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Person 1, born September 13, 1975:

Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast

Navigate Your Way to the Relationship of Your Dreams

Sometimes love seems to just fall into your lap, just as easy as saying hello; other times, no matter how much you want to connect with that special someone, you just can’t seem to make it happen. You’re too busy to make time for love at that point in your life, or they’re already involved with someone else -- and that’s the very definition of bad timing.

Ever wish you knew the right time to ask someone out, or to tell them you love them? If you could just pick the perfect moment to open that door and drop that bombshell -- if only you could have some kind of guarantee that the experience would go as smoothly as possible, with the exact outcome you were hoping for.
Well, astrology can’t offer any guarantees, but it can highlight the best times to reach out to someone new and cute, cement the deal with someone you love or break it off if you’re just not connecting.

And it can also highlight the days when you’re better off staying home, catching some me-time. Whatever your impulse might be, check your transits to see if the stars are behind you.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast report.

And I want to help you discover the most powerful windows of opportunity for romance.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to discover which days are the most opportune for romance?

And which days are probably not the best for a first date or important relationship discussions?
This Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast gives you that exact information so you can have a far better chance of meeting your soulmate and beginning the relationship of your dreams or improving the relationship you are in.

What Does Your Future Hold for Love & Relationships?

Love, for many of us, is a tricky, yet ever so rewarding road. Who doesn’t love to be loved and adored? Discover what the Stars say for your Love Life in the near future, revealing the six most important categories when it comes to Love:

  • Your Heart-Soul Growth
  • How you Think & Talk Romantically
  • Your Love & Affection Forecast
  • Your Passionate Desires
  • Where and How you’re going to get Lucky in Love
  • What your Love Lessons are and your potential for Relationship Longevity!

An easy-to-read Bar Graph is a quick explainer showing which of these categories are more highlighted over this period, and the meatier, in-depth Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast helps you explore all of these in great detail – letting you live your best (love) life!

Using Astrology to help guide your Love Life is an ancient practice in many old cultures, helping to determine the absolute best time to date, marry, start a family, and so much more! So why not use this insightful art to help you make the best of your love potential?

Astrology helps to make anxious times less stressful by knowing which areas can support and boost you and showing you a clear view of the future so you can relax and go with the flow. Using Astrology to enrich your romance is an empowering way to take control of your love life, and to help you and your sweetheart make the best of the best times and see you through the hard periods. And if you’re single, the Personal Romantic Forecast Calculators can be helpful to see if love is about to come into your life!

So, go ahead and dive deep and enjoy your Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast Calculators, letting the Stars and Planets be your guiding lights when it comes to Love and Romance!

Your Heart-Soul Growth - The Sun Influences

The Sun in Astrology is about the core of who you are. It’s your personality including your outlook and the opportunities you will attract during this time period. When you are at your best you can attract just about anything or anyone. Just as the Sun is the center of our solar system, it’s also the center of you, that inner fire and the vital energy that runs through you your whole life.... Read more

8-10 You're manifesting like magic
4-7 Focus on your goals - almost there
0-3 Keep smiling, there's more work to be done

Pillow Talk - Mercury Influences

This bar graph is based on how you’ll express yourself, be heard by others and how well you will listen during this time period. Mercury is the planet that is connected to your thought processes, your sense of logic, your intellectual ideas and the way you get those ideas, thoughts and feelings out into the world. If your Mercury bar graph is long then others will be receptive to... Read more

8-10 Your words are like music to someone's ears
4-7 Say what's on your mind as people are listening
0-3 Time for a brief pause while you gather your thoughts

Your Love and Attraction Factor - Venus Influences

This bar graph, based on the connections Venus is making to your natal planets at this time is all about love, attraction and romance. It shows how you will connect with others at a heart level and how attractive you are at this time. The energy of Venus is sweet, pleasurable and harmonious. This planet is not just connected to love and dating but friendships, partnerships... Read more

8-10 You're oozing with charm
4-7 Fun and flirtatious
0-3 Sweet as candy

Your Passionate Desires - Mars Influences

Your passionate desires, sex appeal and carnal appetites are based on Mars. This planet is all about your drive, energy and motivation. Mars rules passion and pleasure so your sex drive as well as your propensity to compete and succeed all fall with the realm of Mars. It affects your attitude towards dating, mating and relating and whether you’re going to be feeling revved up... Read more

8-10 You're too hot to handle
4-7 Tension breeds attraction
0-3 Spooning is sexy

Lucky in Love - Jupiter Influences

In this bar graph, how lucky you are in love is influenced by the planet Jupiter. This is a planet that brings luck, advantages and opportunities in all areas of your life. Sometimes, it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time to meet that special someone or if you’re coupled, it’s all about feeling hopeful and optimistic about where your relationship is headed... Read more

8-10 Luck is on your side
4-7 Your positive attitude makes a difference
0-3 Focus on what's right in front of you

Your Love Lessons - Saturn Influences

Saturn is the planet of karma. This bar graph indicates your life lessons, obligations and responsibilities you have during this time period. Saturn is linked to your conscience and commitments but it’s also linked to rewards and accolades. It’s about reaping what you sew and if you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and to do the hard work then the benefits will manifest.... Read more

8-10 Keep going and stay focused on the end goal
4-7 You're headed in the right direction
0-3 Enjoy this time of reprieve

Person 1, here is your Monthly Romantic Destiny Forecast report


governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally
governs how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your private life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions
reveals what truly motivates you in all areas of your life
explains your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
shows your non-negotiable values
guides you on your path


teaches you life lessons you came here to learn
illuminates your deepest challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life
reveals your karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


reveals your greatest fears
gifts you with the opportunity for massive change
highlights the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Keep reading to see how the current planetary transits are affecting your love life and the best times begin (or rekindle) romance...
Click on any of the transits for full description.

March 2023




April 2023




Saturn trine Uranus - Blending the old with the new
Jupiter sextile Mars - Stay focused on your romantic goal
Mercury trine Neptune - Find your dream lover
Mars trine Uranus - Fun self-discovery
Mars sextile Venus - Making a physical connection
Mercury sextile Mars - A good time to reach out
Sun trine Neptune - Up on a cloud
Mercury trine Venus - Tell them how you feel
Venus trine Sun - Your sweetest self
Sun sextile Mars - Expressing your inner passion
Venus sextile Saturn - Setting realistic limits and goals
Sun trine Venus - A bounce in your step
Venus trine Pluto - Deepening emotions
Jupiter trine Venus - Do something special for yourself
Mercury conjunct Jupiter - Take a chance
Sun conjunct Jupiter - An expansive mood
Jupiter conjunct Jupiter - A new and positive beginning
Venus conjunct Mars - Forward, but still sensitive
Pluto square Uranus - Constructive change
Pluto opposite Saturn - Forcing a change
Jupiter opposite Mercury - Enjoy what you've got
Neptune opposite Sun - Ignoring the truth
Mercury opposite Pluto - Inappropriate probing
Sun opposite Pluto - Facing your issues
Mercury opposite Mercury - Spoiling for an argument
Mercury square Saturn - Love, an abstract science
Mercury opposite Uranus - Just for shock value
Mars square Pluto - Disagreements and power struggles
Sun opposite Mercury - Differences of opinion
Venus square Venus - Let's all just get along
Sun opposite Uranus - Pushing people away
Venus opposite Neptune - Deluding yourself
Sun square Saturn - Attracted to critical types
Saturn square Neptune - Romantic disappointments
Jupiter opposite Uranus - Aching for change

Your Strengths

Saturn trine Uranus

Blending the old with the new

You're uniquely able to blend the old and the new during this fun ten-month transit. So what does that mean for you? It means that you'll be attracted to unusual people, people whom you wouldn't normally think are your type -- but they'll excite you and make you think of relationship possibilities that never occurred to you before. At the same time, you won't lose sight of what's important to you in a love relationship. You'll still retain your ideals, even as you dip your toe into something new. Furthermore, you may have put some changes in place in your methods of dating or looking for love; and now is the time when you can enjoy the effects of your new way of doing things. Any effort you've put into bettering yourself, your perspective and so on have paid off, and you're now enjoying the benefits in a calm, self-assured way. You're also patient now; you don't expect anything amazing to happen fast, or to be swept off your feet. Instead, you're content to take things as they come, and have a good time while you're at it. So keep your eyes open for new opportunities in love, and new and unusual people to keep you company.

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Jupiter sextile Mars

Stay focused on your romantic goal

During this four-month transit, the universe will present you with some unique opportunities, and all you'll have to do will be to recognize them and reach out and take them. Making plans for your future is highlighted now, so focus on your love life even if you also set goals for your career or whatever else. After all, you can set goals in love too! Where are you now in terms of finding the love you desire, and where would you like to be? This is the perfect time to figure out how to get from point A to point B. Who knows -- focusing your energies on that could put out the message to the universe that you're ready for your special someone to come along and sweep you off your feet! Even if you just go on some dates with potential during this period, you'll still have a good time as long as your eyes are on the goal. You'll have some great conversations with the new people you're getting to know, because your mind is acute and you're not scared of personality differences. In fact, you'll want to know everything about this other person who might become very important to you.

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Mercury trine Neptune

Find your dream lover

The perfect date for you at this time would be a trip to an aquarium, because when you're looking at the fish swim around in their world that's so different from yours, it's almost as if you're underwater yourself, transported to another reality. An aquarium is dim and colorful and dreamy, and it stimulates your creativity and your imagination. That's why kids love them, and in that way, you're in an almost childlike mental state during this transit -- in the best way. Adults get so caught up in their daily lives that they forget to connect with the magic of the universe, but during this period, you're very much in tune with that side of life. Your imagination is open, ready to be stimulated; you're highly perceptive on a feeling level. So if you get a strong feeling about that special someone, go with it. This is a great time to reach out and connect; you could make a really romantic bond with someone, because you're reaching out with your heart and soul more than with your mind. You'll make an intense impression on your potential sweetie, because your altered mental state will really come across -- and your imaginative mindset will be very appealing to them.

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Mars trine Uranus

Fun self-discovery

You are in the mood to break right out of your routine and experience something, and someone, new. You'll be attracted to some very unusual people during the three weeks of this transit; don't be surprised if you go on some dates with people you never would have thought in a million years that you'd be into! The best part is, you'll have a great time. You'll probably get up to some funny antics with whoever you choose to hang out with during this time; dinner-and-a-movie dates will be out the window in favor of anything active, anything different -- laughing your head off while racing Go-Karts, maybe, or taking a couples' swing dance lesson and getting to experience your potential sweetie on that physical level. Whatever inhibitions or hang-ups you may have regarding romance will also be tossed out the window during this period; you're like a snake that has shed its skin -- brand-new to the world, basking in the sunny light of possibility. You'll also have the unique ability at this time to tune out all the pessimism and the nay sayers in your life, so you can take great strides toward living in a new, freer way.

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Mars sextile Venus

Making a physical connection

You're in the mood to get it on in a physical way with that special someone, and this three-week transit could bring you the opportunity to do just that! If there's someone special that you've been getting to know, this is a great time to move things to the next level between you -- if they're into it, of course. Chances are good that they will be, because you're putting out a very appealing and sexy vibe into the world. Your erotic energies are humming, right in tune; you want to connect with someone at that elemental level. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to go make love to someone now; after all, you might not even know your potential honey very well at all yet. You can still express your desire to connect on a physical level by going out dancing, or even just holding hands. It might not seem like much, but a lot of energy can zing back and forth between two people when their fingers and palms are touching! After all, the hands have one of the highest concentrations of nerve-endings in the human body. So whatever level of physical interaction is appropriate between you and that special someone, make it happen.

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Mercury sextile Mars

A good time to reach out

You can get to know someone really well during this 10-day transit, because your mind is sharp, your energy is on high and you're reaching out into the world in an active way. This is the perfect time to call someone up or email them and ask them out on a date. You could talk all night! You'll make a real impression on that special someone at this time, because you're feeling good, strong and confident, really centered and in tune with yourself. You won't play nice with them; you'll be yourself, which means that if you have any differences of opinion, you'll go ahead and say so. You're able to be tactful now, though, so you won't come across as combative, contrary or overly opinionated. Instead, you'll seem intelligent, because you are! Your mind is sharp and you're eager to make a mental connection. Will this be a meeting of the minds? Maybe so! So if someone catches your eye during this period, reach out to them. If no one special pops up, you can still make the most of this transit by going out with friends or even by updating your dating profile with all the clever things you'll dream up.

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Sun trine Neptune

Up on a cloud

You'll be attracted to artistic and sensitive types during this period, because they will reflect how you're feeling within your soul. You're feeling even more compassionate than usual, and emotionally sensitive, which will make a wonderful impression on that special someone. You'll come across to them as a kind and caring soul. If you want to get to know someone new during this time, you'll do it at a deeper level than usual. No fun, flirty dates for you; you're interested in baring your soul to someone, and seeing if it matches up with theirs. Instead of going out for drinks at a noisy bar, you should ask your potential sweetie to accompany you to an art gallery or a poetry reading -- something that will stimulate your hearts and your creativity as well as your minds, and give you plenty of fodder for deep conversation. There is the possibility during this transit that you'll idealize someone new and special, which could lead to disillusionment in a week or two when you come down from your cloud and realize they're a real person with real flaws; but the comedown shouldn't be too dramatic or painful. In general, your instincts are right on now, so go with them.

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Mercury trine Venus

Tell them how you feel

You're feeling amorous and you want to express your loving feelings, and during hits 10-day transit, you should feel free to do so. Your warm, affectionate feelings are on high, and you'll make that special someone feel great if you reach out to them now. If someone new has caught your eye, make contact; you'll come across as very friendly, generous and appealing. But this is a good time not just to make contact, but to go out with someone new. You're in a social, easygoing frame of mind, and you want to have a good time with old friends and new ones. If there's someone special that you've already been getting to know, this is a good time to introduce them to your friends and get the whole group together. Creativity will go over great now, so think of a fun, upbeat date for you and your potential sweetie, or send them an unusual email that tells them in your own, unique words how much you like them. Any advances you make during this transit have a great chance of being well-received, so put yourself out there! If it doesn't work out between you and that special someone, you're in a great mood, ready to pick yourself up again and move on.

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Venus trine Sun

Your sweetest self

Don't put too much pressure on yourself during this two-week transit to get a lot of hard work done. You're not in the mood for hard work, and you're definitely not in the mood to be alone. You want to reach out into the world and connect with people, and you're in the perfect mind space -- and heart space -- to do so. You're feeling especially warm, energetic and generous, and your best side is definitely showing. Actually, that's true physically as well as emotionally! You're very attractive now to your admirers, because that inner energy is coming out through your pores, almost, and making you feel and look great. Ask someone out, because this is the perfect time to be among friends or with a potential sweetie. Parties and dance clubs are especially fun for you now; you love anything that's group-oriented and you'll thrive off the energy that pulses at these places. This is a great time to go out with several different people and flirt with all of them, seeing who you like best, but even more, it's a better time to nurture a special connection with just one person who's caught your eye.

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Sun sextile Mars

Expressing your inner passion

You'll express your passionate side more easily than usual during this period, and everyone around you will notice. That makes this a great time to get in contact with that special someone, because you'll turn them on to all the possibilities -- just by being yourself. You don't have to do anything special or go out of your way to make a great impression, but if you want to, go for it! You're very creative during this period. If you have a new idea for how you want to approach a potential date, go ahead and try it out, because you can expect good results. Your instincts are just right-on at this time. You feel adventurous and ready to explore -- even if that means contacting someone you wouldn't normally be attracted to, or someone who actually makes you nervous! If nothing else, you'll just feel very positive during this period, so even if you end up going on dates that don't lead anywhere special, you'll still feel energized by the experience and ready for the next one. You're in a good mood during this time, in touch with your own inner drive, and that will definitely attract admirers. This transit only comes around twice a year, so have fun!

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Venus sextile Saturn

Setting realistic limits and goals

You don't want a simple, lightweight flirtation; you want a real relationship, and this transit offers you a chance to take a step closer to that ideal. You're aware of your own needs in a love affair and you're willing to try to meet the needs of your potential sweetie. If there's someone special that you've been getting to know, this is a good time to talk with them about the realistic expectations that each of you has for the relationship. Either you'll find that you're not that compatible and you'll call an amicable end to the affair, or you'll decide that you can each meet the other's needs as they have been laid out, and you'll move to the next level in your relationship. You'll appeal during this time to people who are looking for stability in their love lives, because you're putting out such an air of groundedness and practicality. It's unlikely that you'll be swept off your feet during this period, or that you'll do the sweeping, but that's okay. Some even more important work could be done during this time that will benefit you for a long time, if you focus on what you can realistically give a lover and what you can expect to receive in turn.

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Sun trine Venus

A bounce in your step

Your attractions right now are based on appearances, and that's not a bad thing. Despite our common ideas about vanity -- that it's a bad quality, one to be avoided -- there's a lot to be said for physical beauty, and usually, that's the first thing about another person that catches our eye! So why not make contact with that hottie? This is the perfect time to do it. Not only are you tuned in to their physical beauty, you're also looking your best. You feel good inside, and it's coming out in a healthy glow to your skin and a bounce in your step, one that everyone around you can't help but notice. You're feeling generous, so this is a great time to treat someone special to, well, something special! Flowers, gifts, chocolates, even a foot massage -- you want to spoil your honey, and be spoiled in return. If you make a first contact with someone during this transit, they'll be drawn in by your natural high energy and sensual appeal, and they'll want to know more about this person with such presence. You're very much in the mood for intimacy with another human being, so you should reach out to someone. You'll have a great time being romantic and affectionate together.

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Venus trine Pluto

Deepening emotions

A flirtation could turn into something more significant during this transit, because you're feeling things on a deep and powerful level and you're expressing your emotions in a magnetically compelling way. You could draw that potential sweetie in even more deeply than you already have because when you talk with them or meet up together, you'll just put out such a strong vibe of emotional depth and connectedness. They might not understand why they're so attracted to you, but they'll be attracted all the same! Or, if you haven't had your eye on anyone special up till now, this period could open your eyes to someone new. If you begin a relationship during this time, expect intensity -- emotional, physical and otherwise. You could feel magically connected, as if drawn together for some greater purpose that neither of you can understand but that you must serve. You'll put out a certain level of confidence that will be very seductive to that special someone; they'll be drawn to your inner, loving power that's coming out now, and they'll almost definitely want to come back for more.

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Jupiter trine Venus

Do something special for yourself

During the four or so months of this transit, you should do something extra special for yourself, such as taking a vacation or engaging in your favorite hobby. No matter what you end up doing, you'll have a lot of fun; you're in the mood to be social, and you won't want to spend much time at home alone. Instead, you should get out there to mix and mingle. Get together with old friends, or better yet, make contact with someone new and intriguing -- but if you go out on a date, take care not to overdo it! It's easy to drink or eat too much during a transit like this one, because you're so in the mood to indulge. As long as you don't push it too far, you should just have a great time. Flirtations are highlighted now, so you won't necessarily start something new that's going to turn into the romance of the ages; instead, you might just have a great time chatting up a cutie or going on a handful of dates with someone fun. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. When the right person comes along at the right time, you'll both know it. In the meantime, you'll have a really good time playing the field.

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Your Intensities

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Take a chance

You're feeling hopeful and optimistic at this time, and you're ready to get to know someone new. You probably won't be attracted to anyone during this time who seems too familiar or 'normal'; you've got a taste for someone unusual who will expand your horizons. You don't want to get caught up in surface-level chitchat or ordinary flirtation; you want to talk about the real stuff, the deep stuff -- your hopes and dreams for the future, what you're both looking for in love and more. Anyone special that you reach out to at this time is likely to share similar values to yours, and hold similar dreams dear to their heart. So dream big! Reach out to a potential sweetie and bring up those big, weighty, interesting subjects that tell so much about who you both are as individuals. You'll probably discover something completely unique and unexpected about them, something that widens your vision of the universe and reminds you that life and love are miraculous. You'll be inspired by the world around you during this transit, and maybe even by that hottie you've had your eye on. So take a chance, and see.

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Sun conjunct Jupiter

An expansive mood

You're in a great mood during this period; you feel expansive, lucky, in tune with the universe and all its wonderful possibilities. On your end, this will seem like a great time to get in touch with that special someone, and it probably will be -- but do try to tone it down a bit if you're talking to someone new. You could accidentally come across as egotistical to someone who doesn't know you well! Confidence is definitely attractive, but some people could misread you. if you take someone new out on a date and pay for everything, you'll think you're being generous, but they might think you're showing off. If you're attracted to someone who's confident and secure, of course, this shouldn't be a problem. And don't try curb your great mood; just keep your chin up if things don't go as well as planned. But overall, these couple of weeks will increase your confidence and optimism, as well as your charm. It's an excellent time to reach out, make contact and greatly expand your personal horizons through interaction with someone sweet and special. A new relationship might begin even as you explore existing ones. Your reach is enormous right now. Enjoy this ride!

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Jupiter conjunct Jupiter

A new and positive beginning

This transit is rare, and its effects are usually beneficial, so you should take notice of the good people and opportunities coming your way at this time. If you strike up a new romance during these few months, it's likely to be with someone who is very good for you. Whether that means they will treat you well, teach you something important about love or about yourself, or even end up being the love you've been looking for remains to be seen. Their positive influence in your life might be subtle, and it might take awhile to notice. But if you can tune in to the subtler vibrations of your life at this time, you'll notice that things are going very well for you indeed. Even if you don't find a great date or new love interest, you can still have a wonderful few months just getting out into the world, mingling with all the fun and interesting people you'll meet, and learning more about yourself and your needs in love. This should be a time of freedom and expansion, not restriction; so if you make a commitment to someone during this period, it will be a loose one that allows you both plenty of room to move and grow within your own lives.

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Venus conjunct Mars

Forward, but still sensitive

You're assertive and forward during this transit, willing to go after the object of your desires with a single-minded determination. But the good news about the energy influencing you during this time is that it still allows you to read the signals that special someone sends your way, and respond to their needs. You're passionate and turned on, in all applicable ways, but you probably won't overstep your bounds with your potential sweetie. You feel attractive now, and that's part of the boost in your energy; you just feel able and eager to reach out to people and make great things happen. No one special in your life? You can still have a good time at a party or club, flirting with all the good-looking people that surround you. But chances are good that there's one person who stands out above the rest, one person that you're especially interested in during this time. You'll set your sights on them and you'll pursue them romantically with the best weapons of all -- warmth, generosity, passion and affection. Who can resist a combination like that? Not your future honey, that's for sure!

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Your Challenges

Pluto square Uranus

Constructive change

Your independence will become an issue for you during this two-to-three-year transit. You're still seeking love and commitment, but you might feel restless whenever you get into a new relationship or even just start getting to know someone new. At a deep level, your need for independence is at war with your need to connect, and you won't know which impulse to follow. Changes in your love life could occur now, unsettling anything you've come to take for granted about dating or relationships. That doesn't have to be a bad thing, but it certainly can feel disruptive. Just don't let the general winds of change that are swirling in the world around you convince you to make too many dramatic changes in your own life. It's common under the current influence to be tempted to throw the baby out with the bath water -- to make too many changes, such as ending a perfectly good flirtation, instead of just changing those factors in your life that are truly calling for it. Change for its own sake isn't useful or constructive. Change for the sake of growth, of moving forward in life, is a great idea. Just make sure that's your motivation before doing anything drastic!

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Pluto opposite Saturn

Forcing a change

Don't give in to bitterness or depression during this period, though it may be tempting. One of the most important lessons of this two-to-three-year transit is to stand up to being overwhelmed by the trouble this energy can bring to your love life. You could wonder, Why me? again and again, when your flirtations hit roadblocks or relationships fizzle out. One breakup or false start after another could leave you feeling really frustrated, and wanting to explode -- but don't. If something doesn't happen naturally, after all, it may not be meant to be. But it will be hard to take that kind of philosophical view of things when someone who seemed really special fades out of your life, or yet another first date ends up in disappointment. It will be difficult for you to listen to others' advice, even the very well-meant and probably intelligent advice of your closest friends. You want to do things your own way, and perhaps that's the problem -- your methods for finding true love aren't working the way you want them to, so a positive outcome of this period could be to force change. One thing is certain: Whatever successes you do find in your relationships, you'll probably have to work hard for them.

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Jupiter opposite Mercury

Enjoy what you've got

You might get some big ideas during this transit -- about someone special, or just about your dating life in general, and where you want to go next -- and you stand to really make things happen, if you put your mind to it. The only thing to watch out for is going too far in your thinking. You might start a flirtation with someone and then get a big idea about them -- that they're the one you've been looking for all along; that you want to step things up, fast and soon, to the next level, and the next and the next... It's not that you'll necessarily be wrong, it's that you've got a certain overblown optimism at this time that could convince you of things that aren't true. The best thing to do is to try to take any new relationships slowly, and really get to know the person before you make any declarations or decisions about where you want to go next with them -- even if you really, really like them. There's nothing wrong with building the foundation of your relationship, after all; you won't regret having had a long, slow, friendly courtship if you end up marrying this person!

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Neptune opposite Sun

Ignoring the truth

You'll have to work extra hard to keep track of the important things, like your finances and your heart, because you won't want to buckle down and focus on anything during this two-year transit. Instead, you'll steep yourself in memories, perhaps of an old, sweet love affair. You don't feel like facing up to reality now; you're happy with your dream world, thank you very much. But immersing yourself in dreams means that you're neglecting your real life, and the real people who populate it. If you get involved with someone new, they could feel as if you're never fully present. Another danger of this transit is that you'll be easily deceived and misled. If you get involved with someone who is less than perfectly honest with you, you'll sooner lie to yourself, pretending that everything is beautiful and dandy, than face up to the truth. Sentimentality will also be a problem at this time. You'll give certain objects and gestures -- love letters, for example, or even just a wink or a smile -- undue significance, which will lead to further self-deception. Someone might feel just casual about you, but you'll sentimentalize your connection and think there's something more.

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Mercury opposite Pluto

Inappropriate probing

You're not your nice, normal self during this transit. It might feel like a monster has taken over your brain, and has turned you into an obsessive, manipulative, argumentative person who can't let well enough alone! You'll act and react almost compulsively; if you go on a date now, you'll intend to be on your best behavior and make a good impression, but you'll descend into obsessive or controlling behaviors without even realizing it. Sure, you really, really want to make a connection, and an impression. Making an impression won't be the hard part now -- you'll make one, all right. Probably not a great one, however! You'll probe into your potential sweetie's life and heart in a way that could make them feel defensive and self-protective. You'll think you're just trying to get them to open up to you, and you'll forget the fact that it's their prerogative whether they want to open up or not. If they stay closed-mouthed and -hearted, you could resort to criticism or being argumentative in a further attempt to draw them out. Haven't you ever heard that honey draws more flies than vinegar? Sure you have; you just won't be able to be simple and sweet during this period.

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Sun opposite Pluto

Facing your issues

If you go out with someone new this week and have a bad time, take note. This person is reflecting your own subconscious mind back to you, so if the experience is unpleasant, it means there are some issues beneath your surface that need to be dealt with. And the good news is, if you can force yourself to face them, you've got a good chance of making real headway toward resolving them. Are you unsure of yourself or your opinions? Then your date will challenge you to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. Do you fret about your sexiness or physical appeal? Then they'll make you feel unattractive. Don't know whether you want to get involved with them? Then they could get serious, and possessive, fast. While this could ultimately be a positive experience, if you're ready to do some hard work to face down your personal demons and deal with them, it's not going to be much fun. If the idea of a lot of soul-searching and emotional angst turns you off, then you might be better off just taking a week or two away from romance. Writing in a journal could be a good way to connect with yourself and start dealing with your issues in a healthy way.

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Mercury opposite Mercury

Spoiling for an argument

If you find yourself attracted to someone during this week-plus period who stimulates your mind, don't be surprised if that stimulation turns quickly to irritation. It won't even be their fault; you're not in a very communicative mode now, and you might get argumentative when you start to uncover all the ways in which your potential sweetie views the world differently from you. You actually run the risk now of being openly critical of other people, rejecting their ideas and viewpoints as silly or uneducated. What could start out as a friendly debate could turn ugly if you let yourself be derisive or overly combative. As a matter of fact, you might want to just stick to the people you know well during this transit, because you're not at your mental best. If someone has caught your eye, you've got a better chance of connecting with them in a positive way once this energy clears, because if you go out with them now, you'll just show them your prickly, stubborn, judgmental side. That's not a good first impression to make! So go out with friends, and if you do contact someone new, be nice! Watch what you say, because you could unknowingly come across in a bad way.

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Mercury square Saturn

Love, an abstract science

Any fears or insecurities you may have about relationships or whether you'll ever find true love will be exacerbated during this period to a high degree. You won't feel confident about your ability to give and receive love, and you'll respond with cynicism. If you go out on a date at this time, you won't make the impression you'll want to make, because your negative attitude will come across to that special someone, which will turn them off -- and that, in turn, will confirm your worst fears, that you're unlovable. But you're very lovable! You're just going through a crisis of confidence, and you're thinking way too hard about love, a subject that's abstract at best. You may want to take a week or so off from dating during this transit, and do things that will restore your hope and faith in love: rent some romantic comedies that will make you laugh and cry and reconnect with your loving side; talk to friends who've found their perfect match; take a walk outside and reconnect with the magic of nature and the universe. Love is out there for you; you just have to be in the right frame of mind to receive it. Unfortunately, this transit is probably not that time.

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Mercury opposite Uranus

Just for shock value

Maybe you're ordinarily more thoughtful and considered in your behavior, but this transit will stimulate some strange impulses in you that could cause you to act quite out of character. It's almost as if there's something just beneath the surface of who you are that's clawing to get out. It's pushing you to do and say the strangest things! You'll speak without thinking, and you could definitely put your foot in your mouth at this time. Or you could do it deliberately -- trying to shock your date if you go out with someone who just seems too straight and narrow for your tastes. You definitely won't have patience for anything or anyone mundane during this time. The truth is, you might be better off hanging out with old friends -- but you won't want to do that, either, because you want newness, stimulation, excitement. If you go out with someone new during this period, just don't expect it to last long. You might have some great conversations with them, if you're not too busy offending them with your strange perspective; but once this period is over and you settle back into your normal self, whatever flirtation you struck up is likely to fade as quickly as it arose.

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Mars square Pluto

Disagreements and power struggles

You could get into a really competitive space with a potential sweetie at this time -- and they might not be so sweet, or at least they won't seem to be. This transit will present power struggles galore, and it will be up to you to figure out how to deal with them. The truth is, your impulse almost every time will be to argue, manipulate, struggle and resist -- whatever it takes to push off this threatening influence. Except you might imagine that someone's challenging you, when they really aren't doing that at all. Whether it's you or them, the feeling will be the same. You'll struggle and it won't be any fun. If someone you've been interested in turns out not to be the nicest person in the world, you might get a strong vindictive urge to do something to get back at them -- but if that happens, don't do it. Just let them go, as hard as it is, and keep going along your own path. Revenge and vindictiveness are never a good idea. In fact, the best idea during this difficult transit might be to divert all your strong energy into something at home or work -- gardening, maybe, or getting that big report or other project done at the office.

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Sun opposite Mercury

Differences of opinion

You're going to have to put up with some big differences between you and whoever it is you've got your eye on at this time. If you go on a date, you can expect awkward silences or jokes that go over your head, or theirs. You're just not in a very clear-headed frame of mind, and your communication is going to be affected. Whatever you say is going to come out wrong; you might try to be funny and find your date just staring at you, or even mildly offended by whatever you said; or you might try to explain who you are in an email or a dating profile and fail miserably, because you just can't figure it out or be clear about it right now. In some way, misunderstandings are likely at this time. So what are you going to do about it? Keeping your smile plastered to your face is one route; you could just grin and bear it, and explain yourself as best you can. Or, you could just take a week or so away from the dating scene and just hang out and communicate with people who already know you well. That might be the better option, because you wouldn't want to make the wrong first impression on someone who could turn out to be very special.

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Venus square Venus

Let's all just get along

Working hard, sticking to your budget or your diet and other such difficult tasks will be even harder than usual during the two weeks of this transit. You just don't feel motivated to do much of anything, much less something difficult. It's not that you can't put in the effort; you do have stores of energy you can access if you absolutely have to, and you'll get the job done. But you're much more prone to self-indulgence now. You want to go out shopping or eat rich foods that make you feel lavish and pampered. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a little pampering, except that you'll probably take it too far now. You're also in a very conciliatory mood; you could let someone walk all over you because you're simply not in the mood to stand up for yourself and cause a fuss. If you go out with someone new, let's hope it's someone nice, because you'll let people get away with a lot at this time. Your motto might be, Let's all just get along! A nice sentiment, but not always appropriate. In general, though, this transit will be a pleasant one, if a bit low-energy.

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Sun opposite Uranus

Pushing people away

You've got an itch that you just can't scratch during this transit, because it's an emotional itch -- a psychic one -- one that will irritate and annoy you, and that probably won't lead to good things with that special someone. The problem is, you'll feel rebellious and edgy, ready to react against anything or anyone that you feel is keeping you down. But even a date with someone who's perfectly nice could feel restrictive to you! Obviously, this is a defense mechanism. If you find yourself pushing people away without a lot of reason or provocation, take it as a sign that you need to back away from dating or even chatting until you're feeling more yourself, because you could end up ruining something that could've been a good thing, before it even starts. You might also attract unreliable or unstable people during this time, as an unconscious urge to make sure whatever relationships you start now won't last. Don't let yourself fall into this trap! Just take a break. Instead of going on dates, go out with your friends to a party and have fun that way. You'll feel more stable in a couple of weeks, and then you'll be able to make a good impression once again.

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Venus opposite Neptune

Deluding yourself

If there's someone special on your horizon, this transit could make you feel very disappointed when they fail to live up to everything you expect of them. Even if you haven't made contact yet with them, you're in the kind of mind space in which you'll build this person up to be The One -- based on limited information, obviously, and very limited experience with who they really are as a person! Yet off you'll go into fantasy land, dreaming about how things will be between you and all the wonderful love you'll give and receive with this person. High standards like that create a really long fall to the ground when you get a taste of reality -- which is that this person is very different from who you think they are. They might not even like you or be attracted to you, or you might end up not liking them... The list of potential upsets to the relationship is endless, but the only way you can really figure out what your romantic potential is with another person is to start getting to know them. And that's the trouble with this transit: Instead of getting to know this person, you'll be projecting all of your own needs, desires and expectations onto them.

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Sun square Saturn

Attracted to critical types

This isn't a great time to contact someone new. You'll take things too seriously, and you could actually unwittingly attract controlling types who would make you miserable if you were to get romantically involved with them. If you do go out with someone new, don't be surprised if both of you are frustrated with your interaction. It will be hard to get to know them as they are, because you'll be in self-defense mode without even realizing it. Chances are good that you'll need to defend yourself, for you'll find that you're getting involved with people who will criticize you, without knowing you or what's important to you! Instead of getting into an argument, you'd be much better off just calling a spade a spade. While you shouldn't be too judgmental of anyone during this period, since you're likely to get the wrong impression, you also shouldn't try to force a connection that's just not there. In fact, you'd be much better off waiting a week or two until this tricky influence passes. You've waited this long to find that special someone; you can stand to wait a few more days before contacting someone new.

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Saturn square Neptune

Romantic disappointments

You could experience such romantic disappointments during this ten-month transit that you'll start to think you're really paying your dues. The truth is, maybe you are. This transit signifies the breakdown of ideals, and though it's an uncomfortable process, it's also a necessary one. After all, it's wonderful to have ideals in love, but you can mislead yourself if you take them too seriously. You're the only one who knows what your own vision of the perfect mate is; it's someone that you've made up in your head -- someone who doesn't exist. And this period of time will show you in no uncertain terms that your ideals are in serious need of a reality check. The possibilities for this period include being misled not only by yourself, but by that certain someone who seems so special. They might end up not being entirely honest with you about their intentions; or maybe it's you who will read all kinds of things into their words and actions that they never intended. When the relationship ultimately falls short of your expectations, you'll be disappointed indeed. Just try not to make any decisions at this time about a potential lover, positive or negative.

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Jupiter opposite Uranus

Aching for change

You are craving something or someone new in your life during this four-month transit, but the problem is, you might go to some outrageous lengths to make that happen. If you've been getting to know someone special, you might push them away, thinking you need to find someone new, someone different -- even though this person had a lot of potential. It would be a shame to cut off an existing flirtation with someone who really likes you, just for the sake of change; you could try to find change in some other arena than your love life, but it's likely that you'll focus on this feeling of restlessness within that realm. Your potential sweetie could find you rather detached, even unreliable. Or you could be contrary with them, purposely picking arguments because you just can't seem to settle down and get along. On your end, what's going on is just that deep-rooted feeling of needing something to change in your daily existence; but why does it have to be at the expense of the people around you, or of your romantic prospects? It's not a good idea to alienate people who might be perfectly nice -- and who you would really like a lot, given a chance.

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