Romance Bundle for Singles

For Person 1, born May 29, 1970

Romantic Personality Profile

Your Romantic Personality Profile will reveal some of the secrets of your loving nature. It touches on the high points of your natal chart to tell you what you need in a lover.

Cosmic Collection

Explore the deepest corners of your personality, the real you according to your zodiac sign. An in-depth overview, your love and money traits along with compatibility. All 12 zodiac signs are included in this insightful and informative guide.

Friendship Compatibility

The true nature of your friendship could take months or even years to learn. Find out why your best friend just gets you or perhaps there’s an acquaintance in your social circle who just rubs you the wrong way. Understand your connection at a deeper level.

Yearly Romantic Destiny Forecast

Your Romantic Destiny Forecast is the ultimate personalized astrological love and romance guide. Consult this guide to learn when to make your move or when to sit back and wait for the storm to pass. Timing is everything!