An astrological report prepared for

Person 1, born October 25, 1972 and person 2, Born February 14, 1976:

Romantic Compatibility Guide

Uncovering the Truth About You and Your Relationship

You may have been coupled for decades or you might be in a brand new relationship.

While your relationship might be pretty solid, you probably want to make it even better!

It could take months, even years, of deep discussions, intimate moments, and occasional arguments to learn the true nature of your relationship to help you improve things...

Or you can turn to astrology to get the answers now. After all, the beauty of astrology is in highlighting probabilities.
The location of the planets on the days that you and your partner were born and how they relate to each other can illuminate all kinds of details about
  • how well you communicate
  • how deeply you connect
  • and most importantly if there's a chance for everlasting love to grow between you.
This powerful information reveals the strengths in your relationship and how you can best leverage them to make your relationship even stronger

It also reveals what you can do to overcome any weak areas in your relationship. 

As you know, every relationship is unique. Where one person leaves you cold, another can light your fire in a major way! 

You will connect deeply with some people the very moment your eyes first meet, feeling like you've known each other for years (or even lifetimes). 

But with other people, it can take a LOT of time and effort to make the connection flow… and it still might not ever happen. 

If you are wondering whether you should take that next step to deepen your current relationship or keep looking for someone else with better compatibility, the Romantic Compatibility Guide will help you make the right decision by exploring your relationship potential with your current partner. 

You’ll discover the answer to important questions like…
  • Does your conversation flow easily, or do awkward silences prevail?
  • Is there a spark of chemistry or a sense that things between you just don’t click?
  • If things are going well and you develop a deeper bond, what can you expect from the relationship long-term?
Remember, knowledge is power! So read on to find out if your romantic partner is The One... or if you're better off looking for love somewhere else.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Romantic Compatibility Guide report.

And I want to help you discover the compatibility in your relationship so you can make it even BETTER!

I’ve prepared this powerful tool for you that will help you do exactly that!

Wouldn’t you love to discover how you can leverage the strengths in your relationship so each day just gets more wonderful with your partner?
And how to overcome the specific challenges in your relationship so they don’t hold you back from having the amazing and beautiful relationship with your partner that you both deserve?

Your Connection Bar Graphs

Wondering how the two of you match up? Now you can find out, at a glance!

This two-way bar graph reveals the chemistry between you and your partner - how you affect them, and how they affect you. It will give you a quick overview of the strength of your connection in six very important categories that can make or break your relationship such as...

  • how your core personalities mesh
  • how the two of you communicate
  • and the levels of love and attraction you feel for each other

Ready to know if your relationship has what it takes for you to feel happy and fulfilled?

The Romantic Compatibility Guide will give you the answers!

But remember... even if you both rate high in all six categories, the relationship still might not work out. And even if you rate low, your bond can still grow to create a solid and satisfying relationship.

The most promising indicator is when a graph shows that two people are about equal in their attraction and connection to each other. That way, no one feels left out!

The bar graph only gives you a quick peek at the chemistry of your relationship - the rest is up to you. Look to your compatibility report for a more in-depth reading of the strengths and challenges of your relationship.

Your Soul Connection

Your Soul Connection with another person is based on how your Sun connects with their personality, including their values, their outlook and what matters to them, and how their Sun connects with you. Just as the sun is the center of the orbit of all the planets in our solar system, it's also the center of you -- your inner fire, the vital energy that will run through you your whole life. It represents your basic, core personality, separate from all the other influences that... Read more

Your connection to them
Their connection to you

Your Communicative Bond

In this bar graph, your Communicative Bond is based on how your Mercury connects with your crush's world view, their attitude toward relationships and how they express themselves, and on how their Mercury connects with you. Often called the planet of communication, Mercury rules your thought processes, your sense of logic, your intellectual ideas and the way you get those ideas across to the world. If the lines of the graph -- your top line and your sweetie's... Read more

Your connection to them
Their connection to you

Your Passionate Attraction

Your Passionate Attraction with your honey is based on how your Mars connects with their sense of who they are, what they go after and how they express themselves, and on how their Mars connects with you in the same way. Mars rules passion, so your sex drive, your propensity for irritation, your urge to compete and succeed -- all of these fall within this powerful planet's realm. Mars affects your attitude toward dating, and it also determines how you argue with... Read more

Your connection to them
Their connection to you

Your Shared Values

In this bar graph, your Shared Values are based on how your Jupiter connects with your honey's sense of what life is all about, and how their Jupiter connects with you in the same way. Jupiter is referred to as the planet of luck because it brings opportunities and advantages into your life that can seem like a stroke of luck, but are really life lessons meant to test and teach you about your own value system. This planet is also about learning, intellectual pursuits and spirituality -- in short, the expansion of the soul. If the lines of the graph – yours is the top line and your sweetie's the bottom one -- are very different in length, then one of you is going... Read more

Your connection to them:
Their connection to you:

Your Long-Term Potential

Your Long-Term Potential with that special someone is based on how your Saturn connects with their needs, their romantic nature and their sense of duty in life, and on how their Saturn connects with you in the same way. Saturn's influence in your chart is like that of your conscience. This planet keeps you in check, reminding you of your responsibilities -- including your commitment to your sweetie. If the lines of the graph – yours is the top line and theirs the bpttom one -- are very different in length, then one of you is going to get deeply involved fast, while the other just won't share that sense of commitment -- not right... Read more

Your connection to them:
Their connection to you:

Your Harmony and Excitement Ratings

The Harmony and Excitement Meters: love can be complex, but The Astrologer can break it down! The Harmony and Excitement Meters reads the compatibility chart between you and your sweetie, and reveals the levels of harmony and excitement in your relationship. Now you'll know at a glance whether things will be smooth sailing, an uphill battle -- or a roller coaster ride between the two!

Before you jump in, there's a trick to reading the meters. You might think you want a lot of sweet stuff and very little spice, but what you really want is a balance between the two. Just imagine: With all good feelings, pleasant times and nothing to break up the monotony, things would get pretty dull (yawn). And too much passion can also ruin a relationship; without a little breathing room between fights and lusty encounters, you'd tire each other out, fast! Something in the middle is just the ticket. A healthy dose of passion means strong physical attraction plus a good... Read more


Harmony = 10

9-10: So easy its dull

7-8: sweet as candy

4-6: a real affinity

0-3: A nice rapport!

Excitement = 8

9-10: War Zone

7-8: Over the edge

4-6: Hot,hot,hot

0-3: Healthy

Person 1, here is your Romantic Compatibility Guide report

This Romantic Compatibility Guide can tell a lot about your relationship including how the relationship functions and where there’s dysfunction...


illustrates your basic commonalities
tells your basic differences
indicates how well you get along with one another
shows what each of you brings to the relationship


shows how you communicate with each other
reveals who is the thinker & who is the feeler
helps you understand each other’s communication style


reveals your connection to each other
indicates how each other prefers to receive love
highlights how both of you express love


represents the physical bond you share
reveals each other’s desires and impulses
shows how each person expresses frustration


highlights the non-negotiable values held by each of you
shows what is important to each person
indicates whether the relationship will grow


challenges the relationship
unveils each other's shortcomings
demonstrates where extra effort is needed in the relationship


uncovers each other’s rebellious side
points out the unique qualities each person brings to the relationship
shows how the two of you have fun


rules the psychic connection you have to each other
reveals how you help each other grow
indicates if a relationship is a spiritual one


reveals each person’s greatest fears
indicates opportunities for change
demonstrates the self-transformation the relationship brings to both of you
Keep reading to discover how each of your natal planets connects to your partner’s planets.

Strengths of Your Relationship

Venus trine Venus

Harmonious love

This aspect has a good chance of leading to something long-term, because you two feel really attracted to each other and very in sync with each other's rhythms. You have a great sexual connection, but also a wonderful bond as friends -- as two people who just really, really like each other. The more you learn about each other, the better you get along. The empathy you feel for each other is strong and natural, and helps smooth out any problems that might arise between you. You give each other a lot of love and affection. The sensual connection you share is heated up by this influence -- you consider your intimate bond to be sacred and important. Even if other aspects between you are more difficult to deal with and bring up problems again and again, this aspect makes you not want to fight. You just want to get along, to treat each other well and make your lover feel as wonderful as they make you feel. Remember to appreciate this bond, and don't take it for granted! Even the best of relationships needs tender nurturing.

Mars trine Mars

A working team

As a couple, your combined energies really create something spectacular -- and that could start in the bedroom! You're highly attracted to each other, with a very passionate bond. You express your desires in some very similar ways, so you don't have many chances or reasons to misread each other's signals. You feel stimulated when you're together, awake, aware, tuned in to all the possibilities that the world has to offer you. For this reason, this wonderful influence doesn't confine itself to the bedroom. You also have a great, energizing effect on each other's work, your relationships with other people, your hobbies -- anything you put your mind to. You might take up a sport or exercise routine together. If so, play on the same team -- you're unbeatable! In the same vein, if you end up working together, you will really get a lot done. It's not that your ideas are always perfectly aligned; it's more that you each come up with your own, individual ideas, and then the other takes them and runs with them. Your instincts just click when you're together and you read each other well, like a couple that's been together for years, even at the very beginning of the relationship.

Venus trine Mercury

Harmony reigns

This aspect helps you smooth over any rough patches that may occur in your relationship, because you instinctively know when to make a compromise in order to keep things harmonious. It's not that your lover is a pushover when it comes to you; they certainly stand up for their position when it's truly important. But harmony is a focus between you, an ideal that you work hard to attain together. You don't want to argue with each other much, and if you have other more aggressive aspects between you, this one greatly tones down that troublesome energy. You strive to be gentle with each other, and to show each other how much you care. And you do so in a variety of ways -- with a special glance or touch, or a letter or email that speaks of your love. You are both very creative in the expression of your feelings, and you work hard to keep the love alive. You're the couple that all your friends envy, and you have plenty of friends. You love cultivating an active social life, as it only feeds the exciting, romantic energy that runs like a current between you. Traveling together or working on a creative project goes well, because you always take special care to deal with one another kindly and gently. Just make sure that you don't become so comfortable together that you become complacent! Even the best of relationships needs nurturing.

Sun trine Sun

Complementary natures

You really get along well. Yours is a good friendship, first and foremost. That doesn't mean your romantic connection hasn't taken off; quite the opposite, in fact. You have a very strong relationship because there's so much potential for being in balance with one another. You're not too similar, but you understand each other well. That means that when one of you needs intimacy and support, the other is likely right there, ready and willing to give it. When one of you needs to put in long hours at the office or just take some alone time, the other is able to understand and respect that as well. You're very encouraging of one another's creativity, and you support and enhance each other's long-term goals. In some way, this relationship gives you plenty of room to follow your muse, whether that happens on a personal, emotional level or a more public or professional one. You instinctively know how to allow each other room to pursue your ambitions. The only potential problem here is a minor one -- you might be so relaxed and comfortable with each other that the relationship grows a bit dull or stagnant from time to time as a result. After all, why fix it if it's not broken? As long as you're careful to stay closely involved -- meaning, check in with each other often on your feelings, your projects, your work and your dreams -- the connection will continue to stay warm and vital.

Saturn trine Sun

Natural respect

You naturally share a lot of respect for each other, and that allows you to continue to grow as individuals even as you form a strong union with one another. You honor the relationship with a deep sense of responsibility, even duty -- but that doesn't weigh down the fun, light connection between you, and it doesn't limit who your partner is as an individual human being. This relationship is, in part, about personal growth, and about inspiring your lover in that growth. You're rather work- or career-oriented, and learn from your lover about how to let those things slide every now and again in order to make time for the more fun or romantic side of life. It's all about balance, after all; we should all learn to make time for not only our work, but ourselves, our lovers, our families, play time, relaxation time... Whew, that does sound like a lot of separate elements to balance! You two help one another do it. Your aims and goals in life are a focus for you as a team early on, and you're able to help one another in your journeys toward meeting those goals. You may decide to go into business or some other enterprise together; if so, this should work out well, because you trust one another and you have complementary strengths that come together to make an amazing unit.

Mercury sextile Venus

Gentle harmony

If there are other, less harmonious aspects between you, don't worry -- this one really helps to smooth over the harsh effects of those, because as a couple, your focus is on getting along well and working together as a loving, communicative team. Neither of you wants to argue, so you both find much more constructive ways to get your own point across and find a solution to any problem that might come up. You're also very open and verbal about expressing your tender feelings for this person! This isn't be the type of relationship where you have to wonder where you stand with the other person. No, you delight in leaving love notes for your lover in their briefcase or purse, describing all the wonderful ways that your life changed when you two got together; you write songs or poems for them, give them sweet cards every chance you get... You really let them know just how special you think your sweet partner is. And they do the same for you. Your friends -- of which there are many -- look up to you as the couple who has everything they want -- a loving, supportive connection that could lead to something really special. If you end up working together on a creative project or even an entrepreneurial one, this aspect greatly helps your communication, because you always take special care to deal with one another kindly and gently.

Mercury trine Saturn

Practical function

Your lover can actually inspire you to express yourself more clearly and honestly. Especially when compared to so many relationships in which the merging of two personalities means the submerging of parts of both, this is a true gift, and one to be properly appreciated. Whatever high-flying, abstract or generally not well-founded ideas you may have, your lover can find a way to give expression and function to those ideas. They have a sobering effect on you, in a way that helps you to stabilize your thought processes. If you normally have trouble being decisive or mapping out a path for yourself, this relationship could be just the thing you need to get serious and find direction in your life. Any troublesome aspects that may exist between you, ones that would otherwise negatively affect your relationship, are greatly helped by this influence, because your communication is strong and beneficial to you both. You're able to talk honestly about any problems or issues that might come up between you. More than that, you make a great working team. There is a serious sort of creativity that happens when you're together; you bring up an idea and your lover can figure out how to make it solid and workable. They help you concentrate and separate your better ideas from your not-so-solid ones.

Venus sextile Saturn

Loving responsibility

This aspect has helped forge a strong bond between you that has easily translated to the long-term. Your blend of creativity and practicality make this relationship a supportive haven for both of you. You each know that you can bring your problems to the table, whether they're personal problems or issues related to work or anything else, and together, you can figure out how to solve them. Clear communication and practical innovations are your forte as a couple. You communicate well with each other and you treat each other with generosity. There is a feeling of 'what's mine is yours' between you. You two are down to earth together, but you also encourage each other to run with your best, most creative ideas. You blend traditional values with unique thought, and the results can be amazing! This aspect can also help you budget your time and resources well, because you both have a good grasp of what's of value to you, as individuals and as a couple. If you end up working together on a project or business enterprise, you can help each other focus on what needs to happen to get the job done well. You expect a lot of each other and of yourselves, and you strive to meet those expectations. In many areas of your lives, you encourage each other to be the best people and partners you can be.

Mars sextile Neptune

A spiritual uplift

Your lines of communication are strengthened by this aspect, and the energy that each of you possesses as an individual is brought into the relationship for the greater good. Whereas with other people, you might not understand their deeper feelings or their creative, emotional motivations, with your partner, you're able to give form to their weirder, more abstract ideas. You support each other to a huge degree, emotionally and creatively. If you believe your relationship is fated in the sense that you two were originally brought together for a specific purpose, you might be right! There's a lot you could both accomplish with this aspect in place. This aspect's influence could lead to a spiritual transformation in you, especially, a move to higher emotional or creative ground -- if you're careful to stay open with your partner. You're able to offer them a lot of energy, enthusiasm and support, but you still have to be careful about keeping the lines of communication open. If you get nervous when you move into uncharted territory together -- when, for example, they present an idea or want to pursue a dream that's very much outside the box -- the newness of it could scare you. But don't be scared! This is a positive influence as long as you trust it. Moving forward together into the creative unknown is likely a positive thing.

Mercury sextile Mercury

A bridge of communication

Even if there are other more challenging aspects between you, this one helps keep you on the same wavelength. You agree on most things, and even the subjects you don't agree on are interesting, because you get to look at both sides of an issue together and debate over it. At base, you think in similar ways -- your thought processes take similar tracks, ones that each of you recognize in the other. The individual style in which each of you reasons things out and processes information blends together nicely, so you share a feeling of familiarity. Conversation flows; your ideas come out in a tumbling rush, and you egg each other on, urging each other for more. Both intellectually and philosophically, you're on a par. You love discussing things together, both to form your own thoughts as well as to get the other's take on it. You don't shy away from profound subjects, either; they have as much appeal as lighter ones. You probably share interests in many subjects, and want to take classes together or at least go see films or lectures and discuss what you learned afterward. Whatever differences there may be between you are greatly mitigated by this influence, which acts as a bridge between you.

Saturn sextile Jupiter

Creative hard work

This influence is wonderful for a long-term relationship, because it really highlights two people's ability to work together toward a common goal. What is your goal as a couple? This could shift a great deal from one phase of your lives and relationship to the next. As a couple, your problem-solving strengths are as useful in resolving an argument as they are in taking on a huge project together, which is what makes this such an excellent long-term influence. You could end up launching a major project together -- a business, a home renovation, even raising children or pets -- and whatever it is that you decide to do, you have a natural gift for it. You combine your partner's creative ideas with your practical knowledge; your ability to work long and hard with their intellectual ideas and vision of the future to make that hard work mean something. You come to each other for great advice and support. This aspect supports a deep and abiding feeling of friendship and trust between you that helps you work together well and communicate on a deep level. It makes you serious together, but in a good way -- a way that you both want. After all, the best relationships are a blend of work and play, and this aspect helps you find that balance. You focus together on your goals, and blending your best qualities, you're sure to find success in whatever you might undertake.

Jupiter sextile Uranus

A lively exchange

With this aspect between you, you have a strong friendship that's based in intellectual freedom -- and that's a wonderful complement for a romantic relationship. You identify closely with your partner on an 'idea level.' You talk about everything under the sun, and they often spark you off -- they come up with something exciting and new and you both run with it. Whether you just have fun with this influence or actually use it in your work or your creative projects is up to you! Either way, it's a lot of fun, and creates a feeling of friendship and exciting openness between you. You two discuss your futures, create them, and then discuss new futures. And yet your paths are different enough to create both space and movement for both of you. You encourage each other to follow your dreams, you support each other with optimism and great ideas, but you don't get in each other's way because you're too busy following your own bliss! You probably get up to some pretty strange and interesting projects together. You can sometimes go too far under the influence of someone as radical as this, so make sure you always remember to stay within the bounds of reality. But since freedom and self-expression are the focus of this influence, you shouldn't try to rein yourself in too much; have fun with this aspect -- and your lover!

Strengths of Your Relationship

Mars conjunct Pluto

A powerful force

How this aspect affects your relationship is entirely up to the two of you, and depends on various factors -- how you each normally deal with strong emotions, since this aspect intensifies them; how you each handle power, because this aspect brings control issues to the surface; how well you're able to work together, because with this aspect you could accomplish a great deal; and so on. Basically, this influence is one very potent force! And how you use the power is up to you. For a lot of couples, this turns out to be a difficult aspect to deal with. It's likely led to battles of will, with your partner taking the authoritarian and power side, allowing themselves to be completely overtaken by all the unconscious and overwhelming feelings they experience within the relationship, and you relying on the strength of your own will to withstand the emotional storm visited upon you by your lover. This kind of pairing of irrationality and stubbornness is obviously not the best use of the power generated by this aspect, nor is it the most fun. Your sexual connection is charged up by this influence -- okay, getting more fun by the minute. But why not take it even a step further? You could work as a team, and divert all that intense energy into a project that you two work on together. After all, with this influence on your side, together you could move mountains! If you can focus on a big project or goal together, you'll achieve more than you could dream of on your own.

Saturn conjunct Mars

Difficult differences

You either complement each other well or antagonize each other for your differences -- and the latter is the more likely of the two possibilities, at least until you can learn to get along. In the beginning, when the relationship was new and immature, you probably worked well together; your lover supplied energy and excitement and you acted as a grounding influence. They were able to encourage you to be more spontaneous and carefree, looser in making plans and so on, while you had good lessons to teach them about responsibility, planning and hard work. Problems now arise when your partner's passion starts to get dampened by too much focus on responsibility. Your sexual connection could be doused like a flame under water if your energies are mismatched too often, or when you find that you want some very different things in the bedroom. You're actually likely to be made uncomfortable by your lover's carefree, adventurous spirit. It could make you feel nervous and unstable to be faced with such an unpredictable appetite, and your natural response might be to try to exert control over it and hold it down. But that doesn't work for long, and it only creates rebellion and even more unpredictability within your partner. Instead, why not try to get to know each other as the people that you truly are, even if it scares you (or bores you)? You'll probably find that your differences aren't so frightening or annoying after all, and in fact, they could be complementary, if you both give each other plenty of space.

Strengths of Your Relationship

Venus square Mars

A big reaction

The attraction between you runs hot and strong, or at least it did in the beginning. It may be mutual, but it could be somewhat one-sided, with your partner running hot while you tend to run cooler. This kind of mismatch in your energies creates friction between you -- and friction can be very provocative! Your passions are aroused easily when you're together, but it isn't just your sensual passions being kicked into high gear. Your lover also irritates you, and a different kind of tension may mar your connection. In fact, you're likely to find them to be rather offensive -- noisy or crass in public, or just tactless whether it's in front of other people or behind closed doors. There might be cultural differences between you, or differences in the way you were each brought up, that will cause problems as well. You're more social than your lover, and your urge to go out all the time might make them jealous. In some way, you inspire a big reaction in each other -- and it isn't always pretty. A smooth, trouble-free relationship just isn't possible with this aspect firing things up between you. At least the making up after an argument is fun for both of you ... But the pattern of fighting, then kissing and making up may be wearing you both out if other aspects between you aren't intervening to cool down all that heat and energy.

Mars square Venus

A big reaction

The attraction between you runs hot and strong, at least in the beginning. It may be mutual, but it could be somewhat one-sided, with you running hot while your partner tends to run cooler. This kind of mismatch in your energies creates friction between you -- and friction can be very provocative! Your passions are aroused easily when you're together, but it isn't just your sensual passions being kicked into high gear. You also irritate this person, and a different kind of tension could mar your connection. In fact, they're likely to find you to be rather offensive -- noisy or crass in public, or just tactless whether it's in front of other people or behind closed doors. There might be cultural differences between you, or differences in the way you were each brought up, that cause problems as well. You're not as sociable as your lover, meaning you're less focused on getting along with everyone. You're not afraid of a public argument or tense situations, and you might annoy your lover with your willingness to get into it with their friends. Furthermore, their urge to go out all the time could make you jealous. In some way, you inspire a big reaction in each other -- and it isn't always pretty. A smooth, trouble-free relationship just isn't possible with this aspect firing things up between you. At least the making up after an argument is fun for both of you... But the pattern of fighting, then kissing and making up may wear you both out if other aspects between you don't intervene to cool down all that heat and energy.

Mars opposite Jupiter

High-flying expectations

The energy between you has to find a good outlet, because there is a lot of it! Though there's potential for this influence not to be entirely positive, you can count on it to be exciting -- and it could end up being good for both of you. Either way, you have a big effect on each other. Your partner might act as cheerleader to your life in a sort of exuberant way that could go overboard at times. They push you to say what you really mean, to focus your energies and efforts and get more done than you would have on your own, but at the same time, they might go too far -- they have big ideas and dreams that might be beyond the scope of what you can actually accomplish together. But on the more positive side, they challenge you on your beliefs, which helps you to better define them. If you work together as a team, you may find that the slightly challenging energy between you sparks creative action, even if you tend to go off on unrealistic tangents together. If you try, you'll be able to learn how to curb the recklessness you two seem to feel, and to focus your otherwise scattershot energies. Doing things jointly can help a lot in giving your energy a focus and an outlet. Being active together -- playing sports, going hiking, building something, even just taking a walk -- is good for you as individuals and as a team.

Sun square Mercury

Miscommunication and misunderstandings

You two likely find your communication to be challenging, your interactions tricky at best. You both came to the relationship with the best of intentions, but you probably find yourself irritating your lover or offending their sensibilities. Neither of you is directly at fault for the flare-ups that are almost unavoidable between you; the problem lies more in a very basic difference in natures or temperaments. You are highly attached to your own, individual character and your own view of the world. Whenever you two try to communicate, you've found that your experiences of life in general are at odds with your partner's -- and the likelihood is high that both of you feel threatened by these differences. The problem is that you, especially, attach your ego directly to your opinions, which means you're unable to step outside your own point of view to see your partner's side of the argument. In a romantic relationship, this kind of challenging interaction can breed mistrust, and trust is essential to a healthy connection. Of course, if you're both hardy, adventurous sorts, you could look at this as a personal challenge: You both stand to learn a lot from each other, as you're required to let go of your own egos and strive to put yourselves in the other's shoes. But without a concerted effort to expand your own mental horizons, it's much more likely that you could just end up feeling challenged and misunderstood.

Mercury square Sun

Miscommunication and misunderstandings

You find your communication to be challenging from the start, your interactions tricky at best. You both have come to the relationship with the best of intentions, but you probably find your lover to be very irritating; they offend your sensibilities on a regular basis. Neither of you is directly at fault for the flare-ups that are almost unavoidable between you; the problem lies more in a very basic difference in natures or temperaments. Your lover is highly attached to their own, individual character and their own view of the world. When you two try to communicate, you find that your experiences of life in general are at odds -- and the likelihood is high that both of you feel threatened by these differences. The problem is that your partner, especially, is attaching their ego directly to their opinions, which means they're unable to step outside their own point of view to see your side of the argument. In a romantic relationship, this kind of challenging interaction can breed mistrust, and trust is essential to a healthy connection. Of course, if you're both hardy, adventurous sorts, you could look at this as a personal challenge: You could both stand to learn a lot from each other, as in this relationship you're required to let go of your own egos and strive to put yourselves in the other's shoes. But without a concerted effort on your lover's part to expand their mental horizons, it's much more likely that you just end up feeling challenged and misunderstood.

Sun square Saturn

A heavy tension

This is a challenging relationship at best. Both of you have had plenty of moments where you've looked at each other -- or at yourselves in the mirror -- and wondered exactly why you got into this in the first place. Problems arise from the very serious differences that exist between you as individuals. There is a certain element of criticism and control between you, and you may always feel as if your individuality, who you are as a strong, vital human being, is being challenged by your lover -- or even diminished. This probably started in small ways -- perhaps early on, you had conversations in which your opposing viewpoints came up again and again, and you were probably even able to laugh over your differences. But as your relationship has turned into something more long-term, your sense of humor may have faded a bit under feelings of burden and limitation that have only grown with time. If you're not careful, you may not even be able to see one another as individuals; instead, all you'll see when you look at each other is a list of grievances, of expectations that were disappointed, of needs that were never met. You must both take care not to let this heavy, troubled energy overpower the other, lighter, more positive aspects of your relationship. Work hard to accept each other -- and don't allow excessive criticism obscure your sense of who you are.

Jupiter square Pluto

Weighing whether it's worth it

You want to cooperate with each other, but instead, somehow, you get into power struggles again and again. The intensity of this aspect can be mitigated by other, softer ones that promote harmony between you, but in general, this one is hard to deal with. Your partner tries, consciously or subconsciously, to force you to change, because your methods of processing the world and your place in it don't match up with theirs. You're much more intellectual about things than they are, and you probably push them to take a stand on their principles, or worse, to define their feelings in terms of logic. Logic, of course, doesn't apply to the emotional realm, as they're two completely different processes. And what happens when an emotional person is pushed relentlessly? That's right -- those emotions tend to explode! You both take your own side in a serious and dogmatic way, clinging to your own beliefs so fervently that you could forget there's any other way of experiencing the world. In some big ways, you just disagree -- on spirituality, sexuality, you name it. Instead of trying to listen to each other and respect your differences, you're tempted to put each other on the spot and try to force each other to defend your position. Challenges like this can be really hard to deal with, and could make you feel divided as a couple from time to time. On the other hand, this relationship has also pushed you to define yourself in ways that you've never thought of before.

Saturn opposite Neptune


Your naturally different ways of viewing the world don't mesh together well at all. You challenge each other on your ideas of reality, and you could end up actually hurting each other's self-esteem through the process -- inadvertently, of course! You might have entered the relationship thinking you had a lot in common, but it's become clear that that's not the case on a subtle but fundamental level. You are naturally more practical and grounded than your partner. You work hard and you're responsible, and anything less can come across to you as flakiness. But your partner is much more freeform than that. They're in touch with their intuitions on a deep level, and from the outside, it could look to you like they're just acting at random when really they're operating based on some deep, inner cues that are telling them what move to make next. This method might actually be threatening to you, because you're used to operating based on facts and figures. Calculated risks are your forte, whereas your partner is good at leading with their gut and finding their way by feel. How to meld the two viewpoints, instead of falling into patterns of challenging and rejecting each other's way of doing things? Instead of trying to control your partner's sense of reality, which can be the tendency with this aspect, you both have to try hard to accept your differences. Convincing each other of your own point of view is nothing more than a frustrating and ultimately futile process.

Next Steps

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