An astrological report prepared for

Person 1, born November 11, 1971 and person 2, Born September 2, 1979:

Romantic Forecast for Couples


All of a sudden, you've got the energy and confidence you need to get things done. 

Or, the opposite occurs: You tackle your day with energy and focus, all the while looking forward to the date you have planned with your sweetie. But as soon as you two get together, the mood changes. Suddenly you're both irritable, snappish, going at each other like a couple of Siamese fighting fish

What happened?
Relationships progress in phases; they rarely stay static. In both the above cases, it's likely that the current transits, or planetary movements, are influencing your relationship in ways that neither of you is aware of.

When things change between you and your significant other -- say, you notice that you've been arguing more than usual (or less) -- it often relates directly to the current transits and their effect on your bond.

A composite chart blends two astrological charts -- yours and your sweetie's -- into one, creating a new chart that provides an in-depth view of the relationship itself. This chart represents your connection as its own entity, one greater than just the sum of its two parts.

This report is for you and your partner. It focuses on teamwork and mutual understanding as it details the influences of current planetary transits on your relationship. This knowledge can help you to anticipate good times ahead, to circumvent problems before they arise and, when you’re navigating rough waters together, remember that this, too, shall pass.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Romantic Forecast for Couples report.

And I want to help you discover the most powerful windows of opportunity for romance so you can make your relationship even better.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to discover which days are the most opportune to add more sizzle to your relationship?

And which days are probably not the best to focus on romance and maybe give your partner some space instead?
This Romantic Forecast for Couples report gives you that exact information so you can have a far better chance of improving your relationship and helping it become even better than you ever imagined it could be!

What Do The Stars Hold For Improving Your Relationship in The Future?

No one ever said Love was simple, right?

When your relationship is going well, you can feel like you’re walking on clouds, and when things are hard – well – we can come back to the ground with a bump! Every Relationship has its challenges – even the best ones – and this is where Astrology can be a wonderful tool for guidance!

Your Personal Relationship Forecast Calculators are a glance into the future, revealing which areas of your relationship are likely to experience sweet, sweet harmony and which areas hold dynamic change and excitement!

The handy and easy-to-read Bar Graphs show you the six major categories of your relationship:

  • Your Shared Direction
  • Your Communication Bond
  • Shared Love & Values
  • Your Relationship’s Passion Prognosis
  • The Luck Forecast for your Relationship
  • Relationship Lessons – and how these areas could unfold over this period of time!

With Astrology, we can empower ourselves to prepare better for rocky times ahead, or enjoy the ride if things are effortless and easy – and learn to appreciate the areas in our relationship that are going well!

Perhaps there are a few obstacles when it comes to Communication right now, but your Love & Values are in perfect harmony with your partner, making these strengths you can to turn to in times of stress! And the best thing about Astrology is that you learn that “this too shall pass”, helping you and your sweetheart gain a bit of perspective when the going gets tough. And who wants things to be too easy anyway? Growth can never happen when a Relationship is too harmonious, so embracing excitement and dynamism is a perfect way to ramp up any stagnant energy!

So, go ahead and empower yourself and your Relationship with these Personalized Relationship Forecast Calculators and let the energy of the Stars and Planets be your guide when it comes to Love and Romance!

Your Connection To Each Other – The Sun Influences

The Sun in Astrology is a huge influence on how well you get along in a relationship. Just as the Sun is the center of the Universe; it is also the center of your relationship. It is the core of you, your partner and your relationship. If two people clash, this is the first place to look when it comes to Astrology. The bar graph will indicate how well each of you is connected to each other... Read more

8-10 You are bonded to your partner
4-7 There is a decent connection
0-3 You might feel disconnected to your partner

Communication and Conversations – Mercury Influences

Mercury in Astrology is linked to expression - intellectual, witty, and repartee describe the energy of this little planet. It influences how you communicate in your relationship - verbal and non-verbal. Are you being heard and understood by your partner right now? How about listening, really listening to each other at this time? When the bar graph is long, this indicates the communication... Read more

8-10 Communication is clear and conversation flows
4-7 Interactions are bumpy but manageable
0-3 Potential for miscommunication

Love and Romance – Venus Influences

Venus in Astrology is the love planet. Love, friendship, affection and romance are elements of this planet. It influences how you give and receive love and what you are attracted to at this time. When the bar graph is long, this indicates romance is top priority in the relationship right now. If the bar graph line is medium in length, the love and attraction you have for... Read more

8-10 Romance is rockin’
4-7 There’s affection but it’s not a priority
0-3 There’s not much time for romance right now

The Passion Principle – Mars Influences

Mars in Astrology is the planet representing our physical urges. Passion, sex, and aggression are all expressions this planet’s energy. Mars influences your sex-appeal, seduction and sizzle. Fighting and frustration also fall within this planet’s realm. When the bar graph is long, this indicates your passions are ignited with lots of excitement – both positive and negative.... Read more

8-10 Never a dull moment, at the moment
4-7 Your sizzle could use a little spark
0-3 It’s time to focus on the bedroom

Relationship Growth – Jupiter Influences

Jupiter in Astrology signifies expansiveness. The elements of Jupiter are growth, expansion, and forthcomings. It’s also the planet of hope, optimism and luck. These elements influence your ability to grow with your partner and to broaden your relationship horizons together. Do you feel you’re growing together or growing apart, right now? This graph will tell if the relationship is in... Read more

8-10 Life is good, and your relationship feels expansive
4-7 Relationship growth is steady
0-3 Reconnect with your partner. Make plans for the future.

The Commitment Component – Saturn Influences

Saturn in Astrology represents karma, challenges and conformity. This planet is all about reality, discipline and commitment. It’s the glue that holds your relationship in place, but it requires us to face those sticky issues and work through them together as a couple. It’s also about boundaries. Are you being respectful of your partner's boundaries; is your partner respecting yours? When the bar graph is long, this... Read more

8-10 Stick with it. Work through your relationship issues together.
4-7 You’re committed, and you can see where your relationship is headed.
0-3 Enjoy this karmic-free relationship period

Person 1, in this Romantic Forecast for Couples report, YOU WILL GET Love INSIGHT FROM THE FOLLOWING PLANETARY ENERGIES:


illustrates your basic commonalities
tells your basic differences
indicates how well you get along with one another
shows what each of you brings to the relationship


shows how you communicate with each other
reveals who is the thinker & who is the feeler
helps you understand each other’s communication style


reveals your connection to each other
indicates how each other prefers to receive love
highlights how both of you express love


represents the physical bond you share
reveals each other’s desires and impulses
shows how each person expresses frustration


highlights the non-negotiable values held by each of you
shows what is important to each person
indicates whether the relationship will grow


challenges the relationship
unveils each other's shortcomings
demonstrates where extra effort is needed in the relationship


uncovers each other’s rebellious side
points out the unique qualities each person brings to the relationship
shows how the two of you have fun


rules the psychic connection you have to each other
reveals how you help each other grow
indicates if a relationship is a spiritual one


reveals each person’s greatest fears
indicates opportunities for change
demonstrates the self-transformation the relationship brings to both of you
Keep reading to discover how the current planetary transits are affecting you, your partner, and your relationship.
Click on any of the transits for full description.

March 2023




April 2023




Saturn trine Uranus - Creative Problem Solving
Neptune trine Saturn - A Healing Wind
Sun trine Neptune - Connecting Intimately
Mars trine Uranus - Create Some Excitement
Venus sextile Saturn - A Serious Assessment
Mars sextile Mars - Teamwork and Physical Activity
Venus trine Pluto - Swept Away
Venus trine Sun - Reaffirming Your Bond
Venus trine Jupiter - Outlook: Rosy
Venus trine Mercury - Express Your Love
Mercury conjunct Mars - Stay Calm!
Sun conjunct Mars - Dynamic Duo
Pluto square Uranus - A Siren's Call for Change
Mercury square Saturn - Get Creative
Jupiter opposite Jupiter - Scrambling to Keep Up
Pluto opposite Saturn - An Important Test
Jupiter opposite Mercury - A Bit Too Confident
Jupiter opposite Sun - Convinced of Your Own Power
Pluto square Venus - The Truth Stares You Down
Sun opposite Pluto - In Need of Perspective
Mercury opposite Venus - Two Conversations
Mercury opposite Uranus - Fly by the Seat of Your Pants
Sun opposite Jupiter - Don't Overdo It
Sun opposite Sun - Interesting Challenges
Mars square Pluto - Like Two Wrestlers
Sun opposite Mercury - Agree to Disagree
Jupiter square Saturn - Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Sun opposite Venus - Feeling a Little Needy
Sun square Saturn - Feeling Restrained
Venus opposite Neptune - Seeing Each Other Through Fog
Sun opposite Uranus - Testing Boundaries
Mars square Sun - Play Nice
Jupiter opposite Venus - Indulging Yourselves
Mars square Jupiter - Think It Through
Saturn square Neptune - Imperfections: The Spice of Love
Mars square Mercury - Making Mountains Out of Molehills
Jupiter opposite Uranus - Restricted by Commitments

Your Strengths

Saturn trine Uranus

Creative Problem Solving

Any problems you've been facing as a couple can be creatively resolved during the next several months, as you tackle life together with a new sense of imagination and inventiveness. Your relationship suddenly seems like a really exciting place to be, as you improve on the foundation you've built together and move toward your shared future with your eyes wide open and bright. Opportunities may open up for you now; whatever it is that you've always dreamed of doing together could suddenly fall into your laps, seemingly without either of you putting in any effort at all! If you've been wanting to move, a great new apartment or house might suddenly go on the market, and you'll find out you're the only ones bidding on it...or, if you've been hoping to find more time to travel together, suddenly one of you could get a job that takes you all over the world and pays for your sweetie to come along for the ride. When these opportunities come up, be sure to reach out for them! You can't take full advantage of the blessings of this period unless you're willing to be proactive, reach out, grab hold and take it from there.

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Neptune trine Saturn

A Healing Wind

Those sweet dreams that you share as a couple may come true during the next couple of years, as a rare and positive energy moves through your relationship like a cool, healing wind. You're both feeling sensitized now to the power of your connection, and suddenly, you know you want to do something good with that power. You're both amazed by the sweet, tender quality of your love, but simply enjoying it together isn't enough anymore. Now you want to take it outside the relationship and help the rest of the world with compassion and magnanimity. You may want to get more involved in a local charity organization, donating your time and energy to a project that will benefit people who don't have the same advantages that you two have. Doing something like this will really reinforce your idea of the sacredness of love and commitment, and in so doing, will reinforce the love and commitment you share as a couple. You're now able to take the ideals that drew you to each other back in the beginning and put them into realistic, concrete terms. Giving of your time and energy will most certainly bring you closer as a couple.

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Sun trine Neptune

Connecting Intimately

This ten-day period would be a great time to plan something on the sly for your sweetie. A surprise party could be fun, but you're probably both more in the mood for a romantic date just for the two of you. Set up the candles, the flowers and the meal and then lead in your honey, blindfolded, for a sweet surprise! Because secrets and mysteries are especially fun for the two of you right now. You're more tuned in to each other than usual; any signals you're picking up on are probably correct, and definitely merit being taken seriously. When you spend time together this week, take it easy. This is a period for relaxing together; you might even end up taking a nap and dreaming of each other! Isn't it nice to get some low-key, low-energy time to just revel in each other's company? You can talk things over if you need to, if there's anything going on in either of your lives that's been troublesome lately; but it's even more likely that you won't need to talk at all. You both just know what's going on in each other's minds, and you're there to help. Finally, you can also stimulate each other's creative sides now, so get artistic or make that date a trip to the museum.

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Mars trine Uranus

Create Some Excitement

The energy of this period could affect your relationship in several different and exciting ways -- in fact, the only thing you can really expect at the moment is the unexpected. This should be a fun and active period, first and foremost. Your interest in the relationship is piqued and you're both feeling rather adventurous, making this a great time to step outside the bounds of what you normally do and experience together. The energy of newness and excitement is coursing through your veins, so don't stick with the status quo. Get out of the house instead of cuddling in front of the TV; do something active, something that challenges not only your bodies but the relationship itself. You might take an impromptu trip together, or play a pickup game of soccer; you might even get a bee in your bonnets to start co-training for a triathlon. Whatever it is, you should have great fun together -- and you'll find that the stimulation of your bodies leads to the stimulation of your minds and hearts. You'll both start to see the relationship from a fresh perspective, which will really be a help if you've been having any trouble or anxieties over the state of things between you.

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Venus sextile Saturn

A Serious Assessment

Spend some time this week discussing your relationship, including its weak points. You're both able to take a serious view of things now, without blinders or filters that can distort your view of reality. Though that may not seem very romantic, it's actually a good thing -- you're in touch with the truth of your relationship, which is the perfect foundation for improving anything that needs it. Neither one of you is expecting more out of your bond than you're going to get, which means the pressure is off. Whew! That's when you can really start tackling the big issues and deciding whether or not you've made a match that's going to last. Now, that's not to scare you or make you uneasy; facing the truth can seem like a nerve-racking prospect, but in truth, you'll be able to do it as a team this week, calmly and honestly. The energy at work now ensures that any decisions you make as a couple regarding your bond are good ones. If you stay together, it's with your eyes wide open and fixed firmly on the future. If you decide that you're not as great of a match as you might wish, you'll be able to proceed from there with mutual respect and good wishes.

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Mars sextile Mars

Teamwork and Physical Activity

You make a great team during this period. When you're together, you're both infused with energy. You feel motivated, strong, confident and determined to get things accomplished. Your sexual energies are running higher than usual now, so that's one fun way to express your connection and burn off some energy; but the next couple of weeks are also the perfect time to tackle physical tasks around the house or get more serious and dedicated about your fitness routine. Use that excess vigor and stamina to clean out the storage shed or wash your cars, or go for a jog together to get your blood pumping. You could also have a lot of fun playing sports together, whether it's on the same team or opposing ones. You're working together well now, and the mildly competitive edge you're operating under at the moment will only help your chances of winning -- and whatever mild, good-natured heckling you might toss each other's way will only make the game more fun! Whatever you do together over the next couple of weeks should focus on teamwork and physical activity, so get outside and start moving.

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Venus trine Pluto

Swept Away

You'll both be swept away this week on the power and intensity of your feelings for each other. Suddenly, the love that exists between you is like a living, breathing organism, or an electric current of energy that runs between you and binds you like a cord. You're both aware of each other now in a way that you may not remember experiencing before, and this energy is rare and precious, so you should both honor and enjoy it. Your sexual experiences with each other will be incredible now, to say the least -- passionate, full of ardor, a deeply moving experience for you both. You're in tune with each other at a deep level, possibly one that's deeper than either of you can fully understand; and that's fine. In fact, you'll both enjoy trying to get to the gold -- the pure, potent source of connection that draws you together and keeps you there, even through the rough times. This would be a good time to explore together the ins and outs of your relationship, in fact, especially if you've been dealing with any issues together of late. Now you can really get to the bottom of things -- the core of the core, so to speak.

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Venus trine Sun

Reaffirming Your Bond

You two are in the mood to spend time together and with friends, enjoying your connection and making each other happy. This should be a really nice week! No, you probably won't get a lot done, but that's fine for now. You're both feeling very loving toward each other, and it's good to indulge that feeling -- since so often it can get submerged beneath all your day-to-day duties and worries and the little tribulations of life. Now, you can just enjoy each other's company. This is a great time to go out on a date together, or to stay in -- or invite friends over for a dinner party. You could even make some new, fast friends together, because you're both at your charming best now, and as a duo, well, you'll make everyone laugh and feel completely at ease! And when your friends leave for the evening, you two will have a great time cuddling up and getting romantic. The sense of attraction and affection between you is strong now, and you should indulge it. Don't worry about cleaning the house or doing the dishes; those things can wait. This period should about the two of you, reaffirming the very wonderful and satisfying bond between you.

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Venus trine Jupiter

Outlook: Rosy

You two can really get other people on your side this week, and you can also appeal to each other to maximum effect. What projects do you have underway that you need help on? Are you moving, painting your kitchen, building a doghouse or a new fence? Whatever it is, ask for help -- of each other, if you've been working alone, or of your mutual friends, if you've been doing it together. A team effort will really give it the push it needs. You're both very much in the mood for fun, so make it a good time by cooking up a big mess of food and passing out the paper plates. But this week shouldn't be all about work or projects; in fact, you two are probably feeling more lazy than industrious at the moment. You both just want to lie around, laughing together and generally enjoying each other's company. That big mess of food is still a good idea, though; throw a dinner party or a back yard barbecue, and invite everyone you know. A rollicking bash is just the thing to put a smile on your faces and make you both feel great! A road trip would be another way to expand your horizons and have fun together. Whatever you get up to, the outlook is rosy.

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Venus trine Mercury

Express Your Love

Whatever else you do this week, you should both be sure to spend some time putting your feelings for each other into words. Get as creative as you want with this sweet, romantic little project; your imaginations are sparked and you've both got love on your minds. Write a poem just for your honey; paint the way they make you feel on a canvas; or just send them an email telling them how cute and funny and all-around wonderful you think they are. This is a time to express your mutual affection in whatever style works best for you. It's also a good time to discuss issues between you that would normally make things tense, because you're both focused now on harmony and sweetness, and unless there are other factors making things difficult between you, any discussions about the relationship or about your needs or desires should go well. You both want to please each other, and you both want to maintain the harmony, so it will take a lot to start an argument. A great date now will be something that you can discuss together afterward -- a movie, an art exhibit, a poetry reading, perhaps. Anything that stimulates conversation and creativity is right up your alley!

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Your Intensities

Mercury conjunct Mars

Stay Calm!

When you get together during this ten-day period, you'll probably have a lot to discuss -- and not all of it will be fun, light conversation. The current energy increases the chance that you'll irritate and annoy each other, no matter how calm you feel when you're apart! For whatever reason, when you get together this week, you'll just set each other off without meaning to. Arguments are a possibility now, as are debates, because you're both feeling strong about your own opinions and you'll both be very vocal about standing up for yourselves. A good thing to ask yourselves, though, may be -- what, exactly, are you standing up against? This isn't a competition, after all! It's a relationship, and there's room enough for the both of you, including all your differences of opinion and viewpoints. As long as you can remember that you're supposed to be a team that works together, not two adversaries who are opposed to each other, this could actually be a fun period. Furthermore, your mutual assertiveness could mean that you make real headway on any project that involves the both of you, such as negotiating business or signing contracts together.

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Sun conjunct Mars

Dynamic Duo

This ten-day period is a great time to start new projects together, or to play on the same team in a game of Scrabble or softball with friends. Whatever you've been talking about doing -- planting a garden, taking a day trip, reorganizing the kitchen or joining the gym -- now you can get it done. But whatever you do, do it as a team. The current energy is really about togetherness and taking huge strides as a couple. You can certainly get more done together than either of you can on your own, and cleaning the house top to bottom can be a bonding experience! No, really. There's potential now for arguments, though, so make sure that whatever you do together, you're both pulling your weight. If one of you feels like you're stuck with a heavier load than the other, you'll start to feel pretty ticked off about it all, pretty fast. You know, on second thought, this may not be the best time for that weekend deep-cleaning session at home; there's too much potential there for irritation. Why not keep it fun? But do keep it active. Go for a jog together, play some racquetball or rent a canoe for the afternoon. Together you can sweat off some of your aggression.

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Your Challenges

Pluto square Uranus

A Siren's Call for Change

The world is changing around you, and you both feel that strange, deeply rooted siren's call to join in the changes -- to transform yourselves and your relationship into something brand new. Will your relationship survive this period of fluctuation? That remains to be seen, but there's nothing inherent in this transit that will break you two up. On the other hand, the energy affecting your relationship for the next few years is a powerful and unpredictable one. You'll both ask yourselves difficult questions over the course of this period, such as, Do your core values and ambitions really match up well? If the answer is 'No,' you may decide to take separate roads in life. But if you're together because you share similar views and desires, then this could be a really interesting period of shared growth and transformation. You may decide to join some political or social movement together, one that takes you places you could never have anticipated. This probably won't be an easy journey -- your old friends and acquaintances may oppose the new you -- but it will be interesting, and the changes you'll undergo now will alter the courses of your lives.

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Mercury square Saturn

Get Creative

The two of you are going to have to get a little creative during this ten-day period -- which will be easier said than done. Any plans you've made could go out the window, especially ones that weren't very well founded in the first place. You'll be required to think on your feet, but that could be hard now, because your instincts will tell you to stick with what you've already set out and try to make it work. When it doesn't work as you thought it would, you could both start feeling pessimistic about the whole project; and since you're both feeling that way, who's going to be the cheerleader who picks you both up and inspires you again? Good thing this is a relatively short transit! Try not to turn your pessimism toward each other, because it will be all too easy now to get unfairly critical of each other's efforts. 'You're not holding up your end of things,' one of you might complain; you might even get into arguments, asking each other, 'What were you thinking? Of course that wasn't going to work!' But remember that you're in this together. That's what relationships are all about. If you can both loosen up your thinking, things will go much more smoothly.

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Jupiter opposite Jupiter

Scrambling to Keep Up

The next few months will be busy, busy, busy for you two. All the projects you've got underway together suddenly come to a head at once, and you're both scrambling to keep up as you return phone calls, make split-second decisions and otherwise stay very much on your toes. Your energies could be depleted by all the back-and-forth you might go through during this period; or, you might just manage to pull it off. Working together certainly makes things easier -- at least, as long as you see things the same way. When you start to disagree on methods or directions, however, that's when things could get a little sticky. Especially on bigger, more important endeavors, you may need to designate areas for each of you to focus on independently, and then just try your hardest to trust that you'll come together with a complete project in the end. Also, remember the beauty and power inherent in compromise. Meet each other halfway whenever possible, and use the art of compromise to smooth things over with people with whom you're trying to work closely. A little grease quiets even the squeakiest wheel.

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Pluto opposite Saturn

An Important Test

This could be a stressful period, one that will last up to two years. If you can, look on it as a test of your relationship, one that you can pass with flying colors if you just work together. Otherwise, the pressures you'll encounter together during this time could prove too much to handle, because the first thing you'll feel is, 'Why us?' Why are these difficult things happening -- these obstacles that are popping up in your path, seemingly no matter which direction you turn? Your relationship itself may seem difficult or even untenable now. Any projects you're working on together could hit a stalling point, and no amount of scratching your heads will help in getting things rolling again. But instead of stomping your feet and turning your frustration against each other, try your hardest to stay calm and simply keep putting one foot in front of the other. If your finances run low, tighten your budget. If you start to argue too often, try your hardest to treat each other kindly and gently, even when you disagree. If you're feeling overworked, leave plenty of time on your days off for a relaxing nap. This difficult energy will pass, and that's a promise!

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Jupiter opposite Mercury

A Bit Too Confident

Your social calendar may be a little too full over the next few months, and trying to meet every obligation will be at the expense of your energy and your moods. You're both a little too confident now about your own abilities. Playing a pickup game of soccer on Saturday? Sure! Wait -- we planned to have lunch with the Smiths that day! Oh well, we can make it to both; we'll just wear our cleats to the restaurant... On and on the negotiations will go, both of you doing everything you can to fit everything in. You may end up spreading yourselves too thin, and failing to give proper attention to any one endeavor. If you're working on any projects together, your overconfidence could easily push you to bite off much more than you can chew. This sort of energy can lead to a half-renovated kitchen, a bone-dry expense account and the two of you standing in the midst of the rubble, palms up in surprise. 'How did this happen?' you'll ask each other. Well, you pushed each other to it. Try not to exaggerate your resources or your abilities; it'll just lead to trouble in the not-so-distant future. Try getting a third, more objective opinion before jumping into anything big.

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Jupiter opposite Sun

Convinced of Your Own Power

Over the next few months, the two of you will throw out a lot of energy, perhaps without a lot of return. In social situations, you'll nearly trip over each other in your rush to talk -- to voice your opinions on any subject that arises, to tell stories and answer questions, and to demonstrate in general how smart and well-informed you are as a couple. If you slow down just a bit, you might notice how quiet the room has gone -- you're putting on such a show that neither one of you is noticing the fact that other people want a little stage time too! Oh well; at least you're having fun together. This period is about excessive behavior, but it should also be a learning experience. You may spend too much and overdraw your accounts, but if you do, you can bet you'll learn from your mistake -- at least, once this energy passes! The current energy isn't overly intense, though, so while you may create a few hurdles for yourselves by being a little too full of yourselves or overly convinced of your own power, things shouldn't go too badly. Again, in the end, you'll be able to look back on these months and see where you went wrong, and correct yourselves in the future.

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Pluto square Venus

The Truth Stares You Down

Those ideals regarding romance and love that you've both harbored up till now will be exposed to the light during this two-to-three-year transit, and will likely be destroyed -- a painful, disillusioning process for you both. It's as if the shutters will fall from your eyes and your hearts, exposing you to the truth of your relationship, and you may not like what you see. It certainly pales in comparison to your pretty dreams, the hopes and illusions you've been operating under because it's so much easier than accepting things for what they are. The process of acceptance can be a messy one, though, and it may not happen very quickly. Jealousy and possessiveness could become a big issue between you as a couple, as you each try too hard to hang on to something that you sense is changing, and perhaps ending. But try to remember that clinging tighter will only make those changes more painful and difficult; it won't keep your sweetie around any longer or make your connection any more true or loving. The opposite, in fact, will be the result. So deal with each other as straightforwardly as you can. Talk about your feelings instead of acting on them impulsively.

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Sun opposite Pluto

In Need of Perspective

This could be one of those difficult periods that ultimately turns out to be a boon for your relationship, even if it doesn't feel like it while it's happening. Old issues and resentments are coming to the surface now, and you're both feeling the tension that results. Power struggles are likely; one or both of you could really start feeling possessive or even jealous of the other's time and attention, and you won't know how to calm yourself down or talk yourself back into some sense. All you might know how to do is to follow your impulses and lash out, starting arguments and creating hurt feelings. That's not the best way to deal with the current energy, of course. Your best bet might actually be to avoid conflict altogether, or at least to talk things out calmly; but is that possible? Maybe not just now. Thank goodness this period only lasts ten days! In a week or so, you'll be able to discuss things a little more rationally, but for now, don't expect too much out of yourselves or each other along those lines. Do try not to get into anything heated with each other, though. It's very likely that you're creating a mountain out of a molehill, and a little time and perspective will reveal the truth.

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Mercury opposite Venus

Two Conversations

This week, it could feel as if you're having two conversations -- the one on the surface, which is coming out in words; and the one in your hearts, which may be telling you something very different from what you're saying or hearing from your sweetie. You'll probably experience at least a few miscommunications with each other through the course of this short period, because you're both just a little muddled on what's right and what's not. You may argue over something having to do with right and wrong, in fact -- one of you saying something should be done one way, the other insisting it should be done differently, but neither of you really believing in the position you're espousing so firmly. Why not just cool down instead? Take a walk together, and enjoy nature. You might have to agree to disagree on certain subjects at the moment, and that's okay; you can figure out later who was right and who was wrong, if that's even still important. At the moment, neither one of you is communicating clearly with each other; you're projecting things onto each other and you aren't listening carefully. So try to just have fun now, and avoid serious discussions or standoffs.

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Mercury opposite Uranus

Fly by the Seat of Your Pants

Don't even try to make plans together this week, because they'll be out the window almost as fast as you set them. The two of you will be much better off if you can just be comfortable flying by the seat of your pants for the time being, because setting plans that are then broken or otherwise disturbed might really tick you off, causing arguments that could have been avoided. All the chaos and unpredictable energy, on the other hand, could also cause disagreements and hurt feelings, and if you do get into an argument, it probably won't be a very productive one. Neither of you is being as tactful as usual; you're both liable now to say things that you don't really mean, and that you'll later regret. But if you can try to expect only the unexpected now, you might ending up having a really good time together. This would be a good time to try something new on a date together -- something daring and exciting would be just the ticket. You also may have some really interesting, fantastical and far-reaching conversations together, in which you both feel as if the universe has just opened up for you in an exciting way.

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Sun opposite Jupiter

Don't Overdo It

The main problem during this ten-day period will be that neither one of you will know when enough is enough. When you're together you'll both just feel so great, so happy and optimistic and indulgent, that you'll egg each other on -- 'Sure, why not buy that expensive wide-screen TV? We'll just put it on credit!' Or, 'Yes, please, give me a third stack of your homemade chocolate-chip pancakes! Yum!' Needless to say, this kind of behavior can easily lead to indigestion or even strained bank balances and a serious morning-after guilt complex. Now, normally, at least one of you is able to be sensible about things. 'No, honey,' you'll say, 'we really can't afford that right now.' Or, 'Here, why don't you eat this apple instead of that third slice of cake?' But right now, when you two get together, neither one of you is in your right mind! You both feel good and you think the way to increase and extend the good feelings is more, more, more. More food, more shopping sprees, more time lying around in bed together instead of getting in to the office at a reasonable hour... Of course, playing hooky is fun sometimes, as is a spontaneous joint purchase. Just try not to overdo it.

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Sun opposite Sun

Interesting Challenges

Your relationship's various strengths and weaknesses are highlighted now, making this an interesting week-long period. It could be a fun one -- your interest in each other and in the relationship is definitely sparked, whether for better or for worse. There's a good chance that your attraction toward each other will enjoy a little spike now; you could have a lot of fun together, not the least of which might be in the bedroom! But this could also be a period of irritation or even slight pessimism, if you're not careful about how you treat each other. If either one of you tends toward aggressiveness, expect some mini-power struggles that seem to come out of nowhere. Just when you're getting along great, things could flare up and someone's feelings will get hurt. It doesn't have to be that way, though. If you're conscious of this tendency, you can be extra careful about compromising instead of insisting on having things your way. What's really going on now is that your differences as a couple are being highlighted, and you're presented with a challenge: Can you appreciate your differences as the spice of life, or will you start questioning the validity of the relationship?

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Mars square Pluto

Like Two Wrestlers

Your relationship could become a battleground during the next couple of weeks. The sweet, romantic refuge that you've come to know will suddenly morph into a battle of egos, with both of you doing anything and everything you can to best the other. It's times like these when you need a relationship referee -- someone to blow the whistle and split the two of you up to cool off -- because like wrestlers in the ring, when you get locked in a struggle, neither one of you is going to back down without a fight. But there is no referee; you're on your own, and it's up to you to get through this period with your loving bond intact. And it's easier than you think: Just chill out! Every time you start getting your back up over something, stop yourself and think, 'Is this worth it? Is this really something I want to spend time and energy on arguing down into the ground?' Hmm, that might not work very well after all, because your answers to those questions will probably be an emphatic 'yes.' Well, then, your only choice now might be to spend some time apart, and get a lot of exercise in the meantime. In a week or two, you can get together again with smiles on your faces and egos in check.

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Sun opposite Mercury

Agree to Disagree

If this week finds you signing any contracts as a couple, such as rental agreements, joint accounts, marriage licenses and the like, make sure that you read the fine print. You're not hearing or reading things clearly, and you might jump into something that you don't fully understand. Indeed, misunderstandings and disagreements are likely now. Though you're both feeling engaged, interested and expressive, you're also both a little too hasty about spouting off, and neither one of you is listening well at the moment. Since you're both mostly focused on your own point of view, you'll either miss each other's points entirely or you'll slip into a little battle of wills without even meaning to. To circumvent this potentially challenging energy, keep your ears open and your mouths shut as much as possible. That way, you'll pick up on things you would otherwise have missed. If you two are involved together in anything resembling couples' therapy, expect an interesting session. You may have to agree to disagree for now; you can come back to certain subjects later, when your minds are clearer and your hearts are more receptive.

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Jupiter square Saturn

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

You might feel like you're stuck together between a rock and a hard place over the next few months. You're both feeling some level of internal tension resulting from a need to pare things back in your relationship -- maybe the amount of money that you spend as a couple has become excessive, or maybe you've been spending too much time going out on the town, partying hard with people that you don't exactly care about. The time has come to get a little more serious and make some conscious decisions about how you spend your resources like time and money when you're together, but the process of making those changes could be a bit rough. You might not want to change, even if you recognize that it's time. Or, you might want to change but not know how. Or, perhaps worst of all, you might know that change is needed, but you're not sure what to change or why. The good news is, you're in this together, and you can and should work on this adjustment as a team. If you find yourselves confused about the source of this newfound tension in your relationship, take some time to talk about it together and decide on a course of action you both can live with.

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Sun opposite Venus

Feeling a Little Needy

This ten-day period could be a pleasant, romantic one, or it could bring up some hidden tensions in your relationship -- and the likelihood is that the latter will happen. Every relationship has little problems, after all, and when it comes to dealing with recurring issues, most of us use a combination of talking things out, the occasional argument and sometimes just turning the blind eye. During this period, you'll both want to turn the other way. Neither one of you is in the mood for an argument or even a discussion about the relationship. And so, if the tension in question is a minor one, you could get through this period with little trouble or incident, and have a lot of fun together. But if it's a bigger issue that you're trying to sweep under the rug, don't expect it to work for long. Things don't have to devolve into arguments or hurt feelings, though. You'll probably want to spend a lot of time together now; you're both feeling a bit on the needy side. But why not get together in groups with your friends? That way you'll have a bit of a buffer zone, and you can talk out any relationship stresses with a close pal before you bring it to your sweetie's attention.

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Sun square Saturn

Feeling Restrained

At the moment your relationship could feel like a source of frustration, friction or limitation, certainly not like the fun, romantic romp that you might both wish it could be. But hey -- you've had your fun, romantic times, and you'll have them again. This period only lasts about ten days or so, and your best bet is just to endure the heavy energy instead of making it worse by worrying about what it all means. Besides, what you're going through is a very important phase for any relationship: a sort of reality check that will ground the two of you in what your relationship really is capable of becoming, rather than what you hope or dream that it could be. Realizing the limitations of your bond can be a bit depressing, of course -- but if you're to be together for the long haul, it's a necessary period of disillusionment, and one you'll be glad for once you're through it. After all, relationships are work. That honeymoon phase in the beginning can't last forever; and why would you want it to? If the goal is to create a stable bond, to become a true team, a partnership, this period is essential to strengthening that bond and putting your teamwork on the line.

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Venus opposite Neptune

Seeing Each Other Through Fog

When you two get together this week, you won't exactly be dealing with each other. You'll both be more interested in your own, personal perception of the person you see in front of you, rather than the one that's actually there. The truth is, neither one of you is seeing yourself clearly at the moment, either. You're both in a strange, nebulous cloud of romanticism, loneliness, sentimentality, mixed signals... Lots of contradictions there, right? And that exactly describes you both, at the moment. You'll have a hard time connecting with each other because you can hardly even connect with yourself -- with your own needs or desires. It's highly possible that you'll each misread each other or your relationship this week. A sense of unreality abounds now; whatever read you're getting on your partner, it's probably off. If you're feeling idealistic about the love that you share, you can expect a comedown in a week or two, when reality (read: flaws) comes crashing back in. Take special care now not to mislead each other in any way -- even if you're trying to be sweet or romantic. It's not worth the feelings of disillusionment that will come later.

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Sun opposite Uranus

Testing Boundaries

When it comes to your relationship, you're both feeling just a little bit rebellious this week. And you may end up surprising each other, or yourselves, with your actions and what they reveal about you. Arguments are possible during this period, especially if there are issues in the relationship that one or both of you are growing tired of dealing with. The current energy is the kind that could make you throw up your hands and say 'Enough! I've had enough!' In fact, deep down, there's a slightly destructive urge within the two of you now, directed toward your bond. Take care not to do something unwise or irrevocable that would negatively affect the relationship from here on out. Instead, keep your acts of rebellion small and manageable. Assert your opinions where you'd normally stay quiet; say where you want to go on your date instead of leaving it up to your honey to decide. And if things aren't happening to your liking, go it alone for a few days. Independence is good now. And in a week or so, when this energy passes, you can come back together with a better understanding of your bond, and what it truly means to the both of you.

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Mars square Sun

Play Nice

Even if you feel placid when you're on your own during this three-week period, you'll both get worked up whenever you get together. You'll circle each other like a couple of alley cats, backs up, teeth bared, ready for conflict. If you live together, this could be an especially rough period because there's no place where you can get away from each other, and territorial issues loom large now. You might get into silly arguments about who did the dishes last or which one of you needs to make the bed in the morning. Though these little spats are over minor things that wouldn't normally bother either one of you, they speak to a deeper issue: You two are working out some inner aggressions that usually lie dormant, which have to do with independence and standing up for your own perspective. When we get into relationships, we naturally tend to suppress parts of our own personalities in the name of togetherness and true romantic unity. But that can lead to some serious feelings of rebellion from time to time, and that's what you two are experiencing now. So play nice! But do use the energy of this period to get in touch with the real, inner you.

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Jupiter opposite Venus

Indulging Yourselves

Stay away from art galleries, furniture superstores and interior design firms for the next few months, because you're both in the mood to beautify your lives and neither one of you has the self-restraint needed to make that a very good idea at the moment. You're both in the sort of mood where you walk into the grocery store needing three items, and come out with ten bags full of sweet, calorie-dense foods that have zero nutritional value -- and you don't even notice till you get home that you forgot the original three things you set out for! Now, to be clear, the next few months probably won't be difficult ones for you. No, the difficulty will come later, once the current self-indulgent, extravagant energy has passed and you've both put on a few too many extra pounds, and spent a little too much in the process. Then you'll have to step up your fitness routine, go on a diet and set a strict budget -- but who cares? That's many moons ahead! For now, you both just want to enjoy yourselves in any way that seems appropriate in the moment. Just don't be surprised when your jeans don't fit right and your credit card bill is way bigger than you expected.

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Mars square Jupiter

Think It Through

Whatever projects or opportunities you two encounter as a couple during these few weeks, make sure that you think things through very carefully before signing any dotted lines or making other commitments of your time and efforts. When you're together, neither one of you is thinking straight. You'll egg each other on and push each other to make fast decisions -- and in this case, fast means risky and not well thought out. You'll bring challenges on yourselves that could have been avoided if you'd just taken things more slowly and carefully, but doing so will seem almost impossible. You'll both feel too excited, or possibly backed into a corner; you'll think you have to act fast or miss out on whatever opportunity is before you. But remember that things that seem too good to be true usually are. Find ways to bring excitement into your lives now that don't involve long-term or major financial commitments: Make a date to go ride the roller coaster at the amusement park, or see an action flick together. And get your exercise! You can work off a lot of this troublesome energy if you just expend some of it at the gym, which can be a fun date in itself if you work out side by side.

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Saturn square Neptune

Imperfections: The Spice of Love

Your shared illusions regarding your love affair may crumble during the next several months, as reality and idealism lock together in an uncomfortable standoff. This is a tense confrontation between the way things really are and the way you both wish they could be, and you'll both feel the disappointment of losing some of your most cherished ideals about each other. But facing the truth of a situation is a good thing, however difficult it might be, and this period is no different. Okay, so you don't communicate as well as you thought you did, or the passion you share doesn't burn quite as hot as it once did. You want different things in life; you're two different people, with individual goals that may or may not fit in with the overall scope of your relationship. And on top of it all, neither one of you is that sublime being the other once thought you were! So what? Isn't it the flaws and the unexpectedness and the spontaneity that make relationships interesting? This period challenges you to learn to revel in your differences, and in the surprises your bond brings to the table.

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Mars square Mercury

Making Mountains Out of Molehills

Any issues that come up during this period will seem like major, full-blown problems needing your immediate and dramatic attention. It's safe to say that, when you two are together now, you'll collectively lack a sense of perspective. What would normally be a simple interaction about, say, which movie to go see or whose turn it is to take the trash out will turn into a major battle, one in which each of you is using whatever weapons you have in your verbal arsenal -- sarcasm, criticism, derision, downright rudeness -- to get beneath the other's armor. You'll both say things now that you'll regret later, things that just flew out of your mouth in the moment when you were trying to say something, anything, to put your sweetie in their place. If you can both watch your mouths, this period will be much smoother; but there's still a high chance of making bad decisions in haste or otherwise being a little too aggressive in your thinking. Exercise can help with managing this troublesome energy; when you two get together, do something active that uses your bodies even more than your minds. And do try to keep those snarky comments in check!

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Jupiter opposite Uranus

Restricted by Commitments

You might both feel restless during the next few months, suddenly much more aware of wanting to be free and independent instead of part of a couple. You're more conscious now of how you're held back, and less conscious of the ways in which you're supported by your bond. Suddenly, that support doesn't matter -- not in the face of your need to get out there and be yourself! This restlessness may not confine itself to your relationship, either. You may suddenly feel like signing that loan application was a bad idea, even though you knew at the time what you were getting into, and for how long. That time-share with coworkers no longer seems like a fun excuse to get away for the weekend; it now seems like a financial burden that's keeping you from visiting all the places you really wish you could go. Try not to let this feeling of restlessness get you down; instead, use it as a catalyst for positive change. If you're feeling detached from each other, sit down together and have an honest talk about your feelings -- or, just wait and see how things go. There's a good chance your restlessness will pass with the current energy.

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