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Person 1, born October 20, 1980:

Cosmic Love Calendar

Navigate Your Way to the Relationship of Your Dreams

Cosmic Love Calendar
Sometimes love seems to just fall into your lap, just as easy as saying hello; other times, no matter how much you want to connect with that special someone, you just can’t seem to make it happen. You’re too busy to make time for love at that point in your life, or they’re already involved with someone else -- and that’s the very definition of bad timing.

Ever wish you knew the right time to ask someone out, or to tell them you love them? If you could just pick the perfect moment to open that door and drop that bombshell -- if only you could have some kind of guarantee that the experience would go as smoothly as possible, with the exact outcome you were hoping for.
Well, astrology can’t offer any guarantees, but it can highlight the best times to reach out to someone new and cute, cement the deal with someone you love or break it off if you’re just not connecting.

And it can also highlight the days when you’re better off staying home, catching some me-time. Whatever your impulse might be, check your transits to see if the stars are behind you.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Cosmic Love Calendar report.

And I want to help you discover the most powerful windows of opportunity for romance.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to discover which days are the most opportune for romance?

And which days are probably not the best for a first date or important relationship discussions?
This Cosmic Love Calendar gives you that exact information so you can have a far better chance of meeting your soulmate and beginning the relationship of your dreams or improving the relationship you are in.

What Does Your Future Hold for Love & Relationships?

Love, for many of us, is a tricky, yet ever so rewarding road. Who doesn’t love to be loved and adored? Discover what the Stars say for your Love Life in the near future, revealing the six most important categories when it comes to Love:

  • Your Heart-Soul Growth
  • How you Think & Talk Romantically
  • Your Love & Affection Forecast
  • Your Passionate Desires
  • Where and How you’re going to get Lucky in Love
  • What your Love Lessons are and your potential for Relationship Longevity!

An easy-to-read Bar Graph is a quick explainer showing which of these categories are more highlighted over this period, and the meatier, in-depth Cosmic Love Calendar helps you explore all of these in great detail – letting you live your best (love) life!

Using Astrology to help guide your Love Life is an ancient practice in many old cultures, helping to determine the absolute best time to date, marry, start a family, and so much more! So why not use this insightful art to help you make the best of your love potential?

Astrology helps to make anxious times less stressful by knowing which areas can support and boost you and showing you a clear view of the future so you can relax and go with the flow. Using Astrology to enrich your romance is an empowering way to take control of your love life, and to help you and your sweetheart make the best of the best times and see you through the hard periods. And if you’re single, the personal Cosmic Love Calendar calculators can be helpful to see if love is about to come into your life!

So, go ahead and dive deep and enjoy your personal Cosmic Love Calendar calculators, letting the Stars and Planets be your guiding lights when it comes to Love and Romance!

Your Heart-Soul Growth - The Sun Influences

The Sun in Astrology is about the core of who you are. It’s your personality including your outlook and the opportunities you will attract during this time period. When you are at your best you can attract just about anything or anyone. Just as the Sun is the center of our solar system, it’s also the center of you, that inner fire and the vital energy that runs through you your whole life.... Read more

8-10 You're manifesting like magic
4-7 Focus on your goals - almost there
0-3 Keep smiling, there's more work to be done

Pillow Talk - Mercury Influences

This bar graph is based on how you’ll express yourself, be heard by others and how well you will listen during this time period. Mercury is the planet that is connected to your thought processes, your sense of logic, your intellectual ideas and the way you get those ideas, thoughts and feelings out into the world. If your Mercury bar graph is long then others will be receptive to... Read more

8-10 Your words are like music to someone's ears
4-7 Say what's on your mind as people are listening
0-3 Time for a brief pause while you gather your thoughts

Your Love and Attraction Factor - Venus Influences

This bar graph, based on the connections Venus is making to your natal planets at this time is all about love, attraction and romance. It shows how you will connect with others at a heart level and how attractive you are at this time. The energy of Venus is sweet, pleasurable and harmonious. This planet is not just connected to love and dating but friendships, partnerships... Read more

8-10 You're oozing with charm
4-7 Fun and flirtatious
0-3 Sweet as candy

Your Passionate Desires - Mars Influences

Your passionate desires, sex appeal and carnal appetites are based on Mars. This planet is all about your drive, energy and motivation. Mars rules passion and pleasure so your sex drive as well as your propensity to compete and succeed all fall with the realm of Mars. It affects your attitude towards dating, mating and relating and whether you’re going to be feeling revved up... Read more

8-10 You're too hot to handle
4-7 Tension breeds attraction
0-3 Spooning is sexy

Lucky in Love - Jupiter Influences

In this bar graph, how lucky you are in love is influenced by the planet Jupiter. This is a planet that brings luck, advantages and opportunities in all areas of your life. Sometimes, it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time to meet that special someone or if you’re coupled, it’s all about feeling hopeful and optimistic about where your relationship is headed... Read more

8-10 Luck is on your side
4-7 Your positive attitude makes a difference
0-3 Focus on what's right in front of you

Your Love Lessons - Saturn Influences

Saturn is the planet of karma. This bar graph indicates your life lessons, obligations and responsibilities you have during this time period. Saturn is linked to your conscience and commitments but it’s also linked to rewards and accolades. It’s about reaping what you sew and if you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and to do the hard work then the benefits will manifest.... Read more

8-10 Keep going and stay focused on the end goal
4-7 You're headed in the right direction
0-3 Enjoy this time of reprieve

Person 1, here is your Cosmic Love Calendar report


governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally
governs how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your private life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions
reveals what truly motivates you in all areas of your life
explains your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
shows your non-negotiable values
guides you on your path


teaches you life lessons you came here to learn
illuminates your deepest challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life
reveals your karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


reveals your greatest fears
gifts you with the opportunity for massive change
highlights the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Keep reading to see how the current planetary transits are affecting your love life and the best times begin (or rekindle) romance...
Click on any of the transits for full description.

March 2024




April 2024




Neptune trine Uranus - Love in unusual places
Pluto trine Jupiter - A really good time
Uranus trine Venus - Hot property
Venus sextile Neptune - Attuned to beauty
Venus trine Pluto - Deepening emotions
Mercury trine Mercury - Variety is the spice of life
Mercury trine Uranus - Exactly who you are
Sun trine Mercury - Talkative and connected
Mars sextile Neptune - A calm, pleasant few weeks
Mars trine Pluto - Self-improvement
Venus trine Sun - Your sweetest self
Sun trine Uranus - Let your freak flag fly
Mercury trine Mars - Tactful but fearless
Pluto trine Saturn - Going for the gold
Mars trine Sun - Step it up
Mercury trine Neptune - Find your dream lover
Sun trine Mars - Movin' and shakin'
Venus trine Mercury - You can talk your way into anything
Venus trine Uranus - Unexpected encounters
Jupiter trine Venus - Do something special for yourself
Neptune opposite Jupiter - In the mood to indulge
Uranus opposite Mercury - Use your words
Saturn square Mars - Watch what you say
Pluto square Sun - Seeking balance in love
Mercury opposite Venus - A filter of your own making
Mercury square Neptune - A confusing time
Venus square Mercury - Keeping the peace
Sun opposite Venus - A wish for pleasure
Venus square Uranus - Needing space
Sun square Neptune - Trouble reading someone new
Mercury opposite Jupiter - Troublesome embellishments
Mars square Mercury - Quick to take offense
Mars square Uranus - Running away from attachment
Mercury opposite Saturn - A lack of confidence
Sun opposite Jupiter - Food for the soul
Venus square Mars - Coming on too strong
Sun opposite Saturn - Don't lose heart
Mercury opposite Pluto - Inappropriate probing
Venus square Neptune - Fantasizing about the Perfect Love
Venus opposite Venus - Keep a journal of your feelings
Mercury opposite Sun - Delaying the inevitable
Mars square Mars - Doing inappropriate things
Venus opposite Jupiter - A hard time saying no

Your Strengths

Neptune trine Uranus

Love in unusual places

Keep your eye out for love in unusual places during this two-year transit. You're very interested in humanitarian efforts now, and could meet someone special while volunteering at a homeless shelter or helping to build houses for people in need. These will be the kind of concerns that dominate your mind during this period, as well as larger questions of life, the universe and a greater spirituality. You'll be drawn to anyone who seems to be on the same path as you, and the perfect date during this time could involve staying up late, talking about everything that comes into your heads and brainstorming ideas for making the world a better place to live in. Anyone you fall for at this time will be someone who increases your sense of hope for the world, your determination to do something meaningful in your life. Your best partner in love will also be a partner in life -- someone whose larger, deeper, more spiritual interests coincide with yours. That makes this transit an optimal time for finding true love, especially if other concurrent transits focus on romance and commitment. A meaningful connection is waiting for you.

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Pluto trine Jupiter

A really good time

You should have a really good time with dating lots of different, interesting people during this two-to-three-year transit. You'll find that your potential sweeties treat you with generosity, and you'll do the same; you want everyone around you to have as much fun as you're having, so you'll treat them to dinner, dancing, sweet and spontaneous gifts and more. Best of all, you'll make changes in your love life to get your romantic interactions more in line with your ideals. For one thing, now you can make your love life more exciting. Forget traditional dates like dinner, chitchat, maybe a romantic comedy followed by coffee and more conversation... You want to switch it up in a big way! You're in the mood for excitement, and you know just how to find it. You won't want to stay long with anyone who can't match your taste for fun, but you won't break off the relationship in an upsetting way. While you're in the mood for fun, you're still able to be sensitive to others' feelings and needs, and you're not likely to make anyone feel bad at this time. In fact, you're much more likely to coax someone out of their shell than you are to drop them as soon as you find out how shy they really are.

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Uranus trine Venus

Hot property

Well, aren't you the popular one! During this one-year transit, you'll have an influx of invitations to dates and parties, because suddenly, you're the hot property. This is the perfect time to go out with lots of different people and have a great time while trying out different types of connections to see which one makes you happiest. You're not judgmental now; you can go out on a date with someone who has obvious 'flaws,' such as hang-ups or insecurities, and you'll still be perfectly accepting of them and interested in getting to know them better. In this way, you'll put everyone around you at ease, because they won't feel like they have to go out of their way to impress you. That will ease up the tension all around, making room for everyone to just enjoy themselves! This is the perfect energy and influence for throwing a singles' party. Invite all your single friends and admirers, serve cocktails and appetizers, play some music and see what happens. By the end of the night, some new and exciting relationships will be in the works! If you're the one who gets romantically involved, it will be with someone who allows you plenty of freedom within the relationship.

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Venus sextile Neptune

Attuned to beauty

Beauty is enormous to you during this transit -- consuming and all-important, a conduit to your higher self. Physical beauty is one thing, but you'll also respond to inner beauty in a potential lover, and if you reach out and make contact, you'll feel as if your souls have connected. This is a really good time to go out with someone who has caught your eye, because you'll make a really dreamy, romantic, emotional bond. If you've already been getting to know someone special, you'll daydream about your relationship and all the possibilities it holds for the future of your love life. If you get a chance to get together with this person, you'll work to create a really romantic date -- you might cook them dinner at home and eat together by candlelight, or take them out on the lake for an evening canoe ride to watch the sun set. You want to be in their service, and you want to make them feel wonderful. You're highly sensitive at this time, more able than usual to intuit that special someone's feelings and needs and respond to them. You'll read even their subtlest cues, and treat them with great kindness and tenderness.

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Venus trine Pluto

Deepening emotions

A flirtation could turn into something more significant during this transit, because you're feeling things on a deep and powerful level and you're expressing your emotions in a magnetically compelling way. You could draw that potential sweetie in even more deeply than you already have because when you talk with them or meet up together, you'll just put out such a strong vibe of emotional depth and connectedness. They might not understand why they're so attracted to you, but they'll be attracted all the same! Or, if you haven't had your eye on anyone special up till now, this period could open your eyes to someone new. If you begin a relationship during this time, expect intensity -- emotional, physical and otherwise. You could feel magically connected, as if drawn together for some greater purpose that neither of you can understand but that you must serve. You'll put out a certain level of confidence that will be very seductive to that special someone; they'll be drawn to your inner, loving power that's coming out now, and they'll almost definitely want to come back for more.

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Mercury trine Mercury

Variety is the spice of life

Even if you have opinions that don't match up with anyone else's right now, you'll still love exploring your diverging viewpoints. You're in the mood to find out what makes someone tick, so reach out to a potential sweetheart, and set up a date to do something that will spark conversation. See a movie, visit an art gallery or a museum, or go to a play or a lecture. You'll be amazed and intrigued by all the levels on which you two agree, and the ways in which your viewpoints differ! For you, during this two-week period, variety is the spice of life. You're not interested in finding your mental twin; instead, you want to get to know someone well, exactly as they are, and to communicate yourself to them in all your uniqueness and individuality. Any differences between you and that special someone will actually feel like bonding points, because you'll understand them so well and you'll feel so heard and accepted yourself. You should definitely feel free and open to discuss whatever comes into your head at this time, even heavier subjects like your past relationships, your family or your hopes and dreams for the future.

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Mercury trine Uranus

Exactly who you are

Anyone you reach out to during this time will surprise you, and vice versa; any date you go on won't stick to the normal prescribed parameters -- dinner and a movie, and polite conversation. No! For you, during this transit, it's all about the original and the pleasantly unexpected. Your mind and your intuitions will take you places you never thought you'd go, and you'll love it. Reach out to someone special, because your conversations will be interesting, to say the least, and you're in an intuitive space that will enable you to read between the lines and interpret what's not being said as well as what is spoken. And the best part is, you'll feel heard and understood by your date as well, because you're so easily able to put yourself into words at this time. All the unusual parts of your soul will be brought to light, and appreciated and admired. Instead of feeling like you'd better act 'normal' (whatever that means!), you'll feel confident in being exactly who you are. You'll really stimulate that special someone on an intellectual level, and hey -- that can often lead to something more consuming!

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Sun trine Mercury

Talkative and connected

You might meet your soul mate during this transit, or at least you'll feel as if your connection with that special someone is really unusual and precious. You're mentally tuned in to some subtle frequencies at this time, and if you go on a date or make contact with someone new, you're able to tune right in to who they are at a deep level. They'll feel very well understood by you, and you, in turn, might marvel at how well you two are connecting after just a conversation or two! How is it that you've waited this long to find each other and get to know each other? Well, the timing's just right during this week or two. Don't waste time second-guessing it; just go with the flow. Definitely talk to your potential sweetie a lot, because that's the best way to make that connection right now. You might even choose to delay your first date because the flow of emails, text messages and voice mails will be so titillating and fun! You'll have a great time exploring this new person and revealing yourself to them, so enjoy it. Your conversations could last late into the night, since neither of you will want to go home and hang up the phone.

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Mars sextile Neptune

A calm, pleasant few weeks

This should be a calm three weeks. If you feel attracted to someone and you'd like to make contact with them or go out on a date, by all means, do so. You're in a sensitive frame of mind and you'll impress them with your ability to listen well, to really understand who they are and what they're looking for. You're more intuitive now than usual, and less interested than usual in talking about yourself or representing your own concerns, so your conversations with that special someone could focus more on them, and that's just fine. As long as you don't start a pattern that will be hard to break, there's nothing wrong with paying someone a little extra-special attention; they'll adore you for it. There's also nothing wrong with choosing to stay home and keep your own company for a few weeks. You're probably not feeling tremendously driven; you'll be content just staying in and reading, gardening or watching movies on TV. But if you have someone sweet and fun to do those things with you, so much the better! It's really up to you how you spend this transit. Whatever you do, it's likely to be pleasant.

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Mars trine Pluto


What do you want to change about yourself in regards to dating and finding the love you're looking for? Do you sense that you've been too pessimistic or unfocused, too passive, too insecure or inhibited or anything else, up till now? This three-week transit is giving you a prime opportunity to change all that. You've got a unique ability at this time to look honestly at yourself and assess your strengths and weaknesses, and then start to change yourself for the better. After all, though most of us talk about love in terms of magic (such as the concept of finding your soul mate) or about dating in terms of simple fun and flirtation, the process of finding a great date can -- and should! -- be more like a school assignment, albeit a fun one. The best relationships take effort and work, and the same is true of the flirtation or courtship stages. So it's a great idea to treat yourself as a project at this time, one that can be improved on. Set some goals for yourself regarding the dating game, and then work up a game plan for how you're going to meet them. You can make big strides at this time.

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Venus trine Sun

Your sweetest self

Don't put too much pressure on yourself during this two-week transit to get a lot of hard work done. You're not in the mood for hard work, and you're definitely not in the mood to be alone. You want to reach out into the world and connect with people, and you're in the perfect mind space -- and heart space -- to do so. You're feeling especially warm, energetic and generous, and your best side is definitely showing. Actually, that's true physically as well as emotionally! You're very attractive now to your admirers, because that inner energy is coming out through your pores, almost, and making you feel and look great. Ask someone out, because this is the perfect time to be among friends or with a potential sweetie. Parties and dance clubs are especially fun for you now; you love anything that's group-oriented and you'll thrive off the energy that pulses at these places. This is a great time to go out with several different people and flirt with all of them, seeing who you like best, but even more, it's a better time to nurture a special connection with just one person who's caught your eye.

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Sun trine Uranus

Let your freak flag fly

Making contact with someone new during this period could be really fun and eye-opening for both of you, because you're letting your freak flag fly -- in a wonderful way! Like everyone else, you generally try to be 'socially acceptable' -- you keep your stranger thoughts and ideas to yourself and relate to people, especially ones you don't know, on a level you know they'll accept. But during this period of a week or two, you're feeling fun and frisky, and you might surprise even yourself with the things that will come out of your mouth! Your impulse now is to be spontaneous and go where the wind leads you, and doing just that will be the best way to deal with this transit. Don't fight the energy that's running like a current through you; instead, grab hold and ride. If you start something new with a special someone at this time, it could be a thrill a minute! Whether it will last remains to be seen; it could really go either way. At least you'll both have a great time in the moment, which is a good foundation for a long and exciting relationship. Your potential sweetie will be fascinated by your energy, your spontaneity and your inventive mind.

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Mercury trine Mars

Tactful but fearless

You aren't afraid to speak up during this transit, in all applicable ways. Has someone special caught your eye? You'll feel little nervousness or hesitation about emailing them or calling them up. If you go on a date, you won't be afraid to talk openly about your viewpoints on any subject. This won't be due to contrariness or being aggressive about your opinions; you're still very able to be tactful when controversial subjects come up, such as politics or religion. But if the conversation stays on pleasant subjects, like romance, you'll be perfectly content. You want to make that mental connection with your potential sweetie, and this is the perfect two weeks during which to do so. You're highly charming, even gallant, at this time; your sweet, friendly, witty way of flirting will really put your future honey at ease. You're feeling passionate and enthusiastic about life in general, and your mood will be contagious to everyone around you. You'll probably find you have a lot in common with your date; even if you didn't, you'd still be able to find the few points of connection, because you're that in tune.

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Pluto trine Saturn

Going for the gold

Anything in your love life that may have become limiting -- an old, outmoded attitude toward love, or an insecurity within yourself -- will be fazed out of your life now, to be replaced by something new and a lot more relevant to who you are today. If you've spent time in the past feeling afraid of love or intimacy because of some negative self-image, now you can let go of that view of yourself, and realize what a wonderful person you are, with gifts of love and intelligence to offer. So focus on your long-term goals in love. Where do you see yourself in five years, or ten? In love, married, a parent? Whatever it is that you want for yourself, you can begin to make it happen now by setting it as a firm image in your mind, an ideal that you can work toward. If this sounds like a rather clinical, serious approach to love, well, it is. But that's the mindset you're in at this time, and you can use it to maximum effect in your love life, just as you can in your career or any other area of life that's important to you. Setting goals can have wonderful results in love, because it keeps you focused on the end result, encouraging you to take the most direct route to get there.

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Mars trine Sun

Step it up

You're feeling so vitally confident during this transit that it's the perfect time to initiate contact with that special someone you've been eyeballing, but the energy of this influence is even more conducive to putting your time into something you've already started. Have you been getting to know a potential sweetie? Then ask them out now. They're sure to respond to your energetic, sexy confidence and your up-for-anything attitude. A fun date for you at this time would be something active -- either playing a game or a sport together, or at least going someplace together where you can walk while you talk. You're very much in touch with your opinions and values now, and you're willing to talk about them in an open and animated way that won't offend anyone, but that will clearly represent who you are and what you stand for. And what better way to let that special someone get to know you better? The only way they would be turned off by your forwardness is if they're not looking for a mate who has so much personality as you do! If that's the case, then good riddance. However, it's much more likely that you'll have a great time and make a strong connection at this time.

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Mercury trine Neptune

Find your dream lover

The perfect date for you at this time would be a trip to an aquarium, because when you're looking at the fish swim around in their world that's so different from yours, it's almost as if you're underwater yourself, transported to another reality. An aquarium is dim and colorful and dreamy, and it stimulates your creativity and your imagination. That's why kids love them, and in that way, you're in an almost childlike mental state during this transit -- in the best way. Adults get so caught up in their daily lives that they forget to connect with the magic of the universe, but during this period, you're very much in tune with that side of life. Your imagination is open, ready to be stimulated; you're highly perceptive on a feeling level. So if you get a strong feeling about that special someone, go with it. This is a great time to reach out and connect; you could make a really romantic bond with someone, because you're reaching out with your heart and soul more than with your mind. You'll make an intense impression on your potential sweetie, because your altered mental state will really come across -- and your imaginative mindset will be very appealing to them.

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Sun trine Mars

Movin' and shakin'

Your confidence is running high during this period. You're more able to be your authentic, positive, energetic self than usual. So go out and enjoy yourself. You'll make a great impression; your sweetie will be very attracted to your confidence and natural charisma. And hey, if you don't make a great impression on the one you're with, you could still attract someone else who's completely new and unexpected! This is definitely not a time to stay home organizing your sock drawer. You need to get out into the world and mingle, because your energies are on high. This energy only comes around twice a year, so make the most of it. If you do go on a date, you might not be satisfied with dinner and a movie, unless it's really spicy Thai food followed by a fast-paced action flick. You're all about creativity and action during this time, so why not ask that special someone to go canoeing with you, go throw a Frisbee in the park or go out salsa dancing together? You need to move it and shake it now! You'll probably have a strong sex drive during this time, too, so if the moment is right, steal those kisses from the one you admire. It could lead to something wonderful.

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Venus trine Mercury

You can talk your way into anything

Your mind is on pleasant things, your heart is light, and you're feeling great during this transit. You just don't want to dwell on anything that's less than pleasant and romantic, so this is a wonderful time to ask someone out on a date or get to know that potential sweetie better. You're in the mood for entertainment, so go see some live music or go out dancing. Let that special someone know how you feel about them! Your words are entirely in your command today, and you know just what to say to appeal to someone's romantic side. Basically, you can talk your way into just about anything you want! If that hottie has been resisting your advances lately, you might find that all of a sudden, they're returning your attraction. Even if no one in particular catches your eye during this time, it's still a great two-week period in which to have a lot of fun with your friends, and maybe make some new friends with potential for more. Parties and clubs will be especially fun for you, since you're feeling so gregarious and people-oriented. Dates to art galleries or bookstores will also be just your speed.

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Venus trine Uranus

Unexpected encounters

Any flirtation you start up now might not last, but that's okay -- you're not really looking for The One right now. Instead, you're in the mood for something exciting, something unexpected. You're attracted to people you might not normally be into, because you've got a taste for something different and completely original. For that reason, you could be drawn to unreliable types who keep you guessing; or, you could be the one who shows up late for a date or acts ambivalent when that special someone confesses their attraction to you! And that's okay. You're your own person right now. As long as you don't make any promises that you can't keep, you'll be fine. And who knows? A flirtation begun now probably won't extend long-term, because you're less able than usual to incorporate excitement with harmony. Meaning, this could be the start of a very unusual and stimulating -- but short -- relationship. Or, it just could be a fun period in which you flirt it up with lots of different people and have spontaneous, unexpected encounters with strange and unusual folks who get your brain wheels turning!

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Jupiter trine Venus

Do something special for yourself

During the four or so months of this transit, you should do something extra special for yourself, such as taking a vacation or engaging in your favorite hobby. No matter what you end up doing, you'll have a lot of fun; you're in the mood to be social, and you won't want to spend much time at home alone. Instead, you should get out there to mix and mingle. Get together with old friends, or better yet, make contact with someone new and intriguing -- but if you go out on a date, take care not to overdo it! It's easy to drink or eat too much during a transit like this one, because you're so in the mood to indulge. As long as you don't push it too far, you should just have a great time. Flirtations are highlighted now, so you won't necessarily start something new that's going to turn into the romance of the ages; instead, you might just have a great time chatting up a cutie or going on a handful of dates with someone fun. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. When the right person comes along at the right time, you'll both know it. In the meantime, you'll have a really good time playing the field.

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Your Challenges

Neptune opposite Jupiter

In the mood to indulge

You could put on some weight during this two-year period, because you're in the mood to indulge your every whim; doing rigorous, structured things like exercising regularly and sticking to your diet will be really difficult! So will doing your work -- you're just in the mood to have fun. In that sense, this could be a fun time in your dating life; you're feeling sociable and you want nothing more than to go out and have a great time with new people. Your favorite dates will involve good food, fine wine -- all the things in life that are most enjoyable, but that require some moderation not to turn into a negative experience. Especially avoid drinking too much, because anything like alcohol that alters your perception of reality will have an especially pronounced effect at this time. Since your vision of reality is so vulnerable now, it would be a good idea to avoid making any major decisions in your love life. You might end up committing yourself to someone whom you'll find out later should have been just a fun affair -- or, you could be in such a mood for fun that you pass up an opportunity to make a serious connection with someone really special.

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Uranus opposite Mercury

Use your words

During this one-year-long transit, you'll be more nervous than usual when trying to connect with new people, and if you're normally a calm, confident person, you'll definitely notice the effects. You'll want to get to know that special someone, but instead of conversation flowing naturally, you'll feel pressure for things to move in a certain direction, and disappointment when they fail to do so. You'll want to be smooth and suave, but instead you'll feel awkward, tense, even high-strung. You might give your date the impression that you just can't relax; and when your opinions don't match up, you might fly off the handle and start an argument before you even realize what you've done. Another possibility for this transit is that you won't feel like you have an adequate handle on that special someone in your life; information about them will seem like it's coming at you fast and strong and you won't know how to read it accurately. If you feel overwhelmed when trying to get a read on someone new, that will push you to frustration even faster than a difference of opinion. Try to keep calm during this time and use your words to figure out what's really going on.

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Saturn square Mars

Watch what you say

Watch what you say to that special someone during this ten-month transit, because if you're not careful, you might end up saying something you'll regret. This will be a difficult period for you; you'll feel angry and irritable and you might not even know why, but whoever happens to cross your path will get the brunt of your turbulent emotions. Needless to say, it won't make the greatest impression on someone who doesn't know you yet, if you're touchy, aggressive or sarcastic with them! They might take one look and decide to look for love elsewhere. It might be best during this time to take a break from the dating game, except this transit lasts the better part of a year, which would be a long time to sit at home, twiddling your thumbs. So try to work out that aggressive energy in some more constructive way. Step up your exercise routine; talk to your close, trusted friends about any feelings of anger or bitterness; and if you feel like snapping at someone, don't do it, especially not if that someone is someone new in your life. If you go out on a date during this time, keep it simple; you could be accident-prone under the current troublesome energy.

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Pluto square Sun

Seeking balance in love

This could be an interesting two-to-three-year period for you. This transit will intensify your ego energies, and what that will mean for your love life will depend on a few different factors. If you're not careful, you might become very aggressive about dating. It's good to be confident and assertive, but the energy of this transit could manifest in a ruthlessness about getting your needs met. You could make demands of that special someone that are outside the realm of what's reasonable to expect from anyone, much less someone you don't know well yet. If you go out to parties or nightclubs, be careful of power games with someone who's got their eye on the same hottie you're interested in! On the other hand, if you're not in touch with your needs in love, this period will challenge you to get in touch. If your dating experiences start to feel unpleasantly overwhelming, take it as a sign that you're not being assertive enough. During this time, you run the risk of either steamrolling someone else, or being steamrolled yourself. Neither one is very great; you should ultimately strive for balance in love, in getting your own needs met but also meeting those of your sweetie.

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Mercury opposite Venus

A filter of your own making

You'll have a hard time seeing that special someone for who they are during this transit, which lasts less than two weeks -- thank goodness. You're in a head space in which all your romantic ideas about what you're looking for in love, or maybe it's all your insecurities about whether you're ever going to find it, are clouding your mind and your judgment, making it hard for you to look at people and relationships realistically. You might end up projecting whatever it is that you're looking for onto the object of your desires, whether or not it really fits who they are and what their intentions regarding you might be. Or you might feel down in the dumps, vulnerable and sure it's never going to happen for you...when really there's someone special waiting for you right around the corner. Either way is unfortunate, because you're not seeing reality; you're looking at the world through a filter of your own making. Instead of trying to slog through the mess of your communication and figure out who this person is and what they're looking for in love, you're probably better off just taking a week or so away from the dating game.

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Mercury square Neptune

A confusing time

That special someone could seem either really wonderful at this time, or really inscrutable. Whichever way this transit goes for you, you'll have a hard time getting an accurate read on someone. You might feel confused when you talk with them, unsure as to their intentions and motives or who they are at a basic level; or you might think you do have a good handle on who they are, only to find out later that you were wrong. The problem is that you're reading all kinds of signals at this time, including ones that aren't even coming from your potential sweetie. You might project feelings and qualities onto them that are yours, not theirs. And worse, you might wake up at the end of this two-week period feeling depressed and disillusioned, because you got yourself involved with someone that you didn't really know; someone who turned out to be quite different from who you thought they were. You run a high risk during this transit of misleading and even deceiving yourself. While you're likely to be overly trusting, you could also feel hypersensitive, even suspicious when you don't need to be. Be sure to take your time in getting to know someone.

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Venus square Mercury

Keeping the peace

There's a small chance that you'll get into arguments with that special someone during this transit, because this energy paired up with the influence of a more difficult transit could result in misunderstandings. But on its own, this transit is pleasant and lighthearted, and it puts you in a nice, easy mood, ready for fun. You won't want to argue with anyone; you just don't have the heart for it now, and you might be overly appeasing instead of standing up for yourself during these couple of weeks, because you just don't want to fight. It's okay to avoid confrontation, as long as you're not letting someone walk all over you. You want to have fun and be entertained during this transit, and if you can find a buddy with potential for more to accompany you, so much the better. Just make sure they're a nice person and that they're treating you well! Your tendency now is to keep the peace, no matter what, so make it a point to be around pleasant people. Your best bet might be to keep things light for a week or so. If someone has caught your eye and you want to make contact, do so with a certain amount of caution; go have fun, but don't jump in headfirst.

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Sun opposite Venus

A wish for pleasure

You'll be in the mood for company and pleasure during this two-week transit, so you'll probably have a great time. But you could be indiscriminate in who you hang out with, just because you don't want to be alone; in terms of company, just about anyone will do, for now. You'd do well to keep that in mind, and don't leap into a new relationship at this time. Hanging out and having fun is fine; just don't make any decisions about the future until this influence has passed. Also, if you've already been getting to know someone new and cute, cracks might start to show in your budding relationship, even if you really, really like them and really want to get along. Though this transit is usually a relatively pleasant one, it can have a way of highlighting underlying tensions in a relationship. It doesn't have to be a big deal if that happens; just earmark any issues that come up as things that need to be discussed later, when you're more in the mood for straightforward communication and facing problems. Because for now, you're just in the mood for fun. Let's hope you don't have too much important work to do at this time, because it will probably fall by the wayside!

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Venus square Uranus

Needing space

You're feeling flirty and restless, and you're not in the mood to put up with the same old stuff -- even if it's stuff you like. If you've been getting to know someone special lately, this transit might change things between you. You're in the mood for something new, which could mean a variety of things -- maybe you'll start a fight, because conflict seems more interesting to you than getting along; or maybe you'll cut off the relationship and move on to someone new. It's not likely that you'll do anything that drastic unless other, concurrent transits support making rash decisions and big changes, but still, do be careful under this energy's influence. You might do or say something you'll regret later, and you'll have to clean up any mess you make during this time. If you go out with someone new, they'll likely find you interesting and fun, but not very warm emotionally; you're not interested in love and affection now, after all. You're more interested in experience, and the newer and more unusual, the better. You might be better off not going out with anyone new now, because you're not the most reliable date around.

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Sun square Neptune

Trouble reading someone new

Don't go on any dates during this period that involve drinking, even if it's just one drink at happy hour. You're just too impressionable and vulnerable at this time, and you'd be better off not going out at all, except with people you know and trust. The problem is, you're open to influences -- any influence that comes your way. Your normal defense mechanisms just aren't in place, and neither are your boundaries. At the very least, anyone you date during this period will confuse you or make you feel uncomfortable. You'll have the sense that you don't exactly know what's going on; something is happening under the surface or behind the scenes. You won't be able to get a clear read on them or their intentions, even if you're ordinarily a very perceptive person. Part of the problem won't just be in your mind, either -- at this time you'll attract slippery types without meaning to. If that special someone seems evasive and hard to read, they might really be difficult to pin down. Either way, you'd be better off waiting a week or two to contact them or go out on a date. Until your head is clearer, you'll just have too much trouble keeping your wits about you.

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Mercury opposite Jupiter

Troublesome embellishments

Sometimes we tell little white lies -- embellishments on the truth, really -- to make ourselves seem more interesting and colorful, more appealing to the person for whom we're embroidering our lives. You'll be very tempted during this week-plus-long transit to do just that, but you should avoid it if at all possible. After all, you're looking for love, for a real relationship. What happens when you make a great connection with that special someone, you get closer and more intimate with each other, and then they find out that you haven't been completely truthful with them? That can only lead to trouble. Another possibility during this period is that you'll lie to yourself, rather than your potential sweetie; you could tell yourself that this new person you're attracted to is The One, and you could embellish on the picture in your mind of the two of you strolling off happily, hand in hand, into the ever after... And then you'll realize, sooner or later, that it's all in your mind. The person you thought was The One is actually flawed, or confused about what they want, or just not that into you. If you go out during this period, try hard to tell the truth, to yourself and everyone else.

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Mars square Mercury

Quick to take offense

You should probably find things to do on your own during this transit, because this will be a trouble-filled three weeks if you try to get out into the world and make a good connection with other people. You're feeling very touchy and irritable, and you're quick to take offense at anything that you perceive as threatening to your opinions or perceptions. One of the problems is that you'll be threatened by a lot! Your ego is much too closely linked with your opinions at this time, and you'll feel as if you have to defend your views as if you're defending your life. Arguments are very likely at this time, especially with people you're close with, or people you'd like to be close to. Why wreck a good connection before it even gets started? If you try to go out with someone new now, you're likely to get into heated disputes that will have you both fuming by the end of the night. And if you start an email flirtation with someone now, you'll likely misread everything they say, take it all too personally and read the worst possible scenarios into it. You're better off at this time just keeping to yourself and waiting until you're feeling smoother.

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Mars square Uranus

Running away from attachment

You're feeling restless and impulsive, and you could get into trouble during this transit, or at least do and say things you'll regret later. You might be tempted to break off an existing flirtation in favor of pursuing someone new, but you might find later that you were just attracted to the newness itself, and they're actually not someone you want to be involved with long-term. If all you want is a quick, heady fling, that's okay. But in general, you've been looking for love, and this transit could cause a break that you don't expect or even want. Of course, if you need a change, to break out of a rut you've been in on the dating scene, this transit offers you the perfect opportunity to do just that. But the positive potential of this transit is limited, while the troublesome effects are much more likely. If you go out with someone at this time, you'll probably come across as detached and uncaring -- or you could subconsciously be attracted to someone who will be that way toward you. You're also easily angered during this time, and you'll argue with anyone whom you feel is trying to hold you down, including that sweetie who's just trying to get to know you.

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Mercury opposite Saturn

A lack of confidence

If you're ordinarily a shy, reserved type, you'll really feel that way during this transit, because its energy will increase your fears and insecurities about finding love and will make it harder than usual for you to reach out to someone special. If you do make contact or go out on a date, don't be surprised if neither of you has a great time. You're subconsciously attracted to people now who will uphold the negative way you're seeing yourself. You'll be drawn to cool, unemotional types who won't make you feel appealing or appreciated. And you'll be this way with them, too; you basically will have a very hard time connecting with anyone in a warm and positive way. This might be a good time to stay home and watch a romantic comedy on DVD, to renew your sense of humor and your faith in finding your match. If you do make contact with someone at this time, remind yourself to be friendly and warm with them! You might even have to fake it, if you can't summon up any honest sensations of excitement or affection. Better yet, just wait a couple of weeks, and make contact then, when you're feeling more like yourself again.

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Sun opposite Jupiter

Food for the soul

Though you're not feeling at your best during this period, making contact with that special someone could still work out, because they might actually see your wonderful qualities better than you can. However, with this transit, trouble could occur if you push yourself out into the dating world. You'll hold other people to the same overly high standards by which you're judging yourself, which isn't fair. Why not spend this time working on developing yourself? If you're feeling like there's no one out there that's good enough for you, it's just that you're not in the right frame of mind to give and receive love and affection. If you feel like you don't have a lot to offer a potential lover, it's an indicator that you need a little boost in your self-image. You might be better off taking a week or two away from dating and looking for The One, and spending a little time with number one -- you. Go see a movie that makes you laugh and cry; you'll feel uplifted, as if your soul has expanded by a few degrees. Anything you do that puts you in touch with your own sense of hope and optimism is a good thing at this time.

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Venus square Mars

Coming on too strong

You'll run the risk during this transit of coming on too strong, in whatever way that applies. if someone special catches your eye, you won't take no for an answer, even if they're clearly letting you know they're not interested in getting to know you! You're passionate and aggressive now, which isn't a bad thing in itself; the trouble could start when you push forward despite what the other person wants or thinks about it. After all, a flirtation or relationship involves two people, not just you and your desires. But you're so in touch with your desires right now that they might cloud what would normally be your better judgment. Another possibility during this transit is that, if there's someone special whom you've already been getting to know, you could get frustrated with them, likely for little or no reason, and you'll start an argument that should have been avoided. You're excitable and easily aroused now, ready to reach to anything. If you're attracted to someone who gets sparked up by high energy and open displays of passion, then this could actually be a fun transit for you both, but the likelihood is that you'll go too far and upset a potential sweetie.

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Sun opposite Saturn

Don't lose heart

If you feel uncomfortable with someone new during this period, don't try to talk yourself out of it or pass it off to yourself as just fine. Your instincts are probably right on if you're feeling uncomfortable, because during this week-plus period, you're not very good at setting boundaries. You could unwittingly attract people who want to take advantage of you -- people who have their own agenda, and don't care about yours. Now, this shouldn't be overstated; it's possible that you can find someone new during this period who's a perfectly nice person, someone you could really get along with. Just don't make any snap judgments or get too intimate with anyone until this tricky energy passes. If you do make contact with someone new or go out on a date, reserve judgment for a couple of weeks until your head clears and you can make a more accurate assessment of who this person is and whether or not they're good for you. Good thing this transit only happens once a year! Because it won't likely be a lot of fun. You might just feel thwarted in your love life, but don't lose heart. In a week or two, things will pick up again.

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Mercury opposite Pluto

Inappropriate probing

You're not your nice, normal self during this transit. It might feel like a monster has taken over your brain, and has turned you into an obsessive, manipulative, argumentative person who can't let well enough alone! You'll act and react almost compulsively; if you go on a date now, you'll intend to be on your best behavior and make a good impression, but you'll descend into obsessive or controlling behaviors without even realizing it. Sure, you really, really want to make a connection, and an impression. Making an impression won't be the hard part now -- you'll make one, all right. Probably not a great one, however! You'll probe into your potential sweetie's life and heart in a way that could make them feel defensive and self-protective. You'll think you're just trying to get them to open up to you, and you'll forget the fact that it's their prerogative whether they want to open up or not. If they stay closed-mouthed and -hearted, you could resort to criticism or being argumentative in a further attempt to draw them out. Haven't you ever heard that honey draws more flies than vinegar? Sure you have; you just won't be able to be simple and sweet during this period.

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Venus square Neptune

Fantasizing about the Perfect Love

If the dating scene falls short of your expectations during this transit, that's okay. You might be more easily satisfied by your daydreams and fantasies of the Perfect Love, anyway. Oftentimes the fantasy is better than the reality! If you do try to make contact with someone at this time, you'll probably idealize them to the point that they're way up on a pedestal, and they won't know how to get down. You could become really disappointed and disillusioned when you finally realize that they're just a normal, flawed person, so you might be better off just avoiding real relationships for now. There's nothing wrong with taking a week or two off to indulge your fantasies, and those fantasies could inspire you to have some really unrealistic expectations of love and real relationships. After all, even the best ones take work and maintenance, and you're probably just not in the mood for that now. You want to experience Perfect Love -- an ideal that you make up for yourself, and that can only exist in your imagination. So spend some time alone until your reason returns. Watch some romantic movies; take a bubble bath; pamper yourself and nurture your faith in love.

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Venus opposite Venus

Keep a journal of your feelings

You want things to be so sweet and easy during this transit that you might not get a lot of work done, and you could end up compromising on issues that come up between you and that special someone. If there's someone you've been getting to know, irritations could arise now, and you might end up getting your feelings hurt. But instead of standing up for yourself, which sometimes is the only appropriate thing to do, you might try to suppress your feelings and pretend everything's fine. That's how much you want harmony in your life right now. But suppressing your feelings is never a good idea; it's the best way to ensure that they'll come back later, only stronger and more insistent that you face and deal with them. It's better to work things out as they come up, but that's a lot more easily advised than carried out on your part. If you really can't bring yourself to talk honestly with your potential sweetie about the issues that arise at this time, then keep a journal and write down all your feelings. That way, in a week or two when this energy passes, you can go back, look through it all and see what needs to be dealt with and what has resolved itself.

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Mercury opposite Sun

Delaying the inevitable

You might feel very intrigued by someone new at this time, and you'll want to get to know them. But for the week-plus span of this transit, you'll find it hard to make a good connection with them. You'll have opposite viewpoints on everything, from the small stuff, like what movies you love, to the big, important stuff, like what you're looking for in a romantic relationship. You run the risk at this time of projecting your own desires onto someone else, because you really, really want to find the love you're looking for! It might feel easier to try to make a square peg fit a round hole, so to speak, instead of doing the hard work of accepting that the two of you are just incompatible shapes. You should try hard to read all the right signals instead of misinterpreting them -- or missing them entirely. If you've got a gut feeling about someone that you're ignoring because you don't want to face the truth -- that it's probably not going to happen -- you're just delaying the inevitable. You might be better off to take a couple weeks off from the dating game. Or at least don't make any decisions one way or the other about someone new.

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Mars square Mars

Doing inappropriate things

You're feeling impulsive now, and while you might take that as a prompt to act out however you're feeling, you really might regret it later. These three weeks could be really challenging for you. You're likely to stick your foot in your mouth at the very least, saying things you'll later wish you hadn't. Your grasp of what's appropriate or inappropriate is made very tenuous by the energies of this transit; if you're attracted to someone special at this time, you'll either spark arguments with them or you'll find that they're of an aggressive nature themselves, and they'll pick fights with you. Whoever starts it, it won't be any fun for you or for them! Explosive energy is the name of the game at this time, so you might do much better to get work done around the house or the yard and avoid dating altogether until this energy passes. Otherwise, you might push away someone that you could have had a really nice connection with. You'll probably make the wrong impression on anyone that doesn't know you, so stick to your friends at this time -- the people who already know how to handle you when you're feeling feisty.

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Venus opposite Jupiter

A hard time saying no

Are you able to keep yourself and your desires in check, even when they're running strong and hot within you? That's the challenge this transit will present. It's a fun one, but you could have a little too much fun. You'll have a hard time saying no during this week; you could have an overstuffed social calendar, because you'll want to attend every function you're invited to. If more than one person asks you on a date, you'll fit those in too. You're attractive in your current high energy and indulgent mood, so you might well draw plenty of admirers. Enjoy yourself; just try to be moderate when it's appropriate! Don't drink too much, or eat to excess, or go over-budget on a date. If you do, you could end up with a hangover, an empty wallet and a few unwanted pounds that need shedding. In general, though, this transit will be a fun one while it lasts. You'll live by the 'buy now, pay later' philosophy, not worrying about your excesses because, hey, you won't have to deal with them until next week! Right? Well... Sort of. Any relationship you begin during this period might turn out not to be the real deal, if you're just into someone for their money or their good looks.

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