An astrological report prepared for

Jennifer Lopez, born July 24, 1969 and Alex Rodriguez, Born July 27, 1975:

Romantic Forecast for Couples


All of a sudden, you've got the energy and confidence you need to get things done. 

Or, the opposite occurs: You tackle your day with energy and focus, all the while looking forward to the date you have planned with your sweetie. But as soon as you two get together, the mood changes. Suddenly you're both irritable, snappish, going at each other like a couple of Siamese fighting fish

What happened?
Relationships progress in phases; they rarely stay static. In both the above cases, it's likely that the current transits, or planetary movements, are influencing your relationship in ways that neither of you is aware of.

When things change between you and your significant other -- say, you notice that you've been arguing more than usual (or less) -- it often relates directly to the current transits and their effect on your bond.

A composite chart blends two astrological charts -- yours and your sweetie's -- into one, creating a new chart that provides an in-depth view of the relationship itself. This chart represents your connection as its own entity, one greater than just the sum of its two parts.

This report is for you and your partner. It focuses on teamwork and mutual understanding as it details the influences of current planetary transits on your relationship. This knowledge can help you to anticipate good times ahead, to circumvent problems before they arise and, when you’re navigating rough waters together, remember that this, too, shall pass.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Romantic Forecast for Couples report.

And I want to help you discover the most powerful windows of opportunity for romance so you can make your relationship even better.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to discover which days are the most opportune to add more sizzle to your relationship?

And which days are probably not the best to focus on romance and maybe give your partner some space instead?
This Romantic Forecast for Couples report gives you that exact information so you can have a far better chance of improving your relationship and helping it become even better than you ever imagined it could be!

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What Do The Stars Hold For Improving Your Relationship in The Future?

No one ever said Love was simple, right?

When your relationship is going well, you can feel like you’re walking on clouds, and when things are hard – well – we can come back to the ground with a bump! Every Relationship has its challenges – even the best ones – and this is where Astrology can be a wonderful tool for guidance!

Your Personal Relationship Forecast Calculators are a glance into the future, revealing which areas of your relationship are likely to experience sweet, sweet harmony and which areas hold dynamic change and excitement!

The handy and easy-to-read Bar Graphs show you the six major categories of your relationship:

  • Your Shared Direction
  • Your Communication Bond
  • Shared Love & Values
  • Your Relationship’s Passion Prognosis
  • The Luck Forecast for your Relationship
  • Relationship Lessons – and how these areas could unfold over this period of time!

With Astrology, we can empower ourselves to prepare better for rocky times ahead, or enjoy the ride if things are effortless and easy – and learn to appreciate the areas in our relationship that are going well!

Perhaps there are a few obstacles when it comes to Communication right now, but your Love & Values are in perfect harmony with your partner, making these strengths you can to turn to in times of stress! And the best thing about Astrology is that you learn that “this too shall pass”, helping you and your sweetheart gain a bit of perspective when the going gets tough. And who wants things to be too easy anyway? Growth can never happen when a Relationship is too harmonious, so embracing excitement and dynamism is a perfect way to ramp up any stagnant energy!

So, go ahead and empower yourself and your Relationship with these Personalized Relationship Forecast Calculators and let the energy of the Stars and Planets be your guide when it comes to Love and Romance!

Your Connection To Each Other – The Sun Influences

The Sun in Astrology is a huge influence on how well you get along in a relationship. Just as the Sun is the center of the Universe; it is also the center of your relationship. It is the core of you, your partner and your relationship. If two people clash, this is the first place to look when it comes to Astrology. The bar graph will indicate how well each of you is connected to each other... Read more

8-10 You are bonded to your partner
4-7 There is a decent connection
0-3 You might feel disconnected to your partner

Communication and Conversations – Mercury Influences

Mercury in Astrology is linked to expression - intellectual, witty, and repartee describe the energy of this little planet. It influences how you communicate in your relationship - verbal and non-verbal. Are you being heard and understood by your partner right now? How about listening, really listening to each other at this time? When the bar graph is long, this indicates the communication... Read more

8-10 Communication is clear and conversation flows
4-7 Interactions are bumpy but manageable
0-3 Potential for miscommunication

YoLove and Romance – Venus Influences

Venus in Astrology is the love planet. Love, friendship, affection and romance are elements of this planet. It influences how you give and receive love and what you are attracted to at this time. When the bar graph is long, this indicates romance is top priority in the relationship right now. If the bar graph line is medium in length, the love and attraction you have for... Read more

8-10 Romance is rockin’
4-7 There’s affection but it’s not a priority
0-3 There’s not much time for romance right now

The Passion Principle – Mars Influences

Mars in Astrology is the planet representing our physical urges. Passion, sex, and aggression are all expressions this planet’s energy. Mars influences your sex-appeal, seduction and sizzle. Fighting and frustration also fall within this planet’s realm. When the bar graph is long, this indicates your passions are ignited with lots of excitement – both positive and negative.... Read more

8-10 Never a dull moment, at the moment
4-7 Your sizzle could use a little spark
0-3 It’s time to focus on the bedroom

Relationship Growth – Jupiter Influences

Jupiter in Astrology signifies expansiveness. The elements of Jupiter are growth, expansion, and forthcomings. It’s also the planet of hope, optimism and luck. These elements influence your ability to grow with your partner and to broaden your relationship horizons together. Do you feel you’re growing together or growing apart, right now? This graph will tell if the relationship is in... Read more

8-10 Life is good, and your relationship feels expansive
4-7 Relationship growth is steady
0-3 Reconnect with your partner. Make plans for the future.

The Commitment Component – Saturn Influences

Saturn in Astrology represents karma, challenges and conformity. This planet is all about reality, discipline and commitment. It’s the glue that holds your relationship in place, but it requires us to face those sticky issues and work through them together as a couple. It’s also about boundaries. Are you being respectful of your partner's boundaries; is your partner respecting yours? When the bar graph is long, this... Read more

8-10 Stick with it. Work through your relationship issues together.
4-7 You’re committed, and you can see where your relationship is headed.
0-3 Enjoy this karmic-free relationship period

Jennifer Lopez, in this Romantic Forecast for Couples report, YOU WILL GET Love INSIGHT FROM THE FOLLOWING PLANETARY ENERGIES:


illustrates your basic commonalities
tells your basic differences
indicates how well you get along with one another
shows what each of you brings to the relationship


shows how you communicate with each other
reveals who is the thinker & who is the feeler
helps you understand each other’s communication style


reveals your connection to each other
indicates how each other prefers to receive love
highlights how both of you express love


represents the physical bond you share
reveals each other’s desires and impulses
shows how each person expresses frustration


highlights the non-negotiable values held by each of you
shows what is important to each person
indicates whether the relationship will grow


challenges the relationship
unveils each other's shortcomings
demonstrates where extra effort is needed in the relationship


uncovers each other’s rebellious side
points out the unique qualities each person brings to the relationship
shows how the two of you have fun


rules the psychic connection you have to each other
reveals how you help each other grow
indicates if a relationship is a spiritual one


reveals each person’s greatest fears
indicates opportunities for change
demonstrates the self-transformation the relationship brings to both of you
Keep reading to discover how the current planetary transits are affecting you, your partner, and your relationship.

Your Strengths

Uranus sextile Jupiter

A Positive Kind of Restlessness

A certain restlessness is permeating your relationship this year, but it's not the kind that will make you dream separately of independence. Instead, this is the positive kind of restlessness, the kind that makes you both want to push the boundaries of your relationship, your experience, your very existence, with new philosophies and ideals. New friends who are quite different from you could open your minds to parts of their culture that will inspire you to live your own lives in new ways. Or, a class that you take together this year could kick off that mental-broadening process. You should take any opportunity that arises now to travel together, to learn new things and make new and interesting friends. Anything that provides a fresh perspective can only be a positive influence on you, as the current energy works to make your minds like sponges and your hearts like cups that are waiting to be filled. You'll notice that your conversations with each other as well as with friends and new acquaintances will reflect this urge to learn, to broaden yourselves, as the topics of conversation range far and wide into areas you may never even have heard of before.

Saturn trine Saturn

Motivation to Carry On

This period marks a good time to revisit those goals and plans you share as a couple, and figure out which ones really mean something to you. You can work together as a team now to make things happen, and you can also separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak -- deciding on what's important and what isn't, and cutting the unimportant elements that clutter up your lives and your relationship. Doing so leaves room for the essentials -- the parts of your bond that you don't want to or can't imagine doing without. You've got a far-ranging view of the future now, so you can begin to plan things that may not happen for months or even years. You're both feeling that committed; you're not afraid to start saving funds in a joint account for a vacation that right now seems like it's light years away. That time will come sooner than you think! And you'll be glad then for the preparation and planning you put in now. This is also a good time to slow down a bit and appreciate all the fruits of your hard work together. You're seeing the results of your combined efforts now, and appreciating what you've achieved gives you the motivation to keep striving.

Jupiter trine Neptune

Making Dreams Come True

During this period of a few months, you should take some time to get in touch with the ideals you share as a couple. Talk about your hopes for the future, regarding the relationship as well as your lives: What is the best life you can envision for yourselves as a team? Discuss it openly with each other, because the current energy is the kind that rewards honesty and optimism. If you put it into words, it will become that much more real. If you believe that you can achieve your dreams, then now you will; at the very least, you'll make huge strides together in that direction. You should talk about your dreams together now, too -- meaning, the dreams you have at night, when you're asleep. You could discover something amazing about yourselves and each other when you pay careful attention to the part of your lives that plays out when you're asleep. You may also feel an urge now to become more spiritual in a formal way; if so, this is the perfect time to seek out a spiritual group that speaks to you on a personal level. You'll also notice yourselves feeling more compassionate, wanting to reach out to others and nurture them. Doing so as a team will really make you feel fulfilled.

Mars trine Uranus

Create Some Excitement

The energy of this period could affect your relationship in several different and exciting ways -- in fact, the only thing you can really expect at the moment is the unexpected. This should be a fun and active period, first and foremost. Your interest in the relationship is piqued and you're both feeling rather adventurous, making this a great time to step outside the bounds of what you normally do and experience together. The energy of newness and excitement is coursing through your veins, so don't stick with the status quo. Get out of the house instead of cuddling in front of the TV; do something active, something that challenges not only your bodies but the relationship itself. You might take an impromptu trip together, or play a pickup game of soccer; you might even get a bee in your bonnets to start co-training for a triathlon. Whatever it is, you should have great fun together -- and you'll find that the stimulation of your bodies leads to the stimulation of your minds and hearts. You'll both start to see the relationship from a fresh perspective, which will really be a help if you've been having any trouble or anxieties over the state of things between you.

Jupiter trine Venus

Enjoy Each Other

You should definitely try to get out of town together at some point during the next few months, at least for a fun weekend fling. Even a day's drive into the country would be a wonderful way to enjoy each other's company and your time together -- but in fact, getting away from home isn't necessary now. At least, you don't have to leave town to enjoy all the benefits and sweetness of the current energy; that's just one way to amuse yourselves. You can also stay home and invite over all your friends for brunch or a backyard barbecue, or accept every invitation that comes your way. Attend friends' weddings, go out dancing together, attend parties, get together with another couple for dinner...whatever it is, you two are up for it. You both want to have as much fun as possible now, and that shouldn't be difficult. You're suddenly surrounded by friends who can't seem to get enough of your company! And right in the middle of the laughing, chatting, happy crowd, there's the two of you, in each other's arms, gazing into each other's eyes with the big, goofy grin of two people very much in love. That's what the next few months are all about. Enjoy it.

Sun sextile Mars

Fun, Healthy Competition

As long as you're working together, as a team, you can get a lot done during this ten-day period. On your own, one or both of you could be feeling lazy or less than motivated; but there's a certain energy that's sparked up when you're together now, and you can really give each other that little kick in the pants that you might need to get out into the world and get active. This is a great time for just about any kind of project or endeavor as a couple: You could take a trip together, and explore someplace you've never been before; you could go work out at the gym together; you could do a deep-cleaning session at home, each of you tackling a different corner and working together to really make things shine. It's really up to the two of you. Sports and board games will be especially fun for you now, because there's a fun, healthy little element of competition infusing the relationship that will make both of you put in a little extra effort. Physical activity is highlighted now, so needless to say, this is a great time for a little action in the bedroom. You're both feeling just a bit daring, and you'll challenge each other to take things further than you would on your own.

Jupiter trine Mercury

Stay Motivated

If you can keep each other motivated during this period to stay active, both mentally and physically, then you'll take great strides together toward expanded horizons and your success as a couple. Sounds grand, doesn't it? Everything about this energy is grand -- if you consciously take advantage of it. If not, this will be a pleasant period of a few months, but you won't have much to show for it when the energy passes. Taking advantage of this influence means purposely doing things to expand your own horizons: Take a trip together, or a course in an interesting subject. Make plans to turn something you've always dreamed of into a reality, such as building a house or launching a business. Optimism is a big plus of this period, but it's hard not to feel good about the work you're doing and the connections you're making -- when you apply yourselves, things will have a wonderful way of working out. You've got a unique combination, and a rare one, of big-picture perspective and a collective eye for details, and that means you can make precise steps toward your shared vision of your glorious future as a couple.

Jupiter trine Sun

Keep All Eyes Open

Your relationship is blessed for the next few months with a sweet, expansive and adventurous energy, one that prompts you to get out of the house and mingle with the world around you. You're both in the mood for parties and get-togethers with friends, but you're also interested in meeting new people in brand-new venues. This would be the perfect time for a vacation to someplace neither of you has ever been before. Both of you will soak up the new experience like sponges soak up water. But if you can't afford the time or the cost, there are still plenty of ways to bring that energy into your lives at home. You're both interested in learning and teaching now, so taking an interactive class together in a subject that's new to you would be a wonderful way to combine these urges. You could even take a foreign language class that will be useful sometime in the future, when you can afford to take that trip! Whatever you do together now should turn out successful, because the current energy brings with it opportunities you can't even anticipate until they're right in front of you. So keep your eyes open. Wonderful things could happen in the near future.

Venus trine Pluto

Swept Away

You'll both be swept away this week on the power and intensity of your feelings for each other. Suddenly, the love that exists between you is like a living, breathing organism, or an electric current of energy that runs between you and binds you like a cord. You're both aware of each other now in a way that you may not remember experiencing before, and this energy is rare and precious, so you should both honor and enjoy it. Your sexual experiences with each other will be incredible now, to say the least -- passionate, full of ardor, a deeply moving experience for you both. You're in tune with each other at a deep level, possibly one that's deeper than either of you can fully understand; and that's fine. In fact, you'll both enjoy trying to get to the gold -- the pure, potent source of connection that draws you together and keeps you there, even through the rough times. This would be a good time to explore together the ins and outs of your relationship, in fact, especially if you've been dealing with any issues together of late. Now you can really get to the bottom of things -- the core of the core, so to speak.

Venus sextile Neptune

Share Your Fantasies

Don't try to get much done that's serious or business-oriented this week, because your hearts just won't be in it and you could end up missing important details, even if you're working together. Instead, this period should be about romance and relaxation, and nurturing the intuitive connection you share. You're both feeling extra tender and in tune with each other, and you'll want to avoid arguments even more than difficult or detailed work. Now is the perfect time to do something really romantic together, whether it's just cuddling together on the couch and sharing your dreams and fantasies or something more imaginative than that. A good date now might be attending a play, a poetry reading or a gallery opening, but you'll also be perfectly content with staying home and renting a movie. Napping together is also fun now, and you might both need the rest -- your combined energy levels are low at the moment. Indulging in dreams and fantasies is the main focus of this period. When you have to be apart, taking care of the business of your day, be sure to call up your sweetie or send them an email to let them know you're thinking of them.

Your Intensities

Mars conjunct Saturn

You Can't Do It All

Don't be too hard on each other or yourselves during this period of a few weeks, because your energies are running low for things like fun, exercise and other usually lighthearted activities. You've both got some work to do -- maybe even too much on your plate -- and that's what you're focused on now. That sweet feeling of romance and the sizzle of passion that normally spice things up between you so nicely may just have to take a back burner now to whatever it is that you have to get done, and that could feel a bit frustrating, or even depressing. Part of the problem is that you're putting too much pressure on yourselves to do it all -- to work hard, to get it done, to go above and beyond. And, oh yeah, to keep your romantic relationship going strong in the meantime as well. You can't do it all; you heard it here first. Instead, pick the most important projects and focus on them, putting in a good effort until you've made real progress. Don't try to take on anything new now, and excuse yourselves from your normal, funny, lighthearted way of interacting with each other. The fun part of your relationship will return in a few weeks, don't worry!

Your Challenges

Jupiter opposite Pluto

Use Your Resources Well

A troublesome power dynamic could rear its ugly head during the next few months, making your efforts and ambitions harder than it seems like they should be. Maybe you've been courting a VIP whom you very much want on your side in some important endeavor, or maybe it's something more incidental, like a speeding ticket on your way to the movies. Whatever it is, you're not dealing well with authority at the moment, and you're likely to tick that person off if you're not careful. Word to the wise: Especially under the current energy, don't try to talk your way out of speeding tickets, and definitely don't get aggressive with those in power -- even if it's just a restaurant host who's making you wait a little too long for your table. Getting arrogant and self-righteous is only going to turn them against you. If you notice a trend over the next few months -- that you're seemingly blocked at every step, no matter how cooperative and conciliatory you think you're being -- take it as a sign that you need to rethink your approach. You do have a lot of resources at your disposal when you work as a team, including power; but make sure you're using those resources well.

Sun opposite Saturn

Not Much Fun

If your relationship feels like a cold and lonely place during this ten-day period, try not to lose confidence in your bond. It's just a phase, one that will pass soon enough. But in the meantime, things might not be very fun between the two of you. This could come from within, or it could be an outside influence that seems to challenge you as a pair. There's a feeling of heaviness now that could sap all the romance right out of things. Trying to communicate about how you're feeling may not alleviate the tension, either; in fact, it may only make it worse. You'll have a hard time getting through to each other, which could make both of you feel isolated. These feelings may be subtly present, or they could actually arise strongly from something that happens during this period -- a conversation about your mutual relationship goals, for example, that reveals the fact that those goals aren't as mutual as you thought. If this occurs, just remember that you are two separate people, though you're joined in a type of unit. You'll always see things at least somewhat differently, and that's okay -- it's actually a good thing. But for now, those words probably won't soothe you. You'll both just have to wait patiently for the current feelings of frustration and pessimism to pass.

Venus square Pluto

Feeling Insecure

You could get into some battles of wills this week, either overt ones, such as out-and-out arguments, or more subtle ones that stay under the surface and bother both of you, consuming your thoughts and energy but never coming fully to light. You're both feeling more than a little insecure about your bond at the moment, and this could manifest itself in jealousy, fights or controlling behavior. But instead of lashing out or getting into a heated discussion, you might want to probe your own mind first about whatever it is that you think is bothering you. Could it really be that you're feeling worried about your connection in general? It's likely that you're actually feeling a bit disconnected and insecure about the future of the relationship, so express those feelings rather than hurling accusations and trying to defend yourself against those of your honey. This period is actually a good one for getting down to the truth of things, so at least you've got that going for you -- although the discussions or arguments that ensue won't be much fun for either of you. Of course, you're both feeling extra passionate, so the kissing and making up could be truly inspirational!

Mercury opposite Jupiter

Take a Chill Pill

When you get together this week, you'll both be running off at the mouth -- talking, arguing, monologuing... At the moment, neither of you has any sense of when enough is enough; you'll just keep on talking, or yelling, unless someone (such as your sweetie) stops you. And how will they stop you? By saying something that upsets or offends you, probably because you've misheard them -- because who can listen carefully when they're talking as much and as fast as you will be? It's not just you, either; your sweetie is doing the same thing, and you both need to take a mutual chill pill. Try to listen instead of exaggerating. Another possibility now is that, instead of arguing, you'll be in agreement -- but neither of you has any real sense of reality or perspective at the moment. You could talk each other into a frenzy over something that's really a minor thing, or something that you've misinterpreted from the start. Try to keep in mind that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is; and if you're suddenly up in arms over something or someone, it has more to do with your current state of mind than with them, or with reality.

Mercury square Uranus

Driving Each Other Crazy

This is not the week to spend a lot of one-on-one time together at home, because you'll both feel restless together, which can easily turn into irritability. Get out of the house or spend time with other friends until next week, when this energy will pass. Because this week, you both run the risk of saying things you don't really mean and causing arguments. Yes, it's that old foot-in-mouth disease flaring up again. You'll annoy each other much more easily now than usual, especially if you haven't gotten enough exercise or mental stimulation. Needing a mental or physical workout can push you to seek stimulation wherever you can get it, even if it's negative stimulation, such as petty debates and disagreements. Also, be careful if you two are in any kind of legal or monetary negotiations together with a third party. In situations where you're supposed to keep certain things under your hat, so to speak, one or both of you will end up saying things you don't mean to reveal, which could lose you the advantage in the situation. Finally, expect the unexpected now. Even the most well-planned activities won't run according to schedule, and you'll both just have to roll with it.

Venus opposite Jupiter

Easily Distracted

Let's hope you two don't have any pressing business to tend to this week, like, say, work or paying the bills, because when you get together, neither one of you will be in the mood to buckle down. Instead, you both want to relax together, enjoying good food, long naps and some fine cuddle sessions. Getting up early to make it to work on time will feel like an impossibility this week, as will dragging yourselves to the gym or sticking to your diets. Even if you try to do those things together for the added motivation, you'll probably end up poking each other and making each other giggle, and then off you'll be, acting like a couple of silly teenagers instead of two responsible people with duties to attend to! If you don't live together, now may be a good time to spend a few nights apart, because if you get together you're just going to distract each other. Especially if you've got a lot of work to do or a big project on your plate, you should keep your distance -- because you're both really persuasive when it comes to playing hooky! Overspending is another big possibility for this period, so if you can't afford a shopping spree, wait till next week to get together.

Sun square Pluto

Us Against the World

An 'us against the world' attitude is possible now. Things seem difficult; whatever projects you take on together will probably be slow-going. Circumstances could actually conspire at this time to convince you both that others are against your relationship, whether or not that's true. A friend might dig a little too deeply into the issues you face in your love affair, making you feel uncomfortable and protective of your privacy; or someone close to you, perhaps a family member, might express their reservations about your relationship. In response, the two of you could pull together, or you could actually turn against each other and start doubting the bond yourselves. If those doubts do start to intrude, who's to say whether they're valid or not? Talking to your friends may not help, especially if they're the ones who initially voiced their reservations! It's possible, though, that you're just reading into things others say because really, you both actually feel those doubts, deep down within your own souls. If you can't figure out how to handle it, you'll just have to wait a week or two for things to become clearer, or to come to a head.

Venus square Uranus

Temporarily Commitment-Shy

Neither one of you is respecting your bond as a couple this week as much as you should, so take care not to create a real mess. You're both feeling a bit rebellious; you've got grass-is-greener syndrome for the moment, and you both might start wondering if there might be someone out there who's just a little more interesting and exciting. Well, the answer is, probably so. But so what? Someone else might excite you more, but they would come along with their own problems and personality quirks that you'd have to learn to put up with -- which, after a while, would dim your sense of excitement and newness. That's what's going on here; after all, you two found each other pretty exciting back in the beginning, when everything was new and the possibilities were limitless. Now you know each other a little better, including each other's foibles, and it's easy to get impatient with each other and even start thinking that maybe you should look for love somewhere else. Good thing this is a short period of instability; if you're both careful, neither of you will do or say anything you regret, and you'll both be glad next week when you remember how strong and important your bond truly is.

Mercury opposite Venus

Two Conversations

This week, it could feel as if you're having two conversations -- the one on the surface, which is coming out in words; and the one in your hearts, which may be telling you something very different from what you're saying or hearing from your sweetie. You'll probably experience at least a few miscommunications with each other through the course of this short period, because you're both just a little muddled on what's right and what's not. You may argue over something having to do with right and wrong, in fact -- one of you saying something should be done one way, the other insisting it should be done differently, but neither of you really believing in the position you're espousing so firmly. Why not just cool down instead? Take a walk together, and enjoy nature. You might have to agree to disagree on certain subjects at the moment, and that's okay; you can figure out later who was right and who was wrong, if that's even still important. At the moment, neither one of you is communicating clearly with each other; you're projecting things onto each other and you aren't listening carefully. So try to just have fun now, and avoid serious discussions or standoffs.

Sun opposite Jupiter

Don't Overdo It

The main problem during this ten-day period will be that neither one of you will know when enough is enough. When you're together you'll both just feel so great, so happy and optimistic and indulgent, that you'll egg each other on -- 'Sure, why not buy that expensive wide-screen TV? We'll just put it on credit!' Or, 'Yes, please, give me a third stack of your homemade chocolate-chip pancakes! Yum!' Needless to say, this kind of behavior can easily lead to indigestion or even strained bank balances and a serious morning-after guilt complex. Now, normally, at least one of you is able to be sensible about things. 'No, honey,' you'll say, 'we really can't afford that right now.' Or, 'Here, why don't you eat this apple instead of that third slice of cake?' But right now, when you two get together, neither one of you is in your right mind! You both feel good and you think the way to increase and extend the good feelings is more, more, more. More food, more shopping sprees, more time lying around in bed together instead of getting in to the office at a reasonable hour... Of course, playing hooky is fun sometimes, as is a spontaneous joint purchase. Just try not to overdo it.

Sun square Uranus

Expect the Unexpected

You two should expect the unexpected now, because that's what you're most likely to get. Any plans you make as a couple could be suddenly set off-course by something unexpected that comes up, much to your surprise -- and it may not be a welcome surprise. If you make a date to get together, one of you could get stuck in traffic and show up thirty minutes late; if you decide to cook dinner at home, the oven could malfunction and your meal gets overcooked. And since things feel suddenly tense, you'll both have a hard time taking these little changes in plans in stride. But it doesn't have to be the stability of the relationship itself that's undermined, even if that's what it feels like is happening. Think of it more as the universe reminding you who's in charge. It's certainly not the two of you! Just because normally things run nicely along tracks that you can understand doesn't mean that a bit of spontaneity and unexpectedness shouldn't shake things up every now and again. So try not to get into silly little fights whenever things don't go as planned. Instead, loosen up a little, allow for mistakes and get ready to go with the flow for a week or so.

Venus opposite Venus

Faking It

You two are bottling up your feelings this week instead of talking them out together. You may even push those feelings down and deny them to yourself, because you don't want to face them. Haven't you learned by now that that method never works? If you did talk it out, you'd find you're both feeling similar -- a bit lonely, insecure, even underappreciated. But it's more likely that you'll both try the 'fake it till you make it' route. You might pretend intimacy that you don't feel, not realizing that your honey can see right through you -- except, of course, when they're too busy dealing with their own mixed up feelings. Another route might be to pout and whine, or start an argument about an unrelated subject just to get some interaction going, and some heat. Faking it is much more likely this week than behaving passive-aggressively, though. You'd rather plaster a smile on your face than start a fight, because you don't want to be alone now and you'll do what it takes to make that happen. But if you can open up and talk about whatever insecurities are worrying you inside, you'll make a better and more genuine connection with your honey.

Venus opposite Mercury

The Meat of the Matter

You and your sweetie will probably run into a snag or two in your communication this week, and while it may not be pleasant, ultimately, it's probably a good thing. There are a few issues between you that have been on the back burner lately, and now they'll come to the forefront. No, it's no fun to argue, but you need to have it out sooner or later, don't you? And now is as good a time as any. It won't feel like that in the moment, though. In the moment, all you'll be aware of is your own hurt feelings. Something your honey says will rub you the wrong way, and you'll get defensive, thinking they took a jab at you when really, you were just being a little too sensitive. But again, that sensitivity points to an area of real tension between you. You wouldn't feel sensitive or defensive if there weren't a real issue there that needs to be resolved, regardless of whether it originates within you or within them. Either way, it needs to get talked out. You may have a few false starts, meaning, silly, dramatic arguments that go nowhere fast. But sooner or later, you'll get down to the meat of the conversation: what's really going on between you, and what you're going to do about it.

Venus opposite Sun

Extremely Unmotivated

Self-indulgence will play a big role in your relationship this week. Neither one of you feels like getting serious about anything when you're together; you'd both much rather lie around together than clean the house, pay the bills, get to work on time... You might even be so lazy that you'll call out for dinner to be delivered rather than having to go to the store and make your own meals! While everyone gets into these moods sometimes, you two should guard this week against dragging each other down -- in a very pleasurable way, of course. It's just that you'll both be negative motivators for each other. When one of you wants to sleep in and play hooky from work for a few hours, the other will be more than happy to join in the fun -- and then you'll have two annoyed bosses who want to have words with you. But neither one of you is in any mood for confrontation! So why bring that kind of trouble on? Instead of just checking out of every responsibility you have this week, you would do much better to perform at least the essential tasks. If that means you can't hang out together for a few days because of your bent for mutual self-indulgence, then so be it.

Pluto opposite Venus

The Process of Letting Go

It's time to take a long, honest look at the ways you're each behaving in this relationship, and at the ways that each of you views love affairs in general. You've both been unconsciously acting out old feelings from your past -- traumas you lived through and encoded into your own psyches without even realizing it. Those old traumas are coming up again, asking to be processed and set free. But that process won't be an easy one, and this period of several years could be difficult for your relationship. Be careful how you treat each other; remember that honesty is always best in the end, as keeping secrets from your intimate partner is hurtful in the long run. Being aboveboard will be harder now than usual; you might both develop obsessive attractions toward other people, because your sexual natures are stimulated now and your potential for obsession is high. Focus on treating each other with respect, first and foremost. It's possible that by the end of this transit, you'll both decide that it's time to let go of each other, but it's more likely that this process of letting go will apply to feelings, behaviors and attitudes that are no longer useful to you.

Mercury square Uranus

Driving Each Other Crazy

This is not the week to spend a lot of one-on-one time together at home, because you'll both feel restless together, which can easily turn into irritability. Get out of the house or spend time with other friends until next week, when this energy will pass. Because this week, you both run the risk of saying things you don't really mean and causing arguments. Yes, it's that old foot-in-mouth disease flaring up again. You'll annoy each other much more easily now than usual, especially if you haven't gotten enough exercise or mental stimulation. Needing a mental or physical workout can push you to seek stimulation wherever you can get it, even if it's negative stimulation, such as petty debates and disagreements. Also, be careful if you two are in any kind of legal or monetary negotiations together with a third party. In situations where you're supposed to keep certain things under your hat, so to speak, one or both of you will end up saying things you don't mean to reveal, which could lose you the advantage in the situation. Finally, expect the unexpected now. Even the most well-planned activities won't run according to schedule, and you'll both just have to roll with it.

Next Steps

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