're both excited about, and you'll both go gushing to your friends about everything you've got in the works -- without realizing that you're stepping on their toes in some way. Group conversations with friends or colleagues could have a similar effect if the two of you take a stance on a subject and act like you know all there is to know about it, even if you're far from experts in that area. Part of the problem is that you probably don't have all the information, and you could really be sticking your mutual foot in your mouth, so to speak. Even when you put your heads together, it'll be difficult at the moment for you to pay close attention to detail. If you have to conduct any business together, go over it with a fine-tooth comb before signing anything.

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Mercury opposite Pluto

Overly Insistent

Your conversations will be quite intense this week -- but whether that's in a powerful, transformative way or just in an argumentative way remains to be seen. You're both a bit obsessed at the moment with your own perspectives; you think your way is the only way possible, and you'll argue your points down into the dust, if only to stand your ground and refuse to give in to the opposition -- er, to your sweetie. Remember? This is the person you adore, not the person you're in battle with! But you're both feeling a little bit insistent, and maybe even a little suspicious. You both want to dig deep; in an argument, you'll have a hard time letting things go, and you'll want to push down to the root of whatever's bothering you or your honey. That's a good impulse, but the problem at the moment is that you could wear each other and yourselves out. Try to remember that both of you are perceiving things through your own, unique veil of emotions. Whatever you believe or suspect, it's still through that filter, and may not be completely accurate. Why not turn your communicative intensity toward something more fun, like reading a mystery or solving a puzzle together?

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Mars opposite Saturn

Pushing Buttons

Since you two know just which buttons to push when it comes to getting under each other's skin, this period could be a sticky one. When you get together now, you've both got short fuses; you're feeling touchy and on edge, ready to react to even the smallest of provocations. Neither one of you is as able or willing as usual to take things in stride, and you've got very little sense of humor about irritations now. Deep down, you're both worried about being under the other's thumb in some way; you're feeling suspicious that you're being patronized or taken advantage of. But what you may not realize is that your sweetie is feeling the same way, and you're coming across to them exactly how you don't want them to treat you. Well, you'll just have to muddle through these few weeks as best you can. Expect arguments, or at least hurt feelings. You're also less able than usual to get out your feelings and issues in any efficient way; you're both feeling bottled up, as if you can't possibly talk things out in any satisfying way. So, clearing the air is out, for the time being. That will have to happen in a few weeks, when you're both feeling more solid, calm and emotionally stable.

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Mars square Mars

Calm Down

You both need to calm down and keep it together during this period, because tensions are running high. You're much more likely now than usual to get upset with each other and end up lashing out or saying things you don't mean. You've both got a pretty good idea of what it is that you want or need, but your way of going about getting your needs met is too aggressive to work out well. Instead of keeping calm and trying to communicate effectively about whatever's on your mind, you'll push and shove and use any means necessary, including tactics like manipulation, sarcasm and criticism, to get your way. Of course, behaving in such a childish and pushy way is only getting you further away from your goals, not closer. But you'll push forward anyway, starting arguments and behaving in ways you'll later regret. Your best bet might be just to spend as little time together as possible during this period, because you'll just get on each other's nerves if you try to spend quality time together. Your sexual energy and appetites will probably spike at this time, but you may be too upset with each other to get any quality sensual time behind closed doors.

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Venus square Neptune

A Rosy Dream of Love

The two of you are living out a dream this week -- a pleasant one, to be sure, but one that is distinctly separate from reality. You may both be putting each other and the relationship up on a pedestal, ignoring the very real flaws in each other and your bond; and for the moment, that's okay. But don't be surprised next week if the return of your normal sense of reality includes a feeling of letdown -- as if all those pretty dreams you wove together about your love are just flimsy fantasies, nothing that could ever stand up against the harsh reality of real life and relationships. Both perspectives are wrong, by the way; romance by definition includes a bit of fantasy and idealism, and relationships by definition are difficult, requiring dedication and maintenance. There's no reason to swing from dreamy idealism to pessimism, but that's just what you'll do if you're not careful to remind yourselves of the truth about things. Speaking of truth, be sure to be honest with each other this week, even if you think you're telling a little white lie for the sake of preserving the peace. Any untruths you tell now will come back bigger and much worse later.

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Sun square Jupiter

Work as a Team

Boy, do the two of you have a lot on your plates right now! Your full schedules may make you both feel a bit harried when you get together for some downtime. But with a little care and planning, you'll make it through this phase with few problems. First off, remember this is just a phase, and not a long one. In a week or two, things should return to normal. For now, if things feel a little hectic, try not to start doubting in the relationship itself. You've just got a lot to tend to, and if you can do it as a couple, so much the better -- you'll get things done faster, and the teamwork will be a bonding experience! Second, be willing to cut some plans if need be, to make time for the essentials. Getting enough sleep at night, regular exercise and regular meals throughout the day is essential; making it to your friend's cocktail party on Thursday night probably isn't. Third, keep your attitudes in check! It would be easy to start tossing off orders and generally trying to control things when you feel like there's too much to do and too little time, but it can be damaging to your relationship, at least in the moment. Tone it down, and don't forget to make each other laugh at least once a day!

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Saturn square Neptune

Imperfections: The Spice of Love

Your shared illusions regarding your love affair may crumble during the next several months, as reality and idealism lock together in an uncomfortable standoff. This is a tense confrontation between the way things really are and the way you both wish they could be, and you'll both feel the disappointment of losing some of your most cherished ideals about each other. But facing the truth of a situation is a good thing, however difficult it might be, and this period is no different. Okay, so you don't communicate as well as you thought you did, or the passion you share doesn't burn quite as hot as it once did. You want different things in life; you're two different people, with individual goals that may or may not fit in with the overall scope of your relationship. And on top of it all, neither one of you is that sublime being the other once thought you were! So what? Isn't it the flaws and the unexpectedness and the spontaneity that make relationships interesting? This period challenges you to learn to revel in your differences, and in the surprises your bond brings to the table.

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Sun opposite Pluto

In Need of Perspective

This could be one of those difficult periods that ultimately turns out to be a boon for your relationship, even if it doesn't feel like it while it's happening. Old issues and resentments are coming to the surface now, and you're both feeling the tension that results. Power struggles are likely; one or both of you could really start feeling possessive or even jealous of the other's time and attention, and you won't know how to calm yourself down or talk yourself back into some sense. All you might know how to do is to follow your impulses and lash out, starting arguments and creating hurt feelings. That's not the best way to deal with the current energy, of course. Your best bet might actually be to avoid conflict altogether, or at least to talk things out calmly; but is that possible? Maybe not just now. Thank goodness this period only lasts ten days! In a week or so, you'll be able to discuss things a little more rationally, but for now, don't expect too much out of yourselves or each other along those lines. Do try not to get into anything heated with each other, though. It's very likely that you're creating a mountain out of a molehill, and a little time and perspective will reveal the truth.

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I hope you have enjoyed the valuable insight, wisdom and guidance of this astrology report. You might be a little curious about astrology and perhaps wondering how an astrologer can know so much about you!

Astrology is a mathematical system. It's all about applying meaning to numbers, or more specifically, finding meaning in the movements of the planets around the Sun, as viewed from our perspective here on earth. These planetary movements are easily captured and recorded with measurements, calculations, angles and so on.

That's why astrology works so well with computers, whose programs are also based on numbers and formulas. In 'the old days' -- thousands of years ago, when astrology was first recorded -- those early astrologers had to painstakingly observe the heavens and catalog their observations for the next generation of astrologers to build upon. Thank goodness for the computer age! Now we can simply use computers to make those calculations quickly and pull just the applicable pieces of information. Now, astrology is instant, based upon thousands of years of observations obtained through careful methodology.

Interpretations of planetary positions are based in part on ancient Greek and Roman mythology, but your astrological report is unique, describing you and you only. Even in the case of twin siblings, their birth charts differ from each other's in at least a few ways. And besides, no one amounts to just a simple interpretation of their birth chart; everyone's personality is complex. Your astrological report leaves plenty of room for variations based on your free will, personal growth and transformation over a lifetime.

Just like you, your astrological report is unique. It’s generated online in seconds and provides you with instant insight at your fingertips. Whether you have a pressing question about your future or you just want some guidance and direction, now you can have it all -- in a fast, focused, all-about-you format.

You can choose from several different types to find the report that's right for you and your needs. Your natal report is all about you -- your unique characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, potential and so on. Compatibility reports analyze the connections between two different people, to see how well and in what ways they get along. And a forecast is based on where the planets are today and how they're affecting you, uniquely. Be sure to try a free sample of another report to find out more about you!

Continue your personal evolution with another Kelli Fox Astrology report!

I’m so glad to be a part of your journey to self-discovery and alignment with your planetary destiny. Please let me know if you have any questions about this product or your next steps.

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