An astrological report prepared for

Person 1, born December 27, 1980:

Monthly Destiny Report

Your Personalized Astrology Forecast

The future -- that vast, unknown territory where anything can happen! Right? Not quite. Though events in your life may seem completely random, there is still at least some pattern to the order of events -- one set in motion in part by you, and in part by the planets and stars in the sky and their influence on your life here on Earth.

The part that’s all about you is related to your free will: how you behave, what your goals and ambitions are, and how you work toward them or avoid them.
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What Do The Planets Say About Your Future Person 1?

Looking to the future can be both exciting and scary, triggering feelings of anxiety or excitement – emotions that are often hard to distinguish!

Your Personal Astrology Forecast Calculators reveal what you can expect in the most important areas of your life using six key categories – your Soul Direction, Communication Style, Love & Money Potential, Career Prospects, Luck and Lessons, via handy bar graphs to help you see your future at a glance!

The future doesn’t have to be quite as scary when you’re well-prepared, does it Person 1? Astrology is an insightful and ancient yet modern tool to empower you to live your best life, giving you a heads up when you most need it!

Your Personal Astrological Forecast Calculators shine a spotlight on which areas contain the most growth for you, which areas hold important lessons, or where opportunities will appear for you!

Your easy-to-read bar graphs reveal the time period ahead in quick detail giving you that extra nod to trust yourself and make informed decisions!

If you want in-depth guidance on what to expect for the future, then Your Personal Astrology Forecast Calculators are the perfect friend to turn to, helping you to be extra-prepared for what life throws at you!

Discover where your Soul yearns to go, how you’re thinking and communicating, what your love life holds for you and what exciting career prospects are coming up! Get to know when you’re going to get lucky, and where you’re going to learn your biggest lessons.

All this and so much more is in your detailed, rich and in-depth Personal Astrology Forecast! Empower yourself with the wisdom of the stars and planets and take control of your life!

Your Conscious Mind – Person 1's Sun Influences

The Sun in Astrology describes your personality. When you are at your best you do your best. Just as the Sun is the center of our solar system, it’s also the center of you; the inner flame is that essence that runs through your being. When the conscious mind is sharp, anything is possible. These bar graphs will indicate how well... Read more

8-10 You are perfectly existing in the world
4-7 Life is right-on for you at the moment
0-3 Hang in there; opportunities will come to you soon

The Chatty Factor – Person 1's Mercury Influences

Mercury in Astrology represents the expression of self. How you listen and how you are heard, your thought process, your logic, and intellectual ideas. Are all representations of you expressing yourself. These bar graphs indicate how well you are communicating with the world around you... Read more

8-10 Expressions flow effortlessly
4-7 People will listen to you
0-3 It’s harder to articulate yourself

The Love Meter – Person 1's Venus Influences

Venus in Astrology is connected to your heart. How you give and receive love in your existing and future relationships are determined by this planet. Sweetness, pleasure and harmony are the energies of Venus. These bar graphs can give insight to how your relationships and social gatherings will go... Read more

8-10 Feeling and expressing love comes naturally
4-7 There may be some tough love in your life
0-3 Love is not a priority for you right now

Your Assertive Energy – Person 1's Mars Influences

Mars in Astrology rules the physical, assertive energy as well as desires, sex appeal, and carnal appetites are representations. Your drive and prosperity depend on this planet! Dating, mating, & relating are fueled by Mars. Are you feeling revved up & aroused or feeling more submissive? These bar graphs will indicate where your aggressive energy is at during this time.... Read more

8-10 You’re sharp and ready to take on the world
4-7 Declare your desires
0-3 Keep putting in effort, don’t lose sight of what you want

Personal Growth Element – Person 1's Jupiter Influences

Jupiter in Astrology represents expansion. Luck, advantages, and opportunities are governed by our solar system’s largest planet. The energy of Jupiter is hopeful, optimistic, and friendly! Are you feeling more positive or pessimistic? These bar graphs will give clarity to how you think and feel about the world and your personal growth.... Read more

8-10 Life is full-on - the glass is overflowing!
4-7 Step out of your comfort zone to reap rewards
0-3 Focus on the world in front of you

Lessons Learned – Person 1's Saturn Influences

In Astrology, Saturn governs karma. Life lessons, obligations, and responsibilities are influenced by this planet. The energy of Saturn requires stillness and meditation. Your unconscious mind is dictated by the energy of this planet. Are you doing a lot of work and not seeing the results? These bar graphs will help you understand your next move and as well as your long term plans.... Read more

8-10 You’re in a personal growth cycle.
4-7 Remember to breathe and take care of business.
0-3 You’re off the karmic hook right now. Enjoy this time!

Person 1, In this Monthly Destiny report, you will get life-transforming insight into these planetary energies:


governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally
governs how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your private life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions
reveals what truly motivates you in all areas of your life
explains your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
shows your non-negotiable values
guides you on your path


teaches you life lessons you came here to learn
illuminates your deepest challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life
reveals your karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


reveals your greatest fears
gifts you with the opportunity for massive change
highlights the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Person 1, read below to find out how the current planetary transits are affecting you
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October 2023




November 2023




Pluto sextile Uranus - Creative Problem Solving
Mars sextile Neptune - Selfless action
Venus sextile Pluto - Making Relationships Count
Mercury trine Mars - Powers of Persuasion
Mercury sextile Uranus - Creative Connections
Sun sextile Venus - Make Personal Contact
Mercury sextile Venus - Wanting the Best for Everyone
Venus trine Mercury - A Silver Tongue
Sun sextile Neptune - Buddha-Like Serenity
Venus trine Sun - Show Your Best Side
Mercury sextile Neptune - Poems and Stories
Mars sextile Mercury - Communicate Freely
Mars sextile Sun - Picking Up the Pace
Mercury sextile Mercury - Alert and Aware
Mercury sextile Sun - Talking it Up
Sun sextile Mercury - Focus on Communication
Sun sextile Sun - Opportunities Abound
Sun conjunct Saturn - Higher Standards
Sun conjunct Jupiter - The Power of Positive Action
Mars conjunct Pluto - Your Own Agenda
Pluto conjunct Mars - Dynamo
Mercury conjunct Saturn - Planning in Detail
Mercury conjunct Jupiter - An Opening of the Mind
Sun conjunct Pluto - Magnetic and Attractive
Mercury conjunct Pluto - Laser-Like Mind
Venus square Uranus - Because I Want To
Mercury square Mercury - Bite Your Tongue
Mars square Mars - Push Comes to Shove
Mercury square Sun - Explain Yourself
Mercury square Mars - Oscar the Grouch
Sun square Mars - You're All Prickly
Venus square Venus - Can't Say No
Venus square Neptune - Nurture Your Faith in Love

Person 1's Strengths

1Pluto sextile Uranus

Creative Problem Solving

Now your life can free up considerably from constraints you may not even have acknowledged to yourself. You're able to see now what's beneath your need for independence and self-reliance, and you're open to learning how to increase these skills in your life. Creative problem solving is the name of the game for you during this influence, which can last up to three years. It's an exciting time when you have many realizations about yourself and about the nature of the world, particularly the unseen universe. Your interest in science, technology, computers and even astrology can be developed with great speed now, for you'll be able to pick up concepts from these fields very quickly and build on your previous knowledge. Your humanitarian side may also be strongly stimulated during the course of this transit, which could lead you to become active in any sort of progressive, charitable organization aimed toward giving support to the less fortunate. The best expression of this energy is not just to give charitably, but to teach skills that enable people to be more self-sufficient. Your gifts go much further with this method than with simply giving.

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2Mars sextile Neptune

Selfless action

At work and at home, you're more able than usual to figure out where your help is needed most; and you're inclined to help out whenever you can, for you feel unusually selfless right now. You're more sensitive and compassionate than usual, and that energy will come out in a variety of ways. You might lend a friend a sympathetic ear, or help a stranger get their grocery bags to their car. You might take on more projects at work or help a coworker finish theirs, if you notice that they're struggling. Your ego has taken a back seat to your compassion. Most of us are pretty self-absorbed most of the time, and right now, you're breaking out of that pattern. Just make sure that you don't start a new pattern, making people think you're at their beck and call! But there's not much danger of that happening. One way to avoid it is to lavish a little special attention on yourself as well as the people around you. Try doing some yoga or stretching instead of aggressive physical exercise; if you ordinarily like running or weight training, try walking or swimming. Anything gentle or meditative is the name of your game during this transit.

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3Venus sextile Pluto

Making Relationships Count

Your emotions and your passions are running in parallel this week, and all relationships are highlighted. Established relationships can get much deeper during this period, and new ones can progress with amazing speed and intensity. You may meet someone new who really intrigues you, or step up an existing relationship to the next level in a way that thrills you both. You're also good now at lending not only an ear to a friend in need, but lending your advice as well. You might tell them something they don't want to hear, but ultimately your perspective will be for the best. Just use your natural charm to help smooth the lesson. In these various ways, this could be a somewhat uncomfortable period, but it will be an interesting one in any case -- and a passionate one, too! Your ability to get straight to the point now makes you a surprising and compelling force in anyone's life, be it your friends, your loved ones or that special someone. You might get into intense discussions that make both of you uncomfortable as you face the deepest, darkest corners of your personalities, but the experience will ultimately be both enlightening and fulfilling.

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4Mercury trine Mars

Powers of Persuasion

You can easily win others over this week, what with your charm, confidence and gift of the gab. Your ideas flow out of your mouth so easily, and you speak with such enthusiasm and energy and conviction, that it's hard to say 'no' to you these days. Now, here's something you can use to your advantage. If you're in the middle of negotiations, you can call upon your powers of persuasion to convince others to climb aboard on your projects and endeavors. Your viewpoint seems clear, logical and well thought out to the people around you. Not only that, but you seem to believe in it! This in itself is one of the most important factors in aligning others with your viewpoint. This influence perks up your physical energy as well as your mental abilities, so don't neglect your exercise routine. You may need to work out and expend some serious energy if you're going to get any sleep tonight! You feel quite talkative now, happily conversing with anyone who will listen. Be attentive to signals that others may not be quite as eager to talk as you are, but remember that you can meet some interesting people this week, so don't be shy!

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5Mercury sextile Uranus

Creative Connections

Oh, you're a live wire this week. Funny, pointed, staggeringly accurate. You say it like you see it, without mincing words, which keeps them snickering behind their hands and repeating your jokes by the water cooler. Fortunately you're aware enough to avoid hurting anyone, at least not too badly. You can avoid it altogether by making jokes at your own expense, because everyone can appreciate the skill that takes. Keep the humor on you, but turn your roving mind to other subjects. You're curious enough to learn a lot, especially by following one lead after another, which can take you places you'd never expect and can help you connect things that on the surface don't seem at all connected. Let your mind wander far and near this week; you may be surprised where you end up. Flashes of inspiration are not unusual, or the sudden expansion of certain ideas and principles you're familiar with. Now is a good time to break through the boundaries of your mind and the confines of 'normal' thinking.

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6Sun sextile Venus

Make Personal Contact

Your social skills are off the charts right now, so it's an excellent time to make that personal contact, whether for business or pleasure. You're able to easily find areas of common interest with just about anyone, and you make the person you're with feel warm and comfortable. You're feeling much more open and generous than usual; you're looking for the good qualities in others now and overlooking their flaws, which puts them at ease. Reach out and mend any fences that may have been broken, for your kindness will be hard to resist! This can apply to your personal relationships with family and friends, or to your contacts at work; you're just as effective in either arena. If you are romantically involved, don't neglect this opportunity to bring a small token of your affection to your loved one: These little thoughtful actions do much to deepen love on a day-to-day basis. You may feel a surge of creative energy, so pick up a musical instrument or sing along to the radio; cook something yummy in the kitchen or wear a new item of clothing. Just be careful not to overspend on any new items, or purchase something expensive on a whim.

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7Mercury sextile Venus

Wanting the Best for Everyone

This is a good week to think about what you value and to analyze what's important to you. You're especially attuned to things of beauty, to loving thoughts and expressions of affection, and to your immediate surroundings. It's a good time to make some small improvements in your home or office decor, to make things more comfortable and lovely. Making your surroundings more pleasing to the eye, after all, leads to peace of mind. Social events are very favored now, because you make connections so easily and are able to establish both a mental and an emotional relationship with others. One might say that you have a social ease and grace now, more so than at other times. For many of the same reasons, this is also a favorable time to enter into negotiations and discussions about contracts and business dealings. Your mind is alert and you think clearly, and at the same time, you want the best for everyone. Business matters that you conduct now will please both parties and promise a good outcome for all involved.

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8Venus trine Mercury

A Silver Tongue

If you can arrange a vacation this week, by all means, do so! You're feeling great and you just want to relax with people you love. Hanging out with friends is highlighted for you now; the conversation will flow and you'll easily make new connections wherever you go. You're able to express your feelings and your affection, as well as to articulate more intellectual concepts. You can also use your grace and tact in negotiations at work or between friends, appealing eloquently to both sides when people differ. Whatever your aim might be, you can bring it about just by being calm and persuasive. If you recently hit a dead end on a project that involved reaching out to someone -- a potential client, maybe, or someone special you've had your eye on -- give it another try this week. You're charming and appealing in the extreme now, and you'll likely get a better response. At any rate, enjoy this week, whatever you end up doing. Getting together in groups, going to places where the conversation can flow, is a great idea. Don't be surprised if you end up staying out late with someone interesting, tossing ideas and witticisms back and forth to your mutual delight!

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9Sun sextile Neptune

Buddha-Like Serenity

The softer side of your personality is awakened now, and you'll find yourself in a dreamy, sensitive and boundless mood. This is a very romantic or even spiritual time; you're attuned much more to dreams and visions than to your everyday version of reality. You're even more compassionate than usual. You radiate soothing, healing energy, so this is the perfect time to reach out to someone who needs your help -- a hug and an ear for a friend who's been sad lately, perhaps, or even a stranger who looks like they could use some encouragement or something more concrete. Listening to music or taking in art is also a wonderful way to nurture your soul at this time. And going out on a date with someone sweet and special could be the beginning of something really romantic! You're connecting at a deeper level than usual, and if you've found someone worthy of your time and energy, it could go far; just reserve judgment until later, when you can be sure that you're not just wearing rose-colored glasses. You can achieve a Buddha-like serenity this week by staying calm, breathing deeply and remembering the soul level of existence.

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10Venus trine Sun

Show Your Best Side

This will be a pleasant, easy week for you. You might not get a lot of work done, but that's okay; you're more in the mood to connect with the people around you than you are to put your head down and focus. You feel great -- vital, confident, friendly, just alive -- and you look great, too! All that positive energy is oozing out, and everyone around you is taking notice. You can make some great connections this week, both professional and personal ones. Your good humor will help facilitate projects and mergers at work as much as it will keep things fun at home, and with your friends. Could there even be a fun, romantic date on the horizon? You're certainly in the mood for it, and you'll definitely be able to charm that sweetie. Whatever you do, get together in groups. Take a date to an art gallery opening, or go out to dinner with a big group of friends, to a place where you can share dishes and talk and laugh as heartily as you want. And call up someone special -- someone in your family, or an old friend. You can lift their heart and their spirits just by letting them know you love them. Better yet, bring them a gift for no particular reason except your love!

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11Mercury sextile Neptune

Poems and Stories

Your imaginative side is highly stimulated this week, and you're motivated toward creative writing, recording your dreams and visions and articulating your spiritual beliefs. Invite yourself to meander through the meadows of your mind while this influence is strong. You're likely to feel tender and compassionate, even sentimental. Don't hesitate to express these feelings to those around you; you'll be able to explain yourself in a way that others understand, and which arouses their own empathy. You may feel slightly more sensitive than usual to odors, music or other aspects of your immediate environment, and may have to take steps to alleviate your discomfort: Open (or close!) the window, turn down the stereo, take down that loud poster that's hurting your eyes. Be gentle with yourself, drink plenty of water and don't press yourself to stick to any one task for very long. This is not the best influence for concentration or hard work. Instead, let creativity flow without concern for the outcome. Spiritual practices, reading or writing poetry or stories, or watching movies are all worthwhile activities now -- anything that gets you into the realm of fantasy and imagination.

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12Mars sextile Mercury

Communicate Freely

Your energy is high but not erratic during this three-week transit, and your mind is moving forward, attuned to communication with the people around you -- and even those people who aren't nearby. This is a great time to write a letter and actually send it off, or to start up an email correspondence with someone (could it be someone special that you'd like to get to know better?). At work, you can strike up a new business relationship with ease. This is the perfect time to either begin or wrap up negotiations on a contract or a project, because you can really get your ideas across. This energy and its positive effects aren't just confined to business, either; when you're out with friends, you can help everyone have a good time with your enthusiasm, your good mood and your flowing conversation. Basically, you're able to put anyone at ease now, and you're able to get your ideas across well. You'll speak with confidence and authority, impressing everyone you speak to, but without the dogmatic force that would turn them off to your ideas. So whatever it is that you feel you need to get across to someone, now is the time to speak your mind.

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13Mars sextile Sun

Picking Up the Pace

This should be an excellent couple of weeks, a time when you can accomplish a great deal of work on a personal level. You're feeling great -- strong, centered, motivated -- so this is your time to get out there and make it happen! You've got plenty of energy now, so step up the pace on your exercise program -- or get started on a new one -- and tackle some physical chores. You have much more stamina than usual, and you'll surprise yourself with how much you can take! Hey, no pain, no gain, right? Except right now, you won't feel much pain; you're strong and capable. It's the perfect time to push your body to the max, for you'll build both strength and endurance. You can take this wonderful energy beyond the physical, however. You're uniquely in touch with your goals now, so if you haven't already, take a few hours to write out a plan for yourself -- for the next five years, say, with all your career and personal ambitions listed. Working out a game plan to get where you want to go will go really well now, because you know exactly how to get the things you want most. Your energy and confidence will definitely impress your boss, and that special someone as well!

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14Mercury sextile Mercury

Alert and Aware

This short but favorable influence helps you clarify your thinking, writing and speech. You feel intellectually attuned, alert and attentive to detail, so don't waste this opportunity to delve into a subject that interests you or into projects that require your attention at work. Your attention span is increased, so you can easily research various matters and pull together ideas that at first blush may not seem to belong together; you'll be able to create the connections that pay off in the long run. Concentration is highlighted now, and you can spend long hours with your nose in books or glued to your computer screen, leaving you mentally satisfied but glassy-eyed by the end of the day. Head this off at the pass by scheduling in a vigorous exercise session. You'll need it to work off some of that nervous energy, and to clear your mind for all the tasks you've got on your to-do list! Take a few moments to phone or email a friend you haven't talked to in a while. This transit stimulates conversation, so you should have a very lively talk with your buddy.

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15Mercury sextile Sun

Talking it Up

When you get up this morning, make a good to-do list. Prioritize your tasks, and keep this list handy all day long. It will go a long way toward helping you keep on track and stay organized and efficient. If you take advantage of this tactic, you'll be nothing less than a whirling dervish in the communication and networking department. Fingers fly over your keyboard, phone messages are dispatched in record time. You stick to the agenda in meetings and conferences, coming up with one good idea after another, wowing everyone with your mental gymnastics and perfect logic. Conversations and friendly encounters are favored too, so when work is done, get together with your cronies and converse. Talk over anything that excites you, from the latest news story to what you've been reading or learning about. Your ability to deliver information is unparalleled right now, so take advantage of this energy to reach out to as many people as you can. This influence is short, only a few days, but if you use it well, the effects will live on.

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16Sun sextile Mercury

Focus on Communication

Now is the perfect time to get organized, recommit yourself to detailed projects and catch up on all forms of communication. Send letters, make phone calls, stop for a chat with your neighbor. Your mind is running forward as quickly and smoothly as a river, so use this chance to get your projects moving. Clean out your email box, listen to your saved phone messages and answer all written correspondences. You're in a great space to convince just about anyone with your solid ideas, and you're open to unusual concepts and different types of people. And they're very much open to you -- you're coming across swimmingly, so if there's anything you have to do that relies on public speaking or just mixing and mingling with the masses, now is definitely the time. Your natural charm is on high, and you could probably sell a watch to a watchmaker. But you're not out to scam anyone; you just want to connect, and that's coming through loud and clear. Make a social contact with someone you've been wanting to get to know, as friends or even something more. Or, head out on the town with friends for a night full of laughs and conversation. Enjoy this week!

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17Sun sextile Sun

Opportunities Abound

You're feeling sunny and optimistic, really in your element, so it's a great time to spread your uplifting, can-do energy! You're in the mood to reach out to other people and connect. You can keep it casual, such as going out to lunch or the movies with friends, or you can go deeper with an intense conversation or a heartfelt letter penned to someone you love. Whatever you choose to do, you'll do it well, because you're feeling shiningly yourself. You're more cooperative than usual, able to mesh your ideas with those of your coworkers, family and friends in a way that strengthens everyone and brings positive results. Most of all, though, this is a great time to reach out. Parties and other social events are good now; you're in a great mood, ready to talk, laugh and have a great time, either one-on-one or in a group. So say yes to any invitations that come your way; don't miss any opportunity to socialize. This is also a good time to recommit yourself to projects you've already started and maybe flagged on -- to pick up the ball again and run with it. Opportunities abound now, so take your pick of them and make them work for you!

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Person 1's Intensities

Sun conjunct Saturn

Higher Standards

This is a serious week, one in which you'll instinctively review your life, your goals and your past actions. You want to make sure everything is up to your high standards, so you will tend to be critical, looking for the negative instead of the positive. Although you may lack your usual physical energy, keep up your exercise routine. You're more focused now than usual, and will readily tackle mundane tasks that you ordinarily avoid, like balancing your checkbook or tying up loose ends on your projects at work. More than anything, you're concerned about the quality of your work. You hate to squander your energy, so you make a point to work hard and do a good job, and the results of your labor will be practical, high-quality and long-lasting. Working by yourself is more effective than trying to work with others. Business meetings are fine, because you're able to articulate goals and formulate a plan for achieving them, but social calls might be out for the time being, until you're more in the mood for fun and relaxation again. For now, it's good to buckle down, work hard and make sure you are still on the right path. You can have fun next week!

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Sun conjunct Jupiter

The Power of Positive Action

This should be one of the best weeks of the year for you! You're feeling wonderful -- luck is on your side and one opportunity after another pops up. Good things seem to drop right into your lap -- but you know what? It's not just luck: It's that you're tuned in to those opportunities, and you're actually reaching out and grabbing hold of them. That's the only difference between now and any other period of your life; you have a can-do attitude that makes things happen. You should never underestimate the power of positive thinking! There's no better time to give liberally to those in need, because your acts of good will and generosity will ripple far beyond your expectations. But there is one thing to be cautious of: Don't be overbearing. If you sweep in and offer to fix everyone's problems, people might think you're being arrogant and presumptuous. Your self-assurance could look like superiority, your confidence like self-righteousness. But if this happens, just keep on keeping on, spreading the wealth around as best you can. This period is the perfect time to seal deals at work; you can expand your professional horizons easily now if you want to.

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Mars conjunct Pluto

Your Own Agenda

Clashes of will are on the agenda this week, and even if you think you're just rising to the challenge, you're probably really the one stirring things up. You've got a definite chip on your shoulder, and a lot of energy that's welling up inside you. Why not put it to good use instead of starting arguments with your boss, your family, your friends, your sweetie and the poor guy at the checkout counter who wants nothing more than to ring up your purchases and move on to the next customer? Because if you don't channel your passion, that's who you'll be getting into conflict with -- everyone. So find a way to focus your energies in a positive direction. Step up your exercise routine; completely redo your yard or rearrange the furniture in your house; start training for a marathon. Do something with your energy that won't involve challenging anyone that gets in your way! Otherwise, you'll take needless stands at work, upsetting your coworkers and ticking off your boss; then you'll bring that tense energy home and take it out on your roommates, your family, even the dog. Word to the wise: Try counting slowly to ten before rising to anything you perceive as a challenge.

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Pluto conjunct Mars


This is sure to be one of the most intense periods of your life, when your personal power, your ability to assert yourself and your aggressive tendencies are all highlighted. Your personal ambition will be aroused; you'll be able to focus, work hard and achieve incredible progress on your most treasured goals. There's no better time to get started on projects and endeavors that will move you forward along your chosen path, particularly ones that are important primarily to you. This influence will make you more independent, and it's best for doing work that only you can do. You'll be impatient and unwilling to wait up for others. You'll lead by example and take command by force. In fact, you may well alienate others by being pushy or bossy, acting unilaterally and failing to listen to anyone else. That's part of the lesson of this transit: how to get what you want without isolating yourself from the people around you. The answer to this dilemma is different for everyone; you'll need to provide the answer for yourself. Use this time wisely. Don't squander your energy or your efforts: Make sure that what you create is meaningful, significant and of superior quality.

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Mercury conjunct Saturn

Planning in Detail

Dust off your old notes and projects and bring them out into the light of day. There may be more in those old documents than you realize, and now's the best time to comb through your old communications and reports. The wisdom of the past can be brought forward to the present. You'll find that you have more discipline when it comes to your thinking, writing and speaking this week than usual, so you'll be able to get a lot done in those areas. Serious communication is favored, so if there's an important conversation that you've been putting off, now is the time to approach it and get it done. It's odd, but sometimes not doing a task takes more energy than just doing it! You'll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders after you take care of that problem you've been avoiding. It's a relief to get things moving. This is a grand time to plan out a project or endeavor. Make a detailed list of the tasks needed to complete the project. Then organize and prioritize them. Put the list in a prominent location. Taking these steps now will keep you on track for the coming weeks and months.

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Mercury conjunct Jupiter

An Opening of the Mind

Curiosity killed the cat, or so they say, but that won't be the case with you this week. Your curiosity is strongly stimulated now, giving you an insatiable thirst for more input, but it's not likely to get you into much trouble. Instead, you'll be in a lofty head space, with expanded perceptions and inspired ideas. Your mind will not be on the mundane; instead you'll be thinking about your Big Picture, and it's very possible that information that comes to you this week will make that picture bigger still! Philosophy, world religion, your place in the grand scheme of things...yes, your mind is wandering hither, thither and yon under this influence. You'll be more than happy to talk about it, too, to anyone who's willing to listen. Be careful you don't talk their ear off! Another cautionary tale in the communication department: no fish stories. You know, the kind where the fish you caught gets bigger and bigger each time you tell the story? Watch this tendency to exaggerate and you'll be fine. Definitely take advantage of this opening of the mind to learn or teach as much as you can.

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Sun conjunct Pluto

Magnetic and Attractive

You're radiating a powerful, charismatic, magnetic vibe at this time that everyone around you will find highly attractive, even sexy. Your focus and passion are much more laser-like than usual, which can be good thing or not so good. You go for the burn, in everything from your exercise program to your relationships. If you've got your eye on a new client or a potential date, you can be relatively assured that you'll get them right where you want them -- but will they be able to handle your intensity? That remains to be seen. If they're the type that's turned on by that sort of thing, then you're good to go, but if they like things to be a little more lighthearted, your contact with them might not last long. But that's okay; it's always best to weed out potential early on. At work and at home, surface details don't interest you; you want to know the underlying issue. Just don't push too hard. Forcing someone to cooperate with you won't have a good effect; you might scare them off for good. Your best bet is to stick to people who know you well. With your coworkers, business contacts and potential dates, keep things as light as possible.

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Mercury conjunct Pluto

Laser-Like Mind

You've got the uncanny ability to see directly to the heart of the matter, any matter, this week. You won't get distracted by superfluous details, and won't permit yourself to get off track. Keen perceptions and laser-like focus create the perfect conditions for research, investigation and digging deep, especially into information you've been given in the past. Uncovering hidden facts is your forte now, so don't hesitate to delve into the unknown, and follow the leads you get in your research. You can even go undercover this week! Your intellect combines with your personal power now, making you an effective leader, a persuasive speaker and a diligent worker. Any analysis you make will be right on target. Not only are you drawn to investigating facts and figures, but the world of mystery calls to you, too. You feel especially attuned to things you can't see but can definitely feel. For this reason, it's a good time to do some inner work with a therapist or through reading and doing the suggested exercises in a self-help book. You'll gain valuable insights by doing so.

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Person 1's Challenges

Venus square Uranus

Because I Want To

Don't be surprised if people accuse you of acting like a spoiled brat this week. You're feeling flirty and restless, and you're not in the mood to put up with the same old stuff -- even if it's stuff you normally like. 'Because I want to' suddenly becomes a good enough reason to do just about anything that pops into your head, and you can see the problem with that! If you follow all your impulses, they'll probably lead you in directions you won't like. And you'll almost certainly make someone around you feel put out with you, whether it's your boss, because you just didn't feel like showing up to work this morning, or your date, because you wandered off to talk to someone else at the party while they stood there alone, waiting for you to come back. Of course, ticking off someone close to you might not be such a bad thing, at least not for you; the tension and negative energy zinging around could actually seem least, until it's time to get serious and clean up the mess you've made of your relationships. Why not try to take it a little easier on your friends and coworkers? Not everyone's in the same devil-may-care mood that you're in!

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Mercury square Mercury

Bite Your Tongue

Well! Your (fill in the blank -- boss, lover, friend, complete stranger) has a lot of nerve to contradict you! Just who do they think they are, anyway? They picked the wrong day to pick an argument with you, because you're not backing down; no way. And those very sensible facts and figures they're throwing in your face to prove you wrong -- all hogwash! You fold your arms over your chest and jut your chin out, rolling your eyes at the ceiling. You're right, and that's that. Except when you're wrong! And that can be the trouble when you're stubbornly clinging to your ideas, even in the face of facts that clearly show you seriously need an update. Forewarned is forearmed, in this case, so now you know not to stick to your guns when your guns are stuck! Instead of turning off your ears, turn off your mouth. Listen, no matter how much of a struggle it is. Take down those facts and figures and check them out for yourself. There's no disgrace in not knowing something -- the disgrace lies in refusing to admit you've been wrong.

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Mars square Mars

Push Comes to Shove

You're not at your best during these three weeks. Your energy is running high, and your desires and ambitions are clear in your mind. But you're acting like a steamroller in your drive to reach your goals, trying to flatten everyone in your path! Your ego has taken the forefront and your aggressive side could really come out to play; all of a sudden, what's most important to you is your own needs and drives. You feel strong, insistent, but you're coming across as aggressive and very unpleasant. That kind of behavior will automatically pit people against you; they won't want to get in your corner. And then your mood will turn sour in response; you'll feel frustrated and ready to lash out at whoever you perceive as standing in your way, and a real battle of wills could result. It's also possible that someone else could get surly with you, and you'll have to deal with their aggressive energy, but it's more likely that you'll be the one stirring up all the trouble. To avoid this and have a better time for these few weeks, use your excess energy to buckle down at the office and really get something done. Step up your exercise routine and expend some of it that way. And watch your mouth!

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Mercury square Sun

Explain Yourself

You'll be challenged to explain yourself during the few days that this transit is in effect. You may not be speaking and writing with the clarity you usually have. You may think you're communicating clearly, but then others come back with lots of questions, comments and suggestions. Rather than getting defensive, force yourself to listen carefully to their questions and complaints. There's a lot to learn here about effective delivery, about saying things in a way that other people can understand, and about listening to what others are saying. This is a great time for writing rough drafts, proposals and things that you'll have the opportunity to correct and update later, after you've had some feedback. If that feedback isn't as good as you expected, don't be discouraged. Use it as a learning experience to improve your writing and speaking, as a tool to refine your communication skills. If you're feeling nervous or edgy, take yourself out for some good exercise, and you'll return more clearheaded and motivated.

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Mercury square Mars

Oscar the Grouch

Ya know, everyone deserves to be a little grumpy now and again. Who doesn't have times when they feel sort of generally irritable and argumentative? This may well be your week to sign on to the grouchy campaign. You can't help it if everything you touch seems to break and your skin is erupting and you dropped your toothbrush in the toilet. If anyone deserves to be Oscar the Grouch this week, it's you! So put on your furry blue suit and warn everyone in advance how you're feeling, so that they can cut you a wide berth and stay out of your way. It's only fair, after all. This is the best way to indulge yourself temporarily, and avoid damaging any relationships. Fortunately, this influence only lasts a few days, so in no time at all you'll be feeling like yourself again. In the meantime, try not to be so short-tempered that you snap at the grocery clerk or postal carrier -- unless, of course, they do something really stupid. In that case, instead of melting them with your sarcasm, you can be the bigger person and simply glare, without saying anything at all.

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Sun square Mars

You're All Prickly

Your fuse is short this week, and you may lose your temper a lot more easily than usual. You're coming on way too strong without even realizing it, reacting to the slightest provocations and making mountains out of molehills. Part of the problem is that you're unaware of your behavior. You think you're just being assertive, taking a stance or putting an opinion out there. But to your friends and coworkers, you're acting like a hothead -- and more than a little competitive. To them, the stances you're taking are unnecessary and unfriendly. The good news is, this energy should wear off in a week or so; as long as you don't burn any bridges before then, things will turn out fine. But don't be surprised if there are more than a few ruffled feathers that need smoothing over. Try especially hard to make a good impression on people who don't know you well; your close friends can take the occasional bad mood and rude comment, but it wouldn't be good to get cranky with your boss, a new client or out on a date with someone special. It may be best at work to stick to projects that you work on independently, so you can keep this prickly energy all to yourself.

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Venus square Venus

Can't Say No

You're feeling self-indulgent now, spoiling yourself just for the sake of feeling like you have it all -- all the comforts, all the luxuries of life. Needless to say, it will be next to impossible for you to stick with the program this week; your diet, your work schedule and your exercise routine will probably all fly out the window in favor of spontaneous shopping sprees, lunches out with friends, dates with that special someone that last far too late into the night to get up on time the next morning... Anything that requires discipline and the focused application of energy just isn't going to happen now, because you simply can't seem to push yourself to try that hard. Though it's great to take a breather every now and again, you'll probably push it too far now because you don't know when to stop. You also might give in too easily on an important subject or project because you don't want to say no to anyone. Not wanting to rock the boat is not a good enough reason to let your inner pushover out to roam! The good news is, whatever does or doesn't happen this week, you'll probably have a good time; you're in too good and relaxed of a mood not to.

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Venus square Neptune

Nurture Your Faith in Love

If you're the creative type, you'll enjoy this week's energy. Be sure to keep pen and paper close at hand, because you'll want to carefully record the things you see in your mind's eye during this time. You might do some sketching, some journaling or some creative writing; any way that you can get your creativity and fantasies out of your mind and into concrete form is a good thing. You may lose many hours to daydreams now, because reality falls short of your fantasies during this transit -- and that's okay, as long as you don't have too much work to do. If you do, this period of time could be a real problem! You just don't feel like buckling down and getting to it, and your boss or your coworkers will really notice. Take some time off, if you possibly can, because your heart just isn't in your work and you'll probably end up making silly mistakes or otherwise just confusing things. A further word to the wise: Put off anything involving big decisions or large amounts of money until the current energy clears. Thinking clearly and logically just isn't your strong point right now, and you might make decisions that you'll later really regret.

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Next Steps

I hope you have enjoyed the valuable insight, wisdom and guidance of this astrology report. You might be a little curious about astrology and perhaps wondering how an astrologer can know so much about you!

Astrology is a mathematical system. It's all about applying meaning to numbers, or more specifically, finding meaning in the movements of the planets around the Sun, as viewed from our perspective here on earth. These planetary movements are easily captured and recorded with measurements, calculations, angles and so on.

That's why astrology works so well with computers, whose programs are also based on numbers and formulas. In 'the old days' -- thousands of years ago, when astrology was first recorded -- those early astrologers had to painstakingly observe the heavens and catalog their observations for the next generation of astrologers to build upon. Thank goodness for the computer age! Now we can simply use computers to make those calculations quickly and pull just the applicable pieces of information. Now, astrology is instant, based upon thousands of years of observations obtained through careful methodology.

Interpretations of planetary positions are based in part on ancient Greek and Roman mythology, but your astrological report is unique, describing you and you only. Even in the case of twin siblings, their birth charts differ from each other's in at least a few ways. And besides, no one amounts to just a simple interpretation of their birth chart; everyone's personality is complex. Your astrological report leaves plenty of room for variations based on your free will, personal growth and transformation over a lifetime.

Just like you, your astrological report is unique. It’s generated online in seconds and provides you with instant insight at your fingertips. Whether you have a pressing question about your future or you just want some guidance and direction, now you can have it all -- in a fast, focused, all-about-you format.

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